Baldur's Gate 3 - Official Full Intro Cinematic

Watch the entire CG intro sequence to Baldur's Gate 3, featuring a chase from the famed city all the way to the firey mountains of the Infernal plane.


  1. StOY


    23 dagar sedan

    Ктулху уже не тот

  2. LMVStudios


    26 dagar sedan

    Don't you just hate it when you get captured by a mind flayer, who puts a larva into your brain, but then it is attacked by dragon-riding gith, only for it to crash into the middle of the eternal war between demons and evils in hell.

  3. DannyBoy


    Månad sedan

    Alarak has changed....

  4. Jellycar18


    2 månader sedan

    Barreling through hell on a crashing mind flayer ship while being attacked by dragons... now THAT'S how you start a game! What an amazing hook!

  5. ilishmaach


    2 månader sedan

    Loving the inclusion of illithids and githzerai!

  6. Emmett van Halm

    Emmett van Halm

    2 månader sedan

    coolest cinematic ever

  7. tiago matrix

    tiago matrix

    2 månader sedan

    Os caras criam CGI lindos com historias arrebatadoras para game! E a Warner ainda não aprendeu a fazer filmes!!! Fica a dica.

  8. Scott Welch

    Scott Welch

    2 månader sedan

    I WILL be getting a new PC soon. And this will be the first game I buy.

  9. Halloween Makeup

    Halloween Makeup

    3 månader sedan

    Can anyone explain why he put that thing in her eye

    • Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs

      Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs

      2 månader sedan

      @Halloween Makeup As of right now, we don't know. Supposedly these Mind Flayer tadpoles are gonna be a pretty big part of the game, including them giving you some.. unusual powers. Although removing them is top priority, unless somehting in the full game gives you the choice of surrendering to the parasite. If you want to know what the full process is like.. Watch the teaser trailer. Not pretty.

    • Halloween Makeup

      Halloween Makeup

      2 månader sedan

      @Waldemar Marwalde 🤢 so does she stop it?

    • Waldemar Marwalde

      Waldemar Marwalde

      2 månader sedan

      The larva is supposed to eat her brain and take over her body. That is how Illithides multiply.

  10. Lil Gobbo

    Lil Gobbo

    3 månader sedan


  11. Yaninou babidou

    Yaninou babidou

    3 månader sedan

    lol when ill be playing this , ill be making a female cleric githyanki called Zeeaire XD

  12. Eastern Lights

    Eastern Lights

    3 månader sedan

    That ship seems to be propelled by a disgustion engine.

  13. Eric Cottle

    Eric Cottle

    3 månader sedan

    Is this like a DnD game or something.

  14. Igor Voloshin

    Igor Voloshin

    3 månader sedan

    Heh, she looks alike my girlfriend Olga, really similar face. Must show this to her

  15. The Wonderfully Made Jaraid

    The Wonderfully Made Jaraid

    3 månader sedan

    This is where the advantages of being a level 3 paladin come into play.

  16. Janika


    3 månader sedan

    never played this series or any titles related to the DnD universe. Only game series I have played maybe close to this is the witcher games and the Dragon age games. is it a MUST to play the first 2 games of Baldurs gate to understand this game?

  17. Rusty Schackleford

    Rusty Schackleford

    3 månader sedan

    Sunk over 10hrs into the early access so far and still undeniably completely enthralled with the content in the game so far! Giddy with anticipation for the next update! Much love to all the people working on this masterpiece!

  18. richard ferianc

    richard ferianc

    4 månader sedan

    "My hotel is as clean as an elven arse."

  19. Zeynep


    4 månader sedan

    I am so hyped up but sadly I have to wait till summer to play this game

  20. Joao Celidonio Ayres

    Joao Celidonio Ayres

    4 månader sedan

    baldurs gates of divinity

  21. Radio Bug

    Radio Bug

    4 månader sedan

    The new avatar movie looks weird.

  22. Michael Putney

    Michael Putney

    5 månader sedan

    Red dragon:he got away 5:05

  23. Justin Murray

    Justin Murray

    5 månader sedan

    Pretty similar to the Diablo 4 trailer with the whole "souls/bodies" being linked thing so we shall see. I'm a fan of both but it seems like a guessing game at who will introduce the more gamebreaking and different experience to their title.

  24. Ogion


    5 månader sedan

    3:22 when someone finished the last of the hot cheetohs

  25. Eric Ong

    Eric Ong

    5 månader sedan

    Me looking at this from a 5e standpoint and all I can say is; "That's a lotta high level spells. I hope they have enough spellslots for this."

  26. Mike94K


    5 månader sedan

    Is there an OST for this video?

  27. cylmareall


    5 månader sedan

    So to sum up, it is basically Grinch + Lovecraft + Alien + Game of thrones. Am I right?

  28. ninny65


    5 månader sedan

    I hate it when I get captured by interdimensional mind flayers, then have the ship i'm on get attacked by dragons and then my mind flayer captures transport us into LITERAL HELL in a desperate attempt to flee the dragons which only exasperates the problem because now the armies of hell are attacking the ship. Woah what a day

  29. CHAN-kun


    5 månader sedan

    I kinda feel bad for the mind flayer tho... o.O

  30. X X

    X X

    6 månader sedan

    Full plate, & packing steel.

  31. Janik Hüppeler

    Janik Hüppeler

    6 månader sedan

    Why are the young red dragons working with the green ones? (forgot the name)

  32. Getlo


    6 månader sedan

    Anyone else play the D&D campaign and got chills when they got to see Avernus again?

  33. Dawn Kiefer

    Dawn Kiefer

    6 månader sedan

    This is my take on Baldurs Gate 3, take it or leave it but its a fact! your gonna get a lot of people saying it is the best.....but im a game developer and ive been playing rpgs and d&d since the early 80's. bg3 is no dos2 for the people that are saying that lied! they just dont care for turn based. with that said, the game is ok at best, i think temple of elemental evil had a better battle system. i think the reason i dont like the game is because it is a linear mess! it is so linear its not even funny, it reminds me of final fantasy with all the cgi interuptions. is it baldurs gate no because its not rtwp nor the same d&d rule set. is it d&d YES! it is d&d and it is very far from dos2!

  34. Troy Wei

    Troy Wei

    6 månader sedan

    shut up and take my money

  35. Shade


    6 månader sedan

    Baldurs Gate 2 released 2 years after Baldurs Gate. Baldurs Gate 3 released 20 years after Baldurs Gate 2. Following this pattern, Baldurs Gate 4 will be released in 200 years.

  36. Weird Planet Radio

    Weird Planet Radio

    6 månader sedan

    bob ross

  37. Philip Inman

    Philip Inman

    6 månader sedan

    So friggin’ awesome; I can’t wait to play this!

  38. Greifers Crew

    Greifers Crew

    6 månader sedan

    666666th view. Our Dark Lord and Master blesses our presence.

  39. Sinrelm


    6 månader sedan

    ... and eternal Blood War.

  40. Cyclops 3000

    Cyclops 3000

    6 månader sedan

    We're all doomed

  41. Fluffycthulhu


    6 månader sedan

    I love that illthid biotech!

  42. Yare Yare

    Yare Yare

    6 månader sedan

    Those dragons are jumping to hyper speed, this looks so cool 😄

  43. Azkha


    6 månader sedan

    Magnifique vraiment.

  44. Zoot C

    Zoot C

    6 månader sedan

    Gaddamn Illithids. They need their ink-holes stuffing with the rough end of a pineapple.

  45. SolidSparkle


    6 månader sedan

    Lae'zel disapproves.

  46. Justin Mart

    Justin Mart

    6 månader sedan

    Why is her nose so smalllll

  47. JS Wissman

    JS Wissman

    6 månader sedan

    What level D&D character would you need to be able to survive this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  48. Anthony Amichia

    Anthony Amichia

    6 månader sedan

    Woooooooooooow wtf. Awesome!

  49. Zahnweh Zombie

    Zahnweh Zombie

    6 månader sedan

    I don't suppose anyone really knowledgeable might know what the three large towering structures in Avernus might be? The ones that the horde of imps flew out of.

    • Ogion


      6 månader sedan

      I don't know much about Forgotten Realms lore, but I think it's one of Zariel's fortresses.

  50. Nick Evgeniev

    Nick Evgeniev

    6 månader sedan

    agent smith torturing neo :)

  51. Adrian


    6 månader sedan

    Well the cinematic is incredible and game w8 for full release and definietly buyin this :D

  52. Na'Roon Starrider

    Na'Roon Starrider

    6 månader sedan

    EPIC trailer!!!

  53. Chris Sugg

    Chris Sugg

    6 månader sedan


  54. City Hunter

    City Hunter

    6 månader sedan

    If you listen closely, at 2.28min there's a tribute to Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal - Sendaï Enclave Theme music

  55. Meris


    6 månader sedan

    I forgot how disgusting Mind Flayers are

    • Cameron McEwen

      Cameron McEwen

      6 månader sedan

      How can anyone forget those squid faces with the brain invading parasites?

  56. grimm gore

    grimm gore

    6 månader sedan

    Never played any Baldurs Gate or no any lore about that universe. But damn this trailer is dope af

  57. Terry Blanchard

    Terry Blanchard

    6 månader sedan

    And another Great Title VR misses out on! Come on developers get on the Choo Choo Train!

  58. Infinite Dimensions

    Infinite Dimensions

    6 månader sedan

    Best intro ever

  59. Chad Dubois

    Chad Dubois

    6 månader sedan

    But I'm just a level 1 baker.

  60. KashelGladio


    6 månader sedan

    I've never been so attracted to a Githyanki before in my life...

    • seriousnecro


      6 månader sedan

      it's those eyes bro

  61. squick1842


    6 månader sedan

    Is this Avatar? Or a Star Wars Tiefighter chase scene? The game industry has been dumbed down for the masses. I have signed off a long time ago. I came to see this trailer out of curiosity, and i was not suprised.

    • marsneedstowels


      5 månader sedan

      They're definitely taking D&D Forgotten Realms towards more Planescape or Spelljammer, which is actually pretty fine with me. I like the crossovers.

  62. IDeO


    6 månader sedan

    Go for the Eyes! .....literally.

  63. sheridanwilde


    6 månader sedan

    Doctor John Zoidberg's changed a lot since the end of Futurama!

  64. fabio bordogna

    fabio bordogna

    6 månader sedan

    The Squids have no thumb

  65. Donatos Aphael

    Donatos Aphael

    6 månader sedan

    fancy trailer nothing about the lore -.- (looks like a MCU movie in D&D)

  66. Steppecist


    6 månader sedan

    Seeing the Blood war is so weird to me knowing full well The Nameless one is serving his sentence down there

  67. Ed Hrafnskald Conway

    Ed Hrafnskald Conway

    6 månader sedan

    1:19 "Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the EYES! RAST!" :D

  68. Illasera


    6 månader sedan

    So a new starcraft 2 zerg campaign?

  69. Shahzma Alif

    Shahzma Alif

    6 månader sedan

    Baldur Gate 3 alien vs dragons vs demons

  70. YouTubeUsername


    7 månader sedan

    i've never heard of "balder's gate" before. is this a game? since it's on IGN? where's the gameplay footage?

  71. The Time-Lost Techpriest

    The Time-Lost Techpriest

    7 månader sedan

    Holy shitbiscuits

  72. SCEtoAUX


    7 månader sedan

    Nowt compared to COVID

  73. Mathew Gonzales

    Mathew Gonzales

    7 månader sedan

    when is dark alliance 3 coming or dark alliance 1and 2 remake

  74. Doomguy says hi

    Doomguy says hi

    7 månader sedan

    4:07 when the chutuhlu bard replaces the engineer.

  75. Dalton Short

    Dalton Short

    7 månader sedan

    A spillage...all over the floor.

  76. Ксандр Пахалуев

    Ксандр Пахалуев

    7 månader sedan

    Я не понял. Им ввели какого то паразита. И что с ними станет? Другой видосик где человек стал Ктулху. Почему он стал им? Где обьяснение?

  77. Acácio Brito

    Acácio Brito

    7 månader sedan

    Hey Squidward Tentacles eat a snickers. because you get a little angry when you are hungry.

  78. Hex Carnage

    Hex Carnage

    7 månader sedan

    Mind flayer?

  79. That Dude

    That Dude

    7 månader sedan

    This looks amazing!!!

  80. Yrevra


    7 månader sedan

    Man talk about from bad too worse...woo! Great graphics though!

  81. Rooben Kardona Joonya

    Rooben Kardona Joonya

    7 månader sedan

    I enjoyed dark alliance on GameCube and dark alliance 2 on Xbox and the item dupe trick with dropping items then loading your saved character and dropping the items over n over and selling all the extra stuff I hope the play style stays top down and real time not turn based

  82. tobi uchiha

    tobi uchiha

    7 månader sedan

    The bad guy was pretty cool til he got owned by the dragon guys

  83. Night Sterling

    Night Sterling

    7 månader sedan

    The music in this is bloody amazing

  84. Rena Moon

    Rena Moon

    7 månader sedan

    Im here because i tried to pause during this intro to go have my dinner and missed it.

  85. Любовь Спиридонова

    Любовь Спиридонова

    7 månader sedan

    Фэнтезийность овер найн фаузенд. )

  86. Niki Pancaldi

    Niki Pancaldi

    7 månader sedan

    Finally. Real, perfect dragons in action! With all their limbs!

    • Cameron McEwen

      Cameron McEwen

      6 månader sedan

      Have there been four-limbed dragons in previous games?

  87. SHD


    7 månader sedan


  88. Christian Gehring

    Christian Gehring

    7 månader sedan

    Where is the information on game play? I'm not going to buy the game if I don't know anything about character races, combat or class structure. Does the game stay true to DND classes? idk cuz I haven't found anything on it.

  89. ZøSø


    7 månader sedan

    We need a Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 3 with PS5 Demon Souls graphics engine

  90. dragatus


    7 månader sedan

    I must say it's nice to have a visual reference for the Chain of Acheron's ship.

  91. Knowledge Seeker

    Knowledge Seeker

    7 månader sedan

    Great trailer, but the game doesnt play like this lol what a joke.

  92. Smiling Man

    Smiling Man

    7 månader sedan

    Green girl got some nice cheeks there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  93. Melpomeni Zoe Georgeadis

    Melpomeni Zoe Georgeadis

    7 månader sedan

    Just... EPIC!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!! Amazing job you guys!!!!!!! Well done!!!!!!

  94. Andy W

    Andy W

    7 månader sedan

    Yo give me the Bhaalspawn and the Nameless one fighting together in the blood war and I can cry happy geek tears.

  95. oasiste ottantaquattro

    oasiste ottantaquattro

    7 månader sedan

    this is something else, with the brand attached on

  96. Faz Mottram

    Faz Mottram

    7 månader sedan

    Is it just me or does this look terribly uninspiring?

  97. grabowskilane


    7 månader sedan


  98. Mike Brannon

    Mike Brannon

    7 månader sedan

    Bro: “That chick is pretty hot for an orc.” Me: “She’s not an orc, she’s a githyanki.” Bro: “Same thing, right?” Me: “...sure.”

    • Cameron McEwen

      Cameron McEwen

      6 månader sedan

      I’ve never played _Dungeons & Dragons_ or any of the _Baldur’s Gate_ games, yet this looks pretty interesting.

    • Mike Brannon

      Mike Brannon

      7 månader sedan

      abdcefgh The game says she is a githyanki and so does the BG wiki.

    • Lunarian Cat

      Lunarian Cat

      7 månader sedan

      @abdcefgh I think she is a Githyanki, you can create Githyanki in game and I think she is one of the Party Members

    • abdcefgh


      7 månader sedan

      Are you sure that she's a githyanki and not a githzerai? The allignment is pretty important for the lore.

  99. GreatKeny


    7 månader sedan

    So will we get a mindflayer companion?

  100. BewareTheCarpenter


    7 månader sedan

    Given that the dragons are sentient and probably smarter than the Gith, what exactly are the riders there for?

    • BewareTheCarpenter


      7 månader sedan

      @nicholas fotou But how exactly are the riders helping? Are they wizards that are opening up the porthole? I didn't see any bows or wizard staffs etc.

    • nicholas fotou

      nicholas fotou

      7 månader sedan

      Gith and red dragons made a deal a long time ago.