I Watched The Gabbie Hanna Series so You Don't Have To *A Rant*


  1. Ms Sea

    Ms Sea

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    It should have been called Escape the nightmare.

  2. Ghosty


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    Mental illness is a reason but not an excuse. Any time my mental illness causes me to do something I later look back and try my best to make it up because I genuinely feel bad for letting my mental illness take over in a toxic way

  3. Lola Pastel

    Lola Pastel

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    I completely agree with everything you said about being on productions/sets. And I can assure you, even Oscar winners are on set all day. I went to college for Cinema & TV Production and have been on plenty of sets and one thing that was said in my very first class was set times are always an automatic 12hrs for everyone - if not more. There have been times where I was on set for 18hrs straight with only one real break because we had so much to set up and get done. Not to mention having to bring my OWN lunch because i'm vegan. Gabbie Hanna is not special LOL

  4. asalisb


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    At some point, when you have drama with so many people and so many stories of people doing you wrong you’ve got to take a good look inward and recognize that there is only one common thread there……

  5. Hunter


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    The things we hate in others are the things we really hate in ourselves. She do be struggling.

  6. M K

    M K

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    I have no idea who Gabbi Hannah is but *YOU* are fascinating! I'm now totally invested in this Gabbi backstory thanks to you! 😄 I even Googled her!

  7. Atin


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    I had a similar experience with an abusive partner, how whenever I tried to hold him accountable to the way he abused me he turned it around and said "If you think this is bad, then I'll show you bad. You want me to become a monster? Then I'll show you." As if it was my fault for the way he abused me in the first place. These kinds of people are scary and I just cannot feel sorry for Gabbie until she finds the strength to hold herself responsible for her own actions. We can all already see how horribly emotionally abusive these irresponsible, unaccountable people are to others with the whole Jessie Smiles scenario...

  8. Maddie Voogt

    Maddie Voogt

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    the way u talk has a similar inflection to my therapist and its very comforting

  9. No Name

    No Name

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    I am so glad I found your channel. I love the way you talk about things because you do your research, and you talk about it so logically. Love it.

  10. Lexi Kaiser

    Lexi Kaiser

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    You can’t be professional and call some a c**t

  11. Abby Wolffe

    Abby Wolffe

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    Every video I find criticizing her I immediately click on and watch because I used to be a a huge fan of hers and I'm trying to earn a redemption arc

  12. Emma Angle

    Emma Angle

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    Okay i really appreciate your objective opinion on everything. like literally i have never come across your channel until now but i’m sticking around because i’ve fallen in love!

  13. Caleb Keyes

    Caleb Keyes

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    If Gabbie watched this video and decided to take it seriously, it would be the most important therapy session of her life

  14. Maddy Cosplays

    Maddy Cosplays

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    it honestly feels like gabbie hannah watched the first season of 13 reasons why and said, omg that’s a great idea let me do that before i quit youtube

  15. AMT


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    this is completely unrelated to the video--which is an incredible take, by the way, as always--but your eyebrows! they look so good

  16. Ad Shields

    Ad Shields

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    *As a neurodivergent person who stims regularly* I'm a little bit suspicious of the rocking?? It just feels like it suddenly appeared out of nowhere when she started blaming all of her wrong doings on her ADHD. I just feel like it's *POSSIBLE* (this is not a definitive claim that she's faking it) that she's intentionally doing it to make herself look "more" ADHD. It just feels like it could be part of the "nothing's my fault, see I have ADHD!" Narrative. Just an observation/opinion. (And of course I could be wrong, maybe she's just more comfortable stimming on camera now? Who knows, only her)

  17. Adrien Scott

    Adrien Scott

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    Didn’t know any of this drama before but just confirms what I always thought when I saw gabbie … problematicAF

  18. Chelsey


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    Wait so Gabby intially didn't know who Curtis or Jessi were but then she still decided to become friends with Curtis even though she knew what happened?

  19. Angry Joker

    Angry Joker

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    So just cause I'm white i can't have an opinion on it? Thsts really racist

  20. Aya 143

    Aya 143

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    Holy Shit! *Clap *Clap *Clap

  21. Tanaja Sanford

    Tanaja Sanford

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    Omg I love your politic and personality !

  22. Tanaja Sanford

    Tanaja Sanford

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    I don’t think she has ADHD. She sufferers from white privilege. I really feel like she was misdiagnosed (which happens a lot). If anything , she has anger issues or borderline personality disorder and needs professional help. She clearly doesn’t know how to handle criticism and all the negative events that happen to her in the present takes her back to childhood traumas. .. she again also suffers from white privilege. Since I’m not a Dr. yet, my suggestion is a LONG BREAK from social media

  23. Summer Kirkbride

    Summer Kirkbride

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    Okay this is gross….. but do you think Gabby is jealous of Jessi being r***d? Because r*** fantasies are real do you think she secretly wants that to happen to her? Like that would be a HUGE source of media attention for Gabbie so is that a possibility? Because Gabby has said herself she wants attention even if she’s in control of the information.

  24. Caiden Parisien

    Caiden Parisien

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    pro tip: id ur gunna recommend a video to us to watch , link the video.

  25. Gabriela Rojas

    Gabriela Rojas

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    I think my issue with the ricegum event was she lied about what happened and exaggerated it. So i was mad at both of them.

  26. Devon S.

    Devon S.

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    Ok so I hate everything about GH at this point but I can't stop watching this train crash (exclusively through the eyes of commentary channels, I refuse to give her a single view lmao) now,,,, that being said,,,,, the only piece of this I find more funny than reprehensible is complaining about getting paid to sit around and do nothing. Like?????????? Yeah I'm sure it can get boring sometimes but at my last job working in a restaurant, I was required to wear black slacks, wasn't allowed any visible jewelry except earlobe piercings (not even a necklace) and I had to pretend I wasn't internally screaming when my manager asked me to sweep the stairs into the room with nothing but an extra fridge in it yet again and I made $7.50 an hour. I wasn't even a server, so I was already getting paid almost double what everyone else there was being paid. And I KNOW that GH was getting paid more than $7.50 an hour. So like,,,,,,,,,, trade me honey!!! You can work for eight hours straight! Heck, you're actually not *allowed* to stop working! My manager got upset with me for taking too many bathroom breaks! Oh babey,,,,,,, please let's trade!!!!! I wanna get paid for sitting on my ass so bad!!!! That's the dream!!!!! GOD,,,, the level of absolute tone-deafness when prolly at least 90% of her audience has jobs more like mine where you don't get paid a livable wage and you aren't allowed to sit down or stop moving for eight hours straight,,,,,,,,,,,,, ?????? Make it make sense!!! 😂😂😂

  27. Mckai


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    Can we please stop talking about escape the night in a negative way ? Because if this negativity sounding it it’s now been cancelled and no networks wanna pick it up because of the negativity 😑

  28. Myr


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    That was a good vidéo, thank you for sharing it.

  29. Unnecessary Delivery

    Unnecessary Delivery

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    Actually, I forgot who I watched it from but Gabbie was still in the wrong in the Ricegum situation. There was some added bts evidence and an interview with ricegum about it + testimonials from other ppl in that party who saw everything. Can't remember who did it though sorry :((

  30. Kate X 💚🌻

    Kate X 💚🌻

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    She should do a new poll: what makes someone a shittier person, defending their friend's r@pist or defending a random r@pist?

  31. Kate X 💚🌻

    Kate X 💚🌻

    2 dagar sedan

    She's the epitome of "I can make fun of my family, but no one else can" but about herself. If she was nominated for an award and lost, and the winner said "I wish I could give everyone in this category the award", she'd stand up and demand the award be broken right then and there so she could have "her piece". A clown.

  32. BrownEyedGirl1367


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    I just love your ability to cut through the BS, present the facts, and draw conclusions. You’d make a great prosecutor.



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    did... did u say.. "hyper-bowl"?

  34. Zoe Danielle

    Zoe Danielle

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    "hyper bowl?"

    • John Paul Santos

      John Paul Santos

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      It's hyperbole 😬

  35. Shel- Nerdy

    Shel- Nerdy

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    What I don't think Gabby realizes is that the internet is not a magic lie detector test. She can't just say oh well TECHNICALLY I'm not in the wrong because of this little loophole. No I'm sorry dear but this isn't court either. You don't get out of being a bad person because of loopholes.

  36. Kristian Lowery

    Kristian Lowery

    2 dagar sedan

    I though early Trisha had talked about it when she was hanging out with Shane. Before she dated Jason. Like I remember her talking about it when she dated the back up dancer… but I could be wrong. It still wasn’t right for anyone to bring it up up publicly

  37. Moriah Juneau

    Moriah Juneau

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    I appreciate this video. It also bothers me that she used her conversations with Daniel getting Whole Foods as “receipts” of her letting the set know beforehand that she needed a specific diet. I thought well she told them, until I realized those texts were sent after the show started. I don’t like that you have to read all of her messages and pay attention to any detail to make sure she’s telling the truth during her “receipts”.

  38. LS EH

    LS EH

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    So G & J weren’t friends at the time of her R***, dissed her, then became friends with her after, then again decided not to believe her? It feels like G became friends with her to insert herself in the drama to benefit herself. Which explains her additional friendship with C and defending him.

  39. xForeverEternal


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    I never knew that it was Shane Dawson who started that rumor but I shouldn’t even be surprised 🙄🙄

  40. Saphire Good

    Saphire Good

    2 dagar sedan

    I remember seeing Gabbies story and i thought theres a difference between being like "hey maybe have a discussion" and "shes dirty bro asl her"

  41. LS EH

    LS EH

    2 dagar sedan

    In terms of G & T’s friendship…. There is a difference between being friends and being acquaintances/friendly. I don’t believe they were friends, I believe they were acquaintances. Gabbie is just butt hurt over having a lack of friends and turning every acquaintance of hers into “friendship” status to make herself feel better/more important. 🤷‍♀️

  42. Insainseniper


    2 dagar sedan

    I don’t know Gabbie’s life, but it seems to me that since she’s so focused on all this drama, I would question whether she truly has ADHD. I get that it comes in different forms, but it seems like she has convinced herself that she has something she might not have. Feel free to explain for clarify anything if I’m wrong.

  43. Sierra Gomez

    Sierra Gomez

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    My entire life I was calling it “elem-men-tree” not elemen-tary 😭🙏🏻

  44. Garden Notch

    Garden Notch

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    So looking forward to this... I thought you went a little light on her with the last video.

  45. johnnycaralta


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    Smashing somebody's phone is not assault. It's destruction of property.

    • johnnycaralta


      2 dagar sedan

      @chicken nugget Not according to the legal definition.

    • chicken nugget

      chicken nugget

      2 dagar sedan

      wrestling someone for their phone is assault

  46. Mary Evelyn Aguilera

    Mary Evelyn Aguilera

    3 dagar sedan

    ive never even seen a video of hers but I cant stop watching everyone drag her thru the dirt lmao

    • Angela Patino

      Angela Patino

      Dag sedan

      Me too! And I don't know why I'm so into it

  47. Cecilia Andersen

    Cecilia Andersen

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    Go. The f. Off 👏🏼

  48. Ally Hadley

    Ally Hadley

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    this is like my second vid i have watched of you and i am already bingeing. Every opinion you have is so good and on par with the right way to address things, thank uuuuu

  49. MsNikkieMichelle


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    One more thing… it’s ok for Gabbie to run her mouth and talk about people because she didn’t “say their name” but when Joey spoke about a very difficult person on ETN (but didn’t name drop) it was ww3 and Gabbie was suddenly so insulted. She’s a damn hypocrite and thinks the world revolves around her diva, unprofessional and inconsiderate ass. There are many people who would have loved to be apart of ETN and would eat cat food it need be. Here she is comfortable in her own trailer that was better than some people’s own apartments, outfitted with practically everything she needed and nothing was good enough. She just doesn’t care and that diva behavior is disgusting. She was hired to work and complained she had to work. She really could careless and took for granted that amazing opportunity that was given to her. I cannot believe she had the nerve to complain about there being no healthy foods and she’s eating all the junk, which we obviously know is a bold faced lie. It was her responsibility to fill out the paperwork but failed to. “Healthy foods” are subjective and if she had specific dietary needs she should have specified them. She also could have done a very simple and buy the damn food herself. As far as the “junk” goes, everyone else shouldn’t suffer and not eat anything but what Gabbie eats during filming. They’re not on diets and it’s not their problem she couldn’t control herself. The costume is again her fault because she failed to show up for 2 out of the 3 fittings. They’re not going to push back production and hold everything just because pass the buck Chuck Gabbie couldn’t commit. Then she complains about the jewelry (which was sterling silver, and Gabbie can wear) and how she broke out and had pus all over. She couldn’t take it off? Couldn’t tell anyone that I’m sure would absolutely take action. She was pretty much catered to on a silver platter and still found fault to complain. It’s funny because everyone else is wrong (and they’re are a lot of people she hurt and upset) because they’re just all out to get her and are the liars. Just sad and I do hope she does continue getting the help she needed but I also don’t like people who use their mental illness asan excuse or crutch. She’s just a toxic person period and I’m glad her bullshit and verbal abuse to others is called out now. She doesn’t deserve the platform she has as she weaponizes it and is not using her influence positively.

  50. Juliana Arango

    Juliana Arango

    3 dagar sedan

    My God, 'm exhausted just watching this video and I don't even know who this Gabbie lady is 😣 she seems like a 💩 person tho yikes 🤢

  51. Sandy


    3 dagar sedan

    I know this is neither here nor there but 31:40 - hyperbole is pronounced hy purr bowl ee not hyper-bowl :D

  52. Yvette Villanueva

    Yvette Villanueva

    3 dagar sedan

    I am so hooked on all of these commentaries. I love her so much!

  53. DelayedDirt


    3 dagar sedan

    A public service, thank you

  54. Kei Holbrook

    Kei Holbrook

    3 dagar sedan

    It's nice to listen to female commentary you tubers about this since it feels kinda gross when men talk about the Jessi issues

  55. Mad Lawson

    Mad Lawson

    3 dagar sedan

    so many people would KILL to work on a real set and be in a show that gets millions of views and for the record she is SOOO lucky. so lucky. to be on a show considering she’s a random person who isn’t an actor or actress that decided one day to pick up a camera and start a youtube video… she didn’t even have to audition or have a resume all she had to do was have a successful youtube channel and she easily could’ve not had that. just saying she should be grateful to even have a single opportunity in entertainment at all because there are thousands who wish they could be in her shoes and arent. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  56. Philip DeShanco

    Philip DeShanco

    3 dagar sedan

    33:40 - I WONDERED WHY SO MANY PEOPLE WERE SAYING TRISH STARTED THAT, like I got into a fight with someone on Reddit about it - I didn’t know Gabbie’s side of that situation, but she definitely started that lmaooooo

  57. Mariana Morales

    Mariana Morales

    3 dagar sedan

    You are literally the best

  58. taylor olson

    taylor olson

    4 dagar sedan

    the way that a woman was fucking r@ped and a girl was fucking murd3red and gabbie is like let’s make this about me

  59. Britta Moline

    Britta Moline

    4 dagar sedan

    "I don't know why Gabbie thought this would make her look better." -- her entire series

  60. Eliza Volpicelli

    Eliza Volpicelli

    4 dagar sedan

    Just a note - Trisha goes by they/them pronouns!

  61. clarissa Jarrett

    clarissa Jarrett

    4 dagar sedan

    Thank you for covering this so I didn't have to watch her videos. I'm beyond sick of hearing her excuses and using ADHD as her reasoning for everything. I have ADHD, PTSD, horrible anxiety and depression, but it is MY job as a woman to take account for my health. I would NEVER use my illnesses as a reason to treat people as she has.

  62. Britta Moline

    Britta Moline

    4 dagar sedan

    Girl out here pretending to be an artist when she's just discount CreepshowArt

    • Audrey S

      Audrey S

      4 dagar sedan

      nah brow they are at the same level neither are good people

  63. maya jlassi

    maya jlassi

    4 dagar sedan

    We loove you queen plz stop looking at yourself in the camera tho hahah

  64. jetnight 88

    jetnight 88

    4 dagar sedan

    You do know her fans mite gonna attack you now right?

  65. Raquel Vargas

    Raquel Vargas

    4 dagar sedan

    she could of just packed her own lunch on escape the night not curse at crew and workers lmfaooooo

  66. Sitting Comfortably

    Sitting Comfortably

    4 dagar sedan

    51:48-52:28 Is so powerful. The fact that Gabbie continues to bring up something that may have fundamentally changed Jessi as a person is the only proof I need that she is a person I do not want to support. She doesn't deserve her platform.

  67. Claudia Jade

    Claudia Jade

    4 dagar sedan

    Totally agree. Sounds like pretty much Every issue could've easily been resolved with just accountability and an apology. Sorry I was such a nightmare on set, sorry I shared that hateful gossip about you, sorry I promoted a shitty company to you, etc

  68. Laura Eby

    Laura Eby

    4 dagar sedan

    Hey! Great job with this video!! also, heads up - “hyperbole” is pronounced “hy-per-bo-lee” :)

  69. Claudia Jade

    Claudia Jade

    4 dagar sedan

    Last time I checked, ADHD doesn't make you a horrible person. Certainly not mutually exclusive, but equally not causation. Also sorry im advance that I don't care enough to watch this whole thing, but glad to be able to check in. ...next minute, watched the whole thing 😅

  70. K M

    K M

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm an ADHD girl and I love when my fellow diagnosees speak out about their challenges but nothing irks me more than people over-blaming their ADHD for things. It can get to the point where it makes the stigma for the rest of us even worse.

    • some rando

      some rando

      3 dagar sedan

      YES! I’d like to add, I’m a person who didn’t get diagnosed until later in life: when she blames her Karen-like behavior on ADHD, it makes it harder for people who AREN’T like that, who are just good people quietly struggling as their undiagnosed disorder causes problems in the workplace related to focus and punctuality, not related to attitude and work ethic.

  71. Christopher Michaud

    Christopher Michaud

    4 dagar sedan

    Gabby complaining about food is so dumb tbh. I understand everyone is different but I know a lot of people who will go entire works shifts without eating, I do it a lot tbh. Sometimes there’s no time or no where nearby where I’m at so I just skip. Also it was one day, again I know tons of people who do this everyday they go to work. Idk, it’s seems like such a dumb argument when I know that theres tons of people who skip eating to work when she literally got hand made meals that she could have eaten and wasn’t doing like hard physical work (acting can be hard but some jobs are harder)

  72. Violet Smokes

    Violet Smokes

    4 dagar sedan

    My cat picked this😑

    • Audrey S

      Audrey S

      4 dagar sedan

      hope your cat is doing well

  73. Lauren


    5 dagar sedan

    “Hyper-bowl” lmao I love you Hannah haha

  74. ej


    5 dagar sedan

    I hate that she uses ADHD as an excuse for treating others horrifically. I have ADHD and while it affects me in many ways, it does NOT give me the right to bully others, hurt others, use other's trauma to my advantage, etc... she's horrible, honestly, and doesn't care. I don't get to go and talk about someone's trauma and go "lol it's my AHDH". wtf.

  75. If Okay

    If Okay

    5 dagar sedan

    It really bothers me that tea and commentary channels are constantly perpetuating the idea that no one stuck up for Gabbie. Multiple people defended her including people who didnt like her or had drama with her in the past like alx James and Jen dent. Also, idubz who has a huge platform defended her in his video about ricegum. That video has 50 MILLION views!! If you took all the videos that sided with rice gum and added them I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t add up to 50 million views. There were a lot of drama channels that also sided with Gabbie and said that it was ricegum who was in the wrong because he got physical w her and broke her phone so this narrative she has created that no one defended her is just one of her many lies and people just believe her!

  76. Sarah Love

    Sarah Love

    5 dagar sedan

    No the way Gabbie talked so casually about Jessi’s r**e definitely disturbed me too

  77. Jenny B

    Jenny B

    5 dagar sedan

    As an ADHD person myself - in no way does that diagnosis excuse her behaviour! It is interesting to me however that there is a symptom of ADHD called Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. This is where basically perceived rejection, criticism and slights can be taken incredibly to heart and felt as hurtful. But the solution to this feeling is not to go and post another angry exposé!

  78. Olivia Toivanen

    Olivia Toivanen

    5 dagar sedan

    What is wrong with her, she seems SO selfish and unempathetic 😠 like she has 0 enpathy

  79. Emily Butt

    Emily Butt

    5 dagar sedan

    Rather watch everyone else's videos than give gabbie any actual time or views. Her ego is absolutely huge as it is, she doesn't need her count going up when yours can go up instead 👍

  80. Kai


    5 dagar sedan

    I don’t really delve into the Gabby Hannah side of SE-one or know much about her content, but considering that and the fact I know she causes nothing but problems given the large amount of people saying that makes it clear she has a disorder to some extent. And I doubt highly that ADHD is the only thing wrong with her. Idk who diagnosed her but she has something way more than ADHD. Hopefully she gets the mental health treatment to survive in society. She clearly has a level of financial stability but no social stability and that’s hard given people are everywhere in the world. Can’t be toxic with all of them and eventually it’ll result in something beyond terrible.

  81. Robyn Gordon

    Robyn Gordon

    5 dagar sedan

    gabbie said she didn’t watch trishas video but if you look at the clip you can see the red line (which means she watched it)

  82. Leticia Croft

    Leticia Croft

    5 dagar sedan

    DATME: ok.me/ehOj -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  83. Anna Deluche

    Anna Deluche

    5 dagar sedan

    Smokey Glow President!

  84. JayCookie


    5 dagar sedan

    Wtf, not me clicking this video to do my laundry and you just talking about my exact situation ✋

  85. Saphire Good

    Saphire Good

    5 dagar sedan

    Gabbie brought litterally EVERYTHING down on herself. Its her own fault. Point blank period. No ammount of mental illness excuses behavior like this when you have been told time and time again "hey we get if this is a side effect but you need to knock it the hell off. Its not okay" and turning around and saying thats tell her that her problems arent real and we are abusers and bullys. Like Gabbie. Have you ever ONCE said you did anything wrong? Because you have mever apologized. You shift blame which isnt sayinf "i did this and im sorry" thats "i did this but only because they did that so im not at fault here, i reacted to them!" Which. If we cant control our own reaction to something, we cant control shit. Everyone has days where they loose their cool but Gabbie hasnt lost it, she never even had it and she MAKES SURE she only paints herself as someone who cant control her actions so we need to watch ours so she wont be upset and do something bad. Like if you think the rest of the world needs to walk on eggshells for you, go get some help. Not that its a bad thing to go to therapy, but you sure as hell NEED it if you think i need to change MY LIFE entirely because YOU dont agree with my lifestyle and that somehow means i provoked you to attack me. Gabbie has been the one in the right before yea, but she has brought 99% of everyone down onherself. I dont feel bad, i dont feel remorse or "i wish she wss different". i honestly, if anything, only wish she hadnt been on the internet. it was obviously toxic for her, and she is majorly toxic to the internet. She just needs to leave and not come back. 🤷

  86. Paige


    5 dagar sedan

    How you said hyperbole 🥲

    • Sophie Cashell

      Sophie Cashell

      5 dagar sedan

      Hyper-bowl 🤣

  87. Alibeth Helms

    Alibeth Helms

    5 dagar sedan

    The way you covered episode 3 is awesome. Way to set the example

  88. Amour Tabb

    Amour Tabb

    5 dagar sedan

    idc if they were friends! If i hear one of them wants to kill the other one more time. Yall are SE-oneRS!!

  89. Amour Tabb

    Amour Tabb

    5 dagar sedan

    Someone once said to me "if a man calls you out for the way he caught you cheating he doesn't think he did anything wrong" that's what I think about every time Gabbie splits hairs about the way someone calls her out for doing ANYTHING wrong. She's not sorry.

  90. Elise Brodeur-Jacobs

    Elise Brodeur-Jacobs

    5 dagar sedan


  91. Emilie L-S

    Emilie L-S

    5 dagar sedan

    Where are we supposed to watch that serie? Not able to find it on Google or SE-one ?

  92. edison edison

    edison edison

    5 dagar sedan

    the most important thing i learned in this is that you are married and to a man named charles

  93. Ashlynn Foy

    Ashlynn Foy

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry Smokeyglow, I like you, I genuinely do, but your infatuation with SE-one drama lately has kinda been a turn off . I subscribed because you're a makeup channel and I love your makeup content! The drama thing just seems random and out of place.

    • Camilo h

      Camilo h

      5 dagar sedan

      She's a commentary channel tho? There's still a lot of make up related content, also her talking about current youtube events has broadened her audience so this type of videos aren't going anywhere

  94. kikiigrangerr


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    Thank god- I couldn’t endure having to watch long videos of gabbie hanna talking omg

  95. Elaina


    5 dagar sedan

    This doesn't pertain to the video but I love your pronunciation of "hyperbole"

  96. Lexi White

    Lexi White

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  97. i’mboopingyournose :D

    i’mboopingyournose :D

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  98. Eva Horgan

    Eva Horgan

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    Who exactly did Gabbie want to handle the make up brush thing in private with? This was a case where she publicly screwed over her entire audience… not drama between two people. Who was she supposed to have this private conversation with to “handle” the situation???

  99. Laura Loop

    Laura Loop

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  100. Darwin Isacat

    Darwin Isacat

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