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  1. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales

    3 timmar sedan

    Are we not gonna talk about how intentional that 4 was formed at the end 😦

  2. Kobus Eksteen

    Kobus Eksteen

    3 timmar sedan

    A wild PS5 appeared, it's super rare. It used 'not in stock anywhere'. It's super effective.

  3. Donald Biden

    Donald Biden

    3 timmar sedan

    Spoiler alert: Ethan is the male version of Alice. 👀

  4. Alex Mendoza

    Alex Mendoza

    3 timmar sedan

    When is coming?

  5. OperationFatGuy


    3 timmar sedan

    everyone in this video looks tired annoyed and unhealthy

  6. MR.Galaxy 264

    MR.Galaxy 264

    3 timmar sedan

    telltales? we thought you were dead

  7. Hector Orozco Rdz

    Hector Orozco Rdz

    3 timmar sedan

    Is this game a Xbox exclusive!??

  8. Thomas Jenkins

    Thomas Jenkins

    3 timmar sedan

    Kang gon kill tsung on da next 1 he taking the place of his brother



    3 timmar sedan

    They literally just ripped off the star wars last skywalker trailer, wtf. No wonder this game cant ever get finished, the people behind it have zero imagination.

  10. Nevalith


    3 timmar sedan

    Hey there is a war here for resoru- *America has entered the chat*

  11. World of Yuu-Ki-Oh!

    World of Yuu-Ki-Oh!

    3 timmar sedan

    So Dark Alliance 2 when?

  12. Anthony Ortiz.

    Anthony Ortiz.

    3 timmar sedan

    Oh Tumblr is gonna have a field day with this one. Prepare for the fanart and fanfiction for the next 5 years or so

  13. graffProdigy


    3 timmar sedan

    Looks wack! Looks like a comedy/parody LOL.

  14. Ghxsts


    3 timmar sedan

    What is is this???

  15. joseph nicholas

    joseph nicholas

    3 timmar sedan

    the power of next-gen consoles.. barely..

  16. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    3 timmar sedan

    Sue for not having enough ps5 as well

  17. Sgt. Sega

    Sgt. Sega

    3 timmar sedan

    That singing frog reminds me of Neverhood.

  18. SkyeRyder


    3 timmar sedan

    Given that both series are owned by Netflix. We can see that kinda make sense

  19. TInasa:D plays roblox

    TInasa:D plays roblox

    3 timmar sedan

    All Meltan: *evolving* malmetal: -_- wha reeee why I'm evolving why🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  20. Nishad D Monty

    Nishad D Monty

    3 timmar sedan

    So true . The mortal kombat ultimate edition on Amazon costs ₹ 2827 where as on PS store it costs ₹4995

    • josaph cj7

      josaph cj7

      3 timmar sedan

      Which one did u buy?

  21. Zombie King

    Zombie King

    3 timmar sedan

    How is Destiny 2 nowadays?

  22. Tyler Arriola

    Tyler Arriola

    3 timmar sedan

    IGN gave Cyberpunk a 9.... Don’t trust what they say.

  23. zuppa zone

    zuppa zone

    3 timmar sedan

    2:12 did you set your mic backward? lol.

  24. Iori Yagami

    Iori Yagami

    3 timmar sedan

    First thing is.. Don't watch "13 things you need to know before blablablabla" on SE-one....

  25. TInasa:D plays roblox

    TInasa:D plays roblox

    3 timmar sedan


  26. Lac0tr0n


    3 timmar sedan

    It might not be 'Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes' from the original Xbox, but it's close enough! HELL YEAH!

  27. Fernando Velásquez

    Fernando Velásquez

    3 timmar sedan

    Lindas t*t*s

  28. Mark 13

    Mark 13

    3 timmar sedan

    Get woke go broke.

  29. Felipe Zorzi

    Felipe Zorzi

    3 timmar sedan

    Ethan dies.

  30. Thomas Boland

    Thomas Boland

    3 timmar sedan

    Yooooo Joe!

  31. BigPlay


    3 timmar sedan

    Как то не очень

  32. Crack Rap

    Crack Rap

    3 timmar sedan

    Marvel has so many plans for future.... Whereas, Even after having same potential DC struggles to release even one movie... They don't even listen to fans... DC serious needs to split from Warner Bros...

  33. Lito


    3 timmar sedan

    Game is super nice but runs freezing and stuttering on switch unfortunately...

  34. Jono G

    Jono G

    3 timmar sedan

    Um Physical games are either the same price or more expensive than digital. Maybe it's only here in NZ

  35. Mateus


    3 timmar sedan

    legend says the swaxe is the best weapon 'til date

  36. PunkRockZombie205


    3 timmar sedan

    Nice to see RE's revival doing so well. Now if Capcom would just give us code Veronica remake and dragons dogma 2 we'd be in business

  37. The void banana

    The void banana

    3 timmar sedan

    Lil Nas sit down

  38. jim more

    jim more

    3 timmar sedan

    Not wasting my money

  39. qUEsT 42

    qUEsT 42

    3 timmar sedan

    Yeaaa....i see just about no difference

    • qUEsT 42

      qUEsT 42

      3 timmar sedan

      Hey, but it will load faster

  40. wowzer


    3 timmar sedan

    Why is it suddenly in japan when its clearly meant to be a take on germany in the show

  41. spacezombie


    3 timmar sedan

    Is this game on Newgrounds or something?

  42. J Scheller

    J Scheller

    3 timmar sedan

    Did they enhance anything or is it a straight port

  43. Nova Wither

    Nova Wither

    3 timmar sedan

    Games looks better than halo infinite

  44. afri nurdin

    afri nurdin

    3 timmar sedan

    reveal the release date..🙏

  45. Rigo Lizarraga

    Rigo Lizarraga

    3 timmar sedan

    Can you clash it with other lightsabers?

  46. Ben S

    Ben S

    3 timmar sedan

    Anyone else let down by these "next gen" textures?

  47. grimey


    3 timmar sedan


  48. Misfit 636

    Misfit 636

    3 timmar sedan

    You mean 13 things you wanna spoil

    • Danny 310

      Danny 310

      3 timmar sedan

      Damn lol

  49. Gustavo


    3 timmar sedan

    Miss those where we had the time to actually explore the game before the companies sent copies to magazines for free to play way before the ones who brought the game with money

    • Michael Tran

      Michael Tran

      3 timmar sedan

      Don’t watch the video you dumbass

    • 92JoseR


      3 timmar sedan

      Yeah, the days when none of us had jobs and spent 13 hours a day on video games.

  50. Caleb Leung

    Caleb Leung

    3 timmar sedan

    Why he doesn’t build like Liu King at all

  51. Tyler M.

    Tyler M.

    3 timmar sedan


    • Michael Tran

      Michael Tran

      3 timmar sedan

      @Nuke Nubz You mean in about 8 hours

    • Nuke Nubz

      Nuke Nubz

      3 timmar sedan

      So now lol

    • Nuke Nubz

      Nuke Nubz

      3 timmar sedan

      Should be 9 eastern time.

  52. Mar


    3 timmar sedan

    1 i 2 to było jebane mistrzostwo dawać to :D :D :D

  53. JD M

    JD M

    3 timmar sedan


  54. cjdfyd_wkfyd


    3 timmar sedan

    Crazy diamond

  55. MaskHero Zo

    MaskHero Zo

    3 timmar sedan

    SquareEnix take notes.

  56. Sachin Sawant

    Sachin Sawant

    3 timmar sedan

    Ethan dies

  57. Артём


    3 timmar sedan

    Wow, they really did spend alota time making films in a past year

  58. iStolethisVideojustforYou


    3 timmar sedan

    Give me a new one!!

  59. The Dead Samurai

    The Dead Samurai

    3 timmar sedan

    So, when titanfall 3

  60. T.b.g. animation

    T.b.g. animation

    3 timmar sedan

    The only saving grace on this movie is the dragon logo design👎👎

  61. ZacharoonyEpicMan


    3 timmar sedan

    whens it getting released tho

  62. Sweeping Time

    Sweeping Time

    3 timmar sedan

    Sailormoon: Persona!?

  63. Snow ̵

    Snow ̵

    3 timmar sedan

    This says a lot about society. Barry was just an average guy, tired of day-to-day life. He finally found an opportunity to fulfill his simple dream, and he took it, becoming the man everyone knows him as today. This guy became an idol for children across the world because he wanted to be different.

  64. Aparajit


    3 timmar sedan

    At this point it's less credit to the actors and more so to the CGI programmers -.-

  65. Evan Roldan

    Evan Roldan

    3 timmar sedan

    The G1 Design Is A Masterpiece

  66. Futuristic God

    Futuristic God

    3 timmar sedan

    Yay, I'm the thousandth like, congratulations

  67. Bhaswat Bhaskarjya Medhi

    Bhaswat Bhaskarjya Medhi

    3 timmar sedan

    Ohmmggggggggggggggggggg😭😭❤️❤️ and also I M EXCITED FOR TOBEY , ANDREW AND TOM

  68. ZacharoonyEpicMan


    3 timmar sedan

    whens this getting released

  69. Evan Roldan

    Evan Roldan

    3 timmar sedan

    Age of Extinction And The Last Never Happened Ever

  70. Chaderbox


    3 timmar sedan

    Somebody call Dashie

  71. Tajko Redden

    Tajko Redden

    3 timmar sedan

    it's... pretty big