Dropping Go Pro Down A Deep Mystery Pipe


  1. Timothy Turner

    Timothy Turner

    4 minuter sedan


  2. Didin Sukidin

    Didin Sukidin

    15 minuter sedan

    Imagine after pulling back the camera dude realized didnt press the record button 🤭

  3. Brandon Pieters

    Brandon Pieters

    Timme sedan

    I was like "please don't let go of me, please"

  4. Kyle Mueller

    Kyle Mueller

    7 timmar sedan

    Hey you, you're finally awake

  5. Vic Vega

    Vic Vega

    9 timmar sedan

    Another dimension.

  6. Braeden Jedi

    Braeden Jedi

    14 timmar sedan

    Everyone gansta until the GoPro start burning up

  7. sewer water

    sewer water

    17 timmar sedan

    sewer water vc

  8. Kodenota


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    Maybe there's alien in there.

  9. elfath


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    See you in the next 15 years, when SE-one randomly recommends this to us.

  10. Lachlan Harris

    Lachlan Harris

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    It’s from when the mining trucks sample the ground to see if there are minerals

    • Mgn


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      @Lachlan Harris oil is apart of mineral rights

    • Lachlan Harris

      Lachlan Harris

      Dag sedan

      @Mgn no I mean they drill out a big chunk to see if the ground has good minerals, to see if they want to make a mine on the grounds. The machine drills down and then takes out a long pipe of rock from the ground which is then examined to see if there are any minerals

    • Mgn


      Dag sedan

      you mean drilling for oil

    • Lachlan Harris

      Lachlan Harris

      Dag sedan

      The drill truck thingys

  11. Byron Pike

    Byron Pike

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    Anyone watche the movie "The Decent"?

  12. This Reckless

    This Reckless

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    It’s casing for a well... That GoPro must have been so scared 😱 😬😬😬

  13. Tommy Brown

    Tommy Brown

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  14. Martin The Panda

    Martin The Panda

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    Neverending, just like that colonoscopy I had. 😣

  15. George Mouanetry

    George Mouanetry

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    Seems like an air vent for an underground cave

  16. driverfilms


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    Kind of reminds me the time I visited the Doctor and he had this camera thing...

  17. NewHampshire LifeStyle

    NewHampshire LifeStyle

    2 dagar sedan

    That looked like a utility line of some sort down there.

  18. shy dude

    shy dude

    2 dagar sedan

    The bugs must have been:OH MY GOD LIGHT!?!? AS IN THE SURFACE!?

  19. Sonu aujla

    Sonu aujla

    2 dagar sedan

    Which country is this there is no water even 300feets below the ground which is worrying sign water should be there at about 40 to 50 feets of digging

  20. Rytec Delta Gaming

    Rytec Delta Gaming

    2 dagar sedan

    And what if that would've been a secret hidden underground room and that was an air pipe and a bunch of guys appeared out of nowhere in all black with a bunch of guns 😂

  21. Norman J. Murk Jr.

    Norman J. Murk Jr.

    2 dagar sedan

    Now send it back down w a light that will glow all around so we can see exactly how big that area is. Then attach a magnet and pull that pipe out.

  22. Стефан Делийски

    Стефан Делийски

    2 dagar sedan

    Yep, a bore hole. And the "pipe" at the end is actually the head - cutting instrument. This is probably an abandoned exploration site. Most probably there is a mine nearby.

  23. Dingngheta Khiangte

    Dingngheta Khiangte

    2 dagar sedan

    "This is my first time" Also her:

  24. Benjamin Lewis

    Benjamin Lewis

    3 dagar sedan

    It’s an old well casing and a dried up aquifer.

  25. Dj SyLambert

    Dj SyLambert

    3 dagar sedan

    You should go do that again but rig the camera in a way that you can tilt it whilst down there to look around 😃

  26. renga_ renk tasarim

    renga_ renk tasarim

    3 dagar sedan

    It is not a pipe. It is a hole.

  27. Pjgamer 78

    Pjgamer 78

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    Put subtitles on 😉 then wait

  28. kE


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    Hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet

  29. Eric Wilkinson

    Eric Wilkinson

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    Wouldn't you shit if a set of eyes just looked up at you

  30. Eric Wilkinson

    Eric Wilkinson

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    That's so the aliens can breathe

  31. Tunku Luth Zhillan

    Tunku Luth Zhillan

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    And there is a slugterra world

  32. SebDevlin


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    this is the real use for go pros

  33. Dimas Putra

    Dimas Putra

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    Fun until they hear pennywise saying you’ll float too 😂

  34. Matt Knale

    Matt Knale

    3 dagar sedan

    Looks like you found an old deep ground well and can see the old pump/ filter end at 3:31, looks like the well went low and whom ever had the land abandoned it cause you can see they cut the power cable that attached to the of the lower pump or the pipe broke and they just abandoned it cutting the cable and left the well

  35. Aotearoa Vegan Whanau...

    Aotearoa Vegan Whanau...

    3 dagar sedan

    Not sure that's a good idea. Pipes could have gas where that bumping might ignite an explosion.

  36. GrimFoxy1188


    3 dagar sedan

    While they were lowering it my anxiety was going to space because I thought they would drop it

  37. Mo


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    why would you send me down there? :(

  38. Mukul


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    The Pipe might have laid by some oil explorer company.

  39. Rosalina Haele

    Rosalina Haele

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    This, looks hypnotizing

  40. OverClicker


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    congrats!! you just found a 1.17 cavern

  41. Rhonda Gardner

    Rhonda Gardner

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    Oh im in nw Arkansas, in benton co.

  42. Rhonda Gardner

    Rhonda Gardner

    4 dagar sedan

    I wonder how many feet down it was? Im thinking of digging a well, but how far down should I go?

  43. Angel Martinez

    Angel Martinez

    4 dagar sedan

    Imagine if an animal accidentally crawled into the hole and fell down just to escape from a predator.

  44. rurysaurus


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    man, like, what is that down there? is that a cave or what?

  45. Platinum Tugboat

    Platinum Tugboat

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    This is like an opening scene to a horror movie. I thought I saw some alien eggs down there.

  46. Jone Lundestad

    Jone Lundestad

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    Bet that it’s mostly guys watching this

    • ActionAdventureTwins


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      lol. if you really are curious, 81 percent of the viewers are male

  47. kristie curtis

    kristie curtis

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    Video: - Awkward Silence - Me: -Silently Waits For A Jump Scare-

  48. Andrew Slater

    Andrew Slater

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    Wow, is that it ?? 😴

  49. TWA 800 Animation

    TWA 800 Animation

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    OMG at The End Is So creepy IoI

  50. billy cassanova

    billy cassanova

    5 dagar sedan

    Do it again with more spreading lights, so we could see the surrounding at the bottom

  51. Robbie8


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    245,000 views of .....Nah! You'll saw nothing same as I did. You may have had an emotional response that I had a little of but that's bout it I reckon. 245,000 people who don't get out much tuned in to this! What the beeeep have we become? 🤗🤗💣

  52. Conditionally Unconditional

    Conditionally Unconditional

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    My first girlfriend.....the sounds were eerily similar too.

  53. EncyclopediaBrown133


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    Is that hell down there someone left the sink flowing...

  54. EncyclopediaBrown133


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    Bro I thought we were about to see hell

  55. Darren Dempsey

    Darren Dempsey

    5 dagar sedan

    Contaminate that farmer’s well and he’s going to be mad! Lol

  56. Hunter Ef.

    Hunter Ef.

    5 dagar sedan

    When you apply to much aim sensitivity in COD... 06:05

  57. Handy Glo

    Handy Glo

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    So peaceful down there.

  58. Sci-Shastra Q

    Sci-Shastra Q

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    How are Pakistanis doing there??😂😂💥💥

  59. followthru1000


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    Way cool. Old well

  60. uRiopBF~U


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  61. Gorginio Rasmijn

    Gorginio Rasmijn

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    Have gold in tha cave

  62. Abhinav Pc

    Abhinav Pc

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    Firoz ikkayude video kandavar undo... 😂

  63. MiniBeast™


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    Anyone else got that wierd feeling in their stomach? 😂😂

  64. jimflys2


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    Geez, I thought you were going to fin Timothy down there. You have to be pretty hip to know what I am talking about. Can I get a thumbs up if you do?

  65. MiniBeast™


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    Someone should put that Scooby Doo laugh over this 🤣

  66. MrRedsjack


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    That's someone's basement in China. 😂

  67. MrRedsjack


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    I feel the need the reupload this video but with a jump scare 😂



    6 dagar sedan

    Too bad ya couldn't look around.

  69. Big Thunder

    Big Thunder

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    Hallow Earth Theory: Confirmed

  70. Kerang Bulu

    Kerang Bulu

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    Sampe dasar taunya air tai,hiyaaaaaaaaaa

  71. 🌲appeal to heaven🌲

    🌲appeal to heaven🌲

    6 dagar sedan

    That pipe leads to all the Biden supporters

  72. Lion Cat

    Lion Cat

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    That was scary ! 😱

  73. Steve S

    Steve S

    6 dagar sedan

    We have wells around here that descend 1000' (that look just like that). You can drop rocks down them and listen to them bang into the sides on their way down until that noise fades to nothing, you never hear them hit bottom.

  74. GRT LAB


    6 dagar sedan

    Can you please drop a 360 camera with light all around it so we can see how it looks down there?

  75. Hajar Hisham

    Hajar Hisham

    6 dagar sedan

    1:02 POV: you just got into brazil

  76. artfx9


    6 dagar sedan

    Thats crazy.. would be amazing to have the camera point sideways to explore the cavern.

  77. Daniele Greco

    Daniele Greco

    6 dagar sedan

    3 inches are 7.65 mm... dammed imperial system

  78. Trickeh Mickeh

    Trickeh Mickeh

    6 dagar sedan

    Old mine workings

  79. Mind isEverything

    Mind isEverything

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    Go Pro reaches the bottom: 👀 ........ satan shaving his legs.

  80. Dreama


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  81. Tim's Witan

    Tim's Witan

    7 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure I can hear people playing squash down there.

  82. Martin Hilovsky

    Martin Hilovsky

    7 dagar sedan

    ,how deep was the pipe? please

  83. Martin Hilovsky

    Martin Hilovsky

    7 dagar sedan

    old pipe for pumping water, the pump was dropped on the ground

  84. Beak Fish

    Beak Fish

    7 dagar sedan

    I thought for sure we'd find Desmond Hyume down there waiting to ask us what one snowman said to the other but i guess not. Lol

  85. Brock Jimenez

    Brock Jimenez

    7 dagar sedan

    The last bit must be how Michael Jordan felt going through the golf hole to looney land

  86. K M

    K M

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  87. ImNotTheRealDream


    7 dagar sedan

    The pipe is a storm drain

  88. Dustin Is Driving

    Dustin Is Driving

    7 dagar sedan

    Be funny if someone yelled through saying “welcome to china”

    • Vic Vega

      Vic Vega

      9 timmar sedan

      @Daniel Sherwood lmao

    • skinnyboyasian


      11 timmar sedan

      @Daniel Sherwood no they replace Ls with Rs, not Ws with Rs

    • Daniel Sherwood

      Daniel Sherwood

      13 timmar sedan

      More like relcome.

  89. Maria Ellena

    Maria Ellena

    7 dagar sedan

    How deep was that?

  90. Alex Lima

    Alex Lima

    7 dagar sedan

    I was expecting you find kind of oak Island tresure.

  91. Jeff Dur

    Jeff Dur

    7 dagar sedan

    Tldr there's nothing down there

  92. Wheeler


    7 dagar sedan

    Zoiks Scoob

  93. Shane Piegari

    Shane Piegari

    7 dagar sedan

    Makes me feel like I’m jumping into the Eye of the Universe from Outer Wilds.

  94. manjeet singh

    manjeet singh

    7 dagar sedan

    Luner mission successful, we found water and rat tail.

  95. BlueNET Gaming

    BlueNET Gaming

    7 dagar sedan

    Who else was waiting for a creeper to pick it up and scare the fck out of you?

  96. Yogesh Pundir

    Yogesh Pundir

    7 dagar sedan

    How many of you got absentminded while going down the hole.

  97. Big Boss

    Big Boss

    7 dagar sedan

    I have lived as a warrior. I have died as a god. Having suffered the ultimate sacrifice. I have been denied release.

  98. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez

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    Rio sudteraneo habra oro ahi

  99. salo salo

    salo salo

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  100. Iliya. Barisov.

    Iliya. Barisov.

    8 dagar sedan

    праш "объевите"" метр энт трубы в ницъ!!?