Why SpaceX Will Move To New Thrusters To Simplify Starship


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    I just love it when he says kawaii

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    Because I told Elon he's complicating things too much. Start reducing the number of parts or say goodby to Mars colony dream.

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    Kestrel on Meth was my favorite band in college

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    10:13 - it looks like someone's face can be seen in the middle.

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    I lived about 20 miles from McGregor ... Yep heard them all the time.

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    That is a turbo-booster

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    Now some tweeker is gonna be capturing kestrels and feeding them meth thinking Elon musk is gonna pay them millions.

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    Thank you for another cogent, coherent, and human piece of reporting!

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    My favorite part kestrel on meth

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    Big Gas Thrusters makes Backdoor Asstronauts 9 look like Colonize Uranus 2

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    Why is there a face on it?

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      Somebody had a sense of humor.

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    'Hull', not 'chassis'... please....

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    Intro: gay scott manley.

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    great video Scott! BTW: is there a picture of the launch tower in the background? This is the first example I've seen with the yellow pipe structure in that configuration.

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    Public: You're not going to dump things in the ocean are you?? SLS: *sits uncomfortably*

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    They just installed Mechjeb.



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    Love the “kestrel on meth” comment - being British myself it is an excellent “double entendre” (voiced with a French accent)

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    How about hot gases RCS latency? It seems it will lag when a correction is required.

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    Anybody else think the hot gas RCS thruster looks suspiciously like a flux capacitor? encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTFFi2oC64ybUvy2eIfYBXCuxebxkDHzszMAQ&usqp=CAU

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    Another advantage is that they can pull gas that otherwise would be lost to cool the booster- and put that through a heat exchanger afterwards.

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    Excellent Video. Thank you Scott.

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    Musk should go on Virgin rocket with Branson and send Bezos a selfie, then both get on Dragon and send another from the ISS.

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    Always will be BFR, cannot see anything making that look small.

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    who is the owner of the face on that round part of the device 10:12

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    13:09 Kestral on Meth. I'm 100% that's what my local tramps in the park are also consuming. 😁😅

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    10:13 Is there a human face sricker on the rcs thruster nozzle?

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    North Jersey reaction motors made a lot of those things

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    Oh, we lost camera feed as usual on landing. Mars? Yes. Perfect landing. Celebrate. (Says the young pretty MTV like smiling only positive hosts of 2021 of course) Wake me when Elon gets to Mars and no profit in anything he does is involved.

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    Do you actually write a script, or are you just so well versed in all of these things that you can just "wing it" with a bullet list of things you want to cover? (Obviously, in the editing process you would add the graphics etc.) FYI This is supposed to be a compliment to your knowledge and wonderful UK eloquence, not a criticism of your professionalism....

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      This was almost one take - there was an edit where I changed the outro. twitter.com/djsnm/status/1414604704848388099?s=21 I didn’t write a script but I have notes to follow.

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    Did that thruster test spell out S.O.S. in Morse?

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    Should the thrusters be put into service, there will be issues with the noise - wonder if as many bleats, will come from this, as there were for Concord ?.

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    I thought there was SOME good in SpaceX and Elon Musk. But Common Sense Skeptic (CSS) and Thunderf00t and Vaush have opened my eyes even further and showed me what a worthless lying freeloading scammer Musk is & what a scam SpaceX & Boring Company & Hyperloop are.

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      @Scott Manley lmfaoo 😂 you killed him

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      CSS is a parody account you know that right?

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    SpaceX and Starlink and all of Felon Musk's idiotic time-wasting economically devastating projects should be shut down immediately. All that money wasted on this scammer & liar should go to infinitely more practical important projects with quantifiably real positive returns: 1) housing for everybody 2) education for everybody 3) healthcare for everybody 4) carbon capture plants like ClimeWorks 5) biocultured meat to put an end to factory farming 6) war against factory farming 7) war for antinatalist animal rights 8) longevity extension research like the Foresight Institute

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    Is it to stopping it going boom boom?

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    I would think piping diameter would provide a clue of Gas verses Liquid thruster. Liquid lines usually being smaller.

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    Kestrel on meth lol

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    See the little face in the middle of the configuration

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    SpaceX should recover these test articles,...if they don't someone will, maybe China. Remember, Blue Origin when to some links to recover F1 engine from the bottom of the ocean, such salve could benefit any would be rocket enthusiasts.

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    Iain Banks' political stance has been termed "left of centre".[32] He was an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society and a Distinguished Supporter of the Humanist Society Scotland. As a signatory to the Declaration of Calton Hill,[33] he supported Scottish independence.[34] In November 2012, Banks backed the campaign group emerging from the Radical Independence Conference held in that month. He opined that the independence movement was marked by cooperation: "Scots just seem to be more communitarian than the consensus expressed by the UK population as a whole."

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    why is gateway propulsion and halo element (or power and propulsion element) to be launched by nasa on falcon heavy for gateway moon space station not first launched for iss to boost the iss us segment after russia retires russian iss segment and possibly deorbit them so that atleast the us segment remains in leo till a proper space station like axiom or bigelow are made, the propulsion an halo element on iss i think must work like zarya and zvezda on russian side that is to reboost iss like progress vehicles, the propellant will be transferred by a cargo dragon or cygnus or in near future dream chaser cargo variant and this may keep the iss us segment in place till around 2035 or 2040. moreover why the russian are leaving iss due to functionality problems like leaks in zvezda (like the reasons like making ross or lunar station with china) but thats the problem with russian segment no problem in us segment, i think propulsion element must be added to iss

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    Ahh of course they switched to meth Side note: If you start this video and press 0 every half second you get a pretty cool beat

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    thats ben shapiro. hot gas analogy?..

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    you had me at monomethylhydrazene and nitrogentetraoxide.

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    There must be an old oil tanker near Hawai to use as a landing platform? Not for reuse but for diagnostics?

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    I really need to see a MEGA HEAVY configuration with another heavy booster strapped to each side like a falcon heavy.....

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    A full cryo test before a test fire would be smart. The partial test that was done did not fill the tanks as evidenced by the small/low frost line. Cold gas does not conduct/remove heat like filling with liquid. They need to cryotest all the welds with liquid nitrogen at the least before loading with liquid methane and liquid oxygen.

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    great video Scott

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    Using methane and oxygen for the hot gas thrusters (turning on and off quickly and often) what ignites the mixture each time?

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    Thank you for this video. The information is incredible. Love it.

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    * Methstrel

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    I just want to say that even now, whenever I see the name “Absolutely No You-Know-What” I still laugh. Those names are genius (as are the Culture books). RIP Iain M. Banks.

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    I love that shot of Dragon firing it’s attitude control, but it just reminds me of KSP when you turn on SAS and the damn thing just burns through 80% of your propellant trying to correct for half a percent of a second of deviation from your set heading!

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    please the name of the ending music. I wan to hear it all day

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    Another reason for the RCS to use the main fuel is refueling. They wont have to do anything different to refuel their RCS on other worlds.

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    having a gas expansion tank before feeding into an engine, could that be used in the future for more efficicent engines? you wouldn't be able to run the engine as hard or as long but you'd prolly get amazing specific impulse, especially if you aren't just blowing unburnt fuel into space

    • The Jimmy Dore Show ™

      The Jimmy Dore Show ™

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    • The Jimmy Dore Show ™

      The Jimmy Dore Show ™

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    • The Jimmy Dore Show ™

      The Jimmy Dore Show ™

      11 dagar sedan

      T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g F..o.r m.o.r.e g.u.i.d.a.n.c.e +1...-9...-1...-7....-8..-7..-7..-7..-9..-0..-3 W•A•T•S•A••+P••^^%%++

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    I think SG1 used that device to dial the 8th Chevron.

    • The Jimmy Dore Show ™

      The Jimmy Dore Show ™

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    It’s an RCS thruster currently on booster 3. Are you asking about Starship hypothetically? There’s no way to know if this type of thruster will go on Starships too.

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    Both the booster and starship will not be recovered? What was the point of the just completed starship landing tests?

  60. Steve Richter

    Steve Richter

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    How does the liquid fuel stay liquid during long time periods of space flight. Does refrigeration use a lot of energy?

    • Kieron Taylor

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      Once compressed to liquid state, an equilibrium is established where the liquid no longer vapourises because of a matching pressure from the vapour. As long as the tank can take the pressure of any vapour component the liquid will remain so. Heat increases that pressure, but as long as the tank contains it everything is fine and most of the content remains liquid. For cryogenic fuels/oxidisers, the problem will start to manifest over time because cooling things is expensive in vacuum, but vacuum is a good insulator and you can decouple your hot surfaces from your liquid tanks to an extent.

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    You mean: HOW does this make it easier?

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    (13:08) - "Kestrel on meth" ??? Hahaha - I just lost a few cornflakes.

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    Great pressy as usual... hey what gives with the FCC not certifying the giant tower? They making me mad.

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    Lol hentai lover confirmed 1:48-1:54 I'm just joking, I think 🤞

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    If they don't recover it then someone else will. Probably the US Government but don't put it past China trying to swindle it.

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    Whose face is that?

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    Imagine being able to build and name a barge to reassure your wife that your marriage isn't dead lol

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    What is that face stuck on it?

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    Why he saying he still loves me?

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    rather sick pf hearing this first fleahop as orbital flight' it is _not_ it isnt even going to be close, the best it can be called is a suborbital flight

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    4:35 10:00

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    Good show, good info Scott. 🚀👍

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    Hack the planet!

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    Terrific insight to the wrkings of new SpaceX boosters and why they look the way they do.

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    Are we sure Elon isn't offering/demonstrating our rocket tech to the ocean alien/ufo species?

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    I would really like to see the static fire when it has about 30 raptors... that should be a sight to behold...

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    they should definitely come up with a tripropellant setup, so that they can drift around with a gas, gas, gas! setup

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    Simplify, simplify, simplify. Musk uses the same logic by using an electric motor to power his cars. An automobile engine must convert vertical motion to circular motion. The electric motor is 90% efficient, although I wonder of the efficiency rating of the newest electric motor, I am sure the efficiency has improved, while the auto engine tries to run near 29/30% efficient. Some may say that this is not the same, however, when you remove complexity to do the same thing, you improve reliability.

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    "this looks likely to be the hit has version" typo is best.

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    You're in a Spaceship. You're flying back to Earth. You want to “Land” in Antarctica so you naturally head for the “Bottom” of the Globe. Please explain how you can “Land UPSIDE DOWN”. Hold a Basketball in one hand, and pretend your other hand is a Spaceship. Now land your Spaceship on the “bottom” of the globe “right side up”... The World is not a Globe. Outer Space is pretend for Adults. It doesn't exist. It's all Pseudo (FAKE) Science. Lies actually.

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      thats not how planetary gravity works you idiot, the earth constantly pulls you towards the core of the earth so landing at antartica is like landing anywhere else

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    Are we gonna see a tower on the semi submersable The Mighty Servent??? Thank me later Elon ;-)

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    "Some guy called Elon Musk"

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    would you use these hot gas thrustes to land on the moon?

  84. Matt B

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    Im curious how you ensure fluid pickup by the pumps in space? Under G force, the pickups will packed with fuel to the pump pickups, but in space the fluid can just float around, how are they dealing with this?

  85. invisiblekincajou


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    Propulsion and RCS with same fuel components (hypergolics) were used on Apollo lunar modules. Despite separated fuel tanks, could be valved/combined together (it was possible to pass main propulsion fuel to RCS , afaik, but not vice versa).

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    Generations of Red Snapper and Amberjack are going to love their new Starship Stage homes!

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    1:41 "Kawaii" -Scott Manley, 2021

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    Not a gizmo. It's a dewsie what's it.

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    Everytime I notice this, I'm always happy to see Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern on the bookshelf behind Scott.

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    Could they just use autogenous pressurization? Have some of the boiled off propellants from the booster's engines feed into gas tanks towards the interstage, essentially filling the tanks as it ascends

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    This video was a gas. Well done.

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    In his papers on precision landing, Lars Blackmore (Principal Rocket Landing Engineer at SpaceX, www.larsblackmore.com/iee_tcst13.pdf ) mentions SOCP-problems (second-order cone program) and CVX/CVXPY-SEDUMI openish source software, that could be another route...

  93. SRFirefox


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    Hey Scott! I don't know of any tech demos in US history besides Morpheus that used cryogenic reaction control, but I believe Buran's RCS systems were either liquid-liquid or liquid-gas Syntin/LOX systems, as were its 17D12 (RD-58) OMS engines. And folks say it was "just" a copy!

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    Gas-gas-gas. Do you like my rocket?

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    Is that ben shapiro?

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    Maybe SpaceX could pull a "Wrong Way Corrigan" trick and accidentally send the Starship on multiple orbits of Earth so that it could be recovered on land.

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    I can hardly wait until Elon gets back from Mars so he can be President!

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    "Of Course I Still Kerbal..."

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    The 420 (BN4 + SN20) take off and water landing would be awesome ..and yes I think they will do it this year One now expects them to do the impossible And thanks for explaining those side thrusters. It is amazing to learn that these guys are creating new stuff that has never been done before as they go along. But then, of course! Who has ever imagined that we could have a space craft that can carry 100 people to a different planet !!

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    BFR? Big F#@&!NG Rocket? lol