Lexus Owner Said I Could Keep His Car For FREE If I Can Get It Started. Fixed It With A PAPER CLIP!

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Many mechanics tried but no one could get this Lexus to start. It was abandoned and the owner was fed up and said if I can get it to start it I could keep it for free! I started down the path of diagnosis and figured it out with just a paper clip! There's a lot more to this series so I hope you enjoy this one and the videos to come on fixing everything else.

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  1. LegitStreetCars


    15 dagar sedan

    Cleaned up and fixed how much do you think this is worth? Check out Renogy, your One-Stop Energy Solution to stay off-grid longer. Get 10% off with code Legitstreetcars

    • MVargs


      15 timmar sedan

      Any way you would do a giveaway? I'm desperate for a car and would enter a giveaway. I'm out in the Chicago northwest suburbs. Been w/o a vehicle for 2 years now. Uber is wildly expensive. Never though it would be so difficult to have steady employment but due to a lack of consistent transportation and COVID. I have less than $600 saved up to my name and I've been trying to find giveaways to enter

    • Marcel Covaci

      Marcel Covaci

      Dag sedan

      @Milos Vidicwhen some of Alex’s buddies ( Tavarish, WatchJrGo, Hoovie) post videos with the same idea sometimes it just makes me wonder how legit really is everything. Plus I’m Eastern European, I never got anything for free, and a Lexus is a big deal.It’s awesome that people in the US can do that, to just give cars away. Are you Serbian? Croatian? I’m from Romania 🇷🇴 Have a good weekend

    • Omerta Kingsmen88

      Omerta Kingsmen88

      3 dagar sedan

      Dude i really need a car. Job killing me and work issues. Smh youll be a life saver bro. God bless bro.

    • Omerta Kingsmen88

      Omerta Kingsmen88

      3 dagar sedan

      Tbh i need a car but idk how real or true ur channel is.

    • Milos Vidic

      Milos Vidic

      3 dagar sedan

      @Kenny Enriquez yep

  2. Sharp edge Addict

    Sharp edge Addict

    17 minuter sedan

    Then you just lie to him, tell him it’s a F-150 with a body kit because it pretty much is.

  3. mustafa jaddoa

    mustafa jaddoa

    44 minuter sedan

    Where are you

  4. LCStL1


    Timme sedan

    UHaul has/had a policy of not renting any trailer to be towed by Ford Explorers, due to decades old incidents. But the dealer I spoke to said how it came back was out of their control. The equivilent Mercury vehicle was allowed.

  5. Austin Carrales

    Austin Carrales

    Timme sedan

    I used to work at a dealership and we had a 2013 Lexus IS250 and it did the exact same thing. I had a deal worked out on it, and I took it to the detail guys, and they couldn’t get it out of the bay. It was the stop lamp switch.

  6. chazyronnie


    Timme sedan

    damn that lightning is sweet...the uhaul guy is dumb not to know what power the lightning have... Paul Walker drove that in FF1

  7. sisekelo tsabedze

    sisekelo tsabedze

    Timme sedan

    you got Gremlins

  8. Melissa James

    Melissa James

    2 timmar sedan

    Next time ask for a manager or a number for distract manger

  9. R P

    R P

    2 timmar sedan

    I once started a stranded Cadillac with a safety pin. Placed the ignition switch in the run position, then I pierced through a power wire and poked into the starter solenoid wire. Started right up.

  10. Accidental Karen Auditor

    Accidental Karen Auditor

    2 timmar sedan

    Is that DC to DC charger made in the USA?

  11. Morning Star

    Morning Star

    4 timmar sedan

    Common sense not that common

  12. Francisco Fuster

    Francisco Fuster

    4 timmar sedan

    I had same issue on mines and it was the alternator

  13. PatTheRiot


    4 timmar sedan

    "abandonned" 4runner with 50k miles. lol. And people still believe this isn't scripted.

  14. Candice M

    Candice M

    4 timmar sedan

    I can use a car like that :(

  15. Melvin the Mechanic

    Melvin the Mechanic

    5 timmar sedan

    Noo its a lexus nott toyota??

  16. M V.G.

    M V.G.

    5 timmar sedan

    I bought a 78 cutlass. Had the 350 rocket. Guy said they put a transmission in it, took it for a test drive. It quit moving, and was making a knocking noise. Gave him $200. The torque converter bolts fell out. I brought some bolts with me. Paid him. Installed the bolts, and drove off. The look on his face when the car went into gear was priceless.

  17. Almighty Chicken

    Almighty Chicken

    5 timmar sedan

    I wanna get into buying cars and fixing them up.

  18. 1st World Problems SOLVED

    1st World Problems SOLVED

    8 timmar sedan

    Likely a flood car.

  19. Anthony Reed

    Anthony Reed

    12 timmar sedan

    I had this same model , 06 awd and loved it!

  20. Twinakafootwurk Matthew

    Twinakafootwurk Matthew

    13 timmar sedan

    That guy was a dick and truly wasn't a car guy there was nothing more to explain to him

  21. Sherrell Bennett

    Sherrell Bennett

    14 timmar sedan

    I went to a U-Haul, with a reservation for a pick up, to haul a twin bed. When I got there the guy said I had to confirm an email on my phone but his email to me wouldn't come through so he said I couldn't rent a pick-up. (????) I COULD rent a 10' covered truck though. I am a 75 year old woman and back in the day I could have handled the big truck (I have even driven one of their 20 footers) but I no longer want to do that. He wouldn't budge and I left without a rental. My brother helped me out with his '57 Chevy pick-up. But really, what if you have no phone????

  22. kubanskiloewe


    14 timmar sedan

    this sat definately longer than a year

  23. James Jackson

    James Jackson

    16 timmar sedan

    Just get the trailer, leave, and move it over to the lightning. You talk about the lightning not sagging, I don't know why you just didn't move it over after you left uhaul.

  24. Flatixable


    16 timmar sedan

    Fix that 3rd Gen 4Runner!

  25. Stalin


    17 timmar sedan

    I wouldn't trust a Ford to do anything right.

  26. Richard W

    Richard W

    18 timmar sedan

    Modern cars are the shitist thing i have EVER heard of and seen.

  27. MARINE serving Jesus Christ

    MARINE serving Jesus Christ

    19 timmar sedan

    i need a car

  28. Alecos Antony The Crypto King

    Alecos Antony The Crypto King

    20 timmar sedan


  29. Jon R.

    Jon R.

    20 timmar sedan

    Dude what camera do you use ?

  30. Destin Newlon

    Destin Newlon

    21 timme sedan

    Why didn't you just move the trailer to the truck?

  31. Paul Curran

    Paul Curran

    22 timmar sedan

    I'm from the UK even I know - it's a F150.... we don't even have them!

  32. Islam Explained

    Islam Explained

    22 timmar sedan

    Beautiful car

  33. bernymonty22


    22 timmar sedan

    This engines are bulletproof, just dont overheat it. They will run forever.

  34. Christiaan Underhay

    Christiaan Underhay

    Dag sedan

    Little wd40 near the intake and she will start right up

  35. Less Talk

    Less Talk

    Dag sedan

    Skip to 4:14 You're welcome.

  36. 404 ballhogg

    404 ballhogg

    Dag sedan


  37. IndyHelis


    Dag sedan

    ok im confused, what the fuck does that rental guy opinion matter on whether or not he rents a trailer? I wouldve called uhaul corporate and this dipshit removed from rentals to housekeeping. With that amount of crazy rust on the engine it sure looks like its been in standing water for a while... with all the electrical gremlins you were mentioning that sure is classic signs of a corroded (from being in water) computer module and connectors throughout the vehicle

  38. Nicole Osaji

    Nicole Osaji

    Dag sedan

    Change the plug...I’m up for the receive

  39. tech333 tex

    tech333 tex

    Dag sedan

  40. Chanoblast


    Dag sedan

    Bro, you are a genius I would of never got it started. I learned something new!

  41. Edward Gilmore

    Edward Gilmore

    Dag sedan

    i wouldn't say that a f150 is the best selling worldwide lol

  42. Watching You-Daily

    Watching You-Daily

    Dag sedan

    Man I need something like this

  43. Irishhawk


    Dag sedan

    Anything that has to do with Transmission or Titles when you’re buying from a Private Seller is a huge red flag. If you don’t know anything about cars urge you stay away from buying it. No matter how much you want it.

  44. J Cruz

    J Cruz

    Dag sedan

    Tbh I would like a car like tht to give it to my girlfriend , she needs a car so bad and she can't drive my car cause it's manual lol I tried teaching her but no luck yet

  45. Todd Nelson

    Todd Nelson

    Dag sedan

    Cool! Being that both the PS and Alt were both not were working, it was a belt issue. Just my first guess! Best luck to you!

  46. Midnight -Xpress1

    Midnight -Xpress1

    Dag sedan

    Same deal with me u haul wouldn't let me tow dolly a 1989 mazda mpv with my 78 f-150, not my dads 98 2wd F-150. My friends 2000 gmc 1500. Yeah thats fine. WTF? All 1/2 ton truck.



    Dag sedan

    Is the toyota fortuner for sale?

  48. Big Red

    Big Red

    Dag sedan

    Lmao trying to be nice to a guy giving you a free car??!

  49. Rodolfo Hernandez

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Dag sedan

    How much likes on tiktok so I can have your ford lightning

  50. mrlincolnls00


    Dag sedan

    I could use it my 2000 Lincoln LS have it on me

  51. DieselDucy Elevator

    DieselDucy Elevator

    Dag sedan

    That is crazy about the f150



    Dag sedan

    Operation paper clip

  53. ThatCarHornGuy2


    Dag sedan

    This UHaul dude: F150 cant haul UHaul no no no I’m not renting it to you. UHaul dude where I live: *rents a UHaul to a dude with a Ford Focus*

  54. J T

    J T

    Dag sedan

    How do we get the 4 runner you found I am looking for a 4runner

  55. hector perez

    hector perez

    Dag sedan

    It, good to have money and just abbandon a lexus like that right 😆

  56. hector perez

    hector perez

    Dag sedan

    The guy from uhaul is brain dead 😆👎 how stupid can someone be ?,

  57. Clarence Amis -MDH-

    Clarence Amis -MDH-

    2 dagar sedan

    Somebody please tell me where i can get a free car from????????????????????

  58. Clarence Amis -MDH-

    Clarence Amis -MDH-

    2 dagar sedan

    Dont want it i'll come and get it lol, that car is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Thomas Hamm

    Thomas Hamm

    2 dagar sedan

    Dude this is legit why you are one of my fav youtubers. Freaking paperclip. And going through all of this just to fix it up and give it away.



    2 dagar sedan

    Obviously a flood car, that rust was serious

  61. ronel Charles

    ronel Charles

    2 dagar sedan

    Impressive 🤙💕💕wish I'm the lucky one 🙏

  62. MrRotaryrockets


    2 dagar sedan

    you should have called Ford and give the phone to the U haul confirm what you are driving..

  63. Lill Caveman

    Lill Caveman

    2 dagar sedan

    wtf dose this battery charger have to do with the video fuck off with your ads

  64. Ryan T

    Ryan T

    2 dagar sedan

    I'm from South Africa and would love to get this car from you some how I'm definitely in an dying need for wheels Lexus would be an dream

  65. Steven Delagarza

    Steven Delagarza

    2 dagar sedan

    I got a 2003 Toyota avalon and I was driving and it died I got a new fuel pump and new battery but won't start

  66. scott smith

    scott smith

    2 dagar sedan

    Bad gas ?

  67. scott smith

    scott smith

    2 dagar sedan

    2.5 6

  68. Kweku Darko

    Kweku Darko

    2 dagar sedan

    You could send it to me all the way in Ghana, West Africa.

  69. Christian Salgado

    Christian Salgado

    2 dagar sedan

    Lightning LIGHTNING LIGHTNING - James Humphrey

  70. dacascade


    2 dagar sedan

    Just change the when you left uhaul



    2 dagar sedan

    Hm, i noticed that this car model has a lot of issues that people can’t really figure out.. BUT i would definitely take the time to get it started if it is free. Looks like a project car to me lmao



    2 dagar sedan

    Loved the video. First time watching and I just was s proud of what you do. Live in Nigeria, don't have a car and would love to own one of those cars considering it's a Toyota and we here in Nigeria love Toyotas and Lexuses.😂😂. I don't wanna sound like a beggar but I'm a Masters student and find it hard to get from point A-B without a car. Saw that you like to refurbish the cars and dash them to those who need them? Well, I truly would love to be the lucky one. Have you ever given a car to anyone outside of the US? If you have, good. If not, please start with me as it will surely help me get from my home to school. Thanks and in anticipation of your swift reply.

  73. Michael Monroe

    Michael Monroe

    2 dagar sedan

    You should return the trailer being pulled behind your truck, just to make a point.

  74. Ecin Hepler

    Ecin Hepler

    2 dagar sedan

    this proves experience outweighs some bullshit knowledge in a book you learn in school!

  75. tOSdude


    2 dagar sedan

    How was this taken to multiple mechanics and none of them thought to check if the brake lights worked?

  76. Paul Watkins

    Paul Watkins

    2 dagar sedan

    give it to me as is I will fix the electrics maybe the ecm circuit runs thru the brake light circuit thats why four wires instead of just the usual two (security issue to stop thieves) BTW I could sure use a car right now I have to count on people for rides or walk everywhere I have been helping people out for free for a long time and I deserve some reward LOL

  77. Vic Duran

    Vic Duran

    2 dagar sedan

    Can't beat the FREE word ..

  78. Thomas


    2 dagar sedan

    Lexus in antitheft mode. The electrics don't work on Lexus with a bad battery.

  79. Thomas


    2 dagar sedan

    Some performance trucks, did have restricted use as far as payload and towing.

  80. Thomas


    2 dagar sedan

    What happens when U Haul hires people who don't know cars/trucks.

  81. tOSdude


    2 dagar sedan

    I wonder what U-haul would say about my Grand Caravan?

  82. Chris Fleming

    Chris Fleming

    2 dagar sedan

    Looks like rodents eating some electrical wiring and some new fuses.

  83. TheDarknessOfGames


    2 dagar sedan

    I got a car and could use another car thanks

  84. Féi lǎo

    Féi lǎo

    2 dagar sedan

    I WANT THE ML. Please!

  85. Dennis McNabb

    Dennis McNabb

    2 dagar sedan

    This was awesome on what to do with a non starting car. Thanks. Hope to see more soon.

  86. Golden Sim

    Golden Sim

    2 dagar sedan

    it MoooOOOooves

  87. Afzal Ayubi

    Afzal Ayubi

    3 dagar sedan


  88. NLK


    3 dagar sedan

    Wow insanity how people neglect cars especially luxury cars extremely sad

  89. Tania Hananian

    Tania Hananian

    3 dagar sedan

    So what was the VSC light on for.. I have the same problem with my 2009 Lexus is 250and the check engine stays on because of it.. plz help!!

  90. Mike Carter

    Mike Carter

    3 dagar sedan

    How can I get this car

  91. curlyhaired beachbum

    curlyhaired beachbum

    3 dagar sedan

    Used my bike to get everywhere and had a car accident about two months ago, i think a car would be safer please considerr

  92. fxtv


    3 dagar sedan

    hey man maybe a new alternator could help???

  93. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson

    3 dagar sedan

    I'd like a crack at that ls 400.

  94. Charles Raley

    Charles Raley

    3 dagar sedan

    Just get to the video

  95. Aidan Tejada

    Aidan Tejada

    3 dagar sedan

    If it doesn’t really live without a booster pack, check your ground terminal cable. Had the exact same issue with my 2010 Mazda 6, and my cleaning the contacts themselves, and derusting the cabling, she works mostly fine with an Alternator pumping 11-12. At this point, sometimes it won’t start, but after a few key wiggles she always ends up deciding it’s time to get a move on. Got some fan squeak, so, looking at eventually replacing the alternator and serpentine cable all at once.

  96. Topias Salakka

    Topias Salakka

    3 dagar sedan

    Man i want one of these with a manual transmission... Shame the 350 wasn't available with manual, only 220d and 250 were.

  97. Anne6621


    3 dagar sedan

    FYI , you can't put a camper on that truck because it is not a real truck , in fact you are not allowed to place anything in the bed of that not a real truck !! , but WOW that is a real cool Not A Real Truck !!!!!

  98. Issoop Dilloo

    Issoop Dilloo

    3 dagar sedan

    Lovely bro

  99. Philip Anderson

    Philip Anderson

    3 dagar sedan

    There are morons in the world, you just met one of them. That’s all, dude.

  100. gkkes


    3 dagar sedan

    My Lexus needs 6 minutes in ACC key mode after any battery work. All part of the security system. Then you’re into the “pedal dance” 😊