Flywheel Battery


  1. Jaap Budding

    Jaap Budding

    18 sekunder sedan

    Whay you don't yous a magnettic pont, to push it bag, than you have no frixi

  2. Random dude

    Random dude

    2 minuter sedan

    Being back in time when humanity was just figuring this out must have been magical.

  3. Exclusive Rocks

    Exclusive Rocks

    3 minuter sedan

    What if you were to scale this up to, I don't know, 10 times bigger? What could you power then?

  4. Olly Wood

    Olly Wood

    7 minuter sedan

    If you now rearranged natural Magnets on the flywheel and in a circular frame around it, so that it keeps getting constantly repelled, would you not be able to harness some "free energy" (well, convert some magnetic force into electric energy?)

  5. Dan S

    Dan S

    13 minuter sedan

    Could this work if you put the magnets on the outside of the flywheel 🤔 It would take more material but would it produce more current?

  6. Alejandro Fernandez

    Alejandro Fernandez

    20 minuter sedan

    You need iron or any feromagnetic material instead of air for the inductances cores, this is needed for the magnetic circuit to have low reluctance. With air coils the result is low voltage and current.

  7. Branden Gillette

    Branden Gillette

    26 minuter sedan

    To get more power why don't you just stack more "alternators" along the shaft.

  8. k4benpircs


    27 minuter sedan

    The magnetic design of this looks pretty inefficient. I think you'll get significantly better results with coil of this shape using thin round (coin shaped) magnets with poles on opposing flat sides.

    • mxx pro

      mxx pro

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      watch out, otherwise the wind turbine mafia will make you disappear ! ☝️

  9. Stephen Oliver

    Stephen Oliver

    42 minuter sedan

    I wonder how much power you could get if you added a hand-crank to spin up the fly-wheel (of course, you would need a release to allow for it to free spin without the crank also needing to spin) :3

  10. Bits & Bytes

    Bits & Bytes

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    Did anyone else immediately imagine a sterling engine powered by his hot or cold drink powering a fan that powers his flywheel that is then charging his phone? :)

  11. Jc00002019


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    I hope it produces enough electricity to cover the cost of the 8020 extrusions lol

  12. Ayad Hekmat

    Ayad Hekmat

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    your awesome bro thanx to explaining every things please keep going 😘

  13. James Rollins

    James Rollins

    47 minuter sedan

    The way to make it completely free of friction is to use two symmetric magnetic floaters that repel each shifting motion.

  14. Sơn Lê

    Sơn Lê

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    So he is still stuck in a dream

  15. Clockworkfish


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    I really want to see this hooked up to a magnetic handcrank

  16. An Qin

    An Qin

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    To further reduce the friction, you can use also magnets to replace the pin at both ends. Then put the entire system inside a vacuum chamber

  17. shivam bhalerao

    shivam bhalerao

    Timme sedan

    Hello sir make a video on working model of something base on optical fibre cable.

  18. John Holder

    John Holder

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    In a vacuum, and use magnets to brace it horizontally. Could you make a magnetic crank to spin it in a vacuum chamber? How would that affect it?

  19. Kolumaic


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    1:40 That toy needs a redesign by Correlated Magnetics with polymagnets.(see SmarterEveryDay)

  20. Defhuzerd


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    Making a bigger version of this could probably power a pc. That's a video idea. :)

  21. Under A Bridge Too Far

    Under A Bridge Too Far

    Timme sedan

    Now all we need is one beefy hamster in a wheel and you got free lighting in your house.



    Timme sedan

    If you use some gear add a handle it will be great

  23. Ian DiSalvo

    Ian DiSalvo

    Timme sedan

    Take your v3 cam pneumatic engine and make it a four stroke that would be cool

  24. Vince Roberts

    Vince Roberts

    Timme sedan

    I'm thinking that this would be most efficient had the same opposing pole theory been applied to both ends of the shaft.....or am I being an idiot by missing something here?

  25. Rob P

    Rob P

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    🙂 Hi Tom, I enjoyed watching this video 👍

  26. Patrick Mihajlovic

    Patrick Mihajlovic

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    Fascinating idea well executed !

  27. cezary zbikowski

    cezary zbikowski

    2 timmar sedan

    Flywheels have been used as energy storage for years in power backup systems, it is nothing new... What is nice is the magnetic bearings. Electromagnetic bearings are also known for years in high class industrial applications

  28. Nate Gee

    Nate Gee

    2 timmar sedan

    I saw you were getting over 5v, what sort of amp? Could you in theory charge a USB powered device?



    2 timmar sedan

    That is efficient

  30. sajjad pm

    sajjad pm

    2 timmar sedan

    Bad work

  31. Hïgkëte


    2 timmar sedan

    Can you make a bike powered by electromagnetic coils? The electromagnetic coils makes the wheel move and that's how that may work.

  32. WithA RebelYell

    WithA RebelYell

    2 timmar sedan

    Not a flywheel 'battery', a battery STORES energy...this is just an alternator.

  33. Topaz Wasp

    Topaz Wasp

    3 timmar sedan

    Rather than magnetic use an air bearing

  34. Chickeenis Friday

    Chickeenis Friday

    3 timmar sedan

    What about trying to use buoyancy as the bearing

  35. Kanbo


    3 timmar sedan

    Add a supercap at output

  36. Schorsch


    3 timmar sedan

    I have a question. Does the wheel spin for a longer time if nothing is connected to the generator?

  37. daniel Sibley

    daniel Sibley

    3 timmar sedan

    The proper word is ORIENTED...not orientated...your smarter than me, so just stop it.

  38. RacingFlash


    3 timmar sedan

    You're already 70% close to generating electricity from the water running down your house on rainy days.



    3 timmar sedan

    This is quite cool project, combination of Adam savage and electro boom🤯. Especially explanation on the full bridge rectifier. Waaaay better than #Electroboom

  40. CountryBoy101


    3 timmar sedan

    Wonder if it would produce more power or possibly a more constant power, if he had done a type of figure 8 pattern with the copper in between the magnets, im just wondering if anyone knows.

  41. volksbugly


    3 timmar sedan

    On your levitating bearings, put some magnets on top, you could mirror your bracket, then it can become more stable.

  42. Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips

    3 timmar sedan

    was hoping to see time comparisons of how long it would spin when extracting power vs not

  43. 3D Motor Maker

    3D Motor Maker

    3 timmar sedan

    My own version : -

  44. Azagro


    3 timmar sedan

    You have a massive voltage drop from the diodes, regular diodes have a 0.7 forward voltage. That means with 2 diodes you already lose 1.4V! Shottkeys can decrease this to about 0.5V and Germanium diodes to 0.3V. Also depending on the quality of each. While synchronous rectification can have you lose almost nothing.

  45. Josh Lovell

    Josh Lovell

    3 timmar sedan

    Do you sell this as a kit I could build with my kid.

  46. 3D Motor Maker

    3D Motor Maker

    3 timmar sedan

    Nothing new look up Mendocino motor.

  47. Andratos95


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    Can't you use magnets for constrain too? Add two other magnets on the sides so that there's not even friction against the glass plate?

  48. Dubious


    3 timmar sedan

    Fitness centers could make free power.. This is how "Snowpiercer" works.

  49. SHARAraTH


    3 timmar sedan

    i would love to see you doing this with a air compressor assisted flywheel energy storage with help of natural wind around your house but in a small, compact design!

  50. EGL24Xx


    3 timmar sedan

    Why do you keep calling a generator an alternator? It's wrong, and really annoying

  51. Alakh Niranjan ✪

    Alakh Niranjan ✪

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    Please don't late again to uploading your intresting videos . I can't wait at long time

  52. SHARAraTH


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    11:15 that is a surgeon hand right there!

  53. Icaros Savvides

    Icaros Savvides

    3 timmar sedan

    Flywheel storage systems for vehicles have been developed over a number of years, the braking energy is used to spin up a (250Kg?) flywheel to over 10,000 rpm (in a vacuum to reduce windage losses) the stored kinetic energy is then recovered to accelerate the vehicle (usually a bus).

  54. Jim McCubbin

    Jim McCubbin

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    "Crocodile clips" haha

  55. Amir Mirzaei

    Amir Mirzaei

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  56. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon

    4 timmar sedan

    Did you just say FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER?

  57. Cristian 15man

    Cristian 15man

    4 timmar sedan

    Esto se usaba en los torpedos de la es nada nuevo.

  58. MrRedstone


    5 timmar sedan

    Could you also constrain the axle with another set of repelling magnets at both ends? That way even the tiniest friction from the end of the shaft touching the end stop is eliminated.

  59. Strothy2


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  60. Ramdileo. sys

    Ramdileo. sys

    5 timmar sedan

    Really good video man!!..... but you made a a Flywheel Generator :-) ..... not battery ;-)

  61. Aurumai


    5 timmar sedan

    I really want to see this revised in 3 ways: - Correct the problem of the bent shaft so it can spin much faster and still be relatively safe. - Is it possible to add magnets *above* the shaft to give it more security? - Add some sort of mechanism that will allow you to manually spin it **WAY** faster. Basically the same as a bicycle in high gear. I don't know the specific name for the mechanism, but it's the one that allows you to peddle very rapidly and the peddles are basically "locked" on gear teeth when spinning in one direction, but if you stop peddling or even peddle backwards, the wheels of the bike can spin independently of the peddles. I'm no scientist or engineer, but it seems to me that if you were to do those 3 things, this device could actually have a practical application in the real world. Probably not an efficient way of generating electricity unless you think of the disproportionately costly input as being a small workout and good for your fitness, but this would be a really cool and fun novelty power source for a small light or other cosmetic machine.

  62. Christoffer Ekberg

    Christoffer Ekberg

    5 timmar sedan

    Where was the battery?

  63. ChrisMark2


    5 timmar sedan

    So you have a Link for that little toy at 1:53?

  64. Fredrik O. Zachrisson

    Fredrik O. Zachrisson

    5 timmar sedan


  65. oldbloke135


    5 timmar sedan

    Make your rectifier out of leds and watch it working.

  66. NicosLeben


    5 timmar sedan

    9:10 Never power a LED without a constant current source or a resistor in series to get the right amount of current or you will damage them really easily. Also every LED needs its own resistor. Only then they will have the same brightness.

  67. Mridul Nath

    Mridul Nath

    5 timmar sedan

    This idea was awesome

  68. NicosLeben


    5 timmar sedan

    7:30 Remember that a diode and therefore a full bridge rectifier too has a certain voltage drop. So you are losing a bit of energy there.

  69. Jitendra prabhu

    Jitendra prabhu

    5 timmar sedan

    Destin : *Laminar Flow* Tom : *Flywheel*

  70. Vega punk

    Vega punk

    5 timmar sedan

    Do the magnets in the generators lose some of their power every timee their fields interact with the copper wires?

  71. Martin Brandt

    Martin Brandt

    5 timmar sedan

    But this wobble.

  72. Joshua Gibson

    Joshua Gibson

    6 timmar sedan

    It's not really a balance issue, it's a straightening one. You can straighten it. I straighten things to .0002" all the time.

  73. Наталья Кондратенко

    Наталья Кондратенко

    6 timmar sedan

    The lying shirt perinatally zoom because dibble assembly blot despite a wiry offer. jolly, fast mind

  74. Matko Sokac

    Matko Sokac

    6 timmar sedan


  75. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith

    6 timmar sedan

    just curious if you added a large capacitor that would power another motor to give the wheel a kick every now and then, could it run for hours on end?

  76. Алексей Василенко

    Алексей Василенко

    7 timmar sedan

    динамо фонарик поэффективней будет. но за работу лайк.

  77. pawlack


    7 timmar sedan

    Are you sure it's an electric drill?

  78. Фестиваль Языков

    Фестиваль Языков

    7 timmar sedan

    When constructing a full bridge rectifier at such low voltages you should be sure you're using Schottky diodes, otherwise you're losing about 1.5 volts on the bridge itself.

  79. Leo A.

    Leo A.

    7 timmar sedan

    why am i only finding you now? My guy, this was so satisfying!

  80. Džejms B

    Džejms B

    7 timmar sedan

    At the anchor point on the front, could you just use opposable magnets to possible eliminate all contact friction?

  81. somerando


    8 timmar sedan

    There are many "infinite energy backyard scientist" type people who think they've discovered some great thing when they learn how alternators work. They're just like "I'll use magnets to power it", and its like, you're just adding the magnetic equivalent of gears, you still need to spin any combination of floating magnets to generate power. I think it's good uneducated people are learning, what I don't like is they're often learning to support conspiracies like the government is hiding magnetic tech from us and going down the conspiracy rabbit hole.

  82. Ryan


    8 timmar sedan

    Serious noob question but how is the resistance working when he's just hot swapping those LED's? I.e. I thought the component usage had to match the output of the generator but he doesn't seem to add any resistance. Is it something to do with the fact he is using a capacitor?

  83. Hüseyin Sarıarslan

    Hüseyin Sarıarslan

    8 timmar sedan

    Thanks for the work and studying. Is there any intructions for this assembly?

  84. Bayannq Baynna

    Bayannq Baynna

    8 timmar sedan

    Why shouldn't we try this on a large scale

  85. Kaador


    8 timmar sedan

    U look exactly like a friend of me. But we are german.

  86. CHAOS


    8 timmar sedan

    Could you add a spinning motor to spin the device to make it move way longer?

  87. Attila Davalovsky

    Attila Davalovsky

    8 timmar sedan

    DO IT BIGGER!!!!

  88. ninjabuddy1


    9 timmar sedan

    You just explained ac and DC to me in such a way I understand it for the first time in my life.

  89. ParLane


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    Combine this with an Gearbox :D

  90. Raphael Cacic

    Raphael Cacic

    9 timmar sedan

    Led‘s are not glowing they are emitting 😂😂🤣😝

  91. Juidodin


    9 timmar sedan

    now attach a windmill to power the motor windmill :D

  92. Sir Silver

    Sir Silver

    9 timmar sedan

    You should put another two magnets on the spike

  93. ian long

    ian long

    9 timmar sedan

    Would a tungsten flywheel work? It is slightly magnetic

  94. larry key

    larry key

    9 timmar sedan

    put a crank on it

  95. Nickie Amos

    Nickie Amos

    10 timmar sedan

    Try to coils next to your aluminum flywheel powered by your generator you only need at least two coils from your generator and to your flywheel

  96. rJames


    10 timmar sedan

    Love this. Now use a brushless motor from rc cars to run off the power. Then use a few cogs and belts or whatever to have that motor spin the flywheel. 🤔 Just try it! Lol

  97. OdgeBodge


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    i love this guy

  98. Laptop Service Slovakia

    Laptop Service Slovakia

    10 timmar sedan

    so u make very unefective dynamo with magnetic bearing

  99. fredontube


    10 timmar sedan

    5.30 You can power a light bulb directly from this setup if you don't care about the flickering that might visibly occur. (Doesn't have to be very noticable though) Not having diodes will increase the output to the bulb.

  100. Dual TV

    Dual TV

    10 timmar sedan

    This project much more interesting about how much electricity it can STORE and for how long. For now, for us it's just a generator. Nothing special. Looking forward for second part. Try to hang a weight on the bar to spin it.