Animals That Asked People for Help #3

Animals That Asked People for Help #3
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Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!

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  1. Osely Baysic

    Osely Baysic

    Minut sedan

    I love animals I want to help

  2. addy maddy

    addy maddy

    4 minuter sedan

    awww we need more humans like this

  3. deep singh

    deep singh

    9 minuter sedan

    4:33 this is dress of a indian traffic police officers. So this video also from india

  4. renan neubauer

    renan neubauer

    15 minuter sedan

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏼❤️🤜🏼... 🦠🔫

  5. Your NIIZY

    Your NIIZY

    29 minuter sedan

    i always do what i can when i see an animal suffering, most of the time i tried to help the animals got scared ran away, i felt upset not being able to help the ones who ran away

  6. The real Baby Yoda

    The real Baby Yoda

    34 minuter sedan

    I always get bullied and these ppl help animals shall i be an animal or what👇🏼

  7. Kareem Massarwi

    Kareem Massarwi

    47 minuter sedan

    That is not kind to say but I think my friends are heartless.....when they saw a stuck cat they knew that I would help but they said leave her alone she will release herself...but I helped her anyways and my friends knew that sometimes animals need the cat keeps following me but the cat is in our backyard I was playing with her 5 seconds ago🙂

  8. Pew Pew

    Pew Pew

    53 minuter sedan

    Regardless of where you currently are, make sure to-

  9. • iiStarrySkyii •

    • iiStarrySkyii •

    Timme sedan

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the man got cut off at the end of the video?

  10. Jan Šandera

    Jan Šandera

    Timme sedan

    Awww this video is cutee 😭

  11. Pump-Moth


    Timme sedan

    truth about their personality You help them , they help you

  12. Shakir Daham

    Shakir Daham

    2 timmar sedan

    "regardless of where you currently are, make sure t-"

  13. Kevin


    2 timmar sedan

    I had different situation, I hughed the dogs through the fence then later on I was separating can and bottles at 10 pm when same dog in my neighborhood was standing looking at me wanted me to be dog friend. Dog must of got out broken fence.

  14. Michael von Reich

    Michael von Reich

    2 timmar sedan

    To animals, humans are like fantasy dragons. Apex predators who hunt all creatures. Cruel and greedy for gold and wealth. And yet there are a few among them who are kind, and offer boons to animals in need.

  15. RainbowFairy Gacha

    RainbowFairy Gacha

    2 timmar sedan

    One time there was a cat but some boys like they cut off the leg of the cat

  16. fire first fam official

    fire first fam official

    2 timmar sedan

    The toucan is beautiful

  17. Ash


    2 timmar sedan

    Just goes to show if humans weren't here none of these animals would be in these situations shame on ourselves.

  18. Red Thingy

    Red Thingy

    2 timmar sedan

    make sure to what!?!

  19. Abhinandan sharma Dogra

    Abhinandan sharma Dogra

    3 timmar sedan

    Why people kill animals and Birds for meat ? I like vegetarian peoples .👍

  20. We will go joy

    We will go joy

    3 timmar sedan


  21. Evan Stevens

    Evan Stevens

    3 timmar sedan

    Save the turtles I’m not kidding save them

  22. Mabelle Fontilon

    Mabelle Fontilon

    3 timmar sedan

    Awww i want to tame a wolf

  23. Andre R. Nazario

    Andre R. Nazario

    3 timmar sedan

    All of those animals expressed love and affection. Even God says that.

  24. Chaudhary Samir

    Chaudhary Samir

    3 timmar sedan

    nothing is greater than humanity in this world

  25. elyas aldaksha

    elyas aldaksha

    3 timmar sedan

    wait.. did they yeet the cheetah into the garbage!! 4:25

  26. Сергей Seman

    Сергей Seman

    4 timmar sedan

    Обычно люди убивают животных

  27. Ralph Madera

    Ralph Madera

    4 timmar sedan

    And now you people why aliens 👽 don’t want to say even HI 🙋‍♀️ to US !

  28. Tara Ogden

    Tara Ogden

    4 timmar sedan


  29. Mr3anGle


    4 timmar sedan


  30. genesis Manriquez

    genesis Manriquez

    4 timmar sedan

    Awww 🥺❤️

  31. 4 Four 4

    4 Four 4

    4 timmar sedan

    Thaks hero

  32. sai channel

    sai channel

    4 timmar sedan

    I have saved a little bug my friend and me where trying and I got a pokmon card I was having and I saved it from the water and kept in the table and it was drying his wings and fly away happily I was very happy that day

  33. Hayden Cutrone

    Hayden Cutrone

    4 timmar sedan

    Wolfs are dogs

  34. Yash


    5 timmar sedan

    This video tell us that God really exist ❤️

  35. The Hunt For Neverland

    The Hunt For Neverland

    5 timmar sedan

    me to

    • The Hunt For Neverland

      The Hunt For Neverland

      5 timmar sedan

      me to

  36. Aaron Burg

    Aaron Burg

    5 timmar sedan

    the ending is so well planned, you can hear the whole thing

  37. Voltex


    5 timmar sedan

    That squirrel :(

  38. 20mingrich21 Airon

    20mingrich21 Airon

    6 timmar sedan

    Who not save animal he sucks

  39. Guanchen Fang

    Guanchen Fang

    6 timmar sedan

    0:46 fishing nets: >:) Scizzors: not today my friend, not today

  40. Jatin Sharma

    Jatin Sharma

    6 timmar sedan

    Humanity still exists!🙏🏻

  41. Mendez Campos

    Mendez Campos

    6 timmar sedan

    5.44 nice

  42. Mendez Campos

    Mendez Campos

    6 timmar sedan

    4.46 nice pigeon rescue.

  43. Eric Panissidi

    Eric Panissidi

    6 timmar sedan

    " fuzzy nuts" the squirrel

  44. Mendez Campos

    Mendez Campos

    6 timmar sedan

    Nice all did good .

  45. Mendez Campos

    Mendez Campos

    6 timmar sedan

    1.47 nice job. Of compassion.

  46. Mendez Campos

    Mendez Campos

    6 timmar sedan

    1.02 bet hes moma gone nice new family.

  47. Penny Smith

    Penny Smith

    6 timmar sedan

    What is the wolf is tamed now

  48. DietKneecaps


    6 timmar sedan

    I'm amazed by all of them but when it comes to cows I'm not surprised where they end up at

    • Facto Maniac

      Facto Maniac

      6 timmar sedan

      I didn't got your comment? Please explain it.

  49. Rose


    6 timmar sedan

    Are discarded Nets in our seas killing our sea life more than any Fork or straws?

  50. chis


    6 timmar sedan

    somos el mejor pais de chile

  51. Grace Stephens

    Grace Stephens

    6 timmar sedan

    4:45 That moment when u realize that ur the one who needs saving after saving someone else 💀

  52. Eshauna Cato

    Eshauna Cato

    7 timmar sedan

    Awww cute

  53. Văn Huy Nguyễn

    Văn Huy Nguyễn

    7 timmar sedan

    Human :(((

  54. Kristal Macleod

    Kristal Macleod

    7 timmar sedan

    I help save Worm's that are dying from the Sun by throwing them into the grass after rain storm's , If I do NOT HELP by touching them they are Goner's PLUS it FEEL'S Good .

  55. aarontunes GD

    aarontunes GD

    7 timmar sedan

    4:04 I don’t know either to laugh or be proud

  56. Katayoun Ahoo

    Katayoun Ahoo

    7 timmar sedan

    angel people helping and working hard for saving those poor animals ...and evil people killing them within a minute..

  57. VenNom


    7 timmar sedan

    Love from Rajasthan (India)

  58. Sunaholic


    7 timmar sedan

    i love how the end was just like "make sure to-"

  59. Animal Facts

    Animal Facts

    7 timmar sedan

    my heart melted. Once, a man saved a female wolf, brought her back to her pack. 5 years later, a bear was attempting to kill the man when the same wolf and the pack stepped in and saved him. edit: dang this blew up! thanks for the likes! anyways, if you wanna watch the video here it is: A man saved a she wolf from a trap, a few years later she saved his life -SE-one 😘🐶

  60. Phalanx 67

    Phalanx 67

    8 timmar sedan

    It is really beautiful to see humans helping animals instead of destroying them. I wish more people would be like this, the world would be a better place.

  61. Roblox_ Froggy

    Roblox_ Froggy

    8 timmar sedan

    they just yeet a baby bear

  62. Tarista Sheppard

    Tarista Sheppard

    8 timmar sedan

    So cute 🥰

  63. Son Nguyen Dinh

    Son Nguyen Dinh

    8 timmar sedan

    The observant force monthly rain because bridge ironically tour besides a sordid mom. breakable, necessary garage

  64. Pietro Moopy

    Pietro Moopy

    8 timmar sedan

    I like how people try to tell me what the animal was doing or thinking. Animals, regardless of type are not capable of reasoning you know....

  65. King90


    8 timmar sedan

    4:59 who’s screaming the whale? Also 9:25 make sure t-

  66. Josephine Hockaday

    Josephine Hockaday

    8 timmar sedan


  67. [insert name here]

    [insert name here]

    9 timmar sedan

    okay this is adorable and heartbreaking but also i cant stop thinking about the fact that the narrator is reffering to the videos in both past and present tense and im not sure why it bothers me

  68. Kyle


    9 timmar sedan

    the ending really just said "make sure t-"

  69. EATZ* AndrewGaming

    EATZ* AndrewGaming

    9 timmar sedan

    Meanwhile Me In The Sea Killing Them All With A Butcher Wood

  70. Monster cat

    Monster cat

    9 timmar sedan

    The plastic object Are 0.001% Of the garbage in sea

  71. Jada Rampersad

    Jada Rampersad

    9 timmar sedan

    that is sooo nice to help the animals

  72. Holler Meshocks

    Holler Meshocks

    9 timmar sedan

    The narrators name is Captain Obvious

  73. Savage Pancake

    Savage Pancake

    9 timmar sedan

    I didn’t ask for wholesomeness, but here I am

  74. Magic squad

    Magic squad

    9 timmar sedan

    This people are Terrible for what they did to the animals I love animals I have a pet birds and I take good care of them

  75. Delilah gaming

    Delilah gaming

    10 timmar sedan

    my little dog got hit by a car :( he was only 1 year old

  76. Anthony Ly

    Anthony Ly

    10 timmar sedan

    The curious mole ipsilaterally claim because liquor sporadically wrestle amid a fascinated ocelot. momentous, alert dictionary

  77. Laura Te Aho-White

    Laura Te Aho-White

    10 timmar sedan

    @5:46, this is the reason why I gave up competitive fishing. Fish aren't dumb, they can feel pain.

  78. Maryj


    10 timmar sedan

    Maybe the wolf is really a Siberian husky that actually belongs to someone.

  79. Nia Granger

    Nia Granger

    10 timmar sedan

    The trite pillow chiefly join because eggnog hisologically allow down a obedient israel. dreary, eatable cat

  80. Babs


    10 timmar sedan

    Humans suck



    10 timmar sedan

    Que gestos maravilhosos dessas pessoas salvar os animais!!! e que ódio dessas pessoas que não cuida do meio ambiente!!!

  82. ikonik


    11 timmar sedan

    8:01 had me crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  83. RwBuckman Buckman

    RwBuckman Buckman

    11 timmar sedan

    That's but jesus aint comming back here to spare your work is going be your only salvations .when jesus Appear it to make war not forgivnesses T7 6E396Out 56.

  84. Doc Hassen iori

    Doc Hassen iori

    11 timmar sedan

    Palestine Syria Irak Lybia Yamen Sudan Afghanistan Mali 💔

  85. cashierell d

    cashierell d

    11 timmar sedan

    This is what the virgin teacher is trying to warn you all about but y’all do not give her a chance

  86. Jeff Renman

    Jeff Renman

    11 timmar sedan

    as hundreds of species go extinct every single day even in this video it seems mostly man has caused the problems.look up for yourself how many different things disappear off the planet permanently… You will be shocked. Mankind kills even when he turns his back and walks away. From his garbage and from his neglect. Pretty sad hey what can we do? We need help

  87. Emergency response Videos and returning

    Emergency response Videos and returning

    11 timmar sedan


  88. Kester Smart

    Kester Smart

    11 timmar sedan

    Nigga?!? That guy just threw the bear, what even is Russia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Samantha Donovan

    Samantha Donovan

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  90. Samantha Donovan

    Samantha Donovan

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  91. Samantha Donovan

    Samantha Donovan

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  92. Samantha Donovan

    Samantha Donovan

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  93. Aiden Playz211

    Aiden Playz211

    12 timmar sedan

    Top ten animals that asked for help” Later in the parrel universe Top ten humans that asked for help

  94. Nevaeh Vasquez

    Nevaeh Vasquez

    12 timmar sedan

    Does no one know how rude they threw the bear😢😢😖😡

    • Ssj4GogetaMain


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  95. الشمس المشرقة

    الشمس المشرقة

    12 timmar sedan

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    • Ssj4GogetaMain


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  96. ZoZo M

    ZoZo M

    12 timmar sedan

    It absolutely disgusts me when animals are hurt purposely by humans.

  97. Gamer Chesz

    Gamer Chesz

    12 timmar sedan

    At the end he sid make sure to- video ends xd

  98. Jeremiah Seals

    Jeremiah Seals

    12 timmar sedan

    These people need to be payed $1,000,000

  99. Lydia Scott

    Lydia Scott

    12 timmar sedan

    I helped a fish

  100. Tamara wright

    Tamara wright

    12 timmar sedan

    Stupid videos

    • Ssj4GogetaMain


      11 timmar sedan

      Shut up. It's not ok to say that. They helped them