MUST WATCH! Norris and Ricciardo race Zak Brown around Silverstone! 🏎️

McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Ricciardo take on the boss, Zak Brown, racing GTR’s around Silverstone! Who will come out on top?
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  1. Dan


    16 timmar sedan

    That Happy Gilmore quote by Danny... Hahah

  2. Pék Backer

    Pék Backer

    18 timmar sedan

    i cant wait till it gets a real race! i mean add the other teams too ...

  3. P H

    P H

    19 timmar sedan

    Think you'd be hard pushed to have 3 better guests round for dinner.

  4. dheeraj Rao

    dheeraj Rao

    20 timmar sedan

    Ricciardo with FF reference

  5. DADDY


    Dag sedan

    Ah Electric mclarens with no revs, made my day 😐

  6. Keith Lewis

    Keith Lewis

    Dag sedan

    What are they using the steering wheel button for?

  7. jBank


    Dag sedan

    who's idea was it to put a racetrack in great Britain? i mean, come on.

  8. Cloxxki


    Dag sedan

    What did McLaren do to RIC's car? Summer semi-slicks, high pressure?

  9. Vivaan Menon

    Vivaan Menon

    Dag sedan

    Why does Daniel keep saying it’s his “first day on the job”

  10. Jameel Ja

    Jameel Ja

    Dag sedan

    It's so weird to hear an American accent in F1.

  11. supercheesy107


    Dag sedan

    Absolutely horrible video editing on this one

  12. BritonslGaming


    Dag sedan

    2:53 Lando before every race.

  13. Hanabi Senju

    Hanabi Senju

    Dag sedan

    Toretto lmao! We could be such good friends if Daniel is just a normal colleague of mine

  14. Phil B

    Phil B

    Dag sedan

    What's Landos car ??

  15. Onkar Indurkar

    Onkar Indurkar

    Dag sedan

    Make every video available in every country. Such annoyance. Your ham vs max crash vidoe isn't. WTF?

  16. Kenan Palangic

    Kenan Palangic

    2 dagar sedan

    Ricciardo's laugh = Mickey Mouse.

  17. noenic


    2 dagar sedan

    13:34 Nop Daniel, you got it, Man of culture, How did the other guy not know that

  18. MoOnkey


    2 dagar sedan

    Love Lando and Ricciardo, Stay focus and holde youre love/fun to race

  19. A. C.

    A. C.

    2 dagar sedan

    useless fake video

  20. pear7777


    2 dagar sedan

    I saw Zak in the Goodwood, being a bit down for not driving an F1, b/c he's too heavy, he should definitly loose that ball, and have fun, like Mr Penske did. He's one of the best.

  21. Basssie22


    3 dagar sedan

    Lando simply seeping in some moms spaghetti

  22. Colton COnverse

    Colton COnverse

    3 dagar sedan

    Zak is a legend “Not sure I’m gonna make it to turn two but I’m going to be fast through turn 1” he killed me

    • minij hooi

      minij hooi

      2 dagar sedan

      Zak “My tyres are gone”’ Proceeds fastest lap

  23. WooFer Nando

    WooFer Nando

    3 dagar sedan

    Omg someone heeelp. SONG NAME? The french one.

  24. Brogy !

    Brogy !

    3 dagar sedan

    Zac in a GT car and the boys in road cars 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Jasonz W

    Jasonz W

    3 dagar sedan


  26. J W

    J W

    3 dagar sedan

    What a great team :)

  27. Gabriel Caramet

    Gabriel Caramet

    3 dagar sedan

    Hahaha I can't stop laughing

  28. PGR Flames

    PGR Flames

    3 dagar sedan

    10:13 zak letting out his inner Lewis (sets fastest lap)

  29. fastcougar3200


    3 dagar sedan

    Of course, they gave the slowest car to the fastest driver.

  30. Marco Dössegger

    Marco Dössegger

    3 dagar sedan

    LN: "on the surface you look calm already' DR: "My knees are weak Lando" LN: "My arms are heavy"

  31. NickRandom


    4 dagar sedan

    I liked Zak’s little Hamilton dig :)

  32. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    4 dagar sedan

    shops and shove golf clubs in…. Anyway, great film, the Mercedes one was better organised, but these guys are all about having fun, so I’ll let that go. Zack is way too cool….

  33. GloomGaiGar


    4 dagar sedan

    Should've given Zak a Senna :)

  34. PlanesTrainsAutos


    4 dagar sedan

    Yo’ Lando’s laugh cracks me up lol

  35. Frank Hahn

    Frank Hahn

    4 dagar sedan

    to funny

    • Ask to seduce Miss

      Ask to seduce Miss

      4 dagar sedan

      Such a great video thank you

  36. hockysa


    4 dagar sedan

    i am utterly disappointed that none of them got Danny's fast and furious jokes.

  37. Rocky #RipVon

    Rocky #RipVon

    4 dagar sedan

    Zak “My tyres are gone”’ Proceeds fastest lap

  38. hockysa


    4 dagar sedan

    mom's spaghetti

  39. Madover Racing

    Madover Racing

    4 dagar sedan

    Amazing trio... super talented in both driving and having fun

  40. Mickey Chin Yoon Fui

    Mickey Chin Yoon Fui

    5 dagar sedan

    Daniel's a drifter now hahahaah🤣🤣🤣

  41. abdullah el mahayni

    abdullah el mahayni

    5 dagar sedan

    Although mclaren have the two jokers i have to say the Mercedes one was funnier

  42. melanie roberts

    melanie roberts

    5 dagar sedan

    Having McLaren back is great, as everyone know's, they used to be the best. It's great watching Ric, Norris and Zak having a great day and relationship as a team. Ace. Love Zak calling Lando Jr.

  43. missouri mongoose

    missouri mongoose

    5 dagar sedan

    Danny sounds like Mickey mouse when he laughed lol

  44. m J

    m J

    5 dagar sedan

    Did Daniel say family

  45. Ryan L

    Ryan L

    5 dagar sedan

    I want the red bull team to race Honda odyssey’s

  46. Reg Hunter

    Reg Hunter

    5 dagar sedan

    Lando is pretty cocky this year don't like it and Riccardo has to stop laughing all the time cuz it aint funny ... and yess i can demand this because i pay to watch f1 but not for these jokers...I hope they read this and take it seriously

    • Reg Hunter

      Reg Hunter

      Dag sedan

      @Papillon nope just being arrogant, for me the fun about him is gone but lets see what happens with Ferrari moving up the ranks demoting McLaren to p7 or higher. I guess we are gonna see a different lando a full on crying and complaining lando.

    • Papillon


      2 dagar sedan

      Cocky? He is more serious, nothing "cocky" about that. I thought you don't want to pay for "jokers" 🤔 People's perception, as usual 🙄

  47. RumbleBelly


    5 dagar sedan

    MUST SEE = no see. bye.



    5 dagar sedan

    Where's the engine sounds? 😑

  49. jbcreate


    5 dagar sedan

    my favorite team in F1, doesnt feel like a fake friendship at all, great work with McLaren Zak

  50. Aubrey Crowder

    Aubrey Crowder

    5 dagar sedan

    Such a great video thank you

  51. J


    5 dagar sedan

    Danny ric is really uncomfortable with McLarens

  52. Lila


    5 dagar sedan


  53. your mother

    your mother

    5 dagar sedan

    it's dumb that they are racing 3 different cars

  54. ggtquehdh


    5 dagar sedan

    What cars were they each driving?

  55. Aaltje van Dellen

    Aaltje van Dellen

    6 dagar sedan

    Lando is joking around in a 200 mile car and Daniel is spinnin like crazy😂😂

  56. lordquackalot


    6 dagar sedan

    Zak won with the power of family

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      5 dagar sedan

      And they say Eminem isn’t international pfffft



    6 dagar sedan

    grande el Piojo Herrera

  58. X.Aminimunk.Roblox.X


    6 dagar sedan

    Ric: “this car is to fast” Me: “don’t you like sit in 1 of the fastest car in the world normally when your on work???”

  59. K. Z.

    K. Z.

    6 dagar sedan

    Why mask lol

  60. Daniel world

    Daniel world

    6 dagar sedan

    Daniel: this thing is fast I’m scared Lando:after everything you drive a f1 car and your scared of this

  61. Steven C

    Steven C

    6 dagar sedan

    Lewis would dominate them in a civic

  62. Nick Mascitti

    Nick Mascitti

    6 dagar sedan

    i love danny ric just drifting, not giving a care in the world if he wins, just having fun

  63. Carter Milburn

    Carter Milburn

    6 dagar sedan

    this looks like the most fun you can have with your 2 closest friends

  64. Sam Perry

    Sam Perry

    6 dagar sedan

    Lando wearing the watch that go stolen at Wembley!

    • Papillon


      2 dagar sedan

      This was filmed way before that

  65. Philip Wächter

    Philip Wächter

    6 dagar sedan

    After Zak's "i think my tires are gone" i just waited for someone to say "we're checking"

  66. Charles Mannheimer

    Charles Mannheimer

    6 dagar sedan

    when was this recorded because daniel keeps saying it was the first day on the job

  67. Squiiz


    6 dagar sedan

    imagine aston martin doin it

  68. Justin Davies

    Justin Davies

    6 dagar sedan

    love the personalized plates with each drivers initials, not a bad company car upgrade for DR going from a Megane to a 720S

  69. Nathaniel Praveen

    Nathaniel Praveen

    6 dagar sedan

    Background track name?

  70. Brian Hernandez

    Brian Hernandez

    6 dagar sedan

    And they say Eminem isn’t international pfffft

  71. Joel van der Voet

    Joel van der Voet

    6 dagar sedan

    zac brown i just hit 380 kliks ....? no you didnt

  72. Roy Lammens

    Roy Lammens

    6 dagar sedan

    Has Zak considered doing Endurance? He'd be pretty good there!

  73. Luis Medina

    Luis Medina

    6 dagar sedan

    Torreto 😂😂😂



    6 dagar sedan

    Why doesn't it rain during race day

  75. Jordan Wilbanks

    Jordan Wilbanks

    6 dagar sedan

    I like how Daniel Riccardo as a mickey mouse laugh this whole video LUL

  76. outlaw2448


    6 dagar sedan

    I love Danny's "Happy Gilmore" quote at the end. Was pulling for Lando all the way.

  77. dennis Greevink

    dennis Greevink

    6 dagar sedan

    next year charles VS sainz VS sbinotto????

  78. Eric Sterneld

    Eric Sterneld

    6 dagar sedan

    why is Lando taking so many jabs at ricardo?

  79. skillbrother


    6 dagar sedan

    Just imagine driving one od these cars. Then imagive driving it on track.

  80. Mari Hove

    Mari Hove

    6 dagar sedan

    What model is zak driving? Edit: He’s driving a P1 GTR

  81. Wingbar


    7 dagar sedan

    “Not sure if I’ll get to Turn 2 but I’m gonna be fast through Turn 1” Zak is hilarious 😂

  82. Elian Tonietti

    Elian Tonietti

    7 dagar sedan

    "oh no, he's ran out of talent"

  83. Andres Menon

    Andres Menon

    7 dagar sedan

    You should do a race between Horner, Brown and Wolff

  84. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    7 dagar sedan

    2:08 Daniel imitates a 4 time world champion 10:13 Zak imitates a 7 time world champion

  85. Alex


    7 dagar sedan

    Mom’s spaghetti.

  86. Connor B

    Connor B

    7 dagar sedan

    What cars are those?

  87. Sameed Ahmad

    Sameed Ahmad

    7 dagar sedan


  88. Istiaq Ahammed

    Istiaq Ahammed

    7 dagar sedan

    Which model was lando driving?

    • Mari Hove

      Mari Hove

      6 dagar sedan


    • opzz xsin

      opzz xsin

      7 dagar sedan

      Norris is the Mclaren's Verstappen.

  89. Les Shrubb

    Les Shrubb

    7 dagar sedan

    If ever the Beeb were looking for new Top Gear presenters, I think I've found them.

  90. Sam M

    Sam M

    7 dagar sedan

    This team is a good collection of personalities that seem to click well with each other

  91. sSoreneSs


    7 dagar sedan

    I wonder what Redbull is going to drive Honda Civics

  92. Alexander Ivory-Brown

    Alexander Ivory-Brown

    7 dagar sedan

    Dan is struggling out here but I am for it. He is still perfect, Honey Badger Company!

  93. Laviolette Racing

    Laviolette Racing

    7 dagar sedan

    Live these videos!

  94. just loreine

    just loreine

    7 dagar sedan

    Love this but with Carlos this would have me rolling on the floor laughing 💯😂

  95. mrawesomelemons


    7 dagar sedan

    Alternate title: Three friends having a nice afternoon

  96. Young Yang

    Young Yang

    7 dagar sedan

    McLaren is a very tricky car to drive and operate. It'll Daniel a season or two to adjust, but he'll get there. McLaren has the potential for podium and pole position for this sesason.

  97. Young Yang

    Young Yang

    7 dagar sedan


  98. Someone


    7 dagar sedan

    No reverse gear?? Wtf?

  99. NurJupiter


    7 dagar sedan

    Mclaren, how nice do you want to be ? Mclaren : yes

  100. K PhaNTOM

    K PhaNTOM

    7 dagar sedan

    Always raining... Always.