$50 VS $5000 Blindfolded Alcohol Taste Test

Can we tell the difference between expensive and cheap alcohol? Let's find out!
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  1. Eric Aguilar

    Eric Aguilar

    2 timmar sedan

    Look at that little character on chads overalls

  2. Tommie


    2 timmar sedan

    Yo don’t know if max and Chad will see this but is there anyway of getting a cold one neon sign to the uk . They look so fucking cool and would love to have one on my wall

  3. Sollow Patrickson

    Sollow Patrickson

    3 timmar sedan

    What a production quality. Only 2 wine bottles in a show where the hosts gets drunk all the time on camera. And not enough printed pieces of toilet paper for A & B labels. Also, "Expensive food snobs" can huff the ass of Chad and think it's expensive cheese. Tell them it cost a lot of money and they'll love anything.

  4. TFNA Peter Bays

    TFNA Peter Bays

    3 timmar sedan

    If my camera guy did that to my 5000 dollar bottle of scotch, I would shoot him.

  5. Kylie Griffin

    Kylie Griffin

    5 timmar sedan

    “It doesn’t chad,we’re just pigs” I quote that I now devote in my daily life.

  6. cody wells

    cody wells

    6 timmar sedan

    Loui 13 not 8 😂

  7. Nioi Sama

    Nioi Sama

    7 timmar sedan

    we need sean evans on cold ones

  8. Alex Hughes

    Alex Hughes

    8 timmar sedan


  9. Lucas Marier

    Lucas Marier

    9 timmar sedan

    react to tlc now thats a good video idea

  10. Corrupt Caker

    Corrupt Caker

    11 timmar sedan

    I saw a yellow tail by the side of the road full of piss

  11. Cory Absher

    Cory Absher

    11 timmar sedan

    Louis XIII.....Yeah Louis the 8th

  12. Noah Gilbert

    Noah Gilbert

    13 timmar sedan

    Do you guys have free stuff you could send me?

  13. Jake Dunning

    Jake Dunning

    14 timmar sedan


  14. Jacob MacDonald

    Jacob MacDonald

    14 timmar sedan

    how does one become a guest on this show?

  15. big willy

    big willy

    15 timmar sedan

    There is no alcohol on the earth that deserves to be over priced at $1,000 that is literally insane and you're a fool for drinking it

  16. NathanaelWiebe


    16 timmar sedan

    The cognac on had my loling

  17. xXkazieXx


    17 timmar sedan

    I thought max died🤣 I remember mail time bros now he’s got some pubs on his lip

  18. ItsMorgP


    18 timmar sedan

    chads tips were all fucking bad lmao

  19. FIB


    20 timmar sedan

    Chad steal maxes organs to buy and taste test the oldest uncorked wine ever found nearing 2000 year old uncorked wine from Rome😂

  20. MrCheese4cake


    20 timmar sedan

    Why does the title say blindfolded when nobody is blindfolded???

  21. John You

    John You

    21 timme sedan

    Wow 😨

  22. Dan M

    Dan M

    22 timmar sedan

    I wish I could wear winter clothes in July :(

  23. Roberto Bedolla

    Roberto Bedolla

    23 timmar sedan

    I love watching these guys drink

  24. Sam Faulkner

    Sam Faulkner

    Dag sedan

    now I know why Aussies drink so much beer, $27 USD for Smirnoff is damn expensive. That's $18 for 1.75 liters here. And that's not the cheapest stuff lol

  25. Jake Lawrance

    Jake Lawrance

    Dag sedan

    I always warch cold ones while drunk, ir enhances rje experoemce

  26. luis123610


    Dag sedan

    Is this “bad un-mythical night?” Btw some cheap tequila goes down smoother and tastes better than other expensive ones. All they sell is the name. Edit: Plus some mexican people sip on a “caballito”, which is a bigger sized shot glass for tequila. Edit: Plus fock yall

  27. Dikku Butt

    Dikku Butt

    Dag sedan

    "It's been stored for 40 years" "Yeah all are fans were not even the life then"

  28. full autos

    full autos

    Dag sedan

    i mean anthony’s not dead but his career sure is

  29. Cory Hall

    Cory Hall

    Dag sedan

    Ouch. Jameson costs 50 AUD or almost 37 USD over there? Its like 22 or 23 USD here in the states. (~30 AUD)

  30. Dustin Israel

    Dustin Israel

    Dag sedan

    I literally subbed cuz I didn't know max was on this!

  31. Devin Connell

    Devin Connell

    Dag sedan

    God bless the people that edit this nonsense. XD

  32. Rob M

    Rob M

    Dag sedan

    Next podcast can we get pyrocynical back? Theyre very pretty. Thank you. I have snaids.

  33. Famously Famous

    Famously Famous

    Dag sedan

    Anyone notice the x is a ten not a five a v is a five

  34. bluntoker420


    Dag sedan

    What a dumb shit, I’ll never watch this again if they don’t fire that guy. They never said toss it

  35. iNotsuoh


    Dag sedan

    I wasn't jealous until they got to the scotch.

  36. Joako Arrivillaga

    Joako Arrivillaga

    Dag sedan


  37. Luke Downey

    Luke Downey

    Dag sedan

    try buzz balls!!!! pweaseeeeeee

  38. IC3 CR3AM

    IC3 CR3AM

    Dag sedan

    whcih smirnoff ever would cost 37 aud? in denmark they don't even cost 20 hahaha

  39. xNiiiCoLaSx


    Dag sedan

    The pink carbon repressingly last because dew microbiologically rhyme across a deadpan workshop. meek, juicy algeria

  40. Wun Two

    Wun Two

    Dag sedan

    Prezoh those bottle transitions where really cool

  41. Navi


    Dag sedan

    11:00 oh look, the bottle is a nice little fella with a hat

  42. lil taky

    lil taky

    Dag sedan

    You're honestly terrible at guessing drinks, thought yall were better alchoholics Should have picked the ones you would rather take the shot of

  43. Cristian Luca

    Cristian Luca

    Dag sedan

    Global warming is a serious threat to humankind, I must complain

  44. Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy

    Dag sedan

    Coupla Dogs

  45. George


    Dag sedan

    wtf you got bundi wrong

  46. George


    Dag sedan

    I'm an acholic connoisseur

  47. George


    Dag sedan

    GLENISH do be soo good

  48. superlambmilkshake


    2 dagar sedan

    PLastic hat

  49. Jeff Rick

    Jeff Rick

    2 dagar sedan

    Plastic aids

  50. Nelson Wong

    Nelson Wong

    2 dagar sedan

    Of course people can tell the difference between extremely cheap vs extremely expensive. The skills is differentiating between $75 to $150 vs $500 to $1000

  51. RustedWolf 0

    RustedWolf 0

    2 dagar sedan

    You guys need to get Johnny sins or markiplier in a video

  52. Alex J Tanguay

    Alex J Tanguay

    2 dagar sedan

    Damn and I thought Canadian prices were high; $28.75 for a bottle of Smirnoff where I’m from

  53. mojo bandito

    mojo bandito

    2 dagar sedan

    hey totally not related but i saw someone who looked like chad (?) and forced my brother to yell “Are You ANYTHING4VIewS?!” i’m a fake fan

  54. theredpanda1317


    2 dagar sedan

    Wow that's a cold one

  55. SweeLow PRO

    SweeLow PRO

    2 dagar sedan

    Im complaining about anything.

  56. Maniacal Matt

    Maniacal Matt

    2 dagar sedan

    Get Donut Operator on Cold Ones!

  57. Thomas Denney

    Thomas Denney

    2 dagar sedan

    Production issues like not having enough b's on a drinking show. They didn't forget the drinks though O.O

  58. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    2 dagar sedan

    Anthony from smosh whiskey prolly would taste like shit

  59. TheBlondeDon


    2 dagar sedan

    Tell Chad to look up his name on the urban Dictionary 🤣

  60. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow Dragon

    2 dagar sedan

    that's what the damask Rose

  61. Alex Mendez

    Alex Mendez

    2 dagar sedan

    that’s prezoh that’s quality

  62. Lane Hancock CCO

    Lane Hancock CCO

    2 dagar sedan

    They got fucking hammered in this video 😂



    2 dagar sedan

    plastic hat

  64. ZBT


    2 dagar sedan

    I don't know who your editor is but I love them because they are amazing

  65. Cole Holloway

    Cole Holloway

    2 dagar sedan

    these guys are funny as fuck love the editing style too

  66. James Iron

    James Iron

    2 dagar sedan

    Why's Chad look so black

  67. Bobby Spivey

    Bobby Spivey

    2 dagar sedan

    Some tequila knowledge, silver or blanco tequila just means it is clear.

  68. Hunor Moczó

    Hunor Moczó

    2 dagar sedan

    Bro I get that whiskey in Russia for 1000$

  69. epic feminist

    epic feminist

    2 dagar sedan

    I am complaining about something

  70. manni805


    2 dagar sedan

    8:43 literally says silver tequila, and then says 1942 is clear and still gets the answer wrong 😂😂 I loveeee it lolol

  71. S0sab0ys


    2 dagar sedan

    Crystal bee

  72. Skeleton432


    2 dagar sedan

    "cheap alcohol" "$50"

  73. Alistocracy


    3 dagar sedan

    The cheap one literally had silver in the name lmao

  74. Kevin Peixes

    Kevin Peixes

    3 dagar sedan

    I dont like Deez's hat

  75. Andrew Dickinson

    Andrew Dickinson

    3 dagar sedan

    $5,000 scotch box “And then you put your weed in it” lmao

  76. KJ The Ronin

    KJ The Ronin

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm a huge stoner but u guys make me wanna drink more🤣

  77. Dude Man

    Dude Man

    3 dagar sedan

    Plastic hat bc when ur done being an alcoholic u can wear the hat

  78. Tavonga J. Madzingira

    Tavonga J. Madzingira

    3 dagar sedan

    Remy Martin: XIII cold ones: this must be 8

  79. Govinda Rampersaud

    Govinda Rampersaud

    3 dagar sedan

    no new video this week ?

  80. JennxRose


    3 dagar sedan

    7:57 why is chad eating corn on the cob? lmaooooooo

  81. Uplifted life

    Uplifted life

    3 dagar sedan

    Yeah these are honestly the only two SE-oners that I wanna meet and chill with. These are so funny before they are even drunk

  82. Gavyn Anderson

    Gavyn Anderson

    3 dagar sedan

    I ain’t gay but if chad keeps dressing like a rapper with designer clothes then i might just gotta give him head

  83. Shane J

    Shane J

    3 dagar sedan

    I am so stressed. Do a cigar one next, then I can have a heart attack

  84. Jakob Cormier

    Jakob Cormier

    3 dagar sedan

    @ColdOnes, Video Idea: Get a super expensive magic kit and get drunk and try and do magic🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Emily An

    Emily An

    3 dagar sedan

    Chad's hair looks like Joe Dirt's surgical replacement wig at the end of the movie

  86. intellectual


    3 dagar sedan

    plastic hat gang

  87. Tanner Richardson

    Tanner Richardson

    3 dagar sedan

    You guys should get Game Grumps or Schlatt on the Talk show



    3 dagar sedan

    Quite possibly the funniest episode yet 🤣

  89. Alexander Brewer

    Alexander Brewer

    3 dagar sedan

    God that paint thinner smell really gives me good memories. Me and my buddy drink whole bottles of that together

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      3 dagar sedan

      Chad looking like Bray Wyatt as the fiend.

  90. Phisher DeRidder

    Phisher DeRidder

    3 dagar sedan

    Lmao peep ian

  91. King Banana

    King Banana

    3 dagar sedan

    this gave me SNAIDS

  92. Copilote


    3 dagar sedan

    Plastic hat maaaaaannnn

  93. Paper Hat

    Paper Hat

    3 dagar sedan

    Its a disheartening day to be a liquorland employee

  94. xTreeLine


    3 dagar sedan

    i love how the trajectory on scott's bottle throw was like, directly towards max's face

  95. Jack Booker

    Jack Booker

    3 dagar sedan

    When Max said “this is why we are relatable” we all felt that. Quality ass hilarious “relatable” videos 😂😂

    • Leeks


      3 dagar sedan

      Where is their new video 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

  96. LudaChez


    3 dagar sedan

    Do you guys say Skull for taking a shot or chugging? That's fucking awesome and metal. We just say taking a shot here in the US. Fucking lame.

  97. canned soup

    canned soup

    4 dagar sedan

    Get Ice and Asian Andy on your podcast together. I don't care if you want to escape that time in your life or not..i would actually watch that. It's not like you're ever getting Joe Rogan levels of guests anyway(no offense)

  98. Monique Barker

    Monique Barker

    4 dagar sedan

    the roman numerals struggle hahahah its the 13th!

  99. Lacolas Productions

    Lacolas Productions

    4 dagar sedan

    After much consideration, I think I would have to go with the crystal bee. While the plastic novelty hat could maybe serve more of a purpose in the long run, the spectacle that is that bee is too good to ignore.