Twins Get Engaged! (Sorta Kinda For Pretend idk It's Weird)

More extreme sisters! The twins get stood up and fake purposed too all in one sitting! The clip says they're engaged but they're really not. Idk the whole thing just seems setup for tv.
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  1. Shay TV

    Shay TV

    5 timmar sedan

    What if one dies before the other one?😳

  2. Someday


    Dag sedan

    One episode earlier they wanted baebies and now they want to get married 🤣

  3. Genelle Campbell

    Genelle Campbell

    Dag sedan

    They are annoying, but actually kind girls. Ben is a saint to deal with them!!!

  4. Lina Mya

    Lina Mya

    Dag sedan

    What do they do for work? Like what do they live on? I would imagine they would only take a job where they do the same thing

  5. sabrina marie

    sabrina marie

    Dag sedan

    Imagine going to the jeweler and being like "Yeah. I want 2 engagement rings that look the exact same."

  6. Shayn AKA Tzu

    Shayn AKA Tzu

    Dag sedan

    Holy heck I hate these chicks, their voices alone are enough to piss anyone off

  7. Dr. David Bonar

    Dr. David Bonar

    Dag sedan

    These 2 woman are not all that, have zero charisma, & there is nothing interesting about them. They have no talent, its all about "them", & they did this to get attention.

  8. Robyn


    2 dagar sedan

    That cafe is the most Aussie cafe. You mainly see these types of cafes in Melbourne.

  9. Andi Leigh

    Andi Leigh

    2 dagar sedan

    These two are just way too annoying to even deal with.

  10. Brayden Bray

    Brayden Bray

    2 dagar sedan

    WE ARE COMING!!! …. 😡😤

  11. Brushed By Aaliyah

    Brushed By Aaliyah

    2 dagar sedan

    What if they get pregnant but one girl has twins & the other one doesn't!

  12. Casual Human

    Casual Human

    2 dagar sedan

    They arnt twins actually they are sisters

  13. Dafni Kapogianni

    Dafni Kapogianni

    2 dagar sedan

    Imagine Ben going to the store and asking for two identical engangement rings

  14. Jinxy


    3 dagar sedan

    Don't get why they share a man, even the siamese twins ( forgive bad spelling please ), had different partners , cheng and eng had a wife each , also the hilton sisters had own partners ,



    3 dagar sedan

    Imagine them each having children right?and then the twins are like “ make sure they are the same. “

  16. Anii


    3 dagar sedan

    I just had the terrible realization that they're probably sexually attracted to each other Like the more I think about it... The more this whole thing just stemming from a fetish makes a horrible amount of sense

  17. Apprehensive Sabotage

    Apprehensive Sabotage

    3 dagar sedan

    man i already know as a late subscriber (early may 2020) that ken isvery funny in the offensive kinda humor. to bad now youtube makes everybody sorta in a way (family friendly) which i know ken tries his best. but i know this man is hiding his true humor cause of you daffidils that want to get offended for everything. i feel ken is holding back in humor is my main point cause yes hes funny. But its like the whole time he actually has a real punchline that is comedy gold, just cant add it in cause you know got to make it family friendly xD idk im just ranting drunk and it is 12:51am so yeah thanks for reading im glad i could create enough words to destroy 40 seconds of your time.

  18. Weakndatkennys


    3 dagar sedan

    It would be hilarious, if they both get preggo but they don’t get to deliver them at the same time, like hey probably planned, and that’s what breaks and ruins their relationship.

  19. SwordLily


    3 dagar sedan

    This the coupling that seems like it can't work but does? They weird but they seem happy

  20. Megan D'Olimpio

    Megan D'Olimpio

    3 dagar sedan

    Mouth closed: "We've already Google it, soohhh"

  21. SpookyScarySkeleton


    4 dagar sedan

    I love the title.

  22. Autumn S

    Autumn S

    4 dagar sedan

    How does Ben tell them apart

  23. John Smith

    John Smith

    4 dagar sedan

    When you text them you have to text both of them the same exact thing

  24. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee

    4 dagar sedan

    ben needs a ticket to africa

  25. CaptGaming


    4 dagar sedan

    Isn’t polygamy illegal in Australia??

  26. Leroy


    5 dagar sedan

    Guys can you get it right they said emojoes 😂😂😂😂❤️

  27. Deanna Jackson

    Deanna Jackson

    5 dagar sedan

    The Karen twins! 😂🤣😂🤣

  28. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith

    5 dagar sedan

    They act like nobody else uses capitals and angry emojis when they're mad

  29. Madhumitha B

    Madhumitha B

    5 dagar sedan


  30. Chae Yuuu

    Chae Yuuu

    6 dagar sedan

    They are so cute

  31. Justa Clapper

    Justa Clapper

    6 dagar sedan

    I would have been worried not mad crazy girls

  32. Kat Jardine

    Kat Jardine

    6 dagar sedan

    so i actually live really close to where they are. the local shack is literally a local shack. it's a beachfront place which is why it has that vibe. the chairs are uncomfortable but the food is great.

  33. Donna Reiss

    Donna Reiss

    6 dagar sedan


  34. Pedro Alejandro Orellana

    Pedro Alejandro Orellana

    6 dagar sedan

    Man i can't stand these women... They make me itchy 😂😆

  35. PiousMinion


    6 dagar sedan

    The worst part of all this is their accent. I like the Aussie accent in general. This aint that.

  36. King Prince

    King Prince

    6 dagar sedan

    In an Arab country the men can marry up to four wives . It’s sad . My family member has two mother in laws and it’s horrible .

  37. Pamela evm

    Pamela evm

    6 dagar sedan

    I seen these girls a few years ago there is nothing of trying to make it sound like they talk and say the same thing because of their connection. This is something they've learned to do overtime always being together. It's really quite annoying not endearing at all. And I don't believe it's real for a moment especially when you pay close attention.

  38. Danyella Bear

    Danyella Bear

    6 dagar sedan

  39. Sheanna Decker

    Sheanna Decker

    6 dagar sedan

    No thanks.. you cook kayes recipe and tell me how it is... lol 😂 not mee

  40. #recallSinema


    6 dagar sedan

    “Distance makes the Bois even Funnier?”

  41. Eric Higinbotham

    Eric Higinbotham

    6 dagar sedan

    I have a feeling Ben is a businessman, And he was most likely in a middle of a meeting that ran longer and that's why he wasn't answering the phone.

  42. frostyshelly


    6 dagar sedan

    They googled it so it has to happen

  43. Xell FFS

    Xell FFS

    6 dagar sedan

    looking in the comments to see why Ben was late

  44. Yessenia Amaya

    Yessenia Amaya

    6 dagar sedan


  45. DominicanMerida


    6 dagar sedan

    Upload more reactions to kay's cooking :( I miss them

  46. Jag Girl

    Jag Girl

    7 dagar sedan

    Times like this I'm ashamed to be Australian. Hey, we do have weirdos here too..🤣

  47. Alex Stefanks

    Alex Stefanks

    7 dagar sedan

    legit questions, do the girls get upset when Ben can tell them apart?? Like how does he?

  48. Taeve Elliott

    Taeve Elliott

    7 dagar sedan

    don’t like the trying to complete each others sentences… it’s too much

  49. Derpy Dashie

    Derpy Dashie

    7 dagar sedan

    My theory is that Ken watched the videos in reverse so they got engaged and then got stood up because Ben was getting the he'll out of there lol

  50. Derpy Dashie

    Derpy Dashie

    7 dagar sedan

    Dude Ben needs to get out otherwise he might die if he makes their food unevenly

  51. N1CKNAM3


    7 dagar sedan

    Dude the way they speak is legit how some women in australia speak, and it makes me sad to live here.

  52. reenykay


    7 dagar sedan

    i think the bigger issue isnt the plural marriage but the incest? like i don't think two sisters can marry each other anywhere... (even though they're just sharing a man and not freaky with each other)

  53. Jeska Haley

    Jeska Haley

    7 dagar sedan

    What if one of them gets c car and the other one doesn’t? “Make sure the diagnosis is the same doc!” What If they don’t die at the same time?!?!

  54. Aimee Hamel

    Aimee Hamel

    7 dagar sedan

    Real sister-wife...

  55. 03greedo


    7 dagar sedan

    there makeup is..sumn else..

  56. boostkicksass


    7 dagar sedan

    This can’t be real

  57. SYKORA


    7 dagar sedan

    I have an identical twin sister. But what the actual heck is this crap

  58. Danna Camacho

    Danna Camacho

    7 dagar sedan

    R they Mormon? Bringthemyoungnbringthemoften

  59. Rajarshi Biswas

    Rajarshi Biswas

    7 dagar sedan

    Buff may need to get a foam cover for his mic. His voice is a bit sharp(and echoey when he's loud.)

  60. ImJustInTime


    7 dagar sedan

    lmfao they think in unison

  61. Brie Goertzen

    Brie Goertzen

    7 dagar sedan

    Aside from everything else, TWO SISTERS ARE TRYING TO MARRY EACH OTHER ...

  62. Meldela 520

    Meldela 520

    7 dagar sedan

    He was trying to get a bank loan for those rings lol he had them on layaway lol

  63. VirtuaSavage


    7 dagar sedan

    Buff looks like a chubby Russell Brand. It was bugging me why he looked familiar.

  64. Colie2020


    7 dagar sedan

    I found the real show and some how there are other way crazy twins and sisters. I never knew this show existed . Check out the psychic twins.

  65. Hope


    7 dagar sedan

    Your not alone if you have someone with you. Also they're hair style is similar but not the exact same. "I love u's.....just say "I love yens or "I love both of you" sounds normal instead of wierd.

  66. Hope


    7 dagar sedan

    I'm like that, always running late, but my b-friend is either early or on time, so when he is late, about 5 min , I start panicking, just because the fact he's NEVER LATE!! So I get what they're saying.

  67. Andrea Stojanovska

    Andrea Stojanovska

    7 dagar sedan

    Imagine if he proposed to just one of them 😂😂

  68. Gold Plane

    Gold Plane

    7 dagar sedan

    comment for the algorithm

  69. Kitten ShibaLoaf

    Kitten ShibaLoaf

    7 dagar sedan

    Are they even allowed to get married? I mean the twins are siblings and Ben is a different person soooo, would the twins be married to each other 🤔😶

  70. Tayce Sells

    Tayce Sells

    8 dagar sedan

    So like, if they have a threesome, wouldn't a third of it be incest?

  71. debrahamz


    8 dagar sedan

    When she said "We've already Googled it" HER MOUTH DID NOT MOVE DID YOU SEE THAT

  72. vizzbo


    8 dagar sedan

    what happens if one has twins and the other doesn't, baby graveyard?

  73. Toby Sutherland

    Toby Sutherland

    8 dagar sedan

    Get used to that accent...

  74. Abigail Rose Cottman

    Abigail Rose Cottman

    8 dagar sedan

    you didn't catch that they said emojos instead of emojis

  75. Rebecca Carpenter

    Rebecca Carpenter

    8 dagar sedan

    I’ve never seen a bigger narcissist😂

  76. Cassie Bosomworth

    Cassie Bosomworth

    8 dagar sedan

    Ellipses: the most angry of the punctuation.

  77. Betty Pickle

    Betty Pickle

    8 dagar sedan

    We Google it so it makes it fact...

  78. JamJam's Art

    JamJam's Art

    8 dagar sedan

    aperently in order to get a work visa for America, the employer has to prove YOU are the ONLY person who can do the job, or at least the BEST person for the job. essentially prove you can't possible fill the possition with anyone whos already a citizen.

  79. my other username was hard to pronounce

    my other username was hard to pronounce

    8 dagar sedan

    I wonder which one is the brain and which one is just following

  80. AshleyXrays


    8 dagar sedan

    Ben should've gotten them different rings and watch their heads explode lol

  81. Olive


    8 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised they didn't both send him the exact same message at the same time when he didn't show up Edit: DO THEY SHARE A PHONE WHA-

  82. AshleyXrays


    8 dagar sedan

    if they really wanna be the same that one girl needs to remove that mole off her face. just sayin

  83. Tiffany H.

    Tiffany H.

    8 dagar sedan

    One twin seems dominant than the other. Or is it me.



    8 dagar sedan

    Did they also google the fact that's it's absolutely unbelievable crazy... I can't believe they are this insane.

  85. Samantha Justus

    Samantha Justus

    8 dagar sedan

    Weirdo sisters.

  86. Sam Fitz

    Sam Fitz

    8 dagar sedan

    Why are they acting like it's the end of the world, Indonesia isn't even that far and Australia recognizes polygamous marriages done in other countries lmao

  87. Luthien


    8 dagar sedan

    How does he recognize them?

  88. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones

    8 dagar sedan

    I wonder if one of the sisters likes something but feels as though they have to pretend they dislike it for the sake of her twin and this morbid obsession with symmetry.

  89. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    8 dagar sedan

    😡...🤬...‼️ Did I do it right...?

  90. M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢

    8 dagar sedan

    Whenever I see those twins' faces, all I hear echoing in my head is their voices saying in perfect unison, "We gettin' da' babies."

  91. Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan Knuckles

    8 dagar sedan

    He will know when we are upset, with the CAPS. And the emojo’s. Y’know... the E-Mojo-jojo’s...

  92. George Frideric Handel

    George Frideric Handel

    8 dagar sedan

    Buffpro is so handsome wow!!!!!

  93. Jimi Esoteric

    Jimi Esoteric

    8 dagar sedan

    Plot twist. After lockdown Ken discovers these are his neighbors

  94. Warner1929


    8 dagar sedan

    *"We know there's places to get married for the three of us. And we'll make it happen. We won't stop until the three of us can get married together-"* _Me:_ 😁 *"We already googled it, so...."* _Me:_ 😐

  95. Lyssa Moura

    Lyssa Moura

    8 dagar sedan

    I can Google too 😂😂😂 Namibia is one of the COUNTRIES THEY COULD MARRIED IN😂😂😂😂but I don't see it happening 😂😂😂😂

  96. Huy Nguyen

    Huy Nguyen

    8 dagar sedan

    just have a thought that what if their kid doesn't look the same... . . . . . disowned?

  97. Stefan Vee

    Stefan Vee

    8 dagar sedan

    I think they are each others' worst enemies. Like in fight/arguments/confrontations, they are each others' sassy girlfriend telling them to leave that fool, or show a bitch who's the boss. Aside from that, lifetime three-ways sounds pretty cool.

  98. Charisse Marie Linnell -Morton

    Charisse Marie Linnell -Morton

    8 dagar sedan

    Google says hahaaaaaaaaa

  99. Irate Puffin

    Irate Puffin

    8 dagar sedan

    It’s so annoying how they say the same things and even repeat one another if they don’t manage to speak at the same time. I’ve known identical twins who did some of that but these two go out of their way to try to do it.

  100. Billy Loper

    Billy Loper

    8 dagar sedan

    as a former band kid, it disgusts me that you both are late people. 30 minutes early is 15 minutes late.