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  1. Babatunde


    9 dagar sedan - Follow me ;)

    • Thonayan Alabkal

      Thonayan Alabkal

      2 dagar sedan

      @Hank J. Wibleton not everything is about race dumbass

    • Genesis23OPB


      2 dagar sedan

      when youre flat as a board, judgeing others for a few easily loseable pounds extra is a bit much imo. losong weight is possible with a few months time and discipline, grpwing a pair of tits however isnt that easy.

    • •gummy bears•

      •gummy bears•

      2 dagar sedan

      @Tomasz Suchan bruhhhh

    • Tomasz Suchan

      Tomasz Suchan

      2 dagar sedan

      Fuck you, you wearing shirt and track suit trousers

    • Jim Bob's Arcade

      Jim Bob's Arcade

      3 dagar sedan

      Bro thank you for letting people use this to make their own shorts but how am I supposed to apply this to my narrative? #TAB2024

  2. Viv Jaggs

    Viv Jaggs

    5 timmar sedan

    What show is this?



    8 timmar sedan

    On a real note, that’s the type of shit that actually gave me massive body dysmorphia. Still struggle with it to this day. I know it can be unhealthy. Shit, I spend 4 hours in the gym someday, 8 hours on others. But it’s now become an addiction for me that I’m working on transforming into a healthy one

  4. Jhon Famo

    Jhon Famo

    9 timmar sedan

    Life is cruel people.

  5. brayden mailloux

    brayden mailloux

    10 timmar sedan

    But men can't bodyshame women right

  6. Jordan Fiaui

    Jordan Fiaui

    10 timmar sedan

    And then women say we body shame them

  7. Free Eagle18

    Free Eagle18

    14 timmar sedan

    Sorry but that was male misogyny!

  8. Anurag Tomar

    Anurag Tomar

    14 timmar sedan

    I like every girl better face then hers

  9. Devilish king 17

    Devilish king 17

    15 timmar sedan

    Yeah tinder and all of those apps are basically shopping apps. Yeah you have to shop for your lover nowadays doubt people realized this

  10. Weeb Time

    Weeb Time

    17 timmar sedan

    Bitch look at u that's body shaming

  11. The0neForever


    20 timmar sedan

    She looks like a kindergarten art teacher (idk if anyone said that in the comments so just know I'm not copying anyone)

  12. Aaditya Pathak

    Aaditya Pathak

    22 timmar sedan

    That's ksi how could you I mean

  13. Dhruba Jyoti Mili

    Dhruba Jyoti Mili

    22 timmar sedan

    "I like a guy with a better body" "I like a women who atleast considers talking before completely rejecting someone."

  14. hmm...


    23 timmar sedan

    What an awful generation we're in

  15. DerDudler


    Dag sedan


  16. mylezontheBeat _

    mylezontheBeat _

    Dag sedan

    If ksi would say something like that to her all the feminist bixtches would cry and say its Bodyshaming

  17. Gary


    Dag sedan

    I wonder if she really get date in the end ?

  18. Shadowfaxe 35

    Shadowfaxe 35

    Dag sedan

    This is the kind of girls I hate, they think they’re over the moon and as fast as they hear something bad they take it personal… I also have to ask, would a guy say that infront of a girls face? NO

  19. Michnader 300

    Michnader 300

    Dag sedan

    Screw ksi

  20. Bestie Riley

    Bestie Riley

    Dag sedan

    Body shaming check!! 😯😯😯😱😱😱

  21. Shenow Kaytoli

    Shenow Kaytoli

    Dag sedan


  22. Liam Brasier

    Liam Brasier

    Dag sedan


  23. - fanta -

    - fanta -

    Dag sedan

    Bro this went way past the line

  24. Erko Pihlak

    Erko Pihlak

    Dag sedan

    What is " better body"?

  25. decs09 _

    decs09 _

    Dag sedan

    I like a woman who’s not a fuckin idiot

  26. Victor T.

    Victor T.

    Dag sedan

    She know she don’t got an ass right

  27. Zonunchama Sailo

    Zonunchama Sailo

    Dag sedan

    And how exactly is this not bodyshaming???



    Dag sedan

    I think she's just asking to take off he's shirt

  29. Shawty


    Dag sedan

    I was so sorry for him like wtf, that’s so rude… no body shaming!!!

  30. Geno


    Dag sedan

    Has She seen her front teeth? WTF?! Flaming our fatneek Beatch!

  31. Sourav Govind

    Sourav Govind

    Dag sedan

    WTF ksi is fit af

  32. Aalia Khan

    Aalia Khan

    Dag sedan

    💀she wasn't getting him either way so

  33. Sgt Wawe

    Sgt Wawe

    Dag sedan

    That woman do have body of 40 y.o😂😂😂😂



    Dag sedan

    Is this racist

  35. 王凱民


    Dag sedan


  36. Faith and Love

    Faith and Love

    Dag sedan

    His body looks good to me.

  37. N. Dave

    N. Dave

    Dag sedan

    POV: Mean vile JJ is a pro boxer :D

  38. My name is Wissam123

    My name is Wissam123

    Dag sedan

    Thhhhhhhhhhh does she know who she is even talking to

  39. magicalpip the great

    magicalpip the great

    Dag sedan

    What would’ve been better is if all the boys left when the guy left.

  40. Official Pingo

    Official Pingo

    Dag sedan

    What body shaming or does that just apply to woman

  41. TNM_Sshadow


    Dag sedan

    No it’s because he’s black I bet 😒

  42. Kirst DollaSign

    Kirst DollaSign

    Dag sedan

    At least let ksi talk sad 😔 you he just stood up for his turn

  43. Leonel Castillo

    Leonel Castillo

    Dag sedan

    And when men say something like that it’s a problem but when woman say it it’s okay

  44. BuNnY


    Dag sedan

    i like A Girl Who Is Not Flat..

  45. Rayyan Saya

    Rayyan Saya

    Dag sedan

    I don’t like a woman with a flat surface 😂

  46. Gamer Wolves

    Gamer Wolves

    Dag sedan

    Do women have better body than guys?, Hell no

  47. Gamer Wolves

    Gamer Wolves

    Dag sedan

    I like a girl who doesn't talk like a parrot 😂😂😂🤫🤫🤫🤫

  48. Jennifer Whelan

    Jennifer Whelan

    Dag sedan


  49. Sk Loading

    Sk Loading

    Dag sedan

    ‘I like a girl who doesn’t look like quagmires daughter ‘

  50. Syafiq


    Dag sedan

    Which episod is this 🤣🤣

  51. ᧁꪖꪑ3r ᥊ꪮ᥊ꪮ

    ᧁꪖꪑ3r ᥊ꪮ᥊ꪮ

    Dag sedan

    Fr who would wear that dress. It looks like she stole it from her grandma's curtains

  52. Raging Kangkong

    Raging Kangkong

    Dag sedan

    OMG these roasts ... I'm not even mad.

  53. Jojo


    Dag sedan

    Just before the sis started, I think JJ would like a girl who doesn’t own a magic school bus

  54. dark side of psy

    dark side of psy

    Dag sedan

    thats disgusting actually

  55. Yardin Koop

    Yardin Koop

    Dag sedan

    I would be like dude I’m ksi u don’t no my body like that 😂

  56. Бекбаев Есмухамбет

    Бекбаев Есмухамбет

    Dag sedan


  57. Kusum Dhakal Raúl

    Kusum Dhakal Raúl

    2 dagar sedan

    KSI got savage 😅😂🤣

  58. Jack Sugalski

    Jack Sugalski

    2 dagar sedan

    I can’t believe this imagine what she’s like now declining one of the best boxers

  59. robbie9fow


    2 dagar sedan

    What a horrible shallow piece of work.

  60. Blaze_Ryu


    2 dagar sedan

    What is her ego though? Its not like KSI would actually take her out 😂😂

  61. elialutz99


    2 dagar sedan

    Thats the exact type of woman, nobody likes. Look at her clothes, tf is this

  62. DrPesk


    2 dagar sedan

    Body shaming

  63. Joshua Potter

    Joshua Potter

    2 dagar sedan

    And girls say that men always body shame

  64. Oliver Rivera

    Oliver Rivera

    2 dagar sedan

    If a guy said this to a woman it would be a scandal but since men don’t have feelings it’s fine right?

  65. Aboo


    2 dagar sedan

    There is so much I would like to say about this but I can’t, it’s sad that In so many woman’s minds body shamming guys just doesn’t exist but if they get body shammed it’s a whole thing but really men get body shammed just as much as us and maybe more, everything is overheated (idk if that’s the right word) when it’s said to a woman but when it’s said to a man it’s blown of like it’s nothing, some of y’all women or too much and so over dramatic just grow up, and I’m sorry that men have to deal with us -_-

  66. Umaymah Raja

    Umaymah Raja

    2 dagar sedan

    You can see he is hurt, yet that LADY still carried on. Like wth bro-

  67. Aryajrena Dre Salaka

    Aryajrena Dre Salaka

    2 dagar sedan

    Id like a women who respects a legend

  68. Sofia Morales

    Sofia Morales

    2 dagar sedan

    Thats just disrespectful af, what has this society turned to. 😠😠😠

  69. Alana Senior

    Alana Senior

    2 dagar sedan

    he looked so confused and sad i feel so bad

  70. Dave Iuc

    Dave Iuc

    2 dagar sedan

    Bruh your bodyshaming ksi really

  71. Villains Never die

    Villains Never die

    2 dagar sedan

    KSI’s face made me laugh af🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Infamous_vexx


    2 dagar sedan

    Yet they say men judge females on there body’s and are fiends look at this bitch

  73. Rolando Barrera

    Rolando Barrera

    2 dagar sedan

    Go bk to yo mama going out to meet a chik dress like a clown

  74. Sanin Zulic

    Sanin Zulic

    2 dagar sedan

    I would just say racist

  75. Amera Alhasnawy

    Amera Alhasnawy

    2 dagar sedan


  76. Yevgeniy Fureyster

    Yevgeniy Fureyster

    2 dagar sedan

    Did she look in mirror first

  77. Troy Skateboards

    Troy Skateboards

    2 dagar sedan

    Man it used to be Ethan getting the body shame

  78. Lenni.Flt_


    2 dagar sedan

    Und Männer sind oberflächlich aha ok

  79. Ashish Kr Singh

    Ashish Kr Singh

    2 dagar sedan

    Fault of men only.... giving them so much attention.... like they are nothing without them ...

  80. Waffle-pigeon8090


    2 dagar sedan

    She’s is the dumbest person in the world. She didn’t know who she messed with

  81. oynxC4F1


    2 dagar sedan

    This lamppost just violated ksi and herself look at her actual twig

  82. Gabriel Morsette

    Gabriel Morsette

    2 dagar sedan

    Her: I like a man with a better body Me: I like a girl with more junk in her trunk

  83. Chris Welles

    Chris Welles

    2 dagar sedan

    Sad 😢


    2 dagar sedan

    Women want a six foot six pack guy but if we say we just want a skinny girl under 200 pounds oh we’re horrible people

  85. Samiyah Winters

    Samiyah Winters

    2 dagar sedan

    “I like a guy with a better body” “I like a girl with good looks”

    • Samiyah Winters

      Samiyah Winters

      2 dagar sedan

      I’m just going through all the comments and I’m dead laughing

  86. Vnk knx

    Vnk knx

    2 dagar sedan

    He has a great builder wtf

  87. Tim Jäggi

    Tim Jäggi

    2 dagar sedan

    What a bitch ...... i like a women that dosent think she loks like victorias secret next model🤦🤦🙄🙄

  88. Random


    2 dagar sedan

    She is flat as a tile tho.

  89. Printlytical


    2 dagar sedan

    Imagine if he said something rlly rude back to her or Insulted her body back what would of happen huh?

  90. Lucifer jin

    Lucifer jin

    2 dagar sedan

    Now this is not body shaming huh!!!???

  91. Mitchell Esteves

    Mitchell Esteves

    2 dagar sedan

    Imagine a guy would say that to a woman. The guy will be cancelled for the rest of his life

  92. Space Frii

    Space Frii

    2 dagar sedan

    Boy:I like a girl with a better body. Girl:ThAThS bOdyShaMiNG

  93. death watch 42

    death watch 42

    2 dagar sedan

    E teir woman

  94. Jonathan Reuel Hernandez

    Jonathan Reuel Hernandez

    2 dagar sedan

    Crime against our fatneek