Why Singapore Loves Mosquitoes


  1. Titilayo Shitta

    Titilayo Shitta

    14 minuter sedan

    But only lady mosquitoes bite you

  2. Cøzy Cats123

    Cøzy Cats123

    Timme sedan

    *i am singaporean and i do not like mosqitoes they scare me but i guess those mosqitoes arent to be scared of*

  3. LGND


    Timme sedan

    The world: “alright Singapore WW3 is starting, what weapons do you have?” Singapore: “Mosquito Gun”

  4. Thomas Ng

    Thomas Ng

    Timme sedan

    I live in Singapore as a kid and I hate them so much

  5. Akhileshwar Sharma

    Akhileshwar Sharma

    2 timmar sedan

    This only Proves that Singapore is the Future

  6. The Emperor's Gameplay

    The Emperor's Gameplay

    2 timmar sedan

    Finally, I can pet an insect

  7. G4M3RBØY0211


    3 timmar sedan

    Fighting fire with fire

  8. Beth Chia

    Beth Chia

    3 timmar sedan

    Once I see a mosquito, I immediately kill it

  9. theassassin 6644

    theassassin 6644

    3 timmar sedan

    I guess I treated you to harshly 🦟

  10. NoobWithNoSkill


    3 timmar sedan

    Remember when thanos said i used stones to destroy the stones

  11. Jay VideoGames Reynolds

    Jay VideoGames Reynolds

    4 timmar sedan

    ... ... ... •_•

  12. Rahul Ahmed

    Rahul Ahmed

    4 timmar sedan

    *Everyone : Good mosquito*😑 *Me : what about their noise😒 Give me my likes😄

  13. Kellisa George

    Kellisa George

    5 timmar sedan

    I need this *NOW* I have mosquitoes in my room and idk how to get rid of them 😭

  14. Ryan Yeo

    Ryan Yeo

    6 timmar sedan

    That’s true cos I am in singapore

  15. hey


    7 timmar sedan

    Singapore loves mosquitos Me as a Singaporean:*sees mosquito*time to die I guess

  16. Chester Ulysses Sayat

    Chester Ulysses Sayat

    8 timmar sedan

    I really hate mosquito 🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟

  17. Irdina Bharati

    Irdina Bharati

    9 timmar sedan

    I live in Singapore finally he has a tik tok that says Singapore yay

  18. Darzella Elise Zaragoza

    Darzella Elise Zaragoza

    9 timmar sedan

    I have a bite Everyday for two years, yes I had mosquito bites for two years :)

  19. John Daniel Rivera

    John Daniel Rivera

    9 timmar sedan

    After this singapore will have flying cars by now

  20. Sekroy's Sektor

    Sekroy's Sektor

    10 timmar sedan

    Oh like my good dose of biological warfare against mosquitoes

  21. Icifyイシフィー


    10 timmar sedan

    I think some of the came to Malaysia

  22. • Cary Crocodile •

    • Cary Crocodile •

    10 timmar sedan

    Now I wanna live there lol

  23. ꧁Ølivia꧂


    12 timmar sedan

    Why the fuck do you look like Dhar Mann ;-;

  24. A Man Apart

    A Man Apart

    13 timmar sedan

    Humans messing with nature.What could possibly go wrong?

  25. Malcolm Brown

    Malcolm Brown

    14 timmar sedan

    Mosquitos are dicks

  26. SladeWolf


    14 timmar sedan

    Singapore is too powerful Australia would be jealous

  27. i am nobody

    i am nobody

    15 timmar sedan

    The mosquito going to have sex and it comes out the girl mosquito is a boy. The mosquito with viruses : you betrayed me ;)

  28. Viral Social

    Viral Social

    15 timmar sedan

    While watching I Killed one Mosquito with my left Hand. 🤟

  29. Mateen Sadiki

    Mateen Sadiki

    15 timmar sedan

    Aiiiii this is not one minute this is 59 seconds😮

  30. Omigud


    15 timmar sedan

    Mosquito gun hell yeah

  31. haider


    17 timmar sedan

    And people beat those good mosquitos

  32. Stealth Elf

    Stealth Elf

    17 timmar sedan

    I know this would be good for US No more insects but what will then birds eat in many countrys so many birds are dying every year and one they there will BE mir birds and i Love them

  33. Sang


    17 timmar sedan

    Good mosquitos:Pls mate with mee~ Bad mosquito:no u smell weard :|

  34. Deasty


    17 timmar sedan

    Mosquito gun. Pew

  35. {★•honeybloom•★}


    18 timmar sedan




    18 timmar sedan

    Thinks not useful for humans are bad others are good, woooow we are going live long here enjoy guys.....

  37. Vinkookies


    18 timmar sedan

    I have a allergy from mosquito I swear I will not visit Singhaphor

  38. Avika


    19 timmar sedan

    Idk why but it comes in my mind everytime *Why they didn't flew * 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Mr. doge

    Mr. doge

    19 timmar sedan


  40. Noob


    20 timmar sedan

    If these mosquitoes in my country😢

  41. MrIcetiger93


    20 timmar sedan

    So massive genocide then...

  42. Science Seekho

    Science Seekho

    20 timmar sedan

    Going against nature one day this mosquito will eat the makers😣

  43. Science Seekho

    Science Seekho

    20 timmar sedan

    And after few years new mosquito virus will come to picture.

  44. Miguel ff gamer

    Miguel ff gamer

    21 timme sedan

    Eu literalmente tenho odio puro de mosquitos😡

  45. smarttruck parts

    smarttruck parts

    21 timme sedan

    I just love the way he always wears black shirts

  46. Migs Villaranda

    Migs Villaranda

    22 timmar sedan

    Some people are lucky that they live in Singapore. I live in the Philippines so the mosquitos are the average mosquitos

  47. [Xxlovely cyanxX]

    [Xxlovely cyanxX]

    22 timmar sedan

    I hope it's on indonesia cause when i sleep my body is very hurt

  48. Decade InnitQuack

    Decade InnitQuack

    22 timmar sedan

    I’m a Singaporean and I little bit disagree with it because only the government loves them but the citizens hate them because they bite us so idk if we love them

  49. IDontdesrveSub


    23 timmar sedan

    I am singaporean I hate mosquito but I love mealworm

  50. AllaniX


    23 timmar sedan

    Next: they will make a noise proof mosquito

  51. Leo Amaya

    Leo Amaya

    23 timmar sedan

    We need this in U.S.A and the U.K

  52. marshing08


    23 timmar sedan

    My dad works at Singapore and next year he always come back at my house and wow

  53. Sɪᴍᴘᵀᶻᵞ✓


    Dag sedan

    Me after watching nas videos:*at zoom*That's 1 hour,see you tomorrow :) Edit:Actually......the class time is 2 hours 😂😂

  54. Lachi LM

    Lachi LM

    Dag sedan

    They have to do that in Bulgaria

  55. Naresh Nani

    Naresh Nani

    Dag sedan

    Its just wow

  56. Amir Kodi

    Amir Kodi

    Dag sedan

    the start of anew strain of mosquitos n viruses

  57. Tristan YZY

    Tristan YZY

    Dag sedan

    While I still get mosquito bites daily in singapore

  58. Dry Rain

    Dry Rain

    Dag sedan


  59. Legions Dead

    Legions Dead

    Dag sedan

    Welcome to 21century😂

  60. Not a real name

    Not a real name

    Dag sedan

    Hope every country will produce good mosquitoes

  61. Not a real name

    Not a real name

    Dag sedan

    Hope every country will produce good mosquitoes

  62. Levente Molnár

    Levente Molnár

    Dag sedan

    yea like Corona and pretty much any disease could be fought with with vaccines

  63. Avulolu Mahesh Babu

    Avulolu Mahesh Babu

    Dag sedan

    I think it's nt about gud & bad, Thy r male n female, bec nly female mosquitoes bites.

  64. tinirafi family

    tinirafi family

    Dag sedan

    The good mosquitoes are actually male mosquitoes that eats the female eggs and yes I know this cuz I live in Singapore

  65. Aginaya Rein

    Aginaya Rein

    Dag sedan

    My uncle worked at 🇸🇬

  66. Rash D

    Rash D

    Dag sedan

    is it this right now

  67. Rash D

    Rash D

    Dag sedan

    is this know

  68. St Zobayer

    St Zobayer

    Dag sedan

    Please Make videos about Bangladesh

  69. dsmp_fannn00


    Dag sedan

    Me eating lil spice noodles:💀

  70. Maria Bautista

    Maria Bautista

    Dag sedan

    Singapore bring the good moscitoes here please😫

  71. Nurthimothy Flupe' Fiasco

    Nurthimothy Flupe' Fiasco

    Dag sedan

    A perfect example of fighting fire with fire 🔥



    Dag sedan

    Wow this has to be in India but india is having fight only in having political power that why india is a developing country

  73. ianne angelo

    ianne angelo

    Dag sedan

    bad mouscito keeps biting me

  74. Eren Yaman

    Eren Yaman

    Dag sedan

    It still makes sound

  75. Hamoudi Said

    Hamoudi Said

    Dag sedan


  76. Stef Westervoorde

    Stef Westervoorde

    Dag sedan

    Oke there will a big problem comming out of this. Mark my word's

  77. Mailbox


    Dag sedan

    Let nature do its job...damn people want to play God so much.

  78. Furcorn


    Dag sedan

    They must also love to die

  79. uzumagi :3

    uzumagi :3

    Dag sedan

    Im from Finland SO GIVE EM HOW DO YOU GET THEM

  80. Marites Avila

    Marites Avila

    Dag sedan


  81. ihml


    Dag sedan

    I've had this dengue fever and the hospital "poke" (Idk the right word) me using those syringe with needle to take blood, they did 4 times a day for 6 day. I don't know about you but I HATE NEEDLES especially when it poke me 😂

  82. dzabageo


    Dag sedan

    So they made good mosquitoes give syphilis to the bad ones. Interesting...

  83. Laura Cherkaoui

    Laura Cherkaoui

    Dag sedan


  84. Ryan Broomhead

    Ryan Broomhead

    Dag sedan

    Never thought I'd ever hear someone say "mosquito gun".

  85. Cute Boi

    Cute Boi

    Dag sedan

    Me: accidentally slaps them all the time cus of my habit

  86. Namrata Roy

    Namrata Roy

    Dag sedan

    The last man who opened it looks like syblus (for ff players) 🤣🤣🤣

  87. Denis Salagean

    Denis Salagean

    Dag sedan

    Iceland: What the hell is a mosquito?

  88. Fahad Ahmed Haroon

    Fahad Ahmed Haroon

    Dag sedan

    India will import all the luxurious items But not the one we need We should just import these good mosquitos

  89. Mahisha Shafiha

    Mahisha Shafiha

    Dag sedan

    I live in singapore 🇸🇬❤🤍

  90. Marissa Gamboa

    Marissa Gamboa

    Dag sedan

    Dengue killed my sister 😭😭😭😭

  91. DENG GUANGHAO 5D-2021


    Dag sedan

    And the offspring will not be born or the won’t survive

  92. DENG GUANGHAO 5D-2021


    Dag sedan

    They breed them not fight and kill them

  93. Keith Pang

    Keith Pang

    Dag sedan

    Me : l am from Singapore but l don't like mosquitoes

  94. Easterclown Casualties

    Easterclown Casualties

    Dag sedan

    Soon we will be having fake animals everywhere in place of the real ones god:create fake human to destroy real human

  95. Perso tra le cagate

    Perso tra le cagate

    2 dagar sedan

    I know where i will go in summer

  96. 💗emma playz💗

    💗emma playz💗

    2 dagar sedan

    I am in Singapore and I didn’t know that