Men Being Confused About The Female Anatomy - REACTION


  1. Iris Tinsley

    Iris Tinsley

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    Hi ok and then women go to that gynecologist and pay him for advice on their reproductive organs 🙃 also that’s definitely illegal ? ?

  2. Brittany Neiswinger

    Brittany Neiswinger

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    Sorry but if a dude says a woman being braless is distracting, that should be a hint. Yes they Should not look but we don't have to make it difficult my heavens lol

  3. Kannn Babyyy

    Kannn Babyyy

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    My mom claimed when the moon was full it was “her time of the month” that explains why she was such a bitch shes a damn were wolf 😂😂😂

  4. Ariel Harmony

    Ariel Harmony

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    I’m mixed race. My kid is a ginger One drop of ginger blood can do wonders

  5. Sumer Harrolle

    Sumer Harrolle

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    Guys do walk around with their (junk) dangling & swinging…. They are called GREY sweat pants baby !! & I don’t see those men being judged or bitched out for 10 paragraphs . 🙄

  6. Joshua Fielding

    Joshua Fielding

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    lol I have an older sister ( so she hit puberty first) when she started to "get emotional" I didn't understand why.... I ask my mum... she said "PMS, sweety you wouldn't understand... at the time she told me this, I was making breakfaast, so I put 2 and 2 together, and though; "OH! PMS = Pancakes Maple Syrup!" .... So the next time my sister waas "PMSing" I put pancakes at her door, knocked at the door and ran, yelling that I love her... She yelled in surprised. I returned in response to see that she slipped on the pancakes; laughing and crying... I soon realised that that's not what PMS is lol

  7. Tony Boloney

    Tony Boloney

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    Dang you give good eyebrow

  8. PrinceLuigii


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    To be fair not all men are this dense...some are just out of the know. So prime example, I have a brother who is very intelligent but never bothered to read up on what goes on with women anatomy. Me being a nurse he finally asked about a year ago. My dear sweet brother, he was genuinely curious and was shocked about the crap that was the female anatomy.

  9. Shannon Johnson

    Shannon Johnson

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    I love that she is a 9 year old 👊 is math related to science 😂

  10. Carrie Rainbow

    Carrie Rainbow

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    Sadly red hair doesn’t always skip generations. My dad is a redhead. I’m not unfortunately. Both of my girls aren’t redheads… although I prayed they would be. Plus, my girls dad is a redhead. I was super bummed.

  11. Sessa drives trucks

    Sessa drives trucks

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    That red hair gene skipping a generation is what gave me dark auburn hair with 2 black haired parents, 2 black haired grandparents, and 2 red haired grandparents (and I know one of the red haired grandparents had a black haired father and red haired mother). One of my siblings has black hair and one has dark brown.

  12. Amilikestea


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    I would both fear and respect a deer that has been shot twenty times.

  13. Mika Beck

    Mika Beck

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    Most bras actually aid in sagging of boobs - going braless at times helps keep the girls perky. But apparently my boobs and my right to not wear a bra is sooooooooo inhibiting to dudes that if we all did it society just might collapse as all men stop being able to focus on the most basic tasks outside sexual fantasies and we can there by cease control of the planet

  14. Daveyray Schroeder

    Daveyray Schroeder

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    The Guys who think woman get 'looser' from being more sexually active are the same idiots who's been pulling on their Johnsons for years and have not noticed they're never getting any longer.... :P

  15. Mr. Charles Snippy

    Mr. Charles Snippy

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    The womb, before conception, is very small. Maybe not cherry sized, but yes very small.

  16. Alicia Wilson

    Alicia Wilson

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    Some women menstruate on or around the full moon and ovulate on the new moon. And others get their periods on or around the new moon and ovulate on the full moon.. When the gynecologist says they're unclean during menstruation is likely due to his religious beliefs. Old Testament.

  17. Becca Lee

    Becca Lee

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    Is it just me or would she play a great Winifred Sanderson

  18. L. Kiss

    L. Kiss

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    Okay so I dont judge the gynecologist ONLY if he’s religious. There are a lot of major religions that understand that periods are natural and a part of a woman’s life, but also believe women on their cycles are unpure and can contaminate food/drink. He understands periods in his profession but must remain wary of these women making his meals. Id like to say that I am not of these religions and I find this myth/superstition ridiculous and sexist, but I’m just playing Devils advocate.

  19. With all due respect STFU

    With all due respect STFU

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  20. Vivian Chanel

    Vivian Chanel

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    12:35 🤣🤣 If majority of women went braless, most prob wouldn't be as aesthetically pleasing as he's imagining it'd be. E.g. nude beach during tourist season Lol. And the outline of an average breast on a person engaging in an everyday, mundane activity resulting in "half mast" makes me think he's still sexually immature. I think he calls a full £rection "½ mast" bcuz those who have seen it kept assuming that there was more to it. 🤔

  21. Michelle.Stanley


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    "We don't know when an egg pops off" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it's hard to laugh like this in the office.

  22. Jillian Grannon

    Jillian Grannon

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    Megan Fox has 3 kids not 6

  23. Vinnehkins


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    Okay, but the one about leaving the tampon in, I can *kinda* understand the confusion. Like really, did you not pee for over 24 hours? Did you not *wipe* well enough? Because toilet paper will typically hit that string and it's noticeable. Though the "pee around the tampon" part was hilarious.

  24. Mari In Seattle

    Mari In Seattle

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    These guys live with their mom

  25. Dog Flamingo

    Dog Flamingo

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    What do you mean, how are we supposed to check to see when our period is coming? You use that dipstick, kind of like how you check your oil level in the car. It's clearly marked how many days remaining there are, until you spray again.

  26. Elena Christian

    Elena Christian

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    Tell me you're bad in bed without saying you're bad in bed 🔐 Edit: Spray his goddamn ☕.

  27. Jade Spades

    Jade Spades

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    I technically could go shirtless now. I had a double masectomy. No nipples to offend anybody anymore, lol.

  28. Luciana


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    Not only a gynecogist who thinks nurses in their periods are unpure but ALSO one who expects them to make him coffee or tea. 😒

  29. Glady Galvan

    Glady Galvan

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    The gynecologist may have a religious reason for that 🤷‍♀️

  30. Word Ninja

    Word Ninja

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    Yes! Redheads unite!

  31. Missy Buchanan

    Missy Buchanan

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    Gotta say, my little nephew has brown hair with red in the light. We hide.

  32. Sarah Bent

    Sarah Bent

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    The gyn who tracks periods may be Orthodox Jewish - that's part of their religion. It's still hella invasive.

  33. LordBarros


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    I wouldn't say both genders nips are the same. Men don't get orgasms from nipple play like some women can. It's a biological difference.

  34. Monica Langenhoven

    Monica Langenhoven

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    Wow people have too much time to have opinions

  35. Ana Jaloretto

    Ana Jaloretto

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    The gynaecologist must be asian..indian, Bhutanese, Nepalese etc.. on those places some people still believe in this "impurity "

  36. Eiscremefrau Neumann

    Eiscremefrau Neumann

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    I will keep posting this everywhere until people finally understand: WOMEN DO NOT PEE FROM THEIR VAGINA!

  37. SlavaZone


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    I work in a bra fitting boutique, and have lots of women self conscious about nipples and bra seams showing through their shirts. Seeing all the victim blaming about braless breasts and nipples PISS ME OFF!!! 😤

  38. AnnaMerteuil


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  39. Quinn Bennett

    Quinn Bennett

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    To be fair as a human with a period, I didn't know at first that you could pee with a tampon in. The US s*x education failed us all

  40. sarge27271


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    Not Werewolves, more like Banshees.....

  41. Unicorn aka Lauren

    Unicorn aka Lauren

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    11:47 "moderation" WOMEN AREN'T CHEESE!!!!

  42. Patricia Dugan

    Patricia Dugan

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    Men don't realize that we pee and have sex from different orifices... It's not literally an inside-out penis.

  43. Ana Kelly

    Ana Kelly

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    "I am the Gate Keeper." "I am the Key Master."

  44. rat illecebrasque dubitantium

    rat illecebrasque dubitantium

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    How is Charlotte not been wifed yet

  45. Jose Figueroa

    Jose Figueroa

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    Stupid straight male: "...breasts are sexually attractive, whereas a mans chest isn't..." Me: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF STRAIGHTY!

  46. Sue Zoo

    Sue Zoo

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    Are you too much re: egg popping? Nope. For my entire fertile years, I always felt when my right ovary popped one out. 🤷‍♀️ That's just the way we roll sometimes. Curiously, after so many decades of being constantly aware of where I was in my cycle after it left, I give literally zero thought to it. It's kinda funny, it's like, "OK, we can now focus these brain cells on other things, like seeking out chocolate". 'nother side effect of the mental pause: the constant need for chocolate. But I'm old and fat anyway so YaY! Bring it on!



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    We are not werewolves Charlotte, these people have to stay off of social media

  48. Jess Cam

    Jess Cam

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    The best part? Without all those...locks who love keys, they would all still be virgins...The double standard kills me.

  49. Wake up Style

    Wake up Style

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    Im braless as we speak because a person one time in the internet said my boobs are powerful 👀🤪

  50. Tatyana Misyulya

    Tatyana Misyulya

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    Omg.. so last night was a full moon and I got my period last night. Damn guess I’m a werewolf..

  51. rubycelica


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    god, that with the body count makes me so damn angry i can't continue watching the video! sorry charlotte, not your fault, it's the disgusting men that don't perceive women as equal!

  52. Kay


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    Men who don't want a woman with some experience = man who is crap in bed and doesn't want to be found out

  53. magicflounder


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    Wow. Just wow. So much dumb.

  54. Endorill


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    These guys are not living in the real world. They should go back to the 13th century where their ridiculous ideas were spawned. Back then, they argued about whether women had souls. Geeeze. guys evolve!

  55. Toast


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    Let’s start saying those things about men, next man who has a high body count return him to eBay

  56. Selkie


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    I sometimes wish there was like a “Be a woman for a month” type of camp, like a summer camp, for guys to go and physically experience what its like to be a woman. Like shaving your whole body like 2-3(or more) times a week, wearing a painful bra with like 15-pound weights on their chest 24/7, using one of those “period pain” device things for a whole week 24/7... Gosh, what else? There’s so much. I mean there is the stereotypical stuff like spending a hour on your hair and makeup and wearing a dress with like 5-inch heels, but not all women do that stuff including the shaving and wearing bras amongst other things. And of course there is the comments that people (usually men) make about every little aspect about you. But idk I just think it would be really funny, they'd probably whine like little babies the whole time 😂, and hopefully they would learn some stuff so they can be more respectful. (ps, I know some guy would probably try and flip this whole thing to be the other way around but ohh well...)

  57. persephone1001


    3 dagar sedan

    Ah, but a sharpener that can sharpen many pencils is a great sharpener, while a pencil that goes in too many sharpeners will be worn down to a nub. Or, just maybe, people are not things.

    • Mango-Blumis


      2 dagar sedan

      Nice one!

  58. Ben Lutz

    Ben Lutz

    3 dagar sedan

    1) the "un-pure" crap is pretty common, especially among archaic religions. Y'oughta read the bible or quran sometime, it's hilarious for the wacky nonsense in there. In fact in late 2016 when it suddenly became clear that we might need to stock up on emergency gear, I got my wife one of those little disaster pup tents. Bright Red. She bludgeoned me with it for a good long while. 2) Red hair will never go extinct while Loreal, Inc is still in business. and 3) If you people are going to start 'spraying' then none of you get to complain that the next suit I buy from my tailor is a double breasted pin striped level 5 bio-hazard variety.

  59. parel pegler

    parel pegler

    3 dagar sedan

    Red hair doesn't just skip a generation 🙈. That's not how it works. It's a non dominant gene, so it needs to come from both parents and then your children can have red hair if both of you pass on the red head Gene. Also it won't go extinct cause it is a gene mutation it can appear randomly as well. Also if you have black hair you are more likely to have a child with red hair than if you have red hair. Also I'm a redhead too Charlotte ☺️❤️

  60. ABC


    3 dagar sedan

    Your period is usually every 28 days or in that Vicinity. We’re talking within days- if you have to track that it is a sad world.. Unless you’ve got a medical issue or on BC that is the norm!Perhaps I’m old-school but you don’t need a damn app! Your body will tell you. “Hey I’m cramping- I’m a little sleepy- that snickers is looking damn good right now” a-ha the bitch is back- no calendar needed. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  61. David Ward

    David Ward

    3 dagar sedan

    The doctor that doesn’t want the girls to get his coffee might be Muslim. Pretty sure Muslims view it as un pure

  62. thefreckledrobin


    3 dagar sedan

    I think that gynecologist who didn't want women making his coffee, I think it's a Jewish law type of thing going on.

  63. J3t Phantomhive

    J3t Phantomhive

    3 dagar sedan

    What are with these fuckin analogies ffs

  64. Yukariko Hanabi

    Yukariko Hanabi

    3 dagar sedan

    Well, the education system failed on this one

  65. Yvonne Burns

    Yvonne Burns

    3 dagar sedan

    If we're equated to cars with a lot of mileage, then those classic cars that they obsess about well... ?????

  66. Zoobee


    3 dagar sedan

    My period brain can't handle those last ones. raaaaagggEEEEEEE

  67. Annie


    3 dagar sedan

    The gyno saying nurses on their periods were "impure" and not allowed to make him coffee is probably doing that for religious reasons. I'm not saying it is right, but I'm guessing he held that belief for spiritual reasons not biological. I know I've read about impure menstruation in the Old Testament of the Bible and I know the idea is pervasive in Hinduism and Islam too. Women used to be sent to special rooms/houses when they were on their periods to isolate them from tainting the family and society. They also weren't allowed to pray/worship/etc until their periods stopped. I know is Hinduism women specifically weren't allowed in the kitchen during that time. There is a story of a woman in the Bible of a women who bled for 12 years touching Jesus to be healed. This was a HUGE deal because she was "impure" and touching him. Also consider the intense isolation she must have faced during that 12 years.

  68. Allie McDowall

    Allie McDowall

    3 dagar sedan

    There was a time women could walk around topless when breats were only seen as a food supply for babies, they believed the bigger they were the more milk they would produce (this is obviously not true), but somewhere along the lines that changed.

  69. 007Zoebond


    3 dagar sedan

    I used my diary before a smart phone to roughly plan periods

  70. lafyssaR


    3 dagar sedan

    Not defending the Doctor. He is violating so many ethnic codes but he might be Muslin and during that time they believe that all women ( including their wife’s.) are unclean during that time

  71. Lady Phobos

    Lady Phobos

    3 dagar sedan

    I have a simple solution for men who find womens breasts distracting. Look at their face instead.

  72. Burden82


    3 dagar sedan

    not fun of that white noice raise volume trick

  73. Amy Kay

    Amy Kay

    3 dagar sedan

    Charlotte, you are so on my level! LOVE THIS

  74. Alex S.

    Alex S.

    3 dagar sedan

    I mean... in his defence... the uterus isn't that much bigger than a cherry on the inside.

  75. N Mendy

    N Mendy

    3 dagar sedan

    I mean, I know that all men aren't like those in the video but... It is still scary to realize that these dumbasses are numerous on Earth Like REALLY numerous It makes me think... Does any of these men ever had something called A MOM, to teach them basic female anatomy sh*t ?!?!

  76. Adrianna Nailo

    Adrianna Nailo

    3 dagar sedan

    I love your videos, but I just had to say that yes the womb is about the size of a very large cherry, or by an easier measurement for my fellow Canadian to understand; The size of a toonie. Obviously it's very stretchy but if you aren't pregnant it's not very big at all.

  77. bobeczek01


    4 dagar sedan

    I am a woman and I actually only recently found out why men have nippples. Well it's because initially all babies in the womb are woman so the body forms nipples and only after that hormones help produce male and female sexual organs. That's science baby :)

  78. Ms. Melissa Ann

    Ms. Melissa Ann

    4 dagar sedan

    The unpure on period is a cultural thing in some places. Bad. Old culture that needs to gtfo. They force/ lock women and girls on their periods in little sheds. In some places, the girls die if weather is extreme and such

  79. Melissa Daoust

    Melissa Daoust

    4 dagar sedan

    It baffles me how many men think we pee from the same hole that we put tampons in and so on... no guys we have a separate hole *facepalm*....

  80. MelPlayz90


    4 dagar sedan

    LOL rofl Charlotte needs to be protected AT ALL COSTS

  81. jesica allan

    jesica allan

    4 dagar sedan

    Breast are made for feeding babies but men are naturally attracted to them because it is in their instinct. Many many years ago women who had large breast were more successful at feeding their babies then the ones with smaller breast (yes small breast can feed babies but bigger ones were more successful) and men thought their children could get feed better with a mother who had large breast and that’s were the attraction came from. (I learned this in college, professor could be wrong but it make total sense to me and to many)

  82. Rivai's Tea

    Rivai's Tea

    4 dagar sedan

    10:00 If this was the logic then I guess I'm not human.

  83. Laura Fletcher

    Laura Fletcher

    4 dagar sedan

    4:32 actually I swear in some religions a female on her period isn't allowed in the kitchen either!!.. I thought about it and I'm like Hellllll yeahhhhh I week not being a housewife every month. Bring it on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  84. Jennifer Farr

    Jennifer Farr

    4 dagar sedan

    Sometimes I seriously wonder if the reason men sexuality breast’s is because of a slight Oedipus complex. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  85. wheelhouse15


    4 dagar sedan

    Some of these guys would have had a heart attack in the 60s and 70s when women's nipples were often clearly visible beneath their shirts lol. One thing this poster obviously has no clue about and that's the fact that you get used to women going braless, or even shirtless, very quickly. If you've ever spent any time in a naturist resort or clothing optional beach you'll know that you get used to it very quickly and you don't even notice it after a little while.

  86. Emily Heil

    Emily Heil

    4 dagar sedan

    When my roommate and I argue he either tells me I’m angry for no reason because I’m on my period… or that he’s “allowed” to be angry because of his testosterone…😂 wish I was joking

  87. Magic Miya

    Magic Miya

    4 dagar sedan

    The fact that men are freaking out about braless women is hilarious! I wear a bra at best once a week. I have literally never once thought about what other people would think 😂 I absolutely love trolling people in my town thou so this is perfect to know!!

  88. MossKnits


    4 dagar sedan

    It honestly terrifies me how many men seem to think that we urinate out of our vaginas.

  89. Eve Erdahl

    Eve Erdahl

    4 dagar sedan

    Are these guys smoking their dirty gym sucks again serious question😳😳😳😞😞😔😔😔

  90. Susan Mc Donnell

    Susan Mc Donnell

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm a werewolf 🐺🐺🐺

  91. imshippyupup


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  92. Danielle Geremia

    Danielle Geremia

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  93. I Peace

    I Peace

    4 dagar sedan

    Our bRreasts 🤣

  94. Ashleigh H

    Ashleigh H

    4 dagar sedan

    Eggs popping off 🤣🤣🤣

  95. AM Hunter

    AM Hunter

    4 dagar sedan

    Good grief! I'm well over 70, and after that I'm not sure if I've missed out or today's men have simply lost the plot!

  96. Melissa 831

    Melissa 831

    4 dagar sedan

    The lack of self control and open stupidity on the braless comments got me, I love your videos! Keep up the great work, I’ll watch them all 😁❤️✨

  97. Seyron Jennissen

    Seyron Jennissen

    4 dagar sedan

    Perky nipples.. Me : Jennifer Aniston, Friends 1994-2004, someone pointed this out once and i swear i never noticed it before 🤦🏽‍♂️

  98. zitronentee


    4 dagar sedan

    Fun fact : Abed from the show 'Community' was able to track female co-workers period by analysing their behavioural pattern. Search it on YT. The scene was hilarious.