E-GAMER vs SOFT-GAMER - How to Be POPULAR in College | Funny Awkward Situations by La La Life Games

In college everyone wants to be POPULAR from the first days😎😜 But what if your roommate is your exact opposite?😲 Won't he bother you? Will E-Gamer and SOFT-Gamer be able to become friends?😏🤯 About this in our new COOL video!

-gamer -gamer

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00:00 E-Gamer VS Soft-GAMER
00:48 Pop IT
01:31 Music
01:52 PARTY
02:34 Girls Morning
03:37 Black VS Pink FOOD
04:25 TikTok
04:58 VR
05:23 Prank
05:52 Games
06:44 Crush
07:12 MAKEUP
10:07 Cold VS Hot
10:40 Test
11:54 Birthday

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