Teen Drives Car Into Swimming Pool

A teenager with a learner’s permit made a classic driving mistake - hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake, then drove right into a swimming pool! A diver from West Metro Fire Rescue attached a tow line to the fully submerged vehicle, enabling a tow truck to haul the car out of the pool. The teen driver and adult chaperone got out of the car safely, but the teen received a citation from Lakewood Police for careless driving.


  1. Mizah Dayakları

    Mizah Dayakları

    20 minuter sedan


  2. Heavy Metal God

    Heavy Metal God

    23 minuter sedan

    That teen should stop smoking that weed.

  3. It's Lit

    It's Lit

    2 timmar sedan

    Have y'all seen project X

  4. kitarofan87


    2 timmar sedan

    About 12 years ago I had a dream that my car skidded off the road and into a pond. And yes, I immediately woke up as a result of it.

  5. Marina And The Little devils is my icon

    Marina And The Little devils is my icon

    7 timmar sedan

    Project x anyone?

  6. Gimme Da Munny

    Gimme Da Munny

    8 timmar sedan

    "you cant park there sir"

  7. Seymour Butz

    Seymour Butz

    8 timmar sedan

    hello im under the water

  8. Ephnel


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    For some reason this look like a project x movie?

  9. 2ESH4


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    Project X vibes lol

  10. Jose Dasi

    Jose Dasi

    10 timmar sedan

    “Is this the car pool section?”

  11. DanTrollzZoomz Z

    DanTrollzZoomz Z

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    project x

  12. Justsomebeatsaber


    12 timmar sedan

    Who gave spongebob his driver’s license

  13. Saul Dickson

    Saul Dickson

    12 timmar sedan

    That’s my neighbor😭

  14. da Jaguar

    da Jaguar

    12 timmar sedan

    I For the sanity of my mind, I wanna believe this happened in Florida. 😎😎

  15. Cybusy


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    Good job

  16. RichSwish


    13 timmar sedan

    The title made me think this was a daily dose of internet video

  17. TheyLuvvMe


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    A Moment of silence for Mrs puff...

  18. Kyle F

    Kyle F

    15 timmar sedan

    citation was unnecessary

  19. gh jl

    gh jl

    16 timmar sedan

    *MOOOOOOOM. what? - i cleaned the car.

  20. Patrick Poppy

    Patrick Poppy

    16 timmar sedan

    When you watch Project X for the first time

  21. Icyツ


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    Why he did he get a ticket even doe he his starting to learn

  22. 悦峰科技游戏专家


    16 timmar sedan


  23. Alex Bih

    Alex Bih

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    Project x type beat

  24. lumberjack bob

    lumberjack bob

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    Do they really need a scuba diver to attach a hook to the car? Just hold your breath for 30 sec lol

  25. D Cho

    D Cho

    22 timmar sedan


  26. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man

    23 timmar sedan

    Who needs Uber, when you can just carpool

  27. JaiPlayz


    23 timmar sedan

    What they mean by carpool

  28. Melanie Buford

    Melanie Buford

    23 timmar sedan

    “But Mom, I was just hoping for a ride in a carpool.”

  29. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan Rodriguez

    Dag sedan

    “Sir you can’t park there”

  30. SVicky Foxhome

    SVicky Foxhome

    Dag sedan


  31. Jonathan Peterson

    Jonathan Peterson

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    Damn he went all Jeremy Clarkson on it.

  32. Ship


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    If manuals were still the norm, this would’ve never happened

  33. Green Carrot

    Green Carrot

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    Now that a car pool

  34. Kameron O'Leary

    Kameron O'Leary

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    Lol do they really need scuba gear

  35. Sinners Bleed

    Sinners Bleed

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    Mommy and daddy will take care of it.

  36. Pankaj Kumar

    Pankaj Kumar

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    why didnt they just empty the pool ...?

  37. health


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    Gta irl

  38. Latrell Jennings etc

    Latrell Jennings etc

    Dag sedan

    Plot twist: he drove the car into the pool to give the pool a good cleaning instead of the other way around

  39. let's get creative diy

    let's get creative diy

    Dag sedan

    Hot summer 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Tan Santoso

    Tan Santoso

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    Florida man?

  41. Josh Manrriquez

    Josh Manrriquez

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    Well he had a splash

  42. CR


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    Bro this ain’t GTA 😭.

  43. Jake Garcia

    Jake Garcia

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    I think he took the word carpool a little to seriously

  44. Jordan Sosa

    Jordan Sosa

    Dag sedan

    If you're going to be stupid don't be half-ass stupid.. be all the way stupid.

  45. Dylan Foster

    Dylan Foster

    Dag sedan

    I don't think you could screw up any more than a hit and run when your learning to drive XD

  46. Sherwin_ Playz

    Sherwin_ Playz

    Dag sedan

    How to basic be like :

  47. Jordan C

    Jordan C

    Dag sedan

    he must have thought he was applying for his diver's license

  48. Zagan Gamer

    Zagan Gamer

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    the kid shouldn't of gotten a ticket that's beyond unfair i would of given up driving after that

  49. Charles Joelyana

    Charles Joelyana

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    Supra ??????

  50. Lacey Williams

    Lacey Williams

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    Nice driving Spongebob!

  51. Mon On

    Mon On

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    Project x vibes

  52. Waffles


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    Sorry, My zodiac sign is Libra I couldn’t help it

  53. Turki


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    It was definitly a dare

  54. James


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    Was her name YT?

  55. Señor Risgaard

    Señor Risgaard

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    We have all been there in GTA 5

  56. Vanillawastaken? #3394

    Vanillawastaken? #3394

    Dag sedan

    "Is this the carpool lane?"

  57. Otis Edwards

    Otis Edwards

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    What is this? Project x?

  58. For Dummies

    For Dummies

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    Project x

  59. Anastasia Schipper

    Anastasia Schipper

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    Talk about carpooling

  60. Rayyan Patel

    Rayyan Patel

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    Well thats dumb

  61. Operation Chicago ®

    Operation Chicago ®

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    I think he can kiss his Uber career goodbye :(

  62. Avery Chastain

    Avery Chastain

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    What dumbshit parents let his kid learn in a car like that?

  63. AD Sith lord

    AD Sith lord

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    What cartoon is that?

  64. Dr. G

    Dr. G

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    I hope it was his own pool

  65. Martin S.

    Martin S.

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    Leni: Is this the carpool lane?

  66. Sad Turn

    Sad Turn

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    W my 3k car I would’ve just left the car there and got a new one - the whole operation must’ve cost thousands:/

  67. Manson21


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    Talk about Project X.

  68. Revolutionary No.2 Chief Of Staff

    Revolutionary No.2 Chief Of Staff

    Dag sedan

    Project X

  69. Please Don't Subscribe

    Please Don't Subscribe

    Dag sedan

    reminds me of full house when Stephanie drove a car in the kitchen



    Dag sedan

    At least when hes like 90 years old telling this to his grandchildren, it will be funny..

  71. AL- BOT

    AL- BOT

    2 dagar sedan

    You need to hear the joke in the beginning of "Desperado" to understand why.

  72. SneakyMilkMan 420

    SneakyMilkMan 420

    2 dagar sedan

    Man did a bojack horseman

  73. Snowwy Private

    Snowwy Private

    2 dagar sedan

    She mad good at driving jeez

  74. Alan Rodriguez

    Alan Rodriguez

    2 dagar sedan

    What the police do ?😂😅

  75. Tony Scott

    Tony Scott

    2 dagar sedan

    She said "It took divers, police officers, fire fighters and a tow truck." What were the fire fighters and police officers doing?

  76. BMWMasterTech94


    2 dagar sedan

    This guy really wanted to use his scuba gear

  77. Night Rider

    Night Rider

    2 dagar sedan

    As always the police have to get their money, never mind that it was an accident the government is gonna step in and steal some money from you on top of all the stuff you have to pay

  78. Kaden Boam

    Kaden Boam

    2 dagar sedan

    Why didn’t they empty the pool

  79. James


    2 dagar sedan

    Infiniti driver activity🤦🏽‍♂️

  80. E- World

    E- World

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    Project x vibes

  81. OrchidOtaku


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    Wow- At least I wasn’t that bad😭😂

  82. Echo


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    If that wasn't a scramjet. It was intentional because simeon wanted it and we all destroy the cars he wants

  83. Echo


    2 dagar sedan

    Shouldn't have used the scramjet. Mors mutual put that pool there so they get the 10k yk what im sayin😏

  84. delsol2lowz


    2 dagar sedan

    When carpooling takes a whole new meaning.

  85. delsol2lowz


    2 dagar sedan

    Scuba gear for a swimming pool?

  86. Ivan Claros

    Ivan Claros

    2 dagar sedan

    Car: Let me go into the pool for a pool parti with my car besties

  87. so2bins


    2 dagar sedan

    olivia when he wasnt with the blonde girl

  88. C.W.Simpson Productions

    C.W.Simpson Productions

    2 dagar sedan

    Reminds me of that classic scene from Project X.

  89. shashi ghanwat

    shashi ghanwat

    2 dagar sedan

    Side-effects of movie... Fast and Furious 😂😂

  90. Jan Remiasz

    Jan Remiasz

    2 dagar sedan

    It was just a hot day outside in the car need to go for a little swim just a cool off right?

  91. Franz william Tan

    Franz william Tan

    2 dagar sedan

    Gladys! We have another one! (Phineas and Ferb Reference)

  92. RomanOvitts


    2 dagar sedan

    Looks like the end of project x

  93. Michael t Smitley

    Michael t Smitley

    2 dagar sedan

    You can’t park there

  94. Your Everyday Etheo

    Your Everyday Etheo

    2 dagar sedan

    Me: Mom can we get an infinity pool? Mom: no we have an infinity pool at home Infinity pool at home:

  95. Usama.


    2 dagar sedan

    Why didn't they flushed the water before?

  96. Max Pellicane

    Max Pellicane

    2 dagar sedan

    Ironic that its an infinity😂