We Thought We Had To Make A Custom Exhaust For Our Lexus SC-F...NOPE! (COMPLETE BOLT ON?!)

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Today, we do the final fitment of the Lexus IS-F's steering rack, and a funny thing happened. Something actually bolted up and fit nearly perfectly. Imagine our shock.
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  1. Wrench Every Day

    Wrench Every Day

    18 dagar sedan

    To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius► policygenius.com/wrench. Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

    • R&D Productions UNLIMITED

      R&D Productions UNLIMITED

      11 dagar sedan

      Fredvarish talks ball ends with his grandma

    • Chris Mason

      Chris Mason

      17 dagar sedan

      What is your wedding ring made of Jared?

    • Mr. Shenanigans

      Mr. Shenanigans

      17 dagar sedan

      very good segue you two are definitely LTT level, now step it up again to a rich rebuilds and you will be set!

  2. Fuse


    Dag sedan

    OMG I love you guys and your tasteless commentary! We need more people who aren't afraid to just crack a joke

  3. SpaceFleming


    2 dagar sedan

    1:23 but how much are they selling those Rx-7's? 🤔

  4. Joe Crancher

    Joe Crancher

    4 dagar sedan


  5. DB Cromartie

    DB Cromartie

    6 dagar sedan

    Glad I went back to watch this whole series, love it - I say you guys should use and mod the Graffiti Hood vs chopping up the nicer one. Also last I remember the SC platform was originally designed to house a V8 either way - just a smaller one compared to what was crammed in it.

  6. cabbage


    7 dagar sedan

    You’ve made a bespoke transmission cradle/steering rack mount. No other part like this exists. Do you 3D scan these beautifully made parts and store them safely incase this part gets destroyed at a later date?

  7. FilthUD


    7 dagar sedan

    26:2 gave me Step Brothers vibes. Who’s mom is it? 😂🤣

  8. Field Garage

    Field Garage

    7 dagar sedan

    grandma says ......hahahahahahahah

  9. Jim Glen

    Jim Glen

    7 dagar sedan

    Jared needs to watch those annual videos from the Bad Obsession Motorsport chaps: New brackets need CAD (cardboard aided design) before cutting metal. Project Binky is the absolute gold standard for brackets (and the slowest series on SE-one)

  10. Fuckın Great

    Fuckın Great

    10 dagar sedan

    People are complaining about how long everything is taking, Meanwhile, they dont realise these guys have their own families, ALOT of projects (unlike other youtubers who do their projects 1 by 1 which makes it look like they're faster than these guys and it takes alot of time when you have problems like the brackets that take a day to make, just to take them off again and spending another day to fix said problem

  11. A.J. W.

    A.J. W.

    12 dagar sedan

    Turn downs? TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!

  12. dean nerbonne

    dean nerbonne

    12 dagar sedan

    I'll be diped

  13. Rafael Torchio

    Rafael Torchio

    12 dagar sedan

    If you drop the rack, just level the outer tie rod when the car is on the floor, so you dont get randoms toe in and toe out when suspention is traveling.

  14. rpavlik1


    12 dagar sedan

    Those 4x6 band saws are supposed to cut pretty darn straight, at least with tweaking. Alternately, maybe consider a table for the porta-band?

  15. Daniel Tomlin

    Daniel Tomlin

    13 dagar sedan

    I like grandma lmao

  16. Kai Ponte

    Kai Ponte

    13 dagar sedan

    Keep watching this and think - hey what about a 2JZ or even 1UZ into an ISF?

  17. Nick Adkins

    Nick Adkins

    13 dagar sedan

    If you don't do stacked quad tips like the real F's I'm unsubbing lol

  18. a


    13 dagar sedan

    please put the 2jz in a Toyota previa and take on boosted boyz

  19. Alan Here

    Alan Here

    14 dagar sedan

    Its a questionable choice with that segue into the sponsor !?!?!?!

  20. Mason


    14 dagar sedan

    FYI the more you switch insurance the higher your base rate goes up due to consumer reports recording everything.

  21. smoke dog fishing

    smoke dog fishing

    14 dagar sedan


  22. James Peek

    James Peek

    14 dagar sedan

    Please never show you aluminum welds again unless you get like literally 1000x better. Those welds look absolutely terrible. I could weld those with my eyes closed.

  23. MrR6pilot


    15 dagar sedan

    Jared man ....such a quality mechanic 👏

  24. Kyle Cantu

    Kyle Cantu

    15 dagar sedan

    I appreciate you not using dumbass clickbait titles, because I don't click on those at all.

  25. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones

    15 dagar sedan

    Slipping nuts and mounting racks, that's what Jared does!

  26. YackBuilt


    15 dagar sedan

    What about using a popnut type fastener thus allowing to box in the steering rack mounts?

  27. Tom Yost

    Tom Yost

    15 dagar sedan

    I just started watching this and had to pause it when Jared mentions using electric power steering instead of hydraulic. Most people are not knowledgeable about electric steering. While working for a car auction company driving many makes on a large lot, I can tell you that if you have a power problem, dead battery etc you can loose all ability to turn the wheel. And I mean it will not turn at all, which could put you into a bad situation or accident. The one big plus to hydraulic is you can always still turn the wheel if you should loose your 'powered' steering, it will just take a lot of muscle. But not electric. It won't budge. You all remember that if you have electric steering. Also, a weak battery can also cause steering to lock up. Please remember this. On the lot I was scared several times and close calls when electric steering failed. Now you have been warned. Peace.

  28. Phil Sabo

    Phil Sabo

    15 dagar sedan

    TIG welding aluminium in short sleeves.... welcome to sunburn city Jared

  29. G D

    G D

    15 dagar sedan

    I would've goneon diffrent way, electric power steering motor behinde the steering wheel and remme the middle section inside the hidraulic rack which, that is just my idea, whatever works os fine

  30. Aaron Oosterhoff

    Aaron Oosterhoff

    15 dagar sedan

    I think we need a funny steering angle tee shirt, something joking about jared not getting along with steering racks and angles or soemthing lol we saw that on the johnny rev too lol jared

  31. Johan Eriksson

    Johan Eriksson

    16 dagar sedan

    Could one not add a support plate on the rear? A triangle plate.

  32. Ernst Spitaler

    Ernst Spitaler

    16 dagar sedan

    is the orange murcielago back?

  33. aaspookyaa


    16 dagar sedan

    Frequency of commercials has driven me away

  34. ScottJ175


    16 dagar sedan

    Oh yikes! I got indirectly zinged by Jared and Freddy. BTW it was 4 RX-7s and yes it's awfully close to that questionable/stupid line.



    16 dagar sedan

    1:45 hahaaa! i saw it coming love your sponsorhip transitions :D

  36. Bronxtaskforce1


    16 dagar sedan

    Where is the garage located...love to meet you both..

  37. myjunkinyourtrunk


    16 dagar sedan

    get that camera in focus bubba, messing my eyes right up

  38. MOMO Car repair

    MOMO Car repair

    16 dagar sedan

    Try to get cars that deserve your hard work

  39. Valter Robalo

    Valter Robalo

    16 dagar sedan


  40. Pedro Ferreira

    Pedro Ferreira

    16 dagar sedan

    Guys just a feedback from a random follower of your channel: with the knowledge and know how that you guys have, you would just blow competition away if you focus on restoring vintage cars and then tune them up. Just a feedback. Keep up the great content ✨

  41. Randolph Cirilo

    Randolph Cirilo

    16 dagar sedan

    Wow.. Thats a tough project.. Why isn't Tavarish enlisting the help of the welding Jedi that helped on his Lambo? Go home Jared!! Enjoy some time off! God knows your deserve it!! I hope you rest and come back and knock this project out! It must be exhausting to have such a brain! Amazing work bro!!

  42. Slump God

    Slump God

    16 dagar sedan

    This thing is going to sound nasty

  43. Shan Mallikarachchi

    Shan Mallikarachchi

    16 dagar sedan

    Jared where is your new shop revival ? M exited to see ur new place growing 👌

  44. Thomas McCall

    Thomas McCall

    16 dagar sedan

    I made questionable choice went to jail. 6 felons later.😭 That's bad advise. Just saying

  45. Thomas McCall

    Thomas McCall

    16 dagar sedan

    Just wrench everyday tavarish

  46. Michael Baudouin

    Michael Baudouin

    16 dagar sedan

    Love you two together! Keep it up!

  47. Grumpy Scrumpy

    Grumpy Scrumpy

    16 dagar sedan

    Too much talking

  48. Zero Interrupt

    Zero Interrupt

    16 dagar sedan

    6 ad breaks on a single video??

  49. R M

    R M

    16 dagar sedan

    Jared is a very lovely personality besides being highly professional. Huge respect

  50. Hogiewan1


    16 dagar sedan

    If everything works and it drives ok, I'd send that subframe out to an engineer or extremely seasoned fabricator and have them craft a new one with tube steel. Would be sick and others might want to try it.

  51. XOZ Industries

    XOZ Industries

    16 dagar sedan

    Convert them to Tri y headers, gain a lot of ground clearance, also if you end up with room under the engine between the crossmember you might want to add another rectangular tube in between the cross member and the oil pan and add gussets on those 90’s

  52. XOZ Industries

    XOZ Industries

    16 dagar sedan

    It’s best to film the intro at the end, so you know how much you’re going to get done at the end

  53. Art Vogt

    Art Vogt

    16 dagar sedan

    I fired off a rim shot at "exhausted" for you Jared.

  54. Gene C

    Gene C

    17 dagar sedan

    As a SC owner. Am hard

  55. DirtE30


    17 dagar sedan

    What in the devil is happening with the banjo line and the vice grips?!

  56. Kenny Jones

    Kenny Jones

    17 dagar sedan

    O no daddy likes!! 😜 Lol yeah it's a lot harder to put it in an 03 Camry XLE but I'm impressed with this build I promise.

  57. Davis Wiker

    Davis Wiker

    17 dagar sedan

    Dwayne the editor needs more credit for how awesome these episodes are. The big moves being right on beat and just the awesome use of editing to keep everything interesting and moving nicely. But the best part was leaving a big enough text box on the screen long enough to actually read what it said. So many videos on other channels will define stuff with small print or basically flash it on the screen for a second. But not this guy, he knows how to edit! Props Dwayne!

    • Davis Wiker

      Davis Wiker

      16 dagar sedan

      @Duane Harms sorry I spelled your name wrong, I just went with how voice to text said it was spelled 🤣 I don't know too much about it, and everything I do I know thanks to Corridor Crew, but I know when it looks good. Honestly I was just watching these compared to some other videos online and could really tell the difference and it just makes the videos that much more enjoyable! Don't tell Tavarish but I watch these for your editing, and Jared, Freddy is just there 🤣🤣 Nah you guys are all awesome, keep up the great work!

    • Duane Harms

      Duane Harms

      16 dagar sedan

      Wow! I am humbled by your kind comments. You obviously know something about editing and are able to appreciate what goes into the editing process. You’ve made my day! Thanks! -Duane the Editor :)

  58. noisefuljoy


    17 dagar sedan

    Jared just might be an Aussie.

  59. Bill Hartsfield

    Bill Hartsfield

    17 dagar sedan

    Too much talking, not enough building.

  60. Marc


    17 dagar sedan

    tnx the video

  61. BlackAckCL


    17 dagar sedan

    "And, uh.... The good news is, that's not gonna work either" - 🤣🤣🤣 I love you Jared

  62. secretsquirrel726


    17 dagar sedan

    Forces move down through metal members and test the weakest xyz spots in the body. All it has to do is crack in one place. The way Toyota made that part originally was as a flexible bridge with a smooth arch to not have a weak point, and I guess it transferred the critical weak point along to the mounting nuts and bolts. The car could be a classic like the 427 Corvette, and sit in an important collection like Jay Leno's garage if done right, and they would say, "This is the one." Look at the new 350 Z hood for an idea of what you might do for the hood. The new 350 z hood changes the whole stance of the car and makes it look better in my opinion. www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=GYiIRA2Y&id=FA505E119DDA80BDE60755FE21608850A82D2920&thid=OIP.GYiIRA2YBqG61IzZVS1qJwHaFj&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fwww.z1motorsports.com%2fimages%2fOEM0709350ZHood-b83695d4.jpg&cdnurl=https%3a%2f%2fth.bing.com%2fth%2fid%2fR.198888440d9806a1bad48cd9552d6a27%3frik%3dICktqFCIYCH%252bVQ%26pid%3dImgRaw&exph=900&expw=1201&q=350z+new+hood&simid=608005693782364700&FORM=IRPRST&ck=5D1F8D9C1BA91587FAC4ED8D3D25A6AA&selectedIndex=0&qpvt=350z+new+hood&ajaxhist=0&ajaxserp=0

  63. IchRocke


    17 dagar sedan

    I got 99 Problems and welding is one

  64. iGMAS


    17 dagar sedan

    Electric steering can overheat hydraulic not som much if it has a cooler. At least in manual for my lexus it warns that the electrical steering can overheat.

  65. K Dot

    K Dot

    17 dagar sedan

    Hey cut three times measure once.......something like that 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣

  66. James Huynh

    James Huynh

    17 dagar sedan

    I'm loving how this build is coming along. Great work, guys!

  67. Floyd Simpson

    Floyd Simpson

    17 dagar sedan

    Much like the one their CEO rode; That was a killer Segway!

  68. Jo C

    Jo C

    17 dagar sedan

    That grandma 👵 crack got the like 👍🏼!

  69. piaa2570


    17 dagar sedan

    why dont lower all the subframe ?so rack stay align with arms ...

  70. mike holley

    mike holley

    17 dagar sedan

    tavarish- grandma says if you get one ball in you don't need length. jared- you talk about ball ends with your grandma.

  71. BigBaron D

    BigBaron D

    17 dagar sedan

    Thank you for being so entertaining! I really enjoy the silly banter and real-life mistakes.

  72. Muadib223


    17 dagar sedan

    I guess Freddy has gotten too good to make new videos on his own channel these days...

  73. Chris Mason

    Chris Mason

    17 dagar sedan

    What is your wedding ring made of Jared?

    • Wrench Every Day

      Wrench Every Day

      17 dagar sedan

      It is a silicone wedding band, Zeus from Groove Life

  74. Sarmad Jan

    Sarmad Jan

    17 dagar sedan

    Please talk less and try to finish the work.

  75. 343 m/s

    343 m/s

    17 dagar sedan

    “Everything is dangling”. So many gems in this one.

  76. Arosha Fernando

    Arosha Fernando

    17 dagar sedan

    whats with the white montero/shogun/pajero?

  77. BobMother FuckinSmith

    BobMother FuckinSmith

    17 dagar sedan

    I just re did my policy and went from 250 a month to 80 for my G35. Also Jared it's not your fault, I have a bandsaw like that and it's never perfect. 1\32 in is the best Chineeseium can offer.

  78. Farrell Hamann

    Farrell Hamann

    17 dagar sedan

    Careful with the danglers, boys, haha. 09 Hyundai Accent GLS (MOAB)

  79. steve_kemp70


    17 dagar sedan

    Its taking shape, and looking great 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  80. fly.w4vy


    17 dagar sedan

    Are you two pulling our legs regarding the friendship issue? Your chemistry sucks. Jared keeps interrupting and saying weird shit and Freddy looks at him all the time like wtf. It ain't working guys. Sorry to say but when you're on screen together it's awkward as fk border line cringe at times.

  81. Luke S

    Luke S

    17 dagar sedan

    buying the second cheapest manual 996 in the country with no history of an IMS change? questionable or stupid?

  82. Andrew Quinton

    Andrew Quinton

    17 dagar sedan

    Not sure if the subframe fabrication is strong enough for the power and weight of the car and no doubt Tavarish is likely to be doing some 'questionable' driving in it which will add additional stress. Suggest adding some gussets where the sharp 90's are.

  83. Jason Evert

    Jason Evert

    17 dagar sedan

    Move to Florida. Says everybody

  84. fly.w4vy


    17 dagar sedan

    The problem is it's Freddie's car not both of there's.

  85. JayneCobbsBunk


    17 dagar sedan

    I love how Jared keeps using the royal 'we' when referring to all the work he's doing.

  86. Michael Lucassen

    Michael Lucassen

    17 dagar sedan

    You got room for gussets put them in

  87. Jim Mopar4

    Jim Mopar4

    17 dagar sedan

    Henry Ford quote words:don’t find fault ,find a remedy👍

  88. Afro TechMan

    Afro TechMan

    17 dagar sedan

    Gerard reminds me of Ed China.....They both have immense knowledge of cars and it's always a joy listening and watching them work

  89. Daniel Warnock

    Daniel Warnock

    17 dagar sedan

    Grandma always said "If you've got the right ball end, it doesn't matter how long you are"...I don't know what that means, but Granny's got arthritis.

  90. matt c

    matt c

    17 dagar sedan

    The holes that are drilled to mount the steering rack are really close to the end of you're stand off since you bright them down 3/4 inch! Like you said don't crash!!

  91. retrieversqbd


    17 dagar sedan

    That entire cross member has devolved into a stupid choice. Stupid to point of being very unsafe. Please, stop. Take what you have to an experienced fab shop (KSR comes to mind) and have them do it right. No way would I trust a non-gusseted 90 degree joint in anything let alone something that has to deal with the dynamic forces of steering. There is a good reason why safety cage certs require gussets and extra support in corners. And “all” the cage has to do is not collapse under impact. “Just don’t crash” is not a good strategy. I’m usually with ya, Jared, but this time nope. The forces applied in those areas are gonna twist that joint like a soggy noodle and it will fail.

  92. Latitude 24

    Latitude 24

    17 dagar sedan

    Freddy finally cracked a lens!! Lol. Not. He's busted them before!!

  93. DeZertDime 10

    DeZertDime 10

    17 dagar sedan

    title we thought we had to make a custom exhaust. the first mention of anything exhaust related 20:02 2/3s into the video

  94. lobuxracer


    17 dagar sedan

    Grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain't. Fun episode!

  95. OXYMORON v66

    OXYMORON v66

    17 dagar sedan

    I feel like 1 good pothole and that steering rack is getting ripped off. Maybe a long bole all the way threw ? You could weld in a tube for it.

  96. net burnr

    net burnr

    17 dagar sedan

    I also use my long tube headers as feelers for slight deviations in the road surface.

  97. Bud Smokegood

    Bud Smokegood

    17 dagar sedan

    Hell yeah Jared, isn't that pretty much what every man's trying to do, make something to slip your nut into.....

  98. Tim Claus

    Tim Claus

    17 dagar sedan

    Episode: Win!

  99. Jay Are

    Jay Are

    17 dagar sedan

    I’m getting so excited to hear that V8 come to life in that SC

  100. David Blanck

    David Blanck

    17 dagar sedan

    This video should be title "Massive work on the SC-F. Because, a ton of work has been done.