Rebuilding A 2019 Mercedes C63 AMG In 15 Minutes! (CRAZY TRANSFORMATION)


  1. Haider Yaseen

    Haider Yaseen

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    I wanna ask you How mach day finish this work?

  2. Emre Şahan

    Emre Şahan

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    Çıtır hasarlı - lokal boyalı

  3. Nayilote Poati

    Nayilote Poati

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    All that was missing was acceleration 🚦😂... Thanks you bro

  4. Li0n


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    What's the yellow stuff that you guys put on the damaged parts?

  5. Jackhen Boon

    Jackhen Boon

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    wow......amazing! while I can't even fix my scratched side mirror properly......



    5 dagar sedan

    I like that weld filler instead of bondo! What about a little heat n torch to pull those or push out those dents?

  7. Ouattara yao ali

    Ouattara yao ali

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    Belle rénovation ,very good

  8. Mostafa Fakron

    Mostafa Fakron

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    ده اسمه عك

  9. Mohamed Baker

    Mohamed Baker

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    Wie heftesch er das men seedes Bens ales du neu macht wiel Glöck su bauen

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  11. Matej


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    Where can i find cars like this

  12. Syaril Afik Anuar

    Syaril Afik Anuar

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    Always support my fav channel 🖤

  13. misz dalila

    misz dalila

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    my jaws dropped. suupeeerb.

  14. Arshad Mahmood

    Arshad Mahmood

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    Outstanding work boys you smashed it 🙂👍✌

  15. saad lmrr

    saad lmrr

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    My dream car 😭🤒

  16. Raja afaq

    Raja afaq

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  17. Rico王


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    Y'all are some beasts bruh 🦾🦾

  18. Jesse Hatfield

    Jesse Hatfield

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    Hate how new vehicles are so quick to be written off as totaled



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  20. Caylan Huang

    Caylan Huang

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    This is amazing work backyard turned professional 🤙🤙🤙

  21. David Lynd

    David Lynd

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    The original paint is still down there right? Shouldn’t it be polished away?

  22. Jose David cabrera felix

    Jose David cabrera felix

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    Que Dios los sigas bendiciendo

  23. autoyasse repaire

    autoyasse repaire

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  24. Mr.Logic23


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    Quality work! Respect!

  25. Рома Пост

    Рома Пост

    Månad sedan

    I always get the feeling that your American cars look different. standard c class 6.3 Вид тачки ебейший) как она мне нравится)) Nice car. Good job

  26. dominik koziel

    dominik koziel

    Månad sedan

    Im sure it took them at least a couple days or possible a few weeks but surely not 15min.great video though

  27. Hajaj Kasisi

    Hajaj Kasisi

    Månad sedan

    Yellow brake discs would finished it! Overall great work guys🔥

  28. Jlebeau A

    Jlebeau A

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    That was awesome great work fellas 👏🏼

  29. chase evans

    chase evans

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    The damaged columnist totally order because tire seemingly entertain per a accessible adjustment. mighty, whispering undershirt

  30. sandeep gupta

    sandeep gupta

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    do you keep them?

  31. ICCC Detailing

    ICCC Detailing

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    Satisfying video bro keep it up!!! Very good job I’ve learned a lot on my car detailing services

  32. Eduardo Carrera

    Eduardo Carrera

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    Do you sell those cars???

  33. Civan Turan

    Civan Turan

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    Bizim tarcanlar oto yemez çıkarır hepsini meydana

  34. Mask Off

    Mask Off

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    Next accident will be life threatening!

  35. PSB Channel

    PSB Channel

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    And transfer to Russia! This not crash

  36. Thiago Muniz

    Thiago Muniz

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    Muito mutio louco! sensacional!

  37. Viktorg1f


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    Poor Mercedes he is now free but broken you save he's life lol 😂😂😂😂 jk I love your vids they are fast uploaded .

  38. Muhammad Abu-Bakkar

    Muhammad Abu-Bakkar

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    Great work

  39. Heitor Daniel Ferreira Campos Amoedo

    Heitor Daniel Ferreira Campos Amoedo

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    I saw this kid grow

  40. cupau mokeu

    cupau mokeu

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  41. Chris Salguero

    Chris Salguero

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    Wow super cool

  42. منحرف Mr

    منحرف Mr

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  43. Black_QT 11

    Black_QT 11

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    Sheesh i‘ve Never Seen a more dope than this .its sick

  44. Kapptin Kapptin

    Kapptin Kapptin

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    Wow! You guys displayed some mad skills. I did not think you could save that rear quarter panel. Good job! Excellent.

  45. danzo the barber

    danzo the barber

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    is the car for sale?

  46. Jacob Allen

    Jacob Allen

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    how to make 60k in 15 minutes

  47. Frank FRANKSTON


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    The Title is so rubbish it deserves thumb's down and report it as a spam or even better yet scam

  48. Valentin Ricardo

    Valentin Ricardo

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    I can’t even explain how much skill is required

  49. r_n_b_crazi


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    This video is fake. I'm sure it took more than 15 minutes to do 😂

  50. m hall

    m hall

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    Just think how many cars get fixed like this low key and sold. Lol

  51. Canal do Sama

    Canal do Sama

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    How many did you pay for the crashed car? I'm Brazilian and I've lived in Australia for 3 years, I think I'll buy a Mercedes like this at the auction and rebuild

  52. ziad chellef

    ziad chellef

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  53. Allen Anthony

    Allen Anthony

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    Them other channels better take note and step up there game , just saying 👍🏽😎

  54. Allen Anthony

    Allen Anthony

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    Great job man ! You bring em back from the dead With super powers 😎

  55. Atk pirate

    Atk pirate

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    A lot of shortcuts on such a nice car? What are you priming then sanding all the way down to body work? Kinda makes no sense.

  56. Wilton Wilson

    Wilton Wilson

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    Wtf i have two car's like that i need to take it to u guy's for repairs

  57. عًبُوٌدّ الشمري

    عًبُوٌدّ الشمري

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    I’ll iPad click



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    great job.

  59. Simon Refaai Vlog

    Simon Refaai Vlog

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    Shxbxn igg

  60. AHJ


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    How many hours it took

  61. Retope


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    unsafaty car

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    Adam Paul

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    A man of excuses is always full of failure

    • Jordan Bella

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      Everything in this life is possible. Just that poverty has blinded so many people in this life.

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    Yes , Okay at

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    Good job 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 In Hong Kong and china very so easy

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    Wow i love des 😍😍

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    So sick

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    Ahmet Selçuk Altay 🕸

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    Hatasız boyasız 😄😄

    • 5 zu der 3

      5 zu der 3

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      Türkiyede max c180 ne diyon hahahahahha

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  72. Your E-boy

    Your E-boy

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    All the hardwork finally pard off....great job guys

  73. Moon Flames

    Moon Flames

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    How much money did you bought this car for and what was the cost to repair it?

  74. Centurion Guy

    Centurion Guy

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    Very good job guys, if you saw the final project you wouldn’t even bat an eye

  75. Boe 91

    Boe 91

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    Siete bravissimi

  76. Zach


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    What kind of education do you need to acquire to be able to do this kind of work with this level of competence?

  77. Benjamin Espinosa

    Benjamin Espinosa

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    Great work, imagine if you had access to state of the art frame machine and tools!

  78. makrus ali

    makrus ali

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  79. Mothercityguy


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    Wtf that head light come from in the first 3 mins lol

  80. Emmanuel Reyes

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  81. Lance Wilson

    Lance Wilson

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    местные перекупы)

  82. Jonah Hart-Marsden

    Jonah Hart-Marsden

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    Does doing these repair alter the weight distribution of the car?

  83. KikoFarakiko


    Månad sedan

    Out of curiosity, does the onboard computer know it's been in an accident? I mean does it actually perform as new once the restoration is complete?

  84. Bekir Qehramanov

    Bekir Qehramanov

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    This is art

  85. Keith Doran

    Keith Doran

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    Arthur Tussik has entered the chat

  86. Grey Bird

    Grey Bird

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    I want this man to do my body work. Hats off, wish I had talent like that!

  87. Zakariae


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    This is Art !!

  88. Akeem


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    You're a beast for pulling that quarter panel

  89. Akeem


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    Is the body on these cars aluminum?

  90. BLAKA


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    Amazing work 🚀🚀🔝

  91. RVG_Imako


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    It's look awesome

  92. Rayyan A

    Rayyan A

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    Cap, that shit would take at least 16 minutes🚫

  93. mwanzie .K

    mwanzie .K

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    Low mileage AMG. Full Service History ,Accident Free Finance Available.

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      @Mothercityguy oo

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      Best Seller.

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      Wasn't in an accident someone knocked it clearly

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    Amazing !!!

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    Really Amazing Modification & Perfect Job 💕 I Have Got Satisfaction After Watching This Video 😘 At Last Moment I Can't Believe My Eyes..! ❤️❤️

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    gavin miller

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    This was awesome to watch guys well done. This should blow up

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    pls ship this car to me in Dubai!

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