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How tailoring is worn today - with Saman Amel

Author Simon Crompton interviews Swedish duo Saman Amel about how they style suits and find customers wearing their tailoring today - in different jobs, in different situations.
The lack of a coherent dress code in modern offices does not mean men will wear tailoring less. It just means they have more choice.
And Saman and Dag find that their customers are both bankers dressing down (not in a suit, but not in a polo either) and tech workers dressing up.
There's a middle ground, where choice breeds uncertainty, but men always want to look good and to impress.


  1. FrankEdavidson


    5 månader sedan

    I'm not artistic whatsoever so have difficulty putting together an outfit. I hope the suit doesn't go because all I can put together is what someone else has.

  2. Phong Moua

    Phong Moua

    7 månader sedan

    What fabric is the suiting Dag is wearing? If my eyes don't deceive me I would guess it's a linen blend? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hubert Brown, Jr.

    Hubert Brown, Jr.

    10 månader sedan

    Very informative discussion. Also really liked your ensemble, loafers and socks!

  4. Chimay blue

    Chimay blue

    11 månader sedan

    Thank you Simon for the very helpful video.

  5. Nic holas

    Nic holas

    År sedan

    Is Dag’s collar driving anyone else crazy? I hate it when collars get caught and collapse underneath the the jacket

    • Ian Arnold

      Ian Arnold

      11 månader sedan

      Nic holas Yes he might as well wear a tie if you’re going to wear a suit and your not sitting outside a cafe in southern Italy in 40 degree heat!

  6. OCFarmer


    År sedan

    Simon's shirt colar makes these guys look dated.

  7. Simon Moses

    Simon Moses

    År sedan

    Very nice conversation! and very relevant! Nice tie, Navy blue knit?? where is it from? Lenght??? and width?? nd the shirt??? light pink?? and is that one of their jackets? really looks soft, very nice!

    • Permanent Style

      Permanent Style

      År sedan

      Yes, 9cm width, standard length, and yes light pink shirt - and of course a Saman Amel jacket!

  8. john robinson

    john robinson

    År sedan

    There guys are some smart and articulate, not to mention masters of their craft. Great video!

  9. Krunoslav Kovacec

    Krunoslav Kovacec

    År sedan

    Simon I just want to say thank you for everything you are doing. It's wonderful how things are changing for the sartorial world. And you are helping out a lot. Thank you, Simon!

    • Permanent Style

      Permanent Style

      År sedan

      That's so, so nice to hear. Thanks