Talking about my race

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  1. Master Cheff

    Master Cheff

    20 minuter sedan

    I got into dirtbiking from my girl. Ain’t nothing like riding a powerful motor vehicle dangerously

  2. Batsy


    4 timmar sedan

    i'm glad you made this video because this looks so cool, i would love to try this in the future

  3. Kake Popz • 10 years ago

    Kake Popz • 10 years ago

    Dag sedan

    clue one of his race: white (he mentioned it in an instagram post a couple of years ago)

  4. Tristan Miller

    Tristan Miller

    Dag sedan

    This was genuinely inspirational

  5. Jake Quaratella

    Jake Quaratella

    Dag sedan

    I knew u were capping, love the video tho man. It’s awesome to see you passionate about something.

  6. Aurelija Urbonaitė

    Aurelija Urbonaitė

    2 dagar sedan

    probably my favorite vid of yours!! love that for you! keep pursuing your dreams, Noel!!

  7. Tanner Martz

    Tanner Martz

    2 dagar sedan

    amazing video please more of this!!!!

  8. KassyGeeze


    2 dagar sedan

    It's him, the racist 🏎️

  9. xvcloudy


    2 dagar sedan

    This was so entertaining to watch. I hope you can come out with another video like this in a few months time, it'd be fun to see how much you've progressed. Anyway, I hope you and everyone involved in making this video have a great day!

  10. Brave Angel

    Brave Angel

    2 dagar sedan


  11. Perron Stremovihtg

    Perron Stremovihtg

    2 dagar sedan

    This video was incredible, I stayed entertained the whole time. Do more

  12. Danielle


    2 dagar sedan

    Great video!! As someone who just barely knows enough about vehicles to drive my Mazda hatchback to and from work, the way you showed your journey was so engaging and warm and fun. A lot of times sports like carting are explained with so much pretentiousness and technicalities that I immediately want to zone out. I enjoyed and understood every minute of this video. So glad to see you being so passionate about another area in your life as well!!! 😊

  13. Myself Andeye

    Myself Andeye

    2 dagar sedan

    2:00 You're last. Your race sucks, man.

  14. criticallythinking


    2 dagar sedan

    He’s white and Filipino

  15. Zach Crowe

    Zach Crowe

    2 dagar sedan

    Dude i NEED more of these videos. I loved this

  16. Rising Sun

    Rising Sun

    2 dagar sedan

    Wow Noel, you are an amazing storyteller! You said that you felt the footage wouldn't capture what it feels like to race. I believe that, but with the music, the footage, the editing, your story pacing, and the way you changed the pitch of your voice, it really made me feel nervous and excited like I was about to start a race myself. Geez, I can't wait to see more of this. You're so multi-talented. With seeing your other works, and now this, I think you have a bright future in film.

  17. mameshibe


    2 dagar sedan

    man this video was fuckin well done. make more racing content and more documentary style shit like this. or whatever u want

  18. Clement Garcia

    Clement Garcia

    2 dagar sedan

    once you go 2-stroke my dood you never come back! fucking killing it man!!

  19. Mike Pietanza

    Mike Pietanza

    3 dagar sedan

    This is so sick I'm stoked for you

  20. Tucker Guthrie

    Tucker Guthrie

    3 dagar sedan

    More videos about race please

  21. shark fighter7849

    shark fighter7849

    3 dagar sedan

    why was this so interesting tho

  22. Shudder


    3 dagar sedan

    thats crazy i thought more of your subs knew about your interest on f1 and motorsport

  23. Alexandra Martinez

    Alexandra Martinez

    3 dagar sedan

    Noah’s just getting ready for his F1 debut

  24. elvishbaby


    3 dagar sedan

    this was rly cute and wholesome bruh

  25. A mildly Disappointing Salad

    A mildly Disappointing Salad

    3 dagar sedan

    To think that someone popular was near where I live, huh

  26. aslindehecate


    3 dagar sedan

    I'm glad we all know Noel well enough to know he was never gonna do it 😂

  27. Tophiana


    3 dagar sedan


  28. noah kaufman

    noah kaufman

    3 dagar sedan

    Racing is just a completely different feeling man. Just started racing simple 4 cylinder cars like cobalts and cavaliers, but that shit is so much fun. finished 4th out of 14 this weekend and the feeling is undescribable. Keep up the great work Noel.

  29. rehna anliker

    rehna anliker

    3 dagar sedan

    This was a great video

  30. DJ Denninger

    DJ Denninger

    3 dagar sedan

    Keepem coming. This was captivating. Incredibly well narrated and filmed. Props for your chops for real.

  31. DJ Denninger

    DJ Denninger

    3 dagar sedan

    Can't go fast if you don't understand how to slow down. Words to live by for sure.

  32. Kevin hanson

    Kevin hanson

    3 dagar sedan

    It's really sick just seeing a dude talk about a hobbie

  33. andPOOF!


    4 dagar sedan

    Why did I think that was going to be an old photo of his father...lmfao Jesus christ

  34. Brandon Noffze

    Brandon Noffze

    4 dagar sedan

    This is cool! Are you an F1 fan?

  35. Eyka


    4 dagar sedan

    man i got choked up at your whole monologue at the end 😭

  36. Owen Fisher

    Owen Fisher

    4 dagar sedan

    bro u gotta make a part 2

  37. Piet van Meetelen

    Piet van Meetelen

    4 dagar sedan

    damn ive always wanted to get into karting, shits to expensive tho

  38. James saiz

    James saiz

    4 dagar sedan


  39. Amy Garland

    Amy Garland

    4 dagar sedan

    turns out “drive like nobody’s in front of you” was the motivation i needed today

  40. Botnaru Vladislav

    Botnaru Vladislav

    4 dagar sedan

    He is french.

  41. Oo Cj

    Oo Cj

    4 dagar sedan

    lol it's quite obvious that he's hapa. i'd bet my money that he's half filipino half white

  42. Sabrina Jauregui

    Sabrina Jauregui

    4 dagar sedan


  43. caramelapple jollyrancher

    caramelapple jollyrancher

    4 dagar sedan

    wait a second .No .... the other kind of race

  44. Riis Christensen

    Riis Christensen

    4 dagar sedan

    Fuck boxing, I wanna see SE-oners race carts.

  45. Aditya Prabhu

    Aditya Prabhu

    4 dagar sedan

    Top 10 Clickbait titles that actually work

  46. ella s

    ella s

    4 dagar sedan

    this is 100% what i was hoping the video was about

  47. joe mama

    joe mama

    5 dagar sedan

    4th against some F1 sweats in your first heat sounds pretty good to me. Hype to see this growth as I wanna get into drifting myself

  48. Sebastian Vazquez

    Sebastian Vazquez

    5 dagar sedan

    We need a prt 2

  49. Sebastian Vazquez

    Sebastian Vazquez

    5 dagar sedan

    This was fucking amazing so intense and just WOW NOEL JUST WOW !🙌🏾🙌🏾

  50. Teal


    5 dagar sedan

    "I thought your race was 3 weeks ago when you watched your dad blow up" how do you THINK of this shit GODDAMN 😂

  51. Zeynet


    5 dagar sedan

    Amazing video

  52. Alexandra


    5 dagar sedan

    Im so glad Im not the only one who thought he looked just like young dom in f9

  53. Space Space

    Space Space

    5 dagar sedan

    Motosport is is a martial art

  54. Jack Colantuoni

    Jack Colantuoni

    5 dagar sedan

    so he IS the dodge charger guy

  55. Tom Noske

    Tom Noske

    5 dagar sedan

    Man it's awesome to see how passionate you are about karting! stoked for you bro

  56. Anna Palicka

    Anna Palicka

    5 dagar sedan

    mad interesting. more more more.

  57. SquidKidQ


    5 dagar sedan

    Upload more of these please

  58. jwilds


    6 dagar sedan

    Noel over here doing these drive to survive edits I like it lmao

  59. Alan Solis

    Alan Solis

    6 dagar sedan

    Would love to see more race videos

  60. Damon Taylor Crofton

    Damon Taylor Crofton

    6 dagar sedan

    Please start a series of this!!!

  61. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    6 dagar sedan

    Beautiful video. Great commentary, awesome shots, good story. Keep it up dude

  62. cheemsbomrger


    6 dagar sedan

    This video was amazing!! It's so inspiring to see people talk about the things they're the most passionate about, and as a fan of motorsports, I enjoyed this from beginning to end. Everything, the camerawork, the editing, the narration made this super fun to watch. Looking forward to more Karting content

  63. Jade Brouet

    Jade Brouet

    6 dagar sedan

    His race: Mario

  64. Karina Corona

    Karina Corona

    6 dagar sedan

    that’s so cool 😩💪🏻 even though i wanted to know your actual race this was better fs. Yaay congrats on 4th place🎉

  65. straighttothedisco


    6 dagar sedan

    Noel and Cody did a show in Montreal way before covid and a girl from the crowd asked what your race was…very cringe. People need to stop asking.

  66. keishjo


    6 dagar sedan

    i loved this super interesting and entertaining

  67. Liel Shapiro

    Liel Shapiro

    6 dagar sedan

    Wow I love seeing other people talking about how much they love the world of motorsport. Good job bro

  68. Trinity Metler

    Trinity Metler

    6 dagar sedan

    Okay but listen, I know you wanted us to feel jebaited but were all so proud of you!

  69. Dylan Sterry

    Dylan Sterry

    6 dagar sedan

    this is such a great change seeing you talk about something you're passionate about 10/10 keep up the great work!!

  70. guinsfan87


    7 dagar sedan

    Bro loved this video please keep doing race videos

  71. hersh • thepollenlibrary

    hersh • thepollenlibrary

    7 dagar sedan

    thanks for being so open dude!! loved the vid!!

  72. Chantella♥️


    7 dagar sedan

    This looks so fucking fun!! Wish I had money to do this 🥲

  73. David Daquil

    David Daquil

    7 dagar sedan

    What's your helmet brand?

  74. Im in yo closet

    Im in yo closet

    7 dagar sedan

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought you looked exactly like him 💀

  75. Sebastian


    7 dagar sedan

    more of this please

  76. Philip Thomas

    Philip Thomas

    7 dagar sedan

    he said the day of the race was both dry and muggy ? aren't those like... complete opposites.

  77. blu


    7 dagar sedan

    I want more karting videos now

  78. William Sidway

    William Sidway

    7 dagar sedan

    Very good vid

  79. Lil Chapstick

    Lil Chapstick

    7 dagar sedan

    More of this

  80. Megan Steele

    Megan Steele

    7 dagar sedan

    The coloring was NOTICEABLY professional. Damn. Keep it up fr.

  81. Harrison Homan

    Harrison Homan

    7 dagar sedan

    This shit was like listening to mike Tyson talk about fighting ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  82. Lillian Black

    Lillian Black

    7 dagar sedan

    ayo noels race just dropped

  83. Letícia Dias

    Letícia Dias

    7 dagar sedan

    And now I have anxiety

  84. iJRoth


    7 dagar sedan

    Noel for haas 2022 f1 spot. I got in to f1 heavily over lockdown and this was really cool to see and has kinda inspired me to try karting. Great video!

  85. Taylor Kitchen

    Taylor Kitchen

    8 dagar sedan

    Motorsports is one of the best sports. I hope make some aspect of it my career. Thanks for sharing your love for it!

  86. Francisco Gomes

    Francisco Gomes

    8 dagar sedan

    Please do more of these videos!

  87. Soren Bender

    Soren Bender

    8 dagar sedan

    Love this shit

  88. Aaron


    8 dagar sedan

    This is so fucking cool bro holy shit

  89. Lonzo Ball

    Lonzo Ball

    8 dagar sedan


  90. Velocci


    8 dagar sedan

    pleaseeeee do more racing videos!

  91. pee pee poo poo

    pee pee poo poo

    8 dagar sedan

    what, did you run a 5k? edit: did you win?

  92. Rykensnow


    8 dagar sedan

    Thank fucking god

  93. John Cody

    John Cody

    8 dagar sedan

    Noel, this was so hype and fun to watch. I hope you do more videos about karting in the future.



    8 dagar sedan

    For anyone who wants to know, I’m pretty sure he said he was the same race as the rock in one of the THATS CRINGE videos

  95. the bigin

    the bigin

    8 dagar sedan

    you should make more karting vids or motorsport vids in the future, maybe f1

  96. Blue chair

    Blue chair

    8 dagar sedan

    I can tell he really enjoys this. It's so awesome to have something that makes you happy and something you've kinda got a passion for

  97. Cian Seale

    Cian Seale

    8 dagar sedan

    noel is gonna be the next f1 world champion

  98. Bromango •

    Bromango •

    8 dagar sedan

    We need more of this

  99. Gerany Norori

    Gerany Norori

    8 dagar sedan

    noel needs to do a tedtalk