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Yaman, Selim'i Vurdu! | Legacy 128. Bölüm (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.


  1. Waliza Hoque

    Waliza Hoque

    Månad sedan

    I love the background music too...

  2. Cozetta Landry

    Cozetta Landry

    Månad sedan

    All Selim had to do is call the police and report the shooting. Yaman would be hauled to jail. Instead he falls for Iqbals line

  3. mariju bulauitan

    mariju bulauitan

    Månad sedan

    I hate Evil Selim conniving with the two evil sisters . Then plus Nedim , too

  4. Rashida Yadally

    Rashida Yadally

    Månad sedan

    Salim deserve it

  5. Fga Can

    Fga Can

    Månad sedan

    Selimi vuracayına kendini vursun Selim hakkediyor Seheri Ama Seheri Karamel Yapım aptal yaptığı için gerçek sevgiyi göremiyor

  6. Zagorka Mihajlovic

    Zagorka Mihajlovic

    2 månader sedan

    I treba tako da mu se vrati jer je ispao veloko zlo sa vešticama treba i njma da se vrati još gore veštoce van srhet🙏💞jaman ljubav

  7. Niko Qenberli

    Niko Qenberli

    2 månader sedan

    Ax Selimcik ölmediyine dua et

  8. Indra Rosario

    Indra Rosario

    2 månader sedan

    Este es un hombre de armas tomadas!😲😲😲

  9. Catherine Obiri Yeboah

    Catherine Obiri Yeboah

    2 månader sedan

    Selim deserves it

  10. Elanda Shannon

    Elanda Shannon

    2 månader sedan

    He should have beat the crap out of him. That shot was not enough.

  11. I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

    I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

    2 månader sedan

    Selim was bad,that is true but he loves Seher more than Yaman.I hope Seher will divorce Yaman and married Selim.

  12. Rosalia Dias

    Rosalia Dias

    2 månader sedan

    Selim morram!!!💀🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  13. Roxana Campos

    Roxana Campos

    2 månader sedan

    Ay Yaman le hubieras dado otro roce en la otra pierna jajajaja... 😊😊😊😊 Que buena edición del audio hicieron estas brujas... Aissh esa cachetada que le dio Seher a Selim la disfrute tanto, porque eso era poner en su lugar a Selim, que sigo pensando que solo su presencia asfixia!! Lastima que no hay de donde sacar pruebas sobre la inocencia de Seher, hoy si las brujas tuvieron éxito.... Odio a Selim, repito es el antagonista vestido de oveja! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  14. Nasi Bey

    Nasi Bey

    2 månader sedan

    yaman bey basayidin daya dayak bunun gibi kari tekesine bu dizide buna yaniyorum dovmedigin icin dov sunu da ratliyayim

  15. Talebe Sada

    Talebe Sada

    2 månader sedan

    He is such an unneccesary character...get out Selim...NOW

  16. E T

    E T

    2 månader sedan

    Bu Yaman delidi ki

  17. Noelia Bertone

    Noelia Bertone

    2 månader sedan

    Regresó Yaman antiguo. Es una pena. Todo lo que estaba logrando, sé que es difícil olvidar el pasado y encima creer que pasó por un engaño nuevamente, le duele. Pero Seher es la que más sufre en todo esto. Perdió a su madre apenas nació, su padre y hermana, junto a Nadire Anne hicieron lo que pudieron, Selim metió la pata mal (ella confiaba en él), luego la separación de la hermana, nunca conocer a su sobrino, cuando pudo ver a su hermana ya estaba muriendo, perdió a su padre, hizo de todo para cuidar y estar cerca de Yusuf a costa de tanto sacrificio y dolor, aguantó tanta humillación y maltrato; para seguir siendo maltratada. Esto se pasa de verde oscuro ya (un dicho).

  18. Orietta Figueroa

    Orietta Figueroa

    2 månader sedan

    Mil gracias nos dejen botados viva el español

  19. Sofia Edits

    Sofia Edits

    2 månader sedan

    Velho yaman de volta amooooo

  20. EVA Fernandez

    EVA Fernandez

    2 månader sedan


  21. Hellen Rosales

    Hellen Rosales

    2 månader sedan

    Regresamos al principio pobre seher. 🙉🙈🙈🙈

  22. ilqar Huseynov

    ilqar Huseynov

    2 månader sedan

    Yaman pis pis baxmaqdan başqa heçnə bilmir🤣

  23. Silvia Calabro

    Silvia Calabro

    2 månader sedan


  24. Cynicsis


    2 månader sedan

    Side note a man dat wears his pants on his waist not here in my countrt where the pant n belt is wron under their butts

  25. Lucia Helmbold

    Lucia Helmbold

    2 månader sedan

    Muchas gracias por poner los subtítulos en español.

  26. Delil Useinoski

    Delil Useinoski

    2 månader sedan

    But yaman be care selim told the cop that you stock him in the leg.and lbhla was hospital to see selim what happens.

  27. Delil Useinoski

    Delil Useinoski

    2 månader sedan

    Yaman you stood stock him is better to put in the grave for long still he die and no one will find him like seher was.becaus what he did to seher.and hope zulha too .thows2 snake sister told selim to do that seher to broke your heart for not to get married you.seher have to marry selim.but seher don't love selim not all .seher told selim don't want to see him anymore ever.

  28. Now United Uniters edit

    Now United Uniters edit

    2 månader sedan

    Here subtitles came

  29. tarheel715


    2 månader sedan

    I'm not even going to pretend what Yaman did by shooting Selim was wrong or crossed the line. Selim deserved that bullet and more. What Selim did to Seher was violence. He assaulted her and committed a crime. He attacked her both physically and emotionally and is helping to conspire against her with two women who could just as easily kill her as destroy her marriage. And instead of being a real friend and accepting Seher's choices and respecting her feelings, Seher appoints himself responsible for controlling her life, even if it means destroying her in the process. THAT IS NOT LOVE. Selim doesn't love Seher, he never did. Like Zuhal, who also isn't actually in love with Yaman, he is possessed by a delusion of a love story that was never real and never would be. A real friend would be warning Seher of what Zuhal and Ikbal are plotting so she can protect herself, not secretly helping the people trying to hurt her so he can become a hero by being the person waiting to take care of her after she's been hurt and humiliated. I don't know what will eventually happen to Selim, but even if he confesses and helps bring down this stupid plot, the damage is done and I don't want Seher to ever forgive him.

  30. Ayhan Sahan

    Ayhan Sahan

    2 månader sedan

    Seherin suçu

  31. Nelly Chiriboga

    Nelly Chiriboga

    2 månader sedan

    Ya se puso feo el comportamiento de yaman ,ya es un hombre hecho y derecho ,y desconfiar de esa manera de seher no me parece,regresar a la bestia q' era hay vuelta atrás no tiene perdón 😒

  32. Radu Cristina

    Radu Cristina

    2 månader sedan

    Iaman dacă o iubești pe seher cu adevărat crede an ia și Las-o să-ți vorbească ce sa antamplat din 3 șerpi zuhal selim și ibak

  33. Radu Cristina

    Radu Cristina

    2 månader sedan

    Selim meriți mai rău ca ce tia făcut iaman ca ești un laș un nemernic tu și viperele alea doua zuhal și ibak 👍👍👍👍👍👍



    2 månader sedan

    Demişler öldü kral geri döndü😎😂😂

  35. Nurten Kamasik

    Nurten Kamasik

    2 månader sedan

    Tam diziye yakışır bir yeni aşk başlıyor.neslihan ve Fırat aşkı.daha başlamadan belası geldi bile.yine yalan ve kötülük dolu.fıratın Neslihan aşkı kesin aksiyon dolu ve heyecanlı olacak arkadaşlar,çekişme polis ve yakışıklı pleyboy olunca seherle yamanın aşkını gölgede bırakacağa benziyor.iyi seyirler.

  36. Anna Gołąb

    Anna Gołąb

    2 månader sedan

    what kind of music is that at the beginning

  37. CLisa


    2 månader sedan

    Would love if he said something like " I don't want you near my wife again" or " Don't touch my wife again"- I don't know, just something.

  38. Rohaya Hj Mohamad

    Rohaya Hj Mohamad

    2 månader sedan

    Wheres the english subtitles

  39. Amani Omari

    Amani Omari

    2 månader sedan

    I think that yaman will use his strength and humanity to get out from what he is in now and the precautions he took because he loves seher .what he experienced in the past from his mother makes him act like this hoping they will overcome what the 3 devils👿 have planned to get them apart from each other

  40. Martha Mayfield-Hoyns

    Martha Mayfield-Hoyns

    2 månader sedan

    I am so tired of Selim.



    2 månader sedan

    Q la subtitulen en español xfavor 😢

  42. Tais Sousa

    Tais Sousa

    2 månader sedan

    Nunca senti tanto prazer em vê alguém apanhar 🤣🤣. Eu quero é q esse selin se lasque.😈

  43. Genelyn Lozano

    Genelyn Lozano

    2 månader sedan

    put subtitle, so that we understand

  44. Genelyn Lozano

    Genelyn Lozano

    2 månader sedan

    really disappointed, no subtitle...

  45. Roger Jacobo

    Roger Jacobo

    2 månader sedan

    Que basura es este seudó-amigo, (Selim)con estos amigos para que quiero enemigos.😩😩😩Lupita 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  46. Nathalia PO

    Nathalia PO

    2 månader sedan

    Why don't have subtitles?

  47. zmac


    2 månader sedan

    Seher should have told Ferat or Ali or Nadre what Selim did, maybe the outcome could have been different.

  48. pontbox555


    2 månader sedan

    Por favor subtitulos en español

  49. Maria Kimer

    Maria Kimer

    2 månader sedan

    Hace una semana sin su títulos en español

  50. Xedice Ismayilzade

    Xedice Ismayilzade

    2 månader sedan

    Çok güzel dizi ancak çekiliş kötü

  51. Vaishali Karkhanis

    Vaishali Karkhanis

    2 månader sedan

    That was the only watchable part of today's episode 😒

  52. Maria De Oliveira Borges Bertoni

    Maria De Oliveira Borges Bertoni

    2 månader sedan

    Porque não traduzem em português????

  53. Maristela Almeida

    Maristela Almeida

    2 månader sedan

    Yaman disse seu verme não vai ficar com a Seher, só se for manco😁😁😁

  54. salma El

    salma El

    2 månader sedan

    Where is the translation where are u Mr translatoooooorrre I can understand nooo word guys 🆘

  55. Bernice cox

    Bernice cox

    2 månader sedan

    These are some cut throats.

  56. Nigar Soltanova

    Nigar Soltanova

    2 månader sedan

    Selim bu kurwunu hakk ediyor.

  57. cleide a vida é bela Santos

    cleide a vida é bela Santos

    2 månader sedan

    Parabéns pra todos os atores que faz parte dessa história agora serha sofre de mais desse do início da novela 👏💕💔😢😍👏

  58. grammylululbell48


    2 månader sedan

    What happen translations

  59. aleahsirah


    2 månader sedan

    After all the shit this Yaman put her through...he is no gentleman to love or admire

  60. Amna Chokri

    Amna Chokri

    2 månader sedan

    Then what happened next... Did Selim say something?

  61. Tonya Odom

    Tonya Odom

    2 månader sedan

    If Selim was any kind of decent man & really loved Seher he would want to see her happy even if that meant he couldn't have her! If he was sorry for the pain he has caused with his collaboration with the devils & had regrets about his actions then he would of told Yaman the truth before he had a chance to pull the trigger! I hope when the truth comes out that he feels the pain of losing Seher for a while. Even if he sees that the evil doers get their due punishments! It shouldn't be an easy path for Yaman to get Seher back after the way he has chosen to handle the situation & the things he has put her through! COMMUNICATION IS A MUST IN ANY RELATIONSHIP!

  62. Milanka Mak

    Milanka Mak

    2 månader sedan

    Bravooooo Yaman 👊👏👏👏👏😂

  63. DiBrasil Vittorino

    DiBrasil Vittorino

    2 månader sedan

    Agora vai se arrastando pra casa como o cão sarneto que tu é. 😤😤🤣🤣🤣🤣



    2 månader sedan

    Səhərə xoşbəxtlik arzu edirəm, cox gözəl qızdı, Kiraza da komisarla xoşbəxtlik arzulayıram💞💞💞💞

  65. Rabija mujoli

    Rabija mujoli

    2 månader sedan

    Yaman💞💞💞💘💘💘 Seher💞💞💞💘💘💘😭😭😌😌



    2 månader sedan

    Selime yaxşı oldu, sevgiyi o cür qazanmaq olmaz, səlim öz sevgisinə xəyanət etdi

  67. Luminita Iordache

    Luminita Iordache

    2 månader sedan

    Amo mucho esta novela .Yaman y Seher únicos.Los amo.

  68. Rabija mujoli

    Rabija mujoli

    2 månader sedan


  69. Rabija mujoli

    Rabija mujoli

    2 månader sedan


  70. Gurke Yav

    Gurke Yav

    2 månader sedan

    baya bi bölüm gider böyle bu

  71. Delia Gomez

    Delia Gomez

    2 månader sedan

    Todo hinchado que parece um pavão...o homem é um bichoooo

  72. Andrea Thomas

    Andrea Thomas

    2 månader sedan

    But I gave halil a thumbs up 👍. His a very good actor. His angry 😡 face.

  73. Andrea Thomas

    Andrea Thomas

    2 månader sedan

    That’s a good lesson to you Selim for agreeing with 2 evil 👿 snake 🐍.

  74. Pat Usia

    Pat Usia

    2 månader sedan

    The man with the golden gun😂

  75. Catalina Rusillo

    Catalina Rusillo

    2 månader sedan

    Por favor,sub

  76. mariju bulauitan

    mariju bulauitan

    2 månader sedan

    Okay That will be your furst warning Selim

  77. mariju bulauitan

    mariju bulauitan

    2 månader sedan

    The problem with Seher she didn’t complained to Ali and firat what Selim did to her . When zuhal almost killed her she did not tell Yaman or cengger or Nedim. What an idiot

  78. Radmila - Idimum

    Radmila - Idimum

    2 månader sedan

    ❤️❤️❤️ Зашто ... Зашто од главног глумца серије праве будалу? Да ли толико интелигенције - Јаман, никад то не схвати држи кобру и кућу, која мрзи његовог брата и прети му речима: "Годинама од брата чувам Јаманову неспособну будалу. Све ћу му узети!" Не уништавајте оваквим акцијама кобре лепа и веома гледана серија. Englis: Why ... Why are they making the main actor of the series a fool? Does so much intelligence - Jaman, never realize that he keeps a cobra and a house, which hates his brother and threatens him with the words: "I have kept Jaman's incompetent fool from my brother for years. I will take everything from him!" Do not destroy with cobra actions like this a beautiful and highly watched series.

  79. Pamela Mayra de Carvalho Rosa

    Pamela Mayra de Carvalho Rosa

    2 månader sedan

    esse é muito burro ele que a seher não o ama e vai seguir prejudicando ela depois que a seher descobrir toda verdade ela nem vai querer saber dele

  80. Ionek Midrivim

    Ionek Midrivim

    2 månader sedan

    Nu sunt ptr violență dar asta si o căuta cu lumânarea excrocul dragoste cu sila se poate dar nu pot sa cred ca nu i a dus banii înapoi lui yaman că se dădea mare cinstit cand i a.spus lui yaman că i pare rău că l a dat pe mâna altora care i au întins o capcană acum ce face.ii plac banii nu stiu ce i spune yaman dar.bine că l a speriat puțin elena

  81. Sans2domicilefix roberts

    Sans2domicilefix roberts

    2 månader sedan

    Bravo Yaman 👍💞

  82. Elisa Yáñez

    Elisa Yáñez

    2 månader sedan

    Era necesaria un arma... Mira que de por sí este hombre da miedo por sí solo!. Más bien lo deja como un arrebatado y cobarde.

  83. Tata


    2 månader sedan

    Yaman is really dumb, if selim was her lover, Seher would be in the hospital or at least alarmed after yaman literally shot him

  84. ma ah

    ma ah

    2 månader sedan

    Yaman eyes said you killed me He looks like dead

  85. Valide Haciyeva

    Valide Haciyeva

    2 månader sedan

    Hayır bu olamaz Sdlim öldü katıl oldu

  86. Rinne Zahirsyah

    Rinne Zahirsyah

    2 månader sedan

    Where english subtitle ???

  87. Isabel Ruiz Ramos

    Isabel Ruiz Ramos

    2 månader sedan

    Valla con Selim eso que es amigo de ella 😬

  88. Addicted to Emanet

    Addicted to Emanet

    2 månader sedan

    We've been rambling on and on about missing the old Yaman, now that he's back we're complaining again...hahaha...We need ARIF BABA now. POOR Yaman, how would you feel and what will you do when you finally know the truth... Hope you won't have a heart attack and drop dead.🤦

  89. Paty


    2 månader sedan

    Seher se pregunta que pasó que esta sucedió. La pobre no sabe que le pusieron una trampa

  90. Cusqun Cos

    Cusqun Cos

    2 månader sedan

    Ne olursun səhərdən bu yupkalari soyundurun

  91. Paty


    2 månader sedan

    Que fastidio, siguen haciendo lo mismo, de no poner los suptitulos en español 😡

  92. carmen moreno

    carmen moreno

    2 månader sedan

    Yo le hubiera metido 2 pepazo

  93. Elena V.

    Elena V.

    2 månader sedan


  94. Maple leafs Life

    Maple leafs Life

    2 månader sedan

    🤣Selin you deserved this and more...

    • Cozetta Landry

      Cozetta Landry

      2 månader sedan

      Same could be said about the witches. Murderer and attempted murder.

  95. Silvia Viscicaro

    Silvia Viscicaro

    2 månader sedan

    El sopeiro recibió lo que merecía de Yaman falta el deSprecio y la condena de Seher por su mala accion

  96. Maritza Zambrano

    Maritza Zambrano

    2 månader sedan

    Busquen temas medicos q ella nos ayuda traduciendo para entenfer

  97. Guillermina Mariñez guzman

    Guillermina Mariñez guzman

    2 månader sedan

    Ese selin lo que es es una buena gallina

  98. Victoria Soto

    Victoria Soto

    2 månader sedan

    A los hombres se le pega un tiro pero Selin tenía que darle 3 buena galleta por mujercita

  99. Ilva Spiro

    Ilva Spiro

    2 månader sedan

    Well sorry, but soupman deserved that.

  100. Nadeen Aoude

    Nadeen Aoude

    2 månader sedan

    Again - no English subtitles - I don’t speak Turkish and I just watch the clips with the subtitles to follow along - please put back the subtitles