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Epic Cycling on Ice

Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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  1. Adolfo Fabian Martinez

    Adolfo Fabian Martinez

    2 timmar sedan

    Woooow men thats f.... awsome!!!

  2. Верунчик Артемова

    Верунчик Артемова

    2 timmar sedan

    Класс 👍😃

  3. I'mYandere;


    2 timmar sedan

    Да да, упадёшь с велосипеда на колесо и всё...

  4. Frids Shneider

    Frids Shneider

    2 timmar sedan

    а я думал, это я идиот, на эндуро на лёд выезжать, ан нет...

  5. Иван Семанин

    Иван Семанин

    3 timmar sedan

    Необходимо произвести замер на ПХМ-1.

  6. Антон Павлович Фикалис

    Антон Павлович Фикалис

    3 timmar sedan

    Pizza time

  7. Little Girls

    Little Girls

    3 timmar sedan

    الله يرحمها ويغفر له

  8. Наташа Свирь

    Наташа Свирь

    3 timmar sedan


  9. Prakash Shedole

    Prakash Shedole

    3 timmar sedan

    😂😂😂 99% comments is ......IFFFF ??😂😂😂

  10. vicky gamer

    vicky gamer

    3 timmar sedan

    Just dont fall back..

  11. Your Trigger man

    Your Trigger man

    3 timmar sedan

    Is he nuts?!

  12. Monkay Sammay

    Monkay Sammay

    3 timmar sedan

    I'm sorry, but there are already fat tires you can use to do essentially the same thing with way less risk involved lmao



    3 timmar sedan

    sobre todo uno se va a poner a hacer todo eso

  14. Sjsjdjd Djdjdjdjd

    Sjsjdjd Djdjdjdjd

    3 timmar sedan

    Pueden usar mi código se los agradecería mucho Kwai543105655

  15. Syed Tabraiz Usman

    Syed Tabraiz Usman

    3 timmar sedan


  16. This Might Be Bad, I swear

    This Might Be Bad, I swear

    4 timmar sedan

    That’s an awesome idea! But how much traction does it truly have? He should try riding in a circle on the ice over and over to get max results

  17. Mashed Potato

    Mashed Potato

    4 timmar sedan

    Everybody gangsta till the ice give up

  18. Tejaswi Sharma

    Tejaswi Sharma

    4 timmar sedan

    One Round of Canada and it will become Can - ada .

  19. Mr.Anonymous


    4 timmar sedan

    anyone clicked here after seeing @durf's video on sm subreddit

  20. emily bender

    emily bender

    4 timmar sedan

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  21. Frisky Beast

    Frisky Beast

    4 timmar sedan

    Not nearly as cool with the pegs

  22. Oлег Уткин

    Oлег Уткин

    4 timmar sedan

    А, что так можно было?

  23. Pen Smoke

    Pen Smoke

    4 timmar sedan

    While the content of the video and your work towards the project is commendable, the amount of effort you put into the production quality of the video is what really deserves credit.

  24. عالم خلفيات الأنمي Anime Background Scientist

    عالم خلفيات الأنمي Anime Background Scientist

    4 timmar sedan

    the's amezaing

  25. parmeshwar yadav

    parmeshwar yadav

    4 timmar sedan

    Your brilliance is like a scientist💯👌

  26. Remy Ché

    Remy Ché

    4 timmar sedan

    Lazy people will think of an easier way, I would of just cut teeth out of the rim. But wouldn't look as cool

  27. estrela platinada

    estrela platinada

    4 timmar sedan


  28. WhyWhyZedZedTop


    5 timmar sedan

    Cutting edge technology...the cycling world is buzzing after they saw this.



    5 timmar sedan


  30. steven reyes

    steven reyes

    5 timmar sedan

    una caída o haciendo el caballito te partis por la mitad o te quedas sin huevos

  31. T Bone

    T Bone

    5 timmar sedan

    I want to see danny macaskill do some of his tricks on this, he has balls of steel.

  32. ja ne is klar

    ja ne is klar

    5 timmar sedan

    The comment section is literally just John Lennon's Imagine (extended version)

  33. BlueSta1n


    5 timmar sedan

    Now put that on a motocross

  34. Bsho Ali

    Bsho Ali

    5 timmar sedan

    هنبلنختغ اريد طلعت

  35. Geeta Panwar

    Geeta Panwar

    5 timmar sedan

    What is the use of this ???

  36. Mats


    5 timmar sedan

    who stole my iceykle

  37. arturiux mandarinas

    arturiux mandarinas

    5 timmar sedan

    This shi et doesnt work at all, its good if you want to cut the ice and drown

  38. 엉클샘포인트


    5 timmar sedan

    보행자랑 사고 나면 다리 한 짝 떨어지는거여...



    5 timmar sedan

    If anyone sits behind like it happens in India

  40. Simon Lim

    Simon Lim

    5 timmar sedan

    I suspect that it failed on first attempt not because the shape of the blade, but because one of the blade is in the wrong cut direction. One can see that clearly at 4:28, the front and rear blade cut in opposite directions, and it is the front one which is wrong. And at 4:48 one can see that both blade rotate correctly this time.

  41. polina kurilina

    polina kurilina

    6 timmar sedan

    want this bmx!

  42. Phúc Phùng Trần

    Phúc Phùng Trần

    6 timmar sedan

    How to stop with that wheel ?

  43. سنفورة


    6 timmar sedan

    3 دور

  44. Tiana Cery

    Tiana Cery

    6 timmar sedan

    Me: is he dismembering a bike now?

  45. Kaif


    6 timmar sedan

    After seeing the thumbnail my first thought was AOKIJI??????

  46. NovaZoid


    6 timmar sedan

    Everyone gangsta till he falls into ice..

  47. Jj


    6 timmar sedan

    Good idea yeah but high chance to injure so be safe

  48. princejhio garbo

    princejhio garbo

    6 timmar sedan

    Hello pashot out po

  49. Devan Saini

    Devan Saini

    7 timmar sedan

    Dont you fucking fall on that

  50. ·ɓoɓɑ ɓɑɓɨɛ·

    ·ɓoɓɑ ɓɑɓɨɛ·

    7 timmar sedan

    All i can say is AMAZING camera quality-

  51. elon musk

    elon musk

    7 timmar sedan

    me and my homies on my way to ravenhom

  52. psychic reflection

    psychic reflection

    7 timmar sedan

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  53. Hugo Tame

    Hugo Tame

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    7 timmar sedan

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  55. wallpaper unique design

    wallpaper unique design

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  56. Lan anh vlog

    Lan anh vlog

    7 timmar sedan

    Hay lắm bạn tuyệt vời

  57. • Kènjí Mízükì •

    • Kènjí Mízükì •

    8 timmar sedan

    Tge ice is a crack now

  58. INVENTOR 46


    8 timmar sedan

    useful in snowy countries

  59. Hayat Zada

    Hayat Zada

    8 timmar sedan

    What will happen if you fall on the wheels 🤔

  60. Нурали Абдибалиев

    Нурали Абдибалиев

    8 timmar sedan

    Папа а я вас тут увидела

  61. Micro Max

    Micro Max

    8 timmar sedan

    I don't like cycles. I'm car user

  62. NONO 06

    NONO 06

    8 timmar sedan

    Je vois pas l'utilité de cet engin

  63. F B I

    F B I

    8 timmar sedan

    Imagine someone ride this towards you while saying "why are you running ? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING ?"

  64. 강나루


    8 timmar sedan

    축하합니다 당신은 한국말을 찾았읍니다

  65. kaka o

    kaka o

    8 timmar sedan

    4:55 "제작과정봐서 따라할것도아니고 시간아까우신분들 여기서부터ㄱㄱ"

  66. Azriel


    9 timmar sedan

    Wanjirrr orangg luarr semua

  67. Amir Hadzic

    Amir Hadzic

    9 timmar sedan

    imagine doing wheelie and accidentally falling on rear wheel

  68. Zahra Shahabi

    Zahra Shahabi

    9 timmar sedan

    The best creative idea of all the times

  69. 躲在你家里


    9 timmar sedan

    Put the bike upside down u will have a wood cutter

  70. Booker Adams

    Booker Adams

    9 timmar sedan

    Call it the icycle lol

  71. kan


    9 timmar sedan

    Give it I'm going to take it to the orphanage

  72. Me and my Tools

    Me and my Tools

    9 timmar sedan

    99% of comments: Imagine if... 1% of comments: why...



    9 timmar sedan

    Ladies and gentlemen this is how legends cut pizza

    • Vukan


      3 timmar sedan

      @DSE-oneChannel EXTRAS Indeed it is.

    • DYoutubeChannel EXTRAS

      DYoutubeChannel EXTRAS

      4 timmar sedan


  74. unknown


    10 timmar sedan


  75. Lukáš Baumgartner

    Lukáš Baumgartner

    10 timmar sedan


  76. Kluyne Shune

    Kluyne Shune

    10 timmar sedan


  77. Дмитрий Литвин

    Дмитрий Литвин

    10 timmar sedan

    Надо было б крылья приварить, а то очечко раздолбишь себе космонавт.

  78. Ardan Iaquinta

    Ardan Iaquinta

    10 timmar sedan

    Doom Guy: Heavy Breathing

  79. Сардор Хамзаев

    Сардор Хамзаев

    10 timmar sedan

    Parott hahaha

  80. iGabriel -

    iGabriel -

    10 timmar sedan

    "Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet."

  81. Aaa Bbb

    Aaa Bbb

    10 timmar sedan

    When this is on public road Wait! Thats illegal.

  82. C. Mersin

    C. Mersin

    11 timmar sedan

    Naadar Dehlikeli bilemeng

  83. Mossa Ahmed

    Mossa Ahmed

    11 timmar sedan

    يا الله

  84. OKB Cars

    OKB Cars

    11 timmar sedan

    Imagine that bike is yours

  85. ไอยรา ดวงอรุณ

    ไอยรา ดวงอรุณ

    11 timmar sedan

    Pizza cutter

  86. Lol__- __-bit

    Lol__- __-bit

    11 timmar sedan

    Netflix be like :

  87. Lord Feish

    Lord Feish

    11 timmar sedan

    dare i say... icecycle

  88. Danya_v_tanke19


    11 timmar sedan

    Годно, пошел повторять

  89. hey, mom im on the YouTube comment section

    hey, mom im on the YouTube comment section

    11 timmar sedan

    He falls down and is going towards you..

  90. Ferenc Szabó

    Ferenc Szabó

    11 timmar sedan


  91. Ph.D KIM

    Ph.D KIM

    11 timmar sedan


  92. 감자


    12 timmar sedan

    알고리즘이 또 나를 이상한 곳으로 인도했네

  93. sKYfALL


    12 timmar sedan

    why i m having final destination vibes

  94. VEN - echo

    VEN - echo

    12 timmar sedan

    I give mad respect to this guy not only cause he risked either his face or back depending on where he would of fallen if I did or does but the work it took to make this and take the wheels off the the work it will take to but them back on

  95. Bed Less

    Bed Less

    12 timmar sedan

    till any gangsta noticed that the ice is breaking

  96. Anmax Gamerboss

    Anmax Gamerboss

    12 timmar sedan

    What is name of music on 4:16

  97. The Doctor Barbershop

    The Doctor Barbershop

    12 timmar sedan

    Orang indonesia komen dong!

  98. Luciffrit


    12 timmar sedan

    Sliding backwards off the seat would be a disaster! ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)

  99. Playerblox2090


    13 timmar sedan

    POV: 80% 8 year old watching this

  100. صادق كيمر SADIQ Kemer

    صادق كيمر SADIQ Kemer

    13 timmar sedan