First Feeding

First time feeding cattle in the new building.
Thank You!


  1. Automated Farmer

    Automated Farmer

    10 dagar sedan

    Great video, I started my own channel about our 650 cow robot dairy farm if anyone is interested, it's called Automated Farmer.

    • Automated Farmer

      Automated Farmer

      5 dagar sedan

      @Bon great!!

    • Bon


      6 dagar sedan

      @Automated Farmer it is in lower Utah. There are a few other dairies within 100 miles as well. Also I really like your channel by the way.

    • Automated Farmer

      Automated Farmer

      6 dagar sedan

      @Bon where is it located?

    • Bon


      6 dagar sedan

      @Automated Farmer yea it is. It takes alot of workers and machinery to run that place. There is about 35 of us that work there.

    • Automated Farmer

      Automated Farmer

      6 dagar sedan

      @Bon That's A lot of cows!!!

  2. Zachary Polomcak

    Zachary Polomcak

    Dag sedan

    Your daddy set you up good

  3. Omad Kuchkarov

    Omad Kuchkarov

    2 dagar sedan

    I am from Uzbekistan. How can i connect with you to exchange knowlege?

  4. Mike Moore

    Mike Moore

    3 dagar sedan

    Great day!!!!!

  5. Dave Zeigler

    Dave Zeigler

    3 dagar sedan

    We used to feed the of the pile to heifers and dry cows

  6. K G

    K G

    4 dagar sedan

    A little late to the game, but the tarp/plastic you use to keep moisture from getting in is also keeping moisture from getting out. I imagine some of the moisture in the silage very slowly evaporates and when outdoor temps warms up it begins to rise to the top. Since the top layer gets heated the most when the sun is out, this is the warmest layer of the silage, which is why (and where) the mold is occurring; in the warmest, moistest layer.

  7. Dr. Lauren Howard

    Dr. Lauren Howard

    4 dagar sedan

    We put a clear top seal oxygen barrier sheet down first and so it goes underneath the plastic tarp we use. That is the oxygen barrier and we find it better separate and put down before you fold in the sides of your tarp. Our whole family loves watching all your videos and our kids McKenzie, TJ, Tegan and Brooke just wait for you to post new ones and love watching everything you do. We live on a dairy farm in Prince Edward Island. Take care. From The Howard's.

  8. Mark Stevens

    Mark Stevens

    4 dagar sedan

    I would quit my IT job to work on your farm. Something special to work the land and with animals. With IT I just deal with corporate maroons

  9. BBFSGaming


    5 dagar sedan

    I'm sure one year we put salt on top not sure if it was special salt but it did seem to save on wastage

  10. Jent Postma

    Jent Postma

    5 dagar sedan

    We started using innoculant called biotal buchneri. It's supposed to make it keep longer once feed gets re exposed to oxygen.

  11. kathie vanos

    kathie vanos

    5 dagar sedan

    So the heifers don't get tile laid where they eat

  12. varkentje 010

    varkentje 010

    5 dagar sedan

    we in the Netherlands put sand over the plastic and that's how it stays good

  13. Frank Buckwalter

    Frank Buckwalter

    5 dagar sedan

    I grew up in New Holland and found out about you in the LNP. I went to your merch site and saw the jeans you were wearing with the wear spot from your smart phone. Time marches on. When I milked on my uncle's farm near Littiz it was by hand. Now I am trying to figure out where you farm is. I probably passed it at one time or another. It was good to see the contour farming. I know the Amish still don't. Be well

  14. Christof Schubiger

    Christof Schubiger

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  15. Chinabeach ATBackpacker

    Chinabeach ATBackpacker

    5 dagar sedan

    The Hoof GP sent me....

  16. Mark


    6 dagar sedan

    u are sweet

  17. 홍석송


    6 dagar sedan

    wow! very big farm. how many cows are in your farm?(actually i think that this question is stupit. too many cows... :)) and how much milk do produce per day? really curious about that. i'd love to reply. :)

  18. superkeksi


    6 dagar sedan

    The only reason i know some of the equipment is because i have been playing Farming Simulator

  19. Lucas Mafezoni

    Lucas Mafezoni

    6 dagar sedan

    1:16 she said thank you, cute

  20. josh


    6 dagar sedan

    Hey mate just wondering what jeans and gum boots do u wear

  21. brad robert

    brad robert

    6 dagar sedan

    Check out solo guard comes in liquid or powder

  22. James Olson

    James Olson

    7 dagar sedan

    You are peeling back the tarp too far, too soon.

  23. Shane Lamell

    Shane Lamell

    7 dagar sedan

    I think this new barn is great and will work out for you just fine. Thanks for sharing. You said you can go a week on fuel in the tracker, but you did not tell us how much it will hold. Have a nice safe day!!

  24. Wyatt Saemrow

    Wyatt Saemrow

    7 dagar sedan

    Our solution to spoiled feed is to use uncut tires with every tire tuching. Our bunkers are double the size and we don't get that much rotten stuff.

  25. Mr Wednesday

    Mr Wednesday

    7 dagar sedan

    I’ve figured out why I watch this now. He’s just kind of kid that you have to like and you always root for

  26. mfanwe Likeit

    mfanwe Likeit

    7 dagar sedan

    Any plans to tile the feeding area under the headlocks? I see you have it in your other barns, save cows getting sore tongues and eating less?

  27. Jeff Macbean

    Jeff Macbean

    7 dagar sedan

    Awesome couldn’t wait to see it done either

  28. Humble Haymakers

    Humble Haymakers

    7 dagar sedan

    Looks great!

  29. Dustin Mc Vety

    Dustin Mc Vety

    7 dagar sedan

    my family we put a spray on the corn

  30. Adam Dedrick

    Adam Dedrick

    7 dagar sedan

    Great Videos man! Keep em coming.

  31. Totally Not A Cop

    Totally Not A Cop

    7 dagar sedan

    The other day I say the word yet in an odd place in the sentence..... thanks a lot Eric

  32. Julie McBride

    Julie McBride

    7 dagar sedan

    Maybe put some whole tires under the plastic in a pattern to allow air to flow

  33. BARBARA west

    BARBARA west

    7 dagar sedan

    What a happy woman I am now being free from HSV Is a great testimony for me all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on SE-one for curing me from HSV only by using his products which he sent to me

  34. Keith Selzer

    Keith Selzer

    7 dagar sedan

    Sure looks nice. That white heifer in the first pen that was scared to step over the curb she is Sharp looking !!

  35. Paddy lyons.

    Paddy lyons.

    7 dagar sedan

    Hi Eric. Top of your pit will contain some oxygen due to being so dry, we use just ordinary table salt to preserve our pit. 25kg bags @ €7.50 i reckon 10 bags per silo would do you. My regards, Dairy farmer in the south west of Ireland.

  36. Gerard B du coudray

    Gerard B du coudray

    7 dagar sedan

    Fill the corner of the 'feeder area' with concrete, avoid waste!

  37. Ellen Tiedt

    Ellen Tiedt

    7 dagar sedan

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?

  38. Kadin Salisbury

    Kadin Salisbury

    7 dagar sedan

    Hey Eric I love your videos

  39. Sebastijan Harapin

    Sebastijan Harapin

    7 dagar sedan

    Hi, i'm from croatia and about that mold on the top of the silage. It is ok to give it to cows but the ones that don't produce milk, it is healthy for them because it has some minerals and vitamins. You get that mold on the top because you remove to much of the tarp on the silo so a lot of air goes in. Open it little bit and it will be good.

  40. Chris Fellows

    Chris Fellows

    7 dagar sedan

    Use salt before covering the bunk we use 2 ton of salt on our bunk and if you want try one bunk with silo stop and one with salt

  41. Jordan Hodnett

    Jordan Hodnett

    7 dagar sedan

    Any update on your sorghum field?

  42. Mikkel lund

    Mikkel lund

    7 dagar sedan

    Spread salt over the top of the silage pit.

  43. sven van severen

    sven van severen

    7 dagar sedan

    Did you put salt on top of the feed before closing the bunker?



    7 dagar sedan

    Try sealfresh , another oxygen barrier film from South Dakota company.



    7 dagar sedan

    Put the oxygen barrier film direct contact to the top silage . Then you won’t see any mold silage. I remember you on the barrier film on the top of black and white

  46. 3rd gen backyard farmer

    3rd gen backyard farmer

    7 dagar sedan

    Great new barn. Love that you double back and check their all eating. Shows real compassion for the kids

  47. Samaila Abdullahi

    Samaila Abdullahi

    7 dagar sedan

    I no longer go through pains of having herpes disease after I was able to get rid of it with Dr IGUDIA on SE-one herbal medication.

  48. TheAustrianBoy


    7 dagar sedan

    I would try to feed out of the big clamp in the winter, as temperatures aren't that high for mould to grow that fast, in the summer try to use smaller clamps so that you have a higher feed rate. For Winterfeed the pile can nearly be as big as you want but in the summer a smaller clamp is needed.

  49. Erik A

    Erik A

    7 dagar sedan

    Is the silage molding underneath the plastic Eric? Or does it just start to mold once you open it up to feed? If it’s fresh when you pull back the plastic, it is’nt an issue with the way the bunk is covered. We’ve got the same issue, when I open the bunk it’s all fresh, a day later there is a layer of mold on top. Innoculants do’nt seem to make a difference for us, same for the way we cover the bunk (switched from truck tire sidewalls to 5-6 inches of sand last year, but it still molds once the plastic is off). I’m probably going to try if a thin layer of salt makes a difference for this year’s corn silage.

  50. Lukas Winther

    Lukas Winther

    8 dagar sedan

    my dad told me if the silage gets air and it is hot it may well become moldy on top so you can put sandbags in the edge along with tires so it will be tight where the bunker is open

  51. Jot Maan

    Jot Maan

    8 dagar sedan

    Hlo sir

  52. Jot Maan

    Jot Maan

    8 dagar sedan

    Hlo sir

  53. Joe Noe

    Joe Noe

    8 dagar sedan

    Yea i used to have the same problem...a man told me to put s foam across the top like 6inch by 6 inch pieces across the top so it gets air..the following year 25 years later never had the problem needs to get air to stay dry..good luck my friend...

  54. MHK NEWS


    8 dagar sedan

    Sir i am from India .loves your video s

  55. Roger Jones

    Roger Jones

    8 dagar sedan

    In New Zealand we often use salt on our silage, still the best solution I believe

  56. DAVID H


    8 dagar sedan

    How do you close up the exterior opens in the dead of winter?

  57. Joey Farmall

    Joey Farmall

    8 dagar sedan

    Yes sir, looks good.

  58. MarOs


    8 dagar sedan

    Will that barn qualify as a CAFO?

  59. ethan koch

    ethan koch

    8 dagar sedan

    Mold on top is kinda one of those things you can try and battle but it usually happens no matter what you try and do to stop it you might put a lot of time in and reduce the amount but it’ll never go away

  60. Blessing Zakari

    Blessing Zakari

    8 dagar sedan

    What a happy woman I am now being free from HSV Is a great testimony for me all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on SE-one for curing me from HSV only by using his products which he sent to me

  61. Robbie Scholten

    Robbie Scholten

    8 dagar sedan

    Try a sheet of oxygen barrier plastic on the silage and a regular sheet of plastic on top of that. Works like a charm

  62. 4thgenoration farmer

    4thgenoration farmer

    8 dagar sedan

    Use an adutive when chopping it should help

  63. Craig Flatley

    Craig Flatley

    8 dagar sedan


  64. Farmer Farmer

    Farmer Farmer

    8 dagar sedan

    Put rye or oats on the top itll sprout

  65. lorenzo curlo

    lorenzo curlo

    8 dagar sedan

    Hi, i am an italian farmer, we use lactobacillus on all the loads, exept for the last ones on which we distribute a acid solution, to stop fermentation. During the Summer we pour a bit of that on the hotter spots. Let me know Lorenzo

  66. Jim Ikeler

    Jim Ikeler

    8 dagar sedan

    We've tried only opening enough up for 2 days and keeping the tires tight on top where you just cut the plastic. When we cover the bunk we also use an oxygen barrier plastic we lay down first and then we put the black and white on top of that

  67. Caleb Hysel

    Caleb Hysel

    8 dagar sedan

    We put a layer of this thin plastic called vapor barrier then we put the white and black plastic on top

  68. Hayden Tamlyn

    Hayden Tamlyn

    8 dagar sedan

    We have the same issue the red mold is actually not mold it red corn that just did not get chopped that good

  69. Julian Göckenjan

    Julian Göckenjan

    8 dagar sedan

    To keep up the quality of our corn silage we mix in liquified potassium sorbate ( the Chopper of the custom Crew that chops our corn has a special tank and dosing System on it with that its sprayed on the corn when it runs through the machine) it really helps to prevent mold and the silage to heat up, when we have low qualitiy or very dry corn the Chopper is also abled to Mix in on top of the potassium sorbate lacticacid bacteria which helps again to prevent spoiling. It sometimes is a little bit expensive but with that we already had years where we hat almost no spoiled feed at all (maybe a loader bucket full from a 300 feet silage pile) So thats an advice i could give you, i dont know if its very common to do things like this in the region that you live in, but were i live (Western Germany) its very often used.

  70. maeJoy B. withU

    maeJoy B. withU

    8 dagar sedan

    i've always thought you were a rockstar eric... after seeing you back that mixer the entire lane of the new barn withOut a scratch to any of the new building iSeeYa as a superstar... blessing'Z aLLover that new barn! it is beautyFuLL...

  71. jorge esser

    jorge esser

    8 dagar sedan

    I know a farmer that uses long bags for his feed some spoilage does happen but he just mixes it in it doesn't change much of the quality

  72. Rosemary Murphy

    Rosemary Murphy

    8 dagar sedan

    We salt our sileage on top but also have a metal made out of a dome over the top of ours

  73. Real M

    Real M

    8 dagar sedan

    I love how the cows just take it in the face and they're like "Yep, whatever man, feed me!"

  74. Wilfred Dueck

    Wilfred Dueck

    8 dagar sedan

    We put saw dust on top and normally would have little to no waste but our plastic dry rots very easily if we put no saw dust

  75. Crazy Homeless

    Crazy Homeless

    8 dagar sedan

    Snow shovel works easier than a broom to push feed

  76. Delta Airlines lovers

    Delta Airlines lovers

    8 dagar sedan


  77. tfsj37617 scott

    tfsj37617 scott

    8 dagar sedan

    You could maybe introduce lactobacillus. It would stop any bad molds, and I would imagine the cows wouldn’t be bothered by it.

  78. Kory Wieber

    Kory Wieber

    8 dagar sedan

    Are you keeping a couple of crossbreds to milk or just feeding them out?

  79. Ann Jones

    Ann Jones

    8 dagar sedan

    I'm a city girl, so no advice for the silage. We all enjoy your videos immensely. Keep making them!

  80. Paul S

    Paul S

    8 dagar sedan

    Very nice barn.Calves look great!

  81. Ghulam Farooq

    Ghulam Farooq

    8 dagar sedan

    Nice Wark

  82. Larry325


    8 dagar sedan

    Eric beautiful Barn. Looks like it was planned out real well. I bet you will be happy when the old building is down and grading is completed. Great video! 👍👍

  83. Antiquarian


    8 dagar sedan

    It's always nice to be looking at a brand new barn, I'm sure the cows will make it look well-used very quickly though. =)

  84. Marit Smits

    Marit Smits

    8 dagar sedan

    4:49 hearing the machine working gives me such a nice feeling. At home I always watch our cows getting fed. ☺️

  85. Robert Vaught

    Robert Vaught

    8 dagar sedan

    Do Not Tear that building down. Has a Good roof. Tear-out the stanchions. Use that Open area to Store your HAY. . Protected from the weather as well. and Alot easier to put & retrive.. Watch that Snow fill your New Building -up ? As well as Freezing your undergrd Plastic Pipes .. I hope I'm wrong.

  86. 545el


    8 dagar sedan

    Only farm I’ve seen with no top layer waste is where the farmer covered the plastic with a thick, heavy layer of dirt/soil from the ground , a foot thick or so. No air got to that silage.

  87. Bruce Kepley

    Bruce Kepley

    8 dagar sedan

    Have you considered the heat gain experienced of the black plastic? The mold resulting from condensation by the air temp difference. Eliminating the black plastic, with an additional white reflective layer is a probable solution. Let us know how you finally resolve this.

  88. NoSpin


    9 dagar sedan

    On the money with filming, explaining and editing, enjoyed it.

  89. unleashedkiwi


    9 dagar sedan

    Heavy tyres maybe and how much u cut off the top for feeding out? Leave more plastic on top

  90. Paul Walsh

    Paul Walsh

    9 dagar sedan

    ya looks great !!! Im sure the calves will eat once their realize its ok.

  91. Philipp Reimer

    Philipp Reimer

    9 dagar sedan

    We make a line of sandbags so the air can not go under the plastics.

  92. Matthew Marsh

    Matthew Marsh

    9 dagar sedan

    Don’t use plastic sheets look into using cloth or similar We don’t use plastic in the UK 🇬🇧

  93. logan hunter

    logan hunter

    9 dagar sedan

    are you selling any headlocks?

  94. Randy Lafleur

    Randy Lafleur

    9 dagar sedan

    There is just something wholesome about your vids! You obviously care for these animals and just don't treat them like a problem, any job, or a burden. I'm sure the cows can tell too. I haven't seen any vids for a while, thanks for doing them again.

  95. OldSquishyGardener PDX

    OldSquishyGardener PDX

    9 dagar sedan

    Not a dairy farmer but did a quick search (interesting subject) and sounds like a range of causes and remedies from making sure moisture content is sub 13% to using organic additives to ferment further and drop the ph quicker to mixing with a binding agent (ie something like small amounts of charcoal that is not detrimental to the animals) that prevents the mycotoxins from being broken down and processed in the animals digestive system when they feed.

  96. Ashley List

    Ashley List

    9 dagar sedan

    We had silage piles on packed dirt, and on the corn silage piles we put down an oxygen barrier film before the silage tarp and saw a decrease in the amount of mold. Also, not sure which type of tire sidewalls you have, but if they have wires it is possible there are pinholes from those that you wouldn't be able to see.

  97. MegaTubby01


    9 dagar sedan

    Great looking barn! Lots of planning now paying off.

  98. Tonna Poppe

    Tonna Poppe

    9 dagar sedan

    Feed it to the heifers

  99. Phyllis Halley

    Phyllis Halley

    9 dagar sedan

    I have a dumb question are you going to put up walls in the new barn?

  100. VorticoseComb1


    9 dagar sedan

    4:05 balling?