I Built the FASTEST and Biggest Jet Ski Motorcycle

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I have driven alot of really cool motorcycles but this one steals the show every single time, it was both confusing and exciting to everyone who saw it. Building it was much tougher than we thought, your going to want to see how we put it together and the final results

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  1. Anatoliy Siruk

    Anatoliy Siruk

    Timme sedan


  2. MrJamespcastle


    Timme sedan

    Oh man, you had me at "Duct Tape"! OH YEAH! Bring it!

  3. WTF FU

    WTF FU

    2 timmar sedan

    Wonder how he got the insurance 😂.. Awesome mod.. ❤️ From India..Kip building kip sending..

  4. Henry Erevbenagie

    Henry Erevbenagie

    2 timmar sedan

    I love u guys. Making sure it was street legal.

  5. Vendas Imports

    Vendas Imports

    3 timmar sedan

    True on off road

  6. Jörgen Rambris

    Jörgen Rambris

    3 timmar sedan

    rework it and make it amphibious. that would be real cool

  7. Pablo Aguilar

    Pablo Aguilar

    3 timmar sedan

    Interesante Idea?

  8. weak sause

    weak sause

    3 timmar sedan

    1st vid on this channel I've seen. Cooking breakfast while video plays in background. Not impressed, kinda bored. Then you wore a life jacket for the test drive. Had me rolling. In fact the entire drive was great, not a dull moment. Liked and subscribed

  9. Chris Moore

    Chris Moore

    3 timmar sedan

    You should call it the "StreetDooDoo" instead of a seadoo

  10. Future Balance

    Future Balance

    4 timmar sedan

    It doesn't matter why you did it, just that you did 😄

  11. Albino Rhino

    Albino Rhino

    4 timmar sedan


  12. Set Burhed

    Set Burhed

    5 timmar sedan

    Call it The Manitee

  13. Christopher Nogowski

    Christopher Nogowski

    5 timmar sedan

    I would call the ski bike for the awesome modification very impressed keep having fun 👍💪👍🇺🇲

  14. Zac McIntosh

    Zac McIntosh

    6 timmar sedan

    Typical small town PA cops. here in Houston police would be happy just that your wearing a helmet.

  15. Achim Zühlke

    Achim Zühlke

    7 timmar sedan

    this is a jet skoo, no a sciiter.

  16. shaukath ameen

    shaukath ameen

    8 timmar sedan


  17. Robert Ekis

    Robert Ekis

    9 timmar sedan

    Okay, when I first saw the thumbnail picture, I thought this was stupid. But, after watching the video, I love it. Good work guys!

  18. Renee Ysabela

    Renee Ysabela

    9 timmar sedan

    Guys you are Smart! Good job!💪💪💪

  19. Ahmad regardo petualang

    Ahmad regardo petualang

    11 timmar sedan




    11 timmar sedan

    New SUBSCRIBER from #Nagaland

  21. SuvyWoo


    14 timmar sedan

    Road.To 1 Mill 🔥🔥

  22. Peggy Boatman

    Peggy Boatman

    14 timmar sedan

    Name it Landvibe

  23. Manoj.p.k. Manoj

    Manoj.p.k. Manoj

    15 timmar sedan




    15 timmar sedan

    Jet bike

  25. Kevin Kilpatrick

    Kevin Kilpatrick

    15 timmar sedan

    When You Get Down Would You To Please Come In a Park It In My Apartment Complex 🤳🌎🇺🇲🤪😹♿💜✝️💖📸JetShi + FASTER HARDER Motorcycle



    16 timmar sedan

    How bizarre?

  27. N3K0S


    16 timmar sedan

    “It’s stock” that had me dying



    16 timmar sedan

    Police stop was staged.

  29. MAR JOSl

    MAR JOSl

    17 timmar sedan

    Amazing transformation💪🏿✌🏼

  30. Thomas Walker

    Thomas Walker

    17 timmar sedan

    It should seriously be called the "Sea-Don't"

  31. Asta Gili

    Asta Gili

    19 timmar sedan

    Yamana made that jetski scooter, it's called Nmax.

  32. Eric Brown

    Eric Brown

    20 timmar sedan

    Did this idea come from the Penguin movie when the Canoe fell down on top of the moped in the penguins drove it

  33. BiggestComplainer


    21 timme sedan

    Try to pond skip it……..

  34. Richard Diorio

    Richard Diorio

    22 timmar sedan

    Call it the Manatee.

  35. Reevesi


    22 timmar sedan

    Great job guys. With the space in the fairing could you install an electric motor attached to a prop, and make it switch to that in the water? You'd have to make the bike air inlet and exhaust outlet higher than the water I guess (a snorkel). Would be so cool.

  36. xia xiong

    xia xiong

    23 timmar sedan

    Nice I want one

  37. Juan Sotelo

    Juan Sotelo

    Dag sedan

    This is some of the best trolling I've ever seen, commonly the equation needs true genius engineering and equal amount of light hearted humor. Great job guys, stay safe!

  38. Buyogan Extended Stories

    Buyogan Extended Stories

    Dag sedan

    This is sick. Haha..

  39. Jim Cherry

    Jim Cherry

    Dag sedan

    Unlawful stop.

  40. elijah willis

    elijah willis

    Dag sedan

    Grind hard plumbing here we come !

  41. Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    Dag sedan

    Love it. I do think you should go one step further and make it so you can boat on the water too. Imagine the looks at the dock when you boat up the ramp and ride away.

  42. B . Kell

    B . Kell

    Dag sedan

    Would have been nice to have a fishing rod on the back lol 😜

  43. Philip Smith

    Philip Smith

    Dag sedan

    The Younger Generations don't know the difference between a Jet Ski & a Waverunner. Jet Ski's are harder to find nowadays, but If I chose, I would still go for the Jet Ski.

    • Prefers Oxygen

      Prefers Oxygen

      8 timmar sedan

      You are correct, there is a difference, which is mostly brand name. Since Kawasaki was the first to main stream the PwC, jet skiing was the name of the hobby I started in 1984. Had a 300,440,550,650,750,1100 12F over the years. We even extended an X2 ,added pontoons and created a 2 person vessel that we could also fish off of 🤣🤣🤣 I'll always be a Kawi guy first, but Yamaha does make a great machine,and sea doo is not far behind.

  44. joshua keys

    joshua keys

    Dag sedan

    Absolutely love it!

  45. BR Daily

    BR Daily

    Dag sedan

    A (Pedski) short for moped-jet ski

  46. Jaime J Colon

    Jaime J Colon

    Dag sedan

    Shut up and take my money

  47. Hasan A حسن الحنفي

    Hasan A حسن الحنفي

    Dag sedan

    Name it:::: JOOTER_Duo.

  48. Summerlin866


    Dag sedan

    Why don't you turn the scooter into a boat next

  49. mantech vlogs

    mantech vlogs

    Dag sedan

    I like your driving license

  50. mama papa

    mama papa

    Dag sedan

    video starts at 6:46

  51. WD4X


    Dag sedan

    Cops suck

  52. Austin Slicton

    Austin Slicton

    Dag sedan

    Street - Doo. The only acceptable name.

  53. IBeeONE UBgap

    IBeeONE UBgap

    Dag sedan

    Motor-Doo !

  54. Anthony Grancic

    Anthony Grancic

    Dag sedan

    Name him jerry the jet ski

  55. Brandon Valencia

    Brandon Valencia

    Dag sedan

    9:54 when he gets pulled over.

  56. jim b

    jim b

    Dag sedan

    if he wuz Black the cops wouldn't been so nice. just saying

  57. Brownie's - MIDLIFE ADVENTURE


    Dag sedan

    Piss funny 🤠👍



    Dag sedan

    So cool

  59. Straight Up Shots

    Straight Up Shots

    Dag sedan

    Yes!!! Please become like the Garage 54 of motorcycles!

  60. Rebeldad 13

    Rebeldad 13

    Dag sedan

    This video had me smiling ear to ear and laughing right out loud!!! The life jacket is frickin great.

  61. Discovering Parallel

    Discovering Parallel

    2 dagar sedan


  62. Dequavis Hardaway

    Dequavis Hardaway

    2 dagar sedan

    The cop is soo lame he should have called the coast guard to handle this.

  63. GH & UE Hustler

    GH & UE Hustler

    2 dagar sedan


  64. lefranc gerry

    lefranc gerry

    2 dagar sedan

    Excellent dommage qu'il ne soit pas amphibie

  65. Paul Keller

    Paul Keller

    2 dagar sedan

    I think I saw you near levittown PA.

  66. Malyck


    2 dagar sedan

    Man a collab with you and Rich rebuilds. Y'all's humor on point

  67. Tommy Collier

    Tommy Collier

    2 dagar sedan

    That was crazy funny

  68. Claude Thibaudeau

    Claude Thibaudeau

    2 dagar sedan

    That's so cool lol. Love it 👍🇨🇦

  69. Redzone 101

    Redzone 101

    2 dagar sedan

    Bro! That's so cool!!!

  70. Paul Reeder

    Paul Reeder

    2 dagar sedan

    Really nice. Makes for a GREAT conversation starter. Maybe get you a few dates. lol

  71. orteezz trucks

    orteezz trucks

    2 dagar sedan

    Nominated for most creative SE-oner ... I love this channel !!!

  72. Carl Turner

    Carl Turner

    2 dagar sedan

    ‘Cmon… you can do it, make it a real Amphib-bike !! I wanna see you drive down the beach, into the sea & scoot away at jetski speeds & back up onto the highway again !!

  73. Jim&juv Perez

    Jim&juv Perez

    2 dagar sedan

    Look so different but very beautiful . I like it. Wow good idea idol. I love it. I really enjoy to watch you now . Stay safe new friend here. . Godbless

  74. Bill House

    Bill House

    2 dagar sedan

    The GrubHub delivery was funny. You definitely made that lady's day. ✌️

  75. SoulFly


    2 dagar sedan

    holy shit that jet ski looks comfy on the road. dude wear leathers. what if you hit bottom going 70 and got thrown off. edit: omg the grub hub i thiught it was real looool

  76. SoulFly


    2 dagar sedan

    do a build series!! once a week spend one video day filming you designing and putting together a bike. a-z starting from frame. like occ but with manufactured parts of your choice.

  77. SoulFly


    2 dagar sedan

    ok i see you doing something big over here. im in. btw i LOVe that you are sharing the gospel in the last days. people need to hear it and live it. please jesus send them workers. anyone who thirsts for your word lord grant them understanding and clarity of the word and send them workers. in jesus name

  78. deaths0xz


    2 dagar sedan

    Imagine smoking a joint and seeing him drive by

  79. Richard Gentile

    Richard Gentile

    2 dagar sedan


  80. Side Tracked

    Side Tracked

    2 dagar sedan

    The Street Ski

  81. Mark Kennedy

    Mark Kennedy

    2 dagar sedan

    You Nut ,I Love this thing! Then again I am from Pennsylvania. ; - )

  82. Chip Pong

    Chip Pong

    2 dagar sedan

    Now make it go in the water

  83. JakeandNathanVlog


    2 dagar sedan

    Now, does it float…

  84. Unseamed Future

    Unseamed Future

    2 dagar sedan

    You guys gotta make it where you can go straight in the water from the road and back to out the water to the hwy. Lol that would be epic

  85. James Gaydos

    James Gaydos

    2 dagar sedan

    You guy's are half crazy but a lot of fun

  86. Bailey Volkert

    Bailey Volkert

    3 dagar sedan

    Some people have Sea Doos, and some people have Sea Don'ts



    3 dagar sedan

    Can I go on water?

  88. Pete Castiglione

    Pete Castiglione

    3 dagar sedan

    Suzuki Hydrobusa.

  89. Ray Ontario

    Ray Ontario

    3 dagar sedan

    Damn! In Canada we need to get it approved by the ministry of transportation to get a "rebuilt" category plates on it and then fight with the insurance company to get it properly insured. Crazy regulations here when it comes to the public safety...yupp not rider's safety but public safety first here, sometimes it doesn't even make any sense. Recently they even banned all electric scooters, and eBikes in Toronto which are like trikes and can carry some load in the back for deliveries or a trailer. There goes the environment in the name of safety.

  90. Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout

    Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout

    3 dagar sedan

    should use cardboards like those vietnamese guys do when they make ferrari's and lamborghinis. Check out the Vietnamese guys NHẾT TV channel.

  91. brian bowman

    brian bowman

    3 dagar sedan

    The real question is , " How do I get one , and how much does it cost ?"

  92. Jason Harvey

    Jason Harvey

    3 dagar sedan

    Call it frankenski

  93. Ruth Dorsey

    Ruth Dorsey

    3 dagar sedan

    The life vest for me!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. MegaHurts 2020

    MegaHurts 2020

    3 dagar sedan

    Great merger project guys 👍👍wtg.

  95. Happy Texan

    Happy Texan

    3 dagar sedan

    Kool, but that lady was not happy with her delivery.

  96. Randall Kornholio

    Randall Kornholio

    3 dagar sedan

    This would be a whole different level if it were amphibious.

  97. Joe Bartlett

    Joe Bartlett

    3 dagar sedan

    Don't butcher the Helix! I have one already but Ill take that one off your hands just to save it!