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  1. Coffeezilla


    15 dagar sedan

    thanks for having me on the show!

    • a jokester

      a jokester

      Dag sedan

      @Jay stfu

    • DELETED Competitive

      DELETED Competitive

      2 dagar sedan

      Holy fuck. I've been watching your videos for ages and this cross over

    • Big Chops

      Big Chops

      5 dagar sedan

      Excellent work good sir

    • Lloyd Lairemore

      Lloyd Lairemore

      7 dagar sedan

      You don’t even have to think about it bro.

    • vilgot högberg

      vilgot högberg

      8 dagar sedan

      @ebn what did he say

  2. Pixel Grim

    Pixel Grim

    17 timmar sedan

    I want catholic scandals while wearing long wigs that vaguely resemble jesus

  3. Ignorance is a choice

    Ignorance is a choice

    21 timme sedan

    Sorry Ethan but Dan is right: "The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite and the fifth largest moon in the solar system. ... The Moon's distance from Earth is about 240,000 miles (385,000km)."

  4. Ignorance is a choice

    Ignorance is a choice

    22 timmar sedan

    I love it when you do the De Niro impression, I'm not sure why the crew doesn't like it. :(

  5. Ignorance is a choice

    Ignorance is a choice

    Dag sedan

    I think the pizza guy lied about being close to you, so he could do the timer and then eat the pizza by himself.

  6. Alisson Panisson

    Alisson Panisson

    Dag sedan

    Dan is right about the word moon. It's considered synonymous with natural satellite. Even though it's the name of our moon / natural satellite, it also can be used to describe a natural satellite in another planet. The term is used to describe natural satellite of another planets even in science articles. Just search for "moons" and read the Wikipedia. Dan was right.

  7. Lani Dash

    Lani Dash

    Dag sedan

    Door dash is wayyy better

  8. Lani Dash

    Lani Dash

    Dag sedan

    Where’s Hila? Ethan has a pizza curse

  9. Lani Dash

    Lani Dash

    Dag sedan

    Is that Girlfriend Trisha pissed off?

  10. Andrea Velasco

    Andrea Velasco

    Dag sedan

    promote sugar bear hair vitamins 💀

  11. Layne Doe

    Layne Doe

    2 dagar sedan


  12. Michele


    2 dagar sedan

    I really think that we need to talk more about the fact that no one won David's puzzle

  13. Enecia Ethridge

    Enecia Ethridge

    2 dagar sedan

    Dan is such a buzzkill 😂

  14. NICK Aldredge

    NICK Aldredge

    2 dagar sedan

    Finally Zach is in the same building so he can time the sound bites correctly.😂

  15. explicitcorp


    3 dagar sedan

    You realize the metric of downloads, which a person must do to use the triller app, is much more important and valuable than a 1 star review can combat.

  16. Bella


    3 dagar sedan

    1:39:20 fuck I said that exact same thing on a def noodles video I swear what the actual fuckkkkk is that house?

  17. Trodriguez


    3 dagar sedan

    LMAO The intro was gold hahaha

  18. SpaceJam BluRay

    SpaceJam BluRay

    3 dagar sedan

    dont call me fat or jewish

  19. SpaceJam BluRay

    SpaceJam BluRay

    3 dagar sedan

    this is like watered down netflix stand up

  20. Anthony Dean

    Anthony Dean

    3 dagar sedan

    Love you guys lol

  21. Deborah Hernandez

    Deborah Hernandez

    4 dagar sedan

    Love how the dogs start barking in perfect moments 😂

  22. Kayleigh Michell

    Kayleigh Michell

    4 dagar sedan


  23. Annie Hanlin

    Annie Hanlin

    4 dagar sedan

    Absolutely shook that DAN and Ethan got into an argument about the moon and Ethan was right???? 🤯

  24. Clout Elfin

    Clout Elfin

    4 dagar sedan

    Who else wants to see Ethan try stand up comedy (if he hasn’t already done so, idk I’m more of a newer fan 😭) I’d totally watch that

  25. Decimate the Soul

    Decimate the Soul

    4 dagar sedan

    They really hating on Dark Souls smh wow

  26. GBE Follower of christ

    GBE Follower of christ

    4 dagar sedan

    Where’s love this episode

  27. Santiago Vasquez

    Santiago Vasquez

    4 dagar sedan

    Whose that guy on the screen near dan what does he do

  28. SFU Podcast

    SFU Podcast

    4 dagar sedan

    Can't post bail from prison...

  29. Alina


    4 dagar sedan

    26:49 I see you LoveBot

  30. Big Chops

    Big Chops

    5 dagar sedan

    Hey do you think Logan Paul went with a cartoon character for his crypto currency to appeal to kids again lol

  31. dathomir • _

    dathomir • _

    5 dagar sedan

    23:35 one of the best soundbite moments ever 😭

  32. sexyliltiger


    5 dagar sedan

    my cat curls up next to the laptop whenever he hears ethan's voice but he was NOT a fan of ethan screaming PSYCHEEEEEEEEEE

  33. Olaf O.

    Olaf O.

    5 dagar sedan

    32:52 They know about Bolsonaro. My universes are colliding RN

  34. Nathan Little

    Nathan Little

    5 dagar sedan

    I absolutely love the reaction from the crew when Ethan pulls out the GodFather and he just continues the bit for the sake of it

  35. Adro Abreu

    Adro Abreu

    5 dagar sedan

    Lmfao he said sorry one last time at the end there

    • Adro Abreu

      Adro Abreu

      5 dagar sedan


  36. Emily Roberson

    Emily Roberson

    5 dagar sedan



    5 dagar sedan

    Вот именно! Луна это Луна! А не какой-то там «мун».

  38. Steambull1


    6 dagar sedan

    I started reading the app review with James Rolfe's voice in my mind because it started with "I would rather..." and then moves on to the ass/shit subject matter.

  39. Bobby DeCastro

    Bobby DeCastro

    6 dagar sedan

    it make smy brain hurt to think 3.06 million people subscribe to this bullshit. you're down there with keemstar bud. you're not that guy

  40. Pamela Warner

    Pamela Warner

    6 dagar sedan

    Twitch has replaced off the rails ? :(

  41. kronosx7


    6 dagar sedan

    A moon can be a satellite to any planet but our moon IS named The Moon. Luna is just latin for moon. You're both right, but Dan tried to play it off like he was trolling when Ethan convinced him he was wrong, even though he wasn't.

  42. Ayomane


    7 dagar sedan

    Why do you have John Harver in the background

  43. — Holiday

    — Holiday

    7 dagar sedan

    How old is this guy

  44. Zach Butler

    Zach Butler

    7 dagar sedan

    Can we get Ian back?

  45. dragonchaser


    7 dagar sedan

    5 min timer for dd 8 minute timer for postmates is for the driver to make money/hour

  46. Oranges Poranges

    Oranges Poranges

    7 dagar sedan

    Fun Fact, Ethan. Ryan and Harvey share the same Grandma! 💙😳💙🤫💙 JK.

  47. Matthew Grady

    Matthew Grady

    7 dagar sedan

    Luna is Italian, Selene in Greek, Lune in France, Qamar in Arabic and otherwise known as the moon. XD

  48. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey

    7 dagar sedan

    In hindsight, the collapsing the building joke was poor timing

  49. Spx 99

    Spx 99

    7 dagar sedan


  50. Connor F

    Connor F

    7 dagar sedan

    Is Ian feeling okay? ☹️

  51. Lys Ω

    Lys Ω

    7 dagar sedan

    As an Italian-American, Ethan’s Godfather impression is one of my favorite reoccurring goofs.

  52. Eucis93


    7 dagar sedan

    Oh wow, I use Canva several times a week for work, and haven’t bought premium yet. Definitely using the code lol

  53. Sara Zettle

    Sara Zettle

    7 dagar sedan

    Even just the first two minutes of this video is just amazing premium content

  54. Gia D

    Gia D

    7 dagar sedan


  55. Monica


    7 dagar sedan

    Underrated joke at 1:00:49 😂

  56. Liberty India Rose

    Liberty India Rose

    7 dagar sedan

    It breaks my heart that Dan is the only one who knows that other planets have moons 🤣🤦‍♀️ but I love the fact that he didn't fight it 🤣it just made him look cooler especially when Ethan was crowing 😎

  57. AnnoyingAngel


    7 dagar sedan

    Im waiting for another frienemies episode hoping its a scandal lol

  58. tagithere


    7 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry to everyone that’s subscribed to this Moron….. and that didn’t take power in 51 minutes! This guys a joke! SinceSE-one you won’t allow inappropriate words.. I’ll call him calm-worm-blanket. So “CWB” is sorry… how about sorry for wasting are time over the years…. And now he’s just not funny and doesn’t seem like a good person- with millions. See what this life does to you if you don’t know how to respect it!

  59. babibump


    7 dagar sedan

    The man child isn’t funny anymore

  60. Fresh Potato

    Fresh Potato

    8 dagar sedan

    Jenna Marbles and Julian’s thing was dink fam

  61. Bridget OMa

    Bridget OMa

    8 dagar sedan

    I’m so tired about hearing abt this stuff bruh

  62. xneo


    8 dagar sedan

    respect for the wizard lizard shirt

  63. Ash Porter

    Ash Porter

    8 dagar sedan

    Twitch sucks

  64. Bubbijs


    8 dagar sedan

    I can’t tell if Zach was laughing in the back, or if it was a Dan laughing sound bite

  65. Karina Romero

    Karina Romero

    8 dagar sedan

    What’s that “I’m a motherfucking blueberry” sound bit from? That shit has be weak every time 🤣🤣

  66. stevnated


    8 dagar sedan

    It's not a scam unless he sells, right?

  67. wolfslullaby


    8 dagar sedan

    I feel Ab was genuinely wanting to hangout with Ethan :(

  68. Gage


    8 dagar sedan

    nicki minaj deleted that post so you can sit down ethan

  69. ARMANE


    8 dagar sedan

    Ethan was pretty annoying this episode😅

  70. Leben Tode

    Leben Tode

    8 dagar sedan

    Fupa Coin. Do it.

  71. itznanzar yt

    itznanzar yt

    8 dagar sedan


  72. Billie Farmer

    Billie Farmer

    8 dagar sedan

    Bolso narrow

  73. Jenny -

    Jenny -

    8 dagar sedan

    Watching this a lil tiddly and thanks to ETHAN mentioning pizza I’m about to GET THAT PIZZA We need Hila back, without her we’re all making bad decisions

  74. Fumma


    8 dagar sedan

    It’s crazy my partner was the one who got me to start watching H3 and she loved it and now I only watch it and I’m a simp for Ethan I wish she enjoyed watching this as much as I do :(

  75. Natalie McKenzie

    Natalie McKenzie

    8 dagar sedan

    I’m obsessed with the Triller app reviews !

  76. TheAttmaster9


    8 dagar sedan

    I would eat up that dark souls content

  77. Viana


    8 dagar sedan

    The Godfatha skits are EVERYTHING IGHT

  78. Hannah Benn

    Hannah Benn

    8 dagar sedan

    my question is: who is the one always laughing in the back? 🤣

  79. Korey Caraway

    Korey Caraway

    8 dagar sedan

    Bro you’re so liberal now how can you be canceled? Stop being such a simp. Get your balls back my dude.

  80. charlotte s

    charlotte s

    8 dagar sedan

    "The Moon" is Earth's moon, but any planets can have moons they just wouldn't be referred as "the Moon". Moons fall under the category of satellites which is any body which revolves around a larger celestial body and they can be either artificial or natural.

  81. Krista Vaillancourt

    Krista Vaillancourt

    8 dagar sedan

    Dan: I was trying to do a bit and then it got way too serious. AB: Story of my life, man.

  82. O


    8 dagar sedan

    AB comparing Ethan to Michael Scott 😂😂😂

  83. Twister


    8 dagar sedan

    1:07:12 took idubbbz joke and ran with it lmao

  84. Ciara Cornett

    Ciara Cornett

    8 dagar sedan

    honestly wish i could be apart of something like this.

  85. liczba pojedyncza

    liczba pojedyncza

    8 dagar sedan

    Dan is right though about the moon...

  86. WolfM80


    8 dagar sedan

    1:17:02 Dan to AB: (annoyed 😑 gibberish) “Whaddya whaddya doing looking up definitions of stuff” Everyone: it’s cuz HES A SIMP DAN! but Ya know AB’s pretty good at explaining his logic better than anyone so…

  87. Yet Another YouTuber

    Yet Another YouTuber

    8 dagar sedan

    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

  88. Boston Emily

    Boston Emily

    9 dagar sedan

    ethan looks awesome!

  89. Nostradumbass


    9 dagar sedan

    Ethan is 5 years away from looking like Weinstein

  90. aliya


    9 dagar sedan

    Ok dan with the amazing band tee 😎

  91. xx Moozilla xx

    xx Moozilla xx

    9 dagar sedan

    I fucking love Ethans godfather bits I remember when he did it about papa John Its a classic in my books

  92. APC106


    9 dagar sedan

    Ethan was actually wrong about the moon

  93. ImperialVideo


    9 dagar sedan

    Dan trying so hard not to get them more in trouble with the lawsuit is everything haha

  94. Lara Welch

    Lara Welch

    9 dagar sedan

    God dammit that stupid dink doink song is stuck in my head now!!!

  95. adoredpariah


    9 dagar sedan

    Oh god my fake crypto scam comment got deleted lol, I guess the scams have gotten so base and brazen that it is hard to distinguish satire from reality there too. Fair enough, I understand.

  96. Daisy Torres

    Daisy Torres

    9 dagar sedan


  97. Video Game Sanctuary

    Video Game Sanctuary

    9 dagar sedan

    Kevin Smith's cousin has really gone down hill 😁

  98. S B

    S B

    9 dagar sedan

    After seeing the the side-by-side photo of the three of them, I think Ryan Kavanaugh looks like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey's love child.

  99. Azurealms99


    9 dagar sedan

    This kavanaugh stuff is getting overplayed a lot and is boring now

  100. Dim


    9 dagar sedan

    washed up