viisaus #shorts


  1. Soccar Guy

    Soccar Guy

    16 minuter sedan

    In Dutch you pronounce it the same *XD*

  2. Essi Leaks

    Essi Leaks

    18 minuter sedan

    I speak Finnish and I live in finland

  3. Tanya Chacko

    Tanya Chacko

    19 minuter sedan

    The way he says ‘say whaaaaatttt!’ 🤣

  4. RadicalShuz


    20 minuter sedan

    So it's supposed to be V Sause Mm got it

  5. Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson

    34 minuter sedan

    I speak Finnish, but I have never noticed that the name"jVsauce" is pronounced almost exactly as the Finnish word "viisaus". (The difference is that "Vsauce" is pronounced as "viisaas" and not "viisaus".)

  6. Redapo


    39 minuter sedan

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  7. Lizarded


    53 minuter sedan

    This is vitun pog.

  8. Lizarded


    54 minuter sedan

    Oh my fucking god PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEE 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮😎😎💪

  9. Тимофей MYR

    Тимофей MYR

    Timme sedan

    Hey viisaus

  10. Peasant M

    Peasant M

    Timme sedan

    Wisdom here

  11. A L Jo

    A L Jo

    2 timmar sedan

    Going by the stress on the *Coincidence* part in the first half of the video, I thought VSauce in Finnish will mean *BoyWantsGirl* .

  12. Katti


    2 timmar sedan

    I'm finnish and I just now got it

  13. ggwp


    2 timmar sedan

    I heard you needed Finns here

  14. it wankhade

    it wankhade

    2 timmar sedan

    I miss you man .make some content

  15. PavePlayz


    2 timmar sedan

    as a finnish person, i can confrim this is true.

  16. Sultan MEME

    Sultan MEME

    2 timmar sedan

    How to basic

  17. Roy Lim

    Roy Lim

    3 timmar sedan

    Isnt Finland the country where you get a doctoral sword

  18. koYyn


    3 timmar sedan


  19. Charles Skeen

    Charles Skeen

    3 timmar sedan

    An upload. I'll take it!

  20. Tundra14


    3 timmar sedan

    There's no such thing as coincidence Micheal. Girl wants boy? No. Girl wants man? I don't even care. Woman loves. Maybe.

  21. Ristus Notta

    Ristus Notta

    3 timmar sedan

    Holy crap i never thought of that, greetings from Finland

  22. geeker


    3 timmar sedan

    Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO

  23. kurikuraconkuritas


    4 timmar sedan

    I thought it was because of videogame sauce. early vsauce has a NES cartridge being crushed into pulp

  24. Peter Sharphead

    Peter Sharphead

    4 timmar sedan

    Are you part God?

  25. bhris gonzalez

    bhris gonzalez

    4 timmar sedan

    didnt you know? viisaus was a word made after vsauce

  26. The Most Forbidden

    The Most Forbidden

    4 timmar sedan

    Who needs school when you have Vsauce

  27. Alexis Anttila

    Alexis Anttila

    5 timmar sedan

    Just wanted to say that I, too, am Finnish. Cheers! Haluan sanoa, että minäkin olen suomalainen. Kippis!

  28. Kristian Larson

    Kristian Larson

    5 timmar sedan

    how important do i have to be to name my own phenomenon?

  29. Ydmykelse


    5 timmar sedan

    The prophecy is true

  30. Ninad Suryawanshi

    Ninad Suryawanshi

    5 timmar sedan

    Hey just so you know Vsauce is also nearly Believe In Indian Hindi

  31. Razorraxor


    5 timmar sedan

    As a non-Finn, I can confirm that all you Finns are hella attractive

  32. Daisy is epic

    Daisy is epic

    5 timmar sedan

    I never noticed that as a finnish person lol

  33. Sr_Mayto


    5 timmar sedan

    I bet he made google translate himself

  34. Obamaspuebes


    6 timmar sedan

    It sounds like if sia in snowman said vsauce

  35. itz_BlueWolfAlpha


    7 timmar sedan

    Damn- 😮

  36. Squirrel !

    Squirrel !

    7 timmar sedan

    Wow awesome

  37. Evan_37


    7 timmar sedan

    Country Vsauce

  38. ItzNippenii


    7 timmar sedan

    Umm I am conffussed cuz me Finnish

  39. Cameron Pritchett

    Cameron Pritchett

    7 timmar sedan


  40. Sorry my english is so suck

    Sorry my english is so suck

    7 timmar sedan

    As a finnish person I never realised this.

  41. exseque


    7 timmar sedan


  42. Spie Zero

    Spie Zero

    7 timmar sedan

    Hello wisdom.

  43. Fiery Kitten

    Fiery Kitten

    8 timmar sedan


  44. jabe


    8 timmar sedan

    Finnish has 7 letters Vsauce has 6 Michael Stevens is a human person

    • Regdu Geht

      Regdu Geht

      7 timmar sedan

      I've always thought of it as 'youtube sauce' fsr ;-;

  45. JohnWolf


    8 timmar sedan

    Finnish looks like German with extra steps

    • Regdu Geht

      Regdu Geht

      7 timmar sedan

      i thought that "vsauce" was an original name. DUDE

  46. Rowen Schut

    Rowen Schut

    8 timmar sedan

    Coincidence? I think not

  47. Jaycue


    8 timmar sedan


  48. carson Raybon

    carson Raybon

    9 timmar sedan

    Hello everyone wisdom here and the sun produces radiation but what if it didn't

  49. Arska


    9 timmar sedan

    As a finn never really thought it like that

  50. Rajkhan Muhammad Nur

    Rajkhan Muhammad Nur

    9 timmar sedan

    I wish I was born in Finland. Here sucks

  51. Furturtle


    9 timmar sedan

    Its ok your making these but I want minfield

  52. YT


    9 timmar sedan

    Vee sawsh

  53. Faster Days

    Faster Days

    9 timmar sedan

    As a non-finnish person, I can confirm I'm a human.

  54. Scrapienza


    10 timmar sedan

    Are we going to talk about that credit card number, exp date AND ccv# there?

  55. Thrustmaster64


    10 timmar sedan

    Oh, I hadn't noticed!

  56. FPS Dovah

    FPS Dovah

    10 timmar sedan

    Vegetable sauce

  57. furfaggu


    10 timmar sedan

    meitä kutsuttiin? :D

  58. Gudy007


    10 timmar sedan

    i thought that "vsauce" was an original name. DUDE

  59. Quad


    10 timmar sedan

    I've always thought of it as 'youtube sauce' fsr ;-;

  60. The Ironic Man

    The Ironic Man

    10 timmar sedan

    Nii missäs täälä tarjoillaan sitä makkaraa?

  61. Silvester Humaj

    Silvester Humaj

    11 timmar sedan

    Tell the truth Michael, did one of your Finnish viewers alert you to this? LoL 😆

  62. Crimson Spirit

    Crimson Spirit

    11 timmar sedan

    finnish him!

  63. PapaJason


    11 timmar sedan

    VSauce: *mentions Finland and Finnish language* Us Finns: "We are important!"

  64. Wong Pentel

    Wong Pentel

    11 timmar sedan


  65. Joeri Van Dingenen

    Joeri Van Dingenen

    12 timmar sedan

    Please translate "Fish sauce" to Dutch...

  66. jaa jiit

    jaa jiit

    12 timmar sedan


  67. Thaddeus James

    Thaddeus James

    12 timmar sedan

    Don't forget to like so we can see more shorts with Michael.

  68. Godzilla King of the monsters

    Godzilla King of the monsters

    12 timmar sedan

    That’s why never go to that country

  69. henwli


    13 timmar sedan

    As a Finn I rushed in to comment like my head was a third leg.

  70. Wesley Neisler

    Wesley Neisler

    13 timmar sedan

    Wisdom = Vee saous

  71. pikkisful


    13 timmar sedan


  72. Eetu flinck

    Eetu flinck

    13 timmar sedan

    VITTU TORILLE!!111!!1

  73. TheTrueGrady


    13 timmar sedan

    V s w o u s

  74. Mikael Haaranen

    Mikael Haaranen

    14 timmar sedan

    When some popular guy on the internet mentions Finland Finns: My time has come

  75. I’m bad at Names

    I’m bad at Names

    14 timmar sedan

    I thought the translate was just gonna say, hey vsauce here

  76. Isabella Tanja Margareta Henriksson

    Isabella Tanja Margareta Henriksson

    14 timmar sedan

    I have no idea who u are, never seen you on any social media platform either but my country was mentioned so here i am. Torille!

  77. brtamur


    14 timmar sedan


  78. Bottinen


    14 timmar sedan

    I’m Finnish and I didn’t even know that.

  79. Ryan Stoller

    Ryan Stoller

    14 timmar sedan

    What about zipfs law?

  80. Besyzz


    14 timmar sedan


  81. Harri Kotikangas

    Harri Kotikangas

    14 timmar sedan

    You are 11th on now trending list on Finland's SE-one.

  82. Kosti Jokilehto

    Kosti Jokilehto

    14 timmar sedan


  83. Switzerheim


    14 timmar sedan

    Finland has been mentioned Pojat aikamme on tullut

  84. FstSergeant8595


    14 timmar sedan

    Okay, nice try Michael. We all know Finland doesn't exist.

  85. Schrudel


    15 timmar sedan


  86. Satku


    15 timmar sedan

    as a finnish person. I salute.

  87. NoTraceOfSense


    15 timmar sedan

    My Finnish blood is calling also petition for Kimi Raikkonen to say this

  88. bortokala برتقالة

    bortokala برتقالة

    15 timmar sedan

    Hey wisdom ..Michael here

  89. sancho palzar

    sancho palzar

    15 timmar sedan

    This was Destined to happen

  90. Jorce


    15 timmar sedan

    Too close to April Fool's Day... Had to check myself. Crazy!

  91. no1bandfan


    15 timmar sedan

    The website reminds me of when Pukicho made up a username for a post and then someone commented on that post after creating that username and Pukicho was like “Which one of you MF’s left that door wide open!?!”

  92. supernovasuper


    15 timmar sedan

    Everyone in Finland be like: *That doesn't really sound like vsauce to me*

  93. Dodaal


    15 timmar sedan

    this was almost absolutely completely pointless but I'm still satisfied after watching that

  94. Porky Minch

    Porky Minch

    15 timmar sedan

    Voi vitun vittu.

  95. niki


    16 timmar sedan


  96. Daniel Newton

    Daniel Newton

    16 timmar sedan

    But what does it translate to in Starrt?

  97. pat0540


    16 timmar sedan


  98. Ville Heikkinen

    Ville Heikkinen

    16 timmar sedan

    Viisas tuo Vsauce

  99. Илона Шевякова

    Илона Шевякова

    16 timmar sedan

    girlwantsboys is avaiable because no girl wants a boy lol

  100. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    16 timmar sedan

    As a non-Finnish person. I can confirm this is my first Finnish word: viisaus