1. Norah Berning

    Norah Berning

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    Wow 🤩 you are so cool 😎 I’m your biggest fan

  2. JJ Clark

    JJ Clark

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  3. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith

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    Watch out for the giant chicken!

  4. Gavin


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  5. Aza


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    It would be crazy, but that was millions of years ago it would be WAYY Deeper in the ground than next to a street inside a tiny hill

  6. biaka pc

    biaka pc

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    Glyptodons and Doedicuruses look familiar and similar

  7. DuckiesRBLX


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    Well its far more interesting than a dinosaur egg, its just like any egg just a bit bigger not even bigger than a beach ball, so honestly if you found dinosaur eggs it would be pretty lame.

  8. Tommy C3

    Tommy C3

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    That is so fake. You're a joke😎😎😎😎 liar!!!!!!!!

  9. Alisia Melendez

    Alisia Melendez

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    My dad's name is Jose

  10. Dev Shush

    Dev Shush

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    Wait, did it hatch and came out alive?

  11. Keane Deignan

    Keane Deignan

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    A dinosaur egg is way cooler and scary though because that means a dinosaurs could come back to life

  12. preciosa corone

    preciosa corone

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    When the camera gets close tothe "egg" i saw a small head

  13. Destiny Gatlin

    Destiny Gatlin

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  14. Alpha Destoroyah Infinite

    Alpha Destoroyah Infinite

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    When i saw it i thought it was an ostrich egg

  15. Genuine human

    Genuine human

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    I my gosh he got the name right finally

  16. Jorge1473


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    I'm glad I read the comments before watching or I would have wasted 30 seconds of my life on some trash tiktok

  17. Moisty


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    That's a small ass volkswagon buggy if that was the one in the pic

  18. Karolyn Kiddiekid

    Karolyn Kiddiekid

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    It was a normal day for farmer José Is that a moose, Dr. Seuss?

  19. CookieGuy


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    Did they pay him

  20. some guy in a zoo

    some guy in a zoo

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    So kind of a dino egg

  21. Pixelzzz


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    Fun fact: eggs can NOT be bigger than a basketball cuz then the shell would be too thick to breathe through.

    • Pixelzzz


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      @Adam it wasn't an egg

    • Adam


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      Then why is the egg is a meter long?

  22. Bozidar Dojcinovski

    Bozidar Dojcinovski

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    It was far more craizier: It was actually an armadillo ):

    • DuckiesRBLX


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      Well a giant armadillo, dinosaur eggs are small and just look like normal reptile eggs, a giant shell like this is way cooler.

  23. Damian Jake

    Damian Jake

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    i was waiting for "it was dinosaur shit, compressed due to erosion for thousands of years"

  24. Prince gargarita

    Prince gargarita

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    That must be valuable and super duper rare too

  25. Keith Pelly

    Keith Pelly

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  26. Keith Pelly

    Keith Pelly

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  27. Sonhee Lee

    Sonhee Lee

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  28. Szego gaming

    Szego gaming

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    If this was in India that would be government’s property now. !

  29. Furo frog

    Furo frog

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    On adopt me the glyptodon looks nothing like it

  30. Maddie O'Shields

    Maddie O'Shields

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    Um...the world is only 6,000 years old. Whatever

    • Maddie O'Shields

      Maddie O'Shields

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      @Brixxi Nicole It's okay!

    • Brixxi Nicole

      Brixxi Nicole

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      @Maddie O'Shields ok sorry

    • Maddie O'Shields

      Maddie O'Shields

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      @Brixxi Nicole Well not on any certain sight just on various sights. You don't have to be mean about it dude. Like I am only in middle school. Like don't stoop SO low! 😑😒😌

    • Brixxi Nicole

      Brixxi Nicole

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      @Maddie O'Shields I’m sorry but I do want to know where you got this false piece of information

    • Maddie O'Shields

      Maddie O'Shields

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      @Brixxi Nicole Yes I know and you should respect that.

  31. Your trash narrator

    Your trash narrator

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    Long story short:it wasn't a egg it was a glyptodon shell

  32. Parappa The Drippa 😳

    Parappa The Drippa 😳

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    Bro dinosaur eggs are crazier if you have a living dinosaur it could change 2021 forever and kill tons of people

  33. elusive762


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    Which scientist was on earth 10,000years ago....when you find one I might think about thinking of believing this shit

  34. Not Real

    Not Real

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    "It was a normal day, for farmer Jose. " 🚜👨‍🌾

  35. Sleepy Blink

    Sleepy Blink

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    Bro why is no one from America able to pronounce German car brands correctly?

  36. CarnoTuber


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    I think that or a dinosaur egg. I think the dinosaur egg is more crazy to find.

  37. Michael Deangelo

    Michael Deangelo

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    It's not that either.. It's Hunter Bidens cove 😂

  38. I am a smart type of guy

    I am a smart type of guy

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    Dont think that you fail, there is still a chance you will find a dino egg

  39. lindsey griswold

    lindsey griswold

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  40. crusader


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    I rate this super common vid

  41. Christofer 1

    Christofer 1

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  42. Jackas


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    That animal is just a armadillo but bigger

  43. Caydein Brewton

    Caydein Brewton

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    Yeah how is that even crazier then a real dinosaur egg

  44. Charles Head

    Charles Head

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    I live in South America so this is shocking news.!

  45. WPY_XG


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    only stupid will think it's a dinosaur egg it is impossible dinosaur egg being that big,T rex's egg are only about 17 inches

  46. Brayden Cussins

    Brayden Cussins

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    It’s a mega turtle



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    His rich

  48. Noah Unsell

    Noah Unsell

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    It's the same for me they don't believe me my family doesn't believe me

  49. SMP - series sub

    SMP - series sub

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    Other videos be like: 100000000 years ago. Me: its only 2021 bruh

  50. Holly Smith

    Holly Smith

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    The fact that we have those things walking around

  51. Gladys Lanon

    Gladys Lanon

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    If that's a real dinosaur egg i will be really surprised

  52. vaishali hambire

    vaishali hambire

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    So... Are we gonna ignore the fact that- It was a normal DAY for farmer HoSAY(BTW sry if I spelt it wrong 😂)

  53. Jose Miranda-Irizarry

    Jose Miranda-Irizarry

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  54. Baby Yoda✨✨

    Baby Yoda✨✨

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    * roblox adopt me: same thing but it’s pink and blue * Me: that makes no sense it’s brown tho-



    12 dagar sedan


  56. Anastasia Ilynichna Vishnevskaya

    Anastasia Ilynichna Vishnevskaya

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    Notice how it looks nothing like a smooth, oval, dino egg

  57. MrFixIt


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    Guys please research your stuff a lot of these are not real. This channel tries to make you believe it’s real but a majority of things shared are fake.

  58. Yiyi Wong

    Yiyi Wong

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    Its dinosaur? Some dinosaur has shells

  59. King Gaming

    King Gaming

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    It was a shell of a animal that was thousands of year old

  60. khadija mansoor

    khadija mansoor

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  61. Adelina Shkupolli

    Adelina Shkupolli

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    No way howsey

  62. Eunice Tiffany Magno

    Eunice Tiffany Magno

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    I dont know why the glyptodon was pink and blue on Adopt me 🤣🤣

  63. K1-BO saihara

    K1-BO saihara

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  64. Irondude 57

    Irondude 57

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    Umm I don’t think A Shell of a random animal is more Crazy Then The Egg Of A Friking Dinosaur



    14 dagar sedan

    That is a dinosaur shell just not an egg

  66. Denis Salagean

    Denis Salagean

    14 dagar sedan

    Why he thinked that a dinosaurs egg is that big? I mean there were Sauropods but they didnt maked that big eggs, they just grow fast. And there are dinosaurs very small like composagnathus or velociraptor (the real one, not the one from the movie) and alot other small dinosaurs

  67. Lila Bell

    Lila Bell

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  68. Swervy


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    Just imagine of all the undiscovered fossils under cities

  69. Daniel Jhaman

    Daniel Jhaman

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    I live in south america (Guyana) and i can confirm none of this is true.

  70. Finley Cosgriff

    Finley Cosgriff

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    Why does this guy look like Marling Baits

  71. Gabby Roca

    Gabby Roca

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    “But it was something even more crazy” Me: Alien egg 👽

  72. finding mira🐠

    finding mira🐠

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  73. the obscure gamer

    the obscure gamer

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    Me before knowing it's a shell:it better not be a egg from a alien parasite Me after knowing a shell:phew it's just big armadillo boi

  74. YesimplaysZ :3

    YesimplaysZ :3

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    In this roblox game i had a neon Glyptodon but i got scammed for it

  75. DrMrPengalang TheThird

    DrMrPengalang TheThird

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    It was a normal day for farmer jose... that was some sick rhyming

  76. LAVTER


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    Me.think.1-dino egg Me.think.2-giant ugly turtle😏

  77. Cole_LN_Studios


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    This makes me wonder, has anyone actually found a dinosaur egg before? Or at least the remains of one?

    • Kunalthewhat


      14 dagar sedan

      Uh I think so but I’m not sure they were real

  78. HoneybearXPPy ROBLOX

    HoneybearXPPy ROBLOX

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    Oh my gosh I am speechless 😶

  79. animositykk


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    How could you think that was an egg???? Imagine how big an animal would have to be to lay that

  80. 1337 Flame

    1337 Flame

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  81. StaryWasHere


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    Normal day for farmer jose

  82. K-Man Danger

    K-Man Danger

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    There was another creature related to the Glyptodon The Deiodicurus

  83. Elijah Jackson

    Elijah Jackson

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    That was not bad I like that but that was a lot of years later trust me when I mean a lot I mean 10,000 that's a very long time 👍👍👍

  84. Ghada Alkaid

    Ghada Alkaid

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    Actually there are one of the biggest I think aren’t there an Aussie creature

  85. jon estebal

    jon estebal

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    Whenever you see this man you know the video is gonna be pointless and has no use to society,economy astronomy geometry biology history geography and ur mom

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    Karl & Rosanne Bromley

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  87. Tereza Nienaber

    Tereza Nienaber

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  88. 🍂BloomyAutumn🍂


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    Me:quite interesting but i would want a dinosaur egg even more.

  89. Otto


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    Bug. Not buggy. Just bug

  90. SugarCakeYT


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    Why is that animal's face so cute and fluffy tho-

  91. AGCA customs

    AGCA customs

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    So this guy pretty much found a giant armadillo shell? Idk man huge animals from thousands of years seems really crazy since the comparison is to a damn VW Bug.

  92. The Random Transformers Nerd

    The Random Transformers Nerd

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    Mom: if you don’t go to college you’ll end up like him. *points at farmer* kid after watching this video: understood

  93. Riam Gabriel Patagan

    Riam Gabriel Patagan

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  94. Sonett Cona

    Sonett Cona

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    I dont even have a Glyptodon in Roblox Adopt Me😬

  95. -bluecat-


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    Someone: i want a stego and a glypto as pets in the future if they come back! Me: small shells lord?

  96. Candy Cane

    Candy Cane

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    “And I’m gonna donate it do the museum.” “For free right!” “…” “For free right?

  97. LaZerRaptor 5607

    LaZerRaptor 5607

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    "But it was something more crazier" An ender dragon egg?

  98. Maylene Mylphikaloo

    Maylene Mylphikaloo

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    Cool an armadillo!

  99. Random Vlogs

    Random Vlogs

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  100. noobmastery


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    His family- No WaY JoSe DiD YuO FiNd ThAt