Can 50 oil filters make used motor oil clear again?

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In this episode we try to find out whether pulling oil through 50 fresh oil filters can make it clean and clear is if it were new.

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  1. insrtclevrnamehere


    17 timmar sedan

    Micron filters

  2. TheRyadrian


    18 timmar sedan

    You guys did it wrong. Suppose to change oil aswell. Sorry sorry i guess no one needs to try this again eh!

  3. SpaceCat72


    21 timme sedan

    I know you think that I was a radio DJ.....and well the fact is....well, I've lent my voice talents to such world class productions as......

  4. Brenton K

    Brenton K

    Dag sedan

    Without even watching it, I can already tell you "That Ain't gunna Work!"

  5. Rajiv Makhanlal

    Rajiv Makhanlal

    2 dagar sedan

    you cannot unburn oil with a filter man

  6. theshonen8899


    3 dagar sedan

    If the particulate is small enough to go through one filter, it can go through 50.

  7. slybunda


    3 dagar sedan

    not the usual quality or ingenuity iv come to expect from this channel.

  8. gusgiesel


    3 dagar sedan

    Sunlight would be a much better source when comparing the color.

  9. Macolmedia


    3 dagar sedan

    With that amount of cost of 50 oil filter is almost the same cost of a brand new oil

  10. Pocho Sousa

    Pocho Sousa

    3 dagar sedan

    Creo que no representa beneficio alguno este experimento. Valor filtros X 50 - aceite perdido en cada filtro = le compro un buen aceite y filtro y me ahorro tiempo , dinero y contaminación. (Lo cual no quita que el aceite haya quedado bien filtrado ....

  11. Hugh Cameron

    Hugh Cameron

    3 dagar sedan

    How about seeing if you can use VODKA as antifreeze in a Russian Winter? ❄️❄️

  12. SpartiuS94


    3 dagar sedan

    Not surprising at all. The oil's color does not indicate debris in the oil, it indicates usage. Oil loses viscosity which is the main reason it goes bad and needs to change.

  13. K


    3 dagar sedan

    Well now we know.

  14. John Mardinly

    John Mardinly

    4 dagar sedan

    No oil analysis? Totally stupid. What happened to the additive package? Viscosity? STUPID!

  15. Charles Olinger

    Charles Olinger

    4 dagar sedan

    Can you order the oil filters through the website??

  16. Ola Nordtug

    Ola Nordtug

    4 dagar sedan

    Take old oil, heat it up to working temperatur and use a oil centrifuge. The soot and the dirt will be removed. Many diesel engines have the se centrifuge cleaners, and work much bretter than a filter does.

  17. Mecatube


    4 dagar sedan

    Te hubiera salido mejor cambiar el aceite. Menuda tonteria!! Y con el aceite habiendo perdido propiedades.Menuda perdida de tiempo dinero y categoria.

  18. Englehart


    4 dagar sedan

    Dominic Toretto after FF9

  19. Johnsons and Garcias adventures

    Johnsons and Garcias adventures

    4 dagar sedan

    Call uspi and order the side stream filter kit sub micron rating

  20. jrbalio


    4 dagar sedan

    Try the toilet paper filter

  21. David Marescaux

    David Marescaux

    4 dagar sedan

    ridicule, inutile, débile et pollueur.. en plus d'être évidement inefficace ! pathétique

  22. Jimmy


    4 dagar sedan

    He probably single handedly inflated the price of Toyota oil filters to 10x their regular price in his town.

  23. Eric Robbins

    Eric Robbins

    5 dagar sedan

    What about checking the viscosity of the oil

  24. REDCOW34


    5 dagar sedan

    3SF-E engine

  25. Denial1984


    5 dagar sedan

    Not in a egr car especially not in a diesel

  26. boostedmaniac


    5 dagar sedan

    Standard oil filters have plenty of capacity to hold dirt. They only filter down to a certain level being a full flow filter and won’t really make the oil any brighter or change the color of the oil because they don’t filter down in the micron range to make that difference. You have to go with an Amsoil bypass oil filter which filters down to 2 microns with more than 98% efficiency. These filter only draw 10% of the oil pump capacity because they are very fine and restrictive oil filters. Search for Amsoil bypass oil filter on SE-one.

  27. Matt Willard

    Matt Willard

    5 dagar sedan

    You guys are awesome! I'm not surprised at these test results though.

  28. Mark Heaney

    Mark Heaney

    5 dagar sedan

    Some fifty years ago my dad put a "toilet Paper Filter" on the car and it removed all the coloration of the oil. It used a roll of toilet paper as the filter. The problem with them was that they filtered out some of the additives that had been added to the oil such as anti-foaming agents.

  29. spoony spoonicus

    spoony spoonicus

    6 dagar sedan

    Not pre filling the filter. 50 times. Sure that did the engine a load of good.

    • Mike Balroop

      Mike Balroop

      4 dagar sedan

      its a toyota... it will outlive us all.

  30. Paladin Entertainment

    Paladin Entertainment

    6 dagar sedan

    What really happened: Someone at the shop accidentally ordered 100 filters for this car

  31. BasementBen


    6 dagar sedan

    Should have shown a proper "Bypass" oil filter doing actual micronic filtration....

  32. Diaman D

    Diaman D

    6 dagar sedan

    maybe if a HEPA filter was used this could clean the oil much better ? Needs an experiment to know.

  33. Shane888 Davies

    Shane888 Davies

    6 dagar sedan

    It wouldn't matter if you used a thousand filters, that oil isn't going to get any cleaner because each oil filter only filters out particulates down to a certain micron in size. In order to get it clean you need to use finer filters. Duh!

  34. opexo


    6 dagar sedan

    what can you say about adding kerosene (lighting gas) in the oil before this experiment or when changing oil? Or... experiment how long a motor would run at idle with only kerosene before it locks or before it starts destroying the bearings and see metal shavings in the filter?

  35. ew0k k

    ew0k k

    6 dagar sedan

    You can't unburn oil with filters.

  36. Mike CorLeoné

    Mike CorLeoné

    6 dagar sedan

    Put the used oil in a centrifuge and you’ll trip out.. i run used motor oil as fuel in my ford truck.. works great

  37. Adrien Fortin

    Adrien Fortin

    6 dagar sedan

    I was always thought was its not the oil its the filtering that makes a motor last

  38. Dave 365

    Dave 365

    6 dagar sedan

    I have an old magazine that forecasted oil changes in the future. The car would drive in, the oil drained, filtered and put back in. I don't know why a cleaning station wouldn't work

  39. ATLHooligan


    6 dagar sedan

    This is incredibly stupid on multiple levels. Clearly these Russians have zero clue about WHY oil turns black and HOW an oil filter works and its purpose... the experiment setup you have going on here also makes zero sense, you are not filtering the same oil over and over. Most people would read the title to this and assume you are going to filter in series 50 times, but you're not. Very very very stupid and dumb video. I will not be subscribing and will not be viewing this channel ever again.

  40. Jack Larson

    Jack Larson

    6 dagar sedan

    does that mean we should use oils with ought additives and remove the filter as well?

  41. Michael West

    Michael West

    7 dagar sedan

    if you are replacing the oil retained in the filter eventually it will just be an oil change

  42. Roberta Williamson

    Roberta Williamson

    7 dagar sedan

    There is a by pass valve in the engine or filter bracket that allows the oil to by pass the filter till it reaches 100 C so it flows correctly.

  43. Roberta Williamson

    Roberta Williamson

    7 dagar sedan

    I did the same test with one filter but ran it 100 miles and it cleaned the oil to half the darkness it was, you need to get the oil to operating temperature for at least 1 hour or you're just fooling yourself.

  44. Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson

    7 dagar sedan

    Sooo many expert scientists talking about this test. It was done for fun so go back to your moms house and be quiet.

  45. arton power

    arton power

    7 dagar sedan

    When he said he would use 50 filters for the engine oil, i knew that it wouldn't be possible. Little oil remaining in the filters adds up to litres after a while.

  46. Prince Angel

    Prince Angel

    7 dagar sedan

    can you filter car oil with a water filter... i've seen it cleans the oil but, ofcourse, can't do my own experiments... thankss..



    7 dagar sedan

    Please do a 100 filter attached to the car.

  48. charif dziri

    charif dziri

    7 dagar sedan

    Use Charcoal to clean the oil

  49. Giorgi Kikuashvili

    Giorgi Kikuashvili

    7 dagar sedan

    Where can I watch untranslated? It sounds really ridiculous when you can actually understand original.

  50. Sunshine Kid

    Sunshine Kid

    7 dagar sedan

    Why not compare a toilet paper filter's results with the standard oil filter? To make a toilet paper filter, take a roll of toilet paper, fit a rod of some sort through the middle to force the oil to go through the paper, add the oil at the top and the clean oil will come out the bottom. It's been said that such a filter can even remove pritner's ink. You will of course need a tube to fit the roll of paper into, capped at the top and bottom with inlet fittings at both ends.

  51. Basidh Sajan

    Basidh Sajan

    7 dagar sedan

    Where did he get this 107% figure?

  52. Parts shooter

    Parts shooter

    7 dagar sedan

    This answers my questions.... I just knew that the oil was gonna get clearer... I blame the filters, they weren't tighter in the mesh.

  53. MadVizion


    7 dagar sedan

    Just wanted to thank everyone in the comments for saving 14 mins of my life. 🦾

  54. Phillip Yannone

    Phillip Yannone

    7 dagar sedan

    In Italy they use a centrifuge. Carbon particles can be infinitely small so will easily pass through a filter thus color will not change. Check out the Italian centrifuge.

  55. Richard


    7 dagar sedan

    New video title "How to kill the apprentice"

  56. Craig Downey

    Craig Downey

    7 dagar sedan

    what happens if you replace the oil with water? how long will the engine run before it dies?

  57. Ionut Merutia

    Ionut Merutia

    7 dagar sedan Lada!? 🙃

  58. Spicy Spleen

    Spicy Spleen

    8 dagar sedan

    This show is awesome thank you for making this!

  59. lieberfreialsgleich


    8 dagar sedan

    There is an easy way to clean black oil. Use a Diesel Filter! After cleaning the oil this way, you can put it in a tank of an old Diesel

  60. Clint Letendre

    Clint Letendre

    8 dagar sedan

    But after 10 filters it would be out of or low on oil! So you would have to add clean oil to it!

  61. Bernard Fender

    Bernard Fender

    8 dagar sedan

    Yeah Naa. degraded oil can't be un-degraded. Like an egg can't be untried!

  62. Chris Collard

    Chris Collard

    8 dagar sedan

    Can someone please explain the "107 percent" phrase he keeps using

  63. fidel catsro

    fidel catsro

    8 dagar sedan

    these filters are all designed to catch particles of a certain fixed size and they all did exactly that...a new filter element that is designed to catch even smaller particles would have made a noticeable difference in between the first few filter changes

  64. Gran Torino Araucária

    Gran Torino Araucária

    8 dagar sedan

    the oil Darks because of burned gasoline contaminants. in Brasil de have cars running on pure ethanol e100 and after 10.000km the oil looks clear like as new

  65. Jusztin Horváth

    Jusztin Horváth

    8 dagar sedan

    Find a same size fuel or hydraulik filter. Oil filters have 20-25 micron efficiency, fuel filter 25 micron and below. Using other filters with no by-pass valve is dangerous. If you testing a fuel or hydraulik filter, warm your engine oil fully. I not find fuel filter with size, make your changes to fit to the car. If you have a 51. oil filter place a neodinium magnet to the filter, and using for 100-200 km this catch metal deposits in the filter.

  66. Haryanvi Baman

    Haryanvi Baman

    8 dagar sedan

    Filter diesel/Petrol/Engine Oil using RO Water purifier.

  67. Dimitri Korsky

    Dimitri Korsky

    8 dagar sedan

    Even cleaning it to this extent wont be great because motor oil does degrade over time when used.

  68. Carl Terranella

    Carl Terranella

    8 dagar sedan

    My thought is that topping off every filter change over 50 filters is more than changing the oil several times...

  69. Raits Hots

    Raits Hots

    8 dagar sedan

    Clean engin oil. Nano magnet. Dust metal micro stell old oil clean help nano magnet. Again finis oil clean micro glass filtr. Clean oil ready. Military variant

  70. Amaroq Starwind

    Amaroq Starwind

    8 dagar sedan

    You should build a system that slows or stops a car by literally stomping itself on the ground. It could be powered by a hydraulic ram with a shock absorber or something.

  71. Patrick Anderson

    Patrick Anderson

    8 dagar sedan

    I haven't even seen the video yet, but already know im going to like it!

  72. Scared Hamster

    Scared Hamster

    8 dagar sedan

    This video gave the great idea to check for flakes in my oil I just changed. Don’t worry fellas I didn’t have pearlescent oil

  73. Matti Ranta

    Matti Ranta

    9 dagar sedan

    My russian brothers,, when you dive in to the world of insanely big turbos???

  74. Graham Barnewall

    Graham Barnewall

    9 dagar sedan

    Pro tip on engine oil, oil level getting low on the stick? Get a longer stick

  75. MrJeeper740


    9 dagar sedan

    You should test a frantz oil filter....

  76. Will L

    Will L

    9 dagar sedan

    I left some oil in the drain pan for a good few weeks once, when I looked at it again, the contaminants had sunk to the bottom and the oil on the top had gone back to golden brown.

  77. groene smurf

    groene smurf

    9 dagar sedan

    What if you fire all cylinders at same time

  78. 14725800369


    9 dagar sedan

    I can tell you. Even very fine filtering keeps the engine oil black. I drive waste engine oil in s common-rail diesel and filter it down to 0.01 Micron and it's still black. Pre filtering is key and for that an old engine oil filter is good and then gradually making your filters finer.

  79. macelius


    9 dagar sedan

    I'd love a G54 shirt, but $30+.. :/

  80. Conner Stanowski

    Conner Stanowski

    9 dagar sedan

    You should try and make a super oil filter

  81. Memo lee

    Memo lee

    9 dagar sedan

    The voice of the English translator is so annoying. Sounds like a fart machine

  82. Neil duncan

    Neil duncan

    9 dagar sedan

    a good oil filter will take out contaminates. But it will not filter out dissolved acids (from blow by) it like using a coffee filter to remove the koolaid from water

  83. Daniel Beard

    Daniel Beard

    9 dagar sedan

    Filters can only remove particulate matter. Doesn't replace the long chain polymers and doesn't remove the oxidation of the oil itself as well as the friction modifiers and other additives. For any particulates smaller than the pore size of the filter, they remain suspended in the oil and can only be removed by getting rid of the oil and replacing it.

  84. UniversalFox


    9 dagar sedan

    Pretty much figured this. That's all that the filter does really, is just keeps contaminants from circulating. It was run in an engine that seems used so, even then the old oil on the walls would keep the oil darker anyways. If the old oil was ran through a filter contraption without an engine, I beleieve the results would have been more interesting, but still closely the same.

  85. DeadKoby


    9 dagar sedan

    With heat alone, the oil will get dark.......

  86. Jaan Kuus

    Jaan Kuus

    9 dagar sedan

    First and second sample seem thicker than the last one.

  87. Venturi Life

    Venturi Life

    9 dagar sedan

    I wanted to see a Lada centipede all running on the same oil.

  88. badger jamees

    badger jamees

    9 dagar sedan

    Simply no,even if you can get the oil somewhat clean it would have absolute minimal lubrication properties left behind. The used motor oil would need additives and other compounds to be effective at lubricating metal to metal parts.

  89. Macion8


    9 dagar sedan

    Hey guys, I have an idea for a new experiment. Can you test what happens if you put a barbecue lighter into a hot exhaust? Would be interesting to see what happens with the gas that comes outside of it. Maybe it spits fire like a dragon?😂 But if you do so, take care of your safety! Keep doing such great videos.

  90. markiangooley


    9 dagar sedan

    Right hand drive Toyota. Imported used from Japan?

    • Jimmy


      2 dagar sedan

      In the Eastern parts of Russia 70% of the cars driven there are direct import of Japan.

  91. 1984


    9 dagar sedan


  92. Subosk3


    9 dagar sedan

    Try making a clutch from brake pads

  93. Blaž Bohinc

    Blaž Bohinc

    9 dagar sedan

    Only an idiot with no understanding of high school chemistry and physics would to such a test.

  94. xXBluntz OnDeckXx

    xXBluntz OnDeckXx

    9 dagar sedan

    How about using a leather belt as a engine belt?

  95. Abdul Hadi Rashid

    Abdul Hadi Rashid

    9 dagar sedan

    Color of the engine oil doesnt co-relate with the properties of the oil, different additive packages have different color. normal oxidation will result in blackish appearance of the motor oil but thats not it.

  96. un known

    un known

    9 dagar sedan

    might be wrong but the oil get darker due to heat as well

  97. ADVISE AND MORE Cars and More

    ADVISE AND MORE Cars and More

    9 dagar sedan

    Blowby gases will not be removed by those type of filters.

  98. Alexander North

    Alexander North

    9 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't you have to add oil after 50 filter changes?

  99. Mario Denig

    Mario Denig

    9 dagar sedan

    by the way...10.000 KM and the oil looks that god... what russian bulletproof dam oil brand ist that? the oil not only gets dirty it changes chemicaly , do a PH Test and u ll see... and even if u filter it tru 1000 Filters with the same Filter material there will be no significant change in color

  100. J K

    J K

    9 dagar sedan

    try something like this to clean your crank case oil,