Rebuilding interior of Lagoon 450 - Cracked bulkhead repair series - Part 13 (Episode 118)

In this episode we finally get to assemble the cabins after rebuilding the primary bulkheads of our Lagoon 450 catamaran. The cabins could not be taken apart without being destroyed in some areas, so it was a difficult task getting it to go back together. But we are over the moon with the result!

This series will show never before seen footage of how we straightened and strengthened a 45ft production catamaran, in order to be able to complete a circumnavigation. Located in Linton bay, in Panama, we meet our fair share of challenges trying to rebuild this boat from the bulkheads up...

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  1. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith

    2 timmar sedan

    You might try taking some sawdust from your cabin pieces, mixing with some glue , filling and smothing your wayward cut in your cabin. Just a thought. Enjoy your videos and lets go sailing!! From land locked Oklahoma,God bless.

  2. Allegan News

    Allegan News

    14 timmar sedan

    11:15 I have seen in India people welding and grinding in Sandals with exposed electrical.

  3. Allegan News

    Allegan News

    14 timmar sedan

    3:45 time for some wood putty or more trim

  4. Keith Ashley Hallam

    Keith Ashley Hallam

    2 dagar sedan

    Consider sticky back vinyl for recoving walls with screws and deep unplanned cuts.

  5. jacob daniel Kuiper

    jacob daniel Kuiper

    3 dagar sedan

    Foam foam foam, all those behind spaces, one of these days you will sail into the cold parallels, the foam will help reduce condensation!

  6. Ken tigchelaar

    Ken tigchelaar

    3 dagar sedan

    same colour wood filler should be ok for your exposed cuts give it a shot

  7. Tom Watt

    Tom Watt

    4 dagar sedan

    Well done guys! Great to see Parlay coming back together again. I take my hat off to you two. I am a Carpenter working on Superyachts in the Med, and when I saw you guys ripping those cabins apart to expose the bulkheads I was cringing at the thought of having to put them back together. You both obviously have skills working with your hands! Cabins are looking great. These videos will be so useful to anyone else doing the same/similar work on their Lagoon.

  8. Bad Bees

    Bad Bees

    5 dagar sedan

    The black mechanic promisingly compete because taste ecologically instruct barring a optimal witch. staking, tightfisted factory



    5 dagar sedan

    I love you guys and S.P.R. channel ! Your reaction to your mistakes and putting them out there for us to see makes me laugh because I've been there too many times myself ! Keep on killin it mates!

  10. Captain BP&J

    Captain BP&J

    6 dagar sedan

    Hard work always pays off in the end . The juice is definitely worth the squeeze. When you guys 1st take her out and put her under sail you will kick your feet up and look back at this journey with a huge smile on your face . It was totally worth it.

  11. Steve's Woodworking

    Steve's Woodworking

    7 dagar sedan

    Uh no, none of the stuff you are doing looks super easy!

  12. Dale Broughear

    Dale Broughear

    7 dagar sedan

    If you mix saw dust in with the glue you can fill in the mistake cut and it will look close to new

  13. Jeff Winkle

    Jeff Winkle

    7 dagar sedan

    been watching since episode , i'm trying to get where you guys are at . Don't let the negativity slow you down

  14. AR15 GATOR

    AR15 GATOR

    7 dagar sedan


  15. yankeezulu777


    8 dagar sedan

    Colin. Loving the videos. Literally re-inspiring me to get back sailing. I wanted to let you know that NZ and AUS are being totally totalitarian with this scamdemic that is going on globally.Not good for liberty. Here in the UK and France as well as other countries massive protests against lockdown, digital passes that allow you or not to go to certain places. Just a heads up. Stay cool.

  16. Packrat Garage

    Packrat Garage

    8 dagar sedan

    Much love from the states, and I am sorry Colin that little slice in the wall is going to literally drive you up the wall seeing it every day - but?? Why not place a corner light over it so you don't have to see it? It will still get on your nerves, but it won't be shouting at you every time you pass it. Like this one -

  17. Sailing Sisu

    Sailing Sisu

    8 dagar sedan

    amazing job!

  18. Sean


    8 dagar sedan

    Hey mate, sent you guys a message on Facebook. Would love to fly in and be able to come join and help you guys. Curious if you will be looking for new crew in the near future. I have a marine technology degree from CFCC in Wilmington NC and been diving since 2014 with probably 800 dives or more since I used to work as a marine field engineer in hydrographic surveying, marine construction projects dredging and biological surveys in south Florida and even sailing from south Florida to Bahamas on several occasions on a lagoon 380 towing our custom aluminum work boat behind us too the berry islands. After this I worked for some of the top dredging companies as a field engineer. Since 2018 I left the traditional job lifestyle and have been traveling around the world mostly in Asia and SE Asia. I a currently in Vietnam and looking for the next lifestyle adventure to set out on as I miss being on the open water. I’m very familiar with life at sea on a sailboat, biological research vessel(college) and maintaining boats. I am not an engineer in the means of boat engines or repairing boats professionally as I did many things and was not specialized in marine engines even though we of course did take mechanics and electrical course amd have done my fair share of repairs in my experiences inland and in open water. Splicing lines, navigation, diving, marine equipment, cleaning fish, conch etc, basic sailing experience, taking the helm, etc. Anyways I’ve watched several of your videos and seen how Covid has effected you and was thinking maybe you all may need some help from someone who can be remote long term and has some financials saved up to pay for my personal needs. Hoping all Is still well with you all and to chat soon, cheers!

  19. Mega fix it

    Mega fix it

    8 dagar sedan

    I went to university, it was called the university of life. Never had much money to pay others so learned to do a lot of stuff myself.

  20. Tjaart van Aardt

    Tjaart van Aardt

    8 dagar sedan

    Well done mate.

  21. NZL50505


    8 dagar sedan

    Colin - before this all happened did your boat squeak at all under sail? If so, it will be interesting to see (or rather hear) if the ‘new boat’ squeaks any less.

  22. Rick C

    Rick C

    8 dagar sedan

    Trim work, free hand with a skill saw and no bench. You don't see that ever day. Awesome job men!

  23. John Tanner

    John Tanner

    9 dagar sedan

    Well done..

  24. Leandro Quiroz

    Leandro Quiroz

    9 dagar sedan

    Bro you guys have some serious skills and patience !!!

  25. Peter Fortune

    Peter Fortune

    9 dagar sedan

    Just saw the Bulkhead on the Leopard 44" youtube channel, (Catchi'n Rays), so solid👍👍👍🐆🐆🐆🐆

  26. Gary Lee

    Gary Lee

    10 dagar sedan

    How was the EARTH QUAKE?????

  27. Steve R

    Steve R

    10 dagar sedan

    Epic! What a satisfying video to watch. Congratulations man!

  28. BobbyHampton


    10 dagar sedan

    That cut just needs a sticker you’ll never see it.

  29. TheBlueberry606


    10 dagar sedan

    Yes, im jealous 😔 😫 😪 shooda, woulda, coulda. Im proud of you. All that knowledge. Nice.

  30. tom pal

    tom pal

    10 dagar sedan

    Awesome videos! Some wasted space, any thoughts of putting in some form of a cupboard?

  31. alvin p

    alvin p

    10 dagar sedan

    Was it free scrapper

  32. Stephen


    10 dagar sedan

    Way to go - massive progress

  33. N. Norland

    N. Norland

    11 dagar sedan

    Soooo excited to see her making waves and catching wind in her sails!

  34. Tom Lewis

    Tom Lewis

    11 dagar sedan

    Thank you Colin , We've decided to go with a NEW PRIVILEGE . Lagoon will not stand behind there workmanship.

  35. Simon Bracken

    Simon Bracken

    11 dagar sedan

    What a cute doggie

  36. Daryl Saunders

    Daryl Saunders

    11 dagar sedan

    please give this guy a look up, what he's done with this old cat is Amazing. Alex Gois

  37. Bombshell Surf

    Bombshell Surf

    11 dagar sedan

    Love seeing the after pictures!!! It's so nice to see the results of both of your hardwork! Jamie you are so awesome for helping Colin. Much love from South Carolina ❤.

  38. allthingstonyj


    11 dagar sedan

    Colin, as a small SE-one channel creator (compared to yours) myself, I love your content and the way you narrate and edit! Who knew that you could make boat repair so interesting! Coming late to the game on your channel and I'm always looking for ones I haven't seen! Keep making great content! Can't wait till we see you on the water again!

  39. Jon A

    Jon A

    11 dagar sedan

    So very happy for you both. I was smiling from ear to ear just watching things get back together. I can’t express what joy I felt on your behalf!

  40. Stephen Astwood

    Stephen Astwood

    11 dagar sedan

    KiaOra, bro this gives me hope that I can afford a 45 cat even if I have to deal with these bulkhead problems, Lagoon prices will have to change. Aroha

  41. MIck Rundell

    MIck Rundell

    11 dagar sedan

    Nice work guys and yes BLOW YOUR HORNS because u guys are FIG JAM

  42. Peter Leyland

    Peter Leyland

    11 dagar sedan

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!! WELL DONE GUYS ... I hope you can sail away before you get snared up helping to fix other people's Lagoon 450s .

  43. MountainPirate


    11 dagar sedan

    Pretty awsome work you guys have done here. Always was wondering how the hell you bring that piece of puzzle work back together again ....

  44. The Shaka Journals

    The Shaka Journals

    11 dagar sedan

    Very nice. I bought a boat that the previous owner had torn apart. I had to rebuild almost half of the entire interior from scratch. (Endeavor 38). It was a lot of work and took 18 months full time. But she is better than new because I built out the interior the way I wanted it. Not the way the factory wanted it. Anyway, looking like your gonna be cruising again very soon. Will be following along as the adventure continues. :)

  45. ABEL T

    ABEL T

    11 dagar sedan

    Great to see all the progress!!!! Hard work does pay off - thx for the vids and lessons

  46. Shipp94


    11 dagar sedan

    when sanding fiberglass always tape the seam of the glove to your suit!

  47. Rady Philips

    Rady Philips

    11 dagar sedan

    Ok I am rolling laughing at this episode..... every few minutes anther ball buster....

  48. Mike Nichols

    Mike Nichols

    11 dagar sedan

    Maybe Lagoon will rethink how they build the inside so it can be disassembled for inspection and repair.

  49. Mike Nichols

    Mike Nichols

    11 dagar sedan

    I was kinda hoping Lagoon would at least provide you replacement cabinetry. Anyway, nice job.

  50. Ceschia's


    11 dagar sedan

    Your a master baby, what a comeback. Yeeeeeesssssssss. Love from OsoYolo, Antigua Guatemala.

  51. Louis Devault

    Louis Devault

    11 dagar sedan

    Journeyman all around then good to know ...card carrying?

  52. Jessica 46

    Jessica 46

    11 dagar sedan

    It's coming together yesss Colin!

  53. Cavin Nicholson

    Cavin Nicholson

    11 dagar sedan

    You guys are legends! The whole process has been mind blowing to watch.



    11 dagar sedan

    Cool stuff guys. And listening to you talk, Colin, and watching your mate at work, there is no doubt that you know what you're doing and saying. Cheers.

  55. John Wilbanks

    John Wilbanks

    12 dagar sedan

    Collin after seeing your series in full... I realize that there is no way in could power through this job solo.. not only are you lucky to have a jaime you are also one in a million yourself.. Great job boys!!

  56. orion1820


    12 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to see if there is a difference in how it handles/sails in the water. If the cabins on each side were flared that much that is a lot of drag on a boat that size.

  57. Art Art

    Art Art

    12 dagar sedan

    Amazing work guys. Having pulled apart and reupholstered our Lagoon 400 I can empathize completely with your labors. But I bet you know your boat now better than most ever will. Knowledge that will serve you in the future for certain. Good job!

  58. Ben Kaufman

    Ben Kaufman

    12 dagar sedan

    Wood would look much better with the proper tools.

  59. lonman154


    12 dagar sedan

    I love watching your channel.

  60. Pat Moreau

    Pat Moreau

    12 dagar sedan

    You guys are good. More power to you and wishing you well in your adventure's

  61. Go Leafs Go

    Go Leafs Go

    12 dagar sedan

    Bit of clickbait on the title, Colin could be furious but is always composed and under control it seems? So "angry owner" I guess is a term that needs a "rating" applied to it, LOL.

    • Go Leafs Go

      Go Leafs Go

      10 dagar sedan

      @Sailing Parlay Revival lol wrong episode. 117 where you indicate you're super angry I was merely suggesting you're to much of a nice guy Colin to be really angry. Super work bros I was afraid for you but you have really brought Parlay back from the edge of serious disaster. 🍻🥂 Cheers Gents ... can't wait to see you back at sea sharing your destinations with us. Mostly you both need a little R & R.

    • Sailing Parlay Revival

      Sailing Parlay Revival

      11 dagar sedan

      What title are u reading??

  62. Tony Park

    Tony Park

    12 dagar sedan

    It's funny for I am starting to see people selling their lagoon 450 cats out there. from new to older.

  63. Go Leafs Go

    Go Leafs Go

    12 dagar sedan

    Great work guys Lagoon probably employed master carpenters to build and fit the cabinetry that you two are reinstalling. Your workmanship may not be quite as precise but your hourly rate is a little more attractive as well. Nice solid work ....

  64. Life On The Hulls

    Life On The Hulls

    12 dagar sedan

    Classic Aussie, "I am used to it" , I can totally relate Jamie, so good. Cheers

  65. Brad Mottishaw

    Brad Mottishaw

    12 dagar sedan

    That is some engineering master-craftsmanship right there Colin.

  66. roscoau


    12 dagar sedan

    Fitters' rule No1 - beware of Engineers baring screwdrivers.

  67. technique187


    12 dagar sedan

    That's dope brother!!

  68. technique187


    12 dagar sedan

    First off. Emergency exits. Where are they placed bro?

    • Sailing Parlay Revival

      Sailing Parlay Revival

      11 dagar sedan

      Where they are meant to be cuz !?

  69. technique187


    12 dagar sedan


  70. technique187


    12 dagar sedan

    Yo kuzuki.From New Lynn to MAGS!

  71. Anthony Miller

    Anthony Miller

    12 dagar sedan

    Susan & Tony here, Looks easy enough .

  72. Solsken Group LLP

    Solsken Group LLP

    12 dagar sedan

    Is Lagoon affiliated with Dodge / Chrysler products?

  73. Ash


    12 dagar sedan

    Mind = Blown.

  74. Traveling Nic

    Traveling Nic

    12 dagar sedan

    A lot of wasted storage space behind the panels.

  75. Brad


    12 dagar sedan

    Congratulations !! 😎✌️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  76. Sailing Driving and Eating: with Peter Rollo

    Sailing Driving and Eating: with Peter Rollo

    12 dagar sedan

    Hi Colin, Great that you are offering to assist other owners. I think you should charge them an hourly consulting rate and quite professionally sit down with each client each week in a meeting or zoom to guide their repair process. You have worked your butt of to get the experience and learnt the hard way at times on how to fix your boat firstly all the time editing to pay your bills on SE-one etc. I hope the other owners don't take advantage of your efforts and expect to consult for free. Much respect as not sure I would be man enough to do such a repair to my catamaran.

  77. Lydia Johnson

    Lydia Johnson

    12 dagar sedan

    That was a very wasted amount of space behind the wall. I hope you’re going to make good use of it. Plus, you’ll have a good inspection panel.

  78. Terry Austin

    Terry Austin

    12 dagar sedan

    Hey guys ive watched id say 90% of your vids maybe more and the attitudes and just pure stubborn skill you have is legendary absolutely fantastic outcome on that cabin i honestly thought how on earth you could get it back together but wow. Oh and your little oops adds charecter fella shows its had work done and is now a sea worthy cat great job to all of you

  79. arajoaina


    12 dagar sedan

    Hey guys! I know that with your ingenuity, moral fortitude, positive attitude, and hard work; you guys will definitely circumnavigate the whole world very soon. But I like to suggest that you guys not only circumnavigate the typical route that is usually taken by others but suggest that you guys truly travel around the whole world by visiting areas that other people usually neglect. I suggest you guys after sailing to New Zealand; sail to Hawaii, Guam, then onto Japan, and S. Korea. I especially highly suggest you guys visit a South Korean island called Jejudo. It’s a hidden jem of an island similar in size to Maui. Try googling it and you will be surprised by its very unique beauty which cannot be seen anywhere else. Visit several ports in Japan, from there sail to Tsushima island and onto Busan korea which is just 50 km beyond it. from Busan; Jejudo is on the way to another beautiful Islands of Okinawa. From there you can sail onto Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, beautiful Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and so on. I think visiting the seldom visited Far East will make it a truly thorough circumnavigation. All the others who claim to have circumnavigated technically might have done it but really did not traveled around the whole world. Hope you guys will be the first to really travel around the whole world. Only then. Can you say that you traveled the whole world. Good luck guys!

  80. RD Derrick

    RD Derrick

    12 dagar sedan

    Jamie‘s laugh :-)

  81. andyjf717


    12 dagar sedan

    Time to source some veneer?

  82. Lou Aliberti

    Lou Aliberti

    12 dagar sedan

    I have done some hard work in my life … but this is next level … Chaos. Congrats .

  83. dhtrapper78


    12 dagar sedan

    Amazing job! In no time at all here comes the journey around the globe!

  84. Jeremy Nelson

    Jeremy Nelson

    12 dagar sedan

    Also a mech. engineer Cal state Long Beach, well almost 10 more credits or so. These jobs are not easy for contractors a block away from the hardware store. Doing it in the middle of the jungle is a feat of madness. Very nice job.

  85. Mike Love

    Mike Love

    12 dagar sedan

    Colin, Here's a filler/concealer you can use to camouflage those accidental cuts... it's a putty/wax combo in various shades to match the base wood. It's used to fill in bad scratches in old wood, but should work for your application. Maybe use hot melt glue down in the crack/cuts and finish the top 1/16th to 1/8" with the concealer. See:

  86. Mark O

    Mark O

    12 dagar sedan

    F’in epic - Jamie and Colin making it look easy. Well done, gentlemen.

  87. Kurt Vonne

    Kurt Vonne

    12 dagar sedan

    Cant wait to see this beauty hit the ocean! Good sailing unto the blue!

  88. Rick Harris

    Rick Harris

    12 dagar sedan

    Top stuff!

  89. Saltwater Nomads

    Saltwater Nomads

    12 dagar sedan

    Nothing. And I mean nothing about that looked easy!! I’m so impressed with y’all’s resilience.

  90. larry legg

    larry legg

    12 dagar sedan

    Looking Good Boys. You did a good job. Keep it up if you know what I mean? Shalom

  91. GWNZ


    12 dagar sedan

    Hi Colin. I think there is a very good argument that this is a design fault, assuming the plywood used is as per the design specification. First of all the plywood they have used has 7 veneers but four of them are thin and three are thick. A "proper" marine grade plywood (structural) should have 7 evenly spaced veneers. The reason for this is that when plywood is compressed the strength is reduced by up to 40% depending on the orientation of the grain to the load. If the grain and load are aligned then you get full strength, if they are 45 degrees you get about 60% of the strength and at 90 degrees about 85%. Now that if is for "proper" plywood with evenly thickness veneers. Now the plywood will be installed (most likely) with the grain of the outside veneer vertical. This means that the internal (thick) veneers are at 90 degrees to the compression load (assuming the compression load is all vertical which I doubt). So the strength of the plywood is reduced accordingly, and given that they have not used plywood with evenly spaced veneers then the strength could be as low as 50% of what would be expected from the plywood they "should" have used.

  92. Searching Life

    Searching Life

    12 dagar sedan

    Absolute legends. full send. natural abilities go a LONG way. Radical work boyz. Thanks for sharing the journey. 🤘🏽 your welcome Lagoon ..

  93. steve mccormick

    steve mccormick

    12 dagar sedan

    Ignore the hall monitors. So many people want to play safety monitor that don't have any idea how to do this work.

  94. stanley hesketh

    stanley hesketh

    12 dagar sedan

    Awsome skill, you lads worth your Wight in gold ,,

  95. Kelly Stevenson

    Kelly Stevenson

    12 dagar sedan


  96. Kelly Stevenson

    Kelly Stevenson

    12 dagar sedan


  97. Lorena S

    Lorena S

    12 dagar sedan

    amazing, just amazing it

  98. marc


    12 dagar sedan

    You guys have helped so many. Cheers to you. If you ever sail to Maine, I will buy you all a beer!

  99. Jen Baldwin

    Jen Baldwin

    12 dagar sedan

    Great job and amazing channel. Can you take some of the scrap wood from the cuts and repair the one cut you made accidently?

  100. Joe Robilotta

    Joe Robilotta

    12 dagar sedan

    Again, awesome work boys.