Half in the Bag: Willy's Wonderland and The Banana Splits Movie

Mike and Jay go down a rabbit hole of shameless rip off movies! Specifically Willy's Wonderland starring Nicolas Cage and The Banana Splits Movie, two films """"""influenced""""" by the premise of the video game Five Nights at Freddy's. Which one will be deemed The Best of the Worst????


  1. Joel Sangster

    Joel Sangster

    15 timmar sedan

    My brother and i were born in the early 90s. And the boomerang channel made sure we were scarred by the banana splits show in the early 2000s

  2. Sean Barrett

    Sean Barrett

    Dag sedan

    What a great mom. "Fuck the birthday boy"

  3. Bean Can

    Bean Can

    2 dagar sedan

    Never let me hear your swallowing noises again while you are speaking. Its disgusting. I'm ending this channel.

  4. Jay Post

    Jay Post

    4 dagar sedan

    Hulu’s into the dark franchise has a movie called Pooka that looked like one of these FNAF rip offs.

    • Grant Brooks

      Grant Brooks

      2 dagar sedan

      Good thing they talked about that one.

  5. MsKara308


    4 dagar sedan

    Come on guys, that scene where he is owning the pinball machine... amazing. Beautiful.

  6. King Dippy

    King Dippy

    5 dagar sedan

    I love how people are now putting the Rich Evans photo on Instagram and Twitter and claiming it's them. I saw 2 people unironically try it. People are calling it Rich Evans stolen valor or something.

  7. Thomas Thornburg

    Thomas Thornburg

    5 dagar sedan

    I feel like 78 percent audience score is because people who dont usually watch fun cult games

  8. Gamergirl Spoon

    Gamergirl Spoon

    6 dagar sedan

    They are so stupid

  9. Seabassthemaster1


    7 dagar sedan

    "Most people sleep." - Mike Stoklasa (2021)

  10. Christopher Jackson

    Christopher Jackson

    8 dagar sedan

    Why is Nic Cage doing these shitty movies? He is a good actor, can he really not find work?

  11. Mike Bliss

    Mike Bliss

    9 dagar sedan

    Please never EVER stop talking about that Dick the Birthday Boy shirt. Ever. It's only funnier as time goes on.

  12. YouveGotRyan


    9 dagar sedan

    You know, the room had a terrible script, performances, etc. And was just a terrible, terrible movie. Yet... I enjoyed every minute of it. Wonder why...

  13. iridium248


    10 dagar sedan

    Nicholas Cage's character actually has a military background. There are dog-tags hanging from his car, implying that he's a former soldier.

  14. Nosephhh


    10 dagar sedan

    My girlfriend lives in Barboursville WV, where one of the last original operating "The Rock-afire Explosion" animatronic bands still plays in a place called "Billy Bob's Wonderland" (an arcade). We went to play arcade games in 2019 and the animatronics there creeped me the fuck out. They are in various states of disrepair, with some of their faces partially melted and parts of their bodies not working. Of course by then I had played FNAF (VR version included) so I was telling her how they reminded me of the game and how I thought they were creepy. After watching this video I was surprised to find out that those very same animatronics were what inspired FNAF. Crazy how things come full circle like that.

  15. Seoul Ting

    Seoul Ting

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    19:09 " "

  16. The 5 illusions Illusions

    The 5 illusions Illusions

    11 dagar sedan

    Now Willys Wonderland isn’t trash, it’s Bannana Splits movie that sucks.

    • The 5 illusions Illusions

      The 5 illusions Illusions

      11 dagar sedan

      And the hug sucks

  17. asdf852asdf


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    Jay made it sound like the Rockafire documentary was about an animatronic who exploded on kids , what a letdown

  18. P J

    P J

    11 dagar sedan

    Wow. Couldn’t disagree more. Loved this movie. Loved that he didn’t talk or react. Loved that he just started cleaning again. I knew what I was in for I wasn’t expecting Thor ragnarok. It was perfectly fine. The none pay offs go totally with the film.

    • P J

      P J

      10 dagar sedan

      @Bob Tower ha yeah. Make it a whole series Of movies. He just goes around the country killing evil without talking.

    • Bob Tower

      Bob Tower

      11 dagar sedan

      I would like to see them do a prequel movie with this character. I kept thinking, what kind of shit has this guy been through.

  19. Ray Thomas

    Ray Thomas

    11 dagar sedan

    Someone wrote this as shitty fan faction and they just bought it and made it.

  20. Ray Thomas

    Ray Thomas

    11 dagar sedan

    Have they seen JiuJitsu???

  21. Ash Smith

    Ash Smith

    12 dagar sedan

    I love how much joy you guys have brought to the world with that polaroid.

  22. Ochre


    13 dagar sedan

    Dear god thank you for blessing the world with this picture of rich evans

  23. Luc Taylor

    Luc Taylor

    14 dagar sedan

    Bitch (2017) is rated lower than Willy's Wonderland... wtf?!

  24. Josh Not my real name

    Josh Not my real name

    15 dagar sedan

    Consistently what RLM hates most is when people don't try

  25. River Kirk

    River Kirk

    15 dagar sedan

    25:23 Springfeild Police Department

  26. Dbb3 Videos

    Dbb3 Videos

    15 dagar sedan

    Small correction: I’m pretty sure showbiz bought out Chuck E. Cheese and then changed all their restaurants to become Chuck E. Cheese restaurants

  27. R. G. C.

    R. G. C.

    15 dagar sedan

    Mike was saying Show Biz pizza place went out on business in the 80s but in my area they were still open until at least 2015 and may still be open as far as I know. I can say all my grand kids preferred Show Biz to Chuck E Cheese (we have both in our town) and know Show Biz was still around until 2015 because that was the last time I took them there.

  28. Ted Clark

    Ted Clark

    16 dagar sedan

    Chuck E. Cheese vs. Billy Bob... Ok, hear me out- In the final versus fight sequence, Chuck E. Cheese gets his head lopped off to reveal... CHUCKIE is inside!!!!

  29. Rodrigo Espinoza

    Rodrigo Espinoza

    17 dagar sedan

    Game Grumps Mario Maker 2 Super RubberRoss World part 22

  30. Dom Thorn

    Dom Thorn

    17 dagar sedan

    Nick Cage didn't even have to speak to have more character and motivation. The right people could have done it properly, and that's kind of the saddest part. It's a shame how many half decent ideas fall completely flat because of the people who handle them

  31. Sqeeye


    17 dagar sedan

    Why does ANYONE for ANY REASON trust Rotten tomatoes scores? If 100 people rate the movie what would be a 6/10 it gets a 100% rating score because every rating was technically positive (over 50%). Not to metion all of the times they have REMOVED THOUSANDS OF SCORES because people hate a movie for genuine reasons but someone like Amy Schumer or Ghost Busters (2016) Execs convince them to run it back. IMDB is objectively a better rating system if you need one for some reason. I Immediately disregard anyone's opinion that seriously uses Rotten tomatos to determine movie ratings.

  32. Hans Chr. Lauridsen

    Hans Chr. Lauridsen

    18 dagar sedan

    In my opinion, all horror films would be better if Bruce Campbell starred in them. Possibly a lot of other genres as well

  33. James117Bond


    18 dagar sedan

    I liked both :), but everyone has their own opinions

  34. Ralathar44


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    lol yall took this way too seriously and yet somehow still completely wooshed on Willy's Wonderland :D. The reason it's rated so well by audiences is because this is exactly what folks wanted out of a dumb Nic Cage movie. And obviously low budget. Coulda used some slightly better fights maybe, but even then you wouldn't want it too good. Apparently this just scratches a genre of good bad movie yall are not aware of. I feel like yall were way harsher on the movie than it warranted. Yall even missed points like the fact that he took breaks no matter what was definitely an intentional and important design choice....it's not just random. Also Nic Cage was into making the movie and yall kept saying he wasn't lol. But he's gone on record :). Yall just whiffed this one completely, but I still love yall. Happens when you're too deep into being a critic...you start seeing everything via the eyes of only a critic.

  35. Undlark


    18 dagar sedan

    I had fun watching this movie just because I had my expectations really low to start, and it satisfied a fun drunk night on discord with friends. We had more fun making up explanations for Willy's wonderland than we did enjoying the movie.

  36. Canis


    19 dagar sedan

    Honestly Willy's Wonderland is a true horror film. The problem with most horror films is that you know they aren't real. WIlly's production values are a thing of true horror and the most horrific thing is that you know its all real. Just looking at that ballpit set you can feel the nightmarish screams of the unpaid intern sent to Lowes with $1.50 in his pocket and the mission to create a movie prop. That's bonechilling.

  37. sergarrick


    19 dagar sedan

    As soon as Bruce Campbell was brought up, I can't help but to feel centering either of these movies around him and his brand of comedy would've made an instant classic. So much wasted potential.

  38. David Shoemaker

    David Shoemaker

    19 dagar sedan

    Quick correction Showbiz bought out Chucky e Cheese when they went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in 84, I was working there at the time and remember when it happened.

  39. Terribadguy 1

    Terribadguy 1

    19 dagar sedan

    Idk if it's only a WV thing but I went to Billy Bob's Wonderland as a kid

  40. Kevin Hockett

    Kevin Hockett

    19 dagar sedan

    Honestly if you go into willys wonderland with the concept its a bad b-movie thats made to be laughed at. Its pretty good. I mean compare it to something like hobo with a shotgun. Or army of darkness. Its campy. Its dumb. Its gory in a sense. Its fun if you dont take it serious.

  41. Umpty MaDoo

    Umpty MaDoo

    19 dagar sedan

    my friends and i loved willy's wonderland, but we were also wasted and laughing hysterically, so...

  42. Man of Reason

    Man of Reason

    19 dagar sedan

    I just watched The Banana Splits Movie and that is one of the worst films I've ever seen.

  43. the fool touchstone

    the fool touchstone

    20 dagar sedan

    Dick the brithday boy....omfg...I can't evenypte...lol

  44. thekillerfroggy


    20 dagar sedan

    sooooooooo do you recommend it or

  45. Bryan Foote Brass Vocals Music

    Bryan Foote Brass Vocals Music

    20 dagar sedan

    How could they possibly not mention Chuck E’ Cheese?

    • Bryan Foote Brass Vocals Music

      Bryan Foote Brass Vocals Music

      20 dagar sedan


  46. Samuel Robbins

    Samuel Robbins

    20 dagar sedan

    Why didn't Willy's Wonderland just hire a professional wrestler? I would've watched Steve Austin beat up animatronic monsters any day.

  47. Brandon Romano

    Brandon Romano

    20 dagar sedan

    Wait, Julia Roberts got cancelled?

  48. S Dunne

    S Dunne

    20 dagar sedan

    What's the Space Cop Rotten Tomatoes score?

  49. Adam Jasper

    Adam Jasper

    21 dag sedan

    I'm really glad that the real definitely 100% gonna happen Five Nights at Freddy's movie hasn't come out yet, because it shows how much Scott Cawthon cares about it actually being a good movie and not just a terrible cash grab. I just really hope it actually turns out to be good of it ever does happen.

  50. Yoshikage EHKOS

    Yoshikage EHKOS

    21 dag sedan

    I loved how bad the ending was because first, they played Freebird. That already had me laughing. And then as he's about to leave, it shows the girl and I'm thinking "She met him less than 24 hours ago, he hasn't said a word to her, and he left her to fight these things on her own TWICE. PLEASE get in the car with him." And she does!

  51. Zanger Studios

    Zanger Studios

    21 dag sedan

    Wow I love red letter media but i never knew dick the birthday boy was from them

  52. FullerAbyss


    21 dag sedan

    Willy's Wonderland is a satire of Nicholas Cage movies.

  53. C


    21 dag sedan

    The hug was apparently shot at something called “mountasia family fun center”, so it’s not just a set!

  54. Parable Paradox

    Parable Paradox

    22 dagar sedan

    I actually liked the willys wonderland film, maybe it was because I viewed it as a so bad its good kind of movie.

  55. Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    23 dagar sedan

    Well I took the 5 minutes to watch The hug and oh boy that's weird.

  56. Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    23 dagar sedan

    Yeah I went through a phase of watching movies based on them having a good actor in them. My wife and I watched all the tom hanks movies which is mostly awesome but you end up with things like cars which does have tom hanks in but for like 5 seconds. He has also done some boring ass movies like every time we say goodbye.

  57. Matthew Russell

    Matthew Russell

    23 dagar sedan

    Williys wonderland feels like a kids fan fiction where his “really cool and powerful” oc goes to Freddys and kills all the animatronics because of how powerful he is

    • Ralathar44


      4 dagar sedan

      @Anthony Schwartz That's not my theory, its something I read and I've now accepted as my own personal headcannon because it makes the movie more fun :D.

    • Anthony Schwartz

      Anthony Schwartz

      4 dagar sedan

      @Ralathar44 you put more thought into this than the movie tried to lol

    • Ralathar44


      18 dagar sedan

      Saw a fan theory that fits perfectly that the reason he's so strong, kills them 1 by 1, and takes the breaks without fail is that this is part of the satanic contract and he's a modern day demon hunter. One of the tropes of such contracts is they are always supposed to technically be winnable. But if you kill them outside of the terms of the contract they just come back to life. So he came into town specifically to purge the town of these monsters and he came prepared. This explains why he isn't surprised, the custom energy drinks are just Witcher Potions in disguise, and he gets stronger as he defeats each new monster as per the terms of the contract/potions.

  58. drroxxo1


    24 dagar sedan

    I love in the description the say which movie will be the best of the worst. They release so much trash now that half in the bag and best of the worst have basically merged at this point.

  59. Worsenary


    24 dagar sedan

    I thought that Nicolas Cage was supposed to be autistic in the film (with obsessive tendencies), which is why he had his drinking can ritual, obsessive pin ball playing etc. Having watched both, the Banana Splits was the Banana Sh*ts compared to Willy's (though it is true that Willy's started to smell bad, as the lead female character says at one point...haha!).

  60. transmission GGB

    transmission GGB

    24 dagar sedan

    The banana splits was shown in the UK in the late 70s early 80s on Sunday mornings.

  61. Cammy Dogchief

    Cammy Dogchief

    24 dagar sedan

    Cus most of the budget wne to cage lmao then the movie

  62. Andrew Laco

    Andrew Laco

    25 dagar sedan

    14:48 That kid had three times the lethal amount of soda and pizza in his system. That bear demon is not guilty!

  63. Taylor Hill

    Taylor Hill

    25 dagar sedan

    Fnaf in real.

  64. cj the man and tails the fox

    cj the man and tails the fox

    25 dagar sedan

    Willy's wonderland is not a rip off its better then the splits

  65. Adam Schnellenbach

    Adam Schnellenbach

    25 dagar sedan


  66. FFL


    25 dagar sedan

    I really wanna watch Willy`s Wonderland now.

  67. Shane Fox

    Shane Fox

    26 dagar sedan

    willies wonderland was the most fucking confusing non movie ive ever seen. why the fuck anything happens or why any of the characters act the way they do, baffles me to my core. but i gotta say making fun of it in a discord call with like 6 of my friends made it a wonderful experience.

  68. Yuri Hageshi

    Yuri Hageshi

    26 dagar sedan

    14:58 If you can scream really loud, you can breath, the animatronics didnt have any real strength.

  69. Valiant 9

    Valiant 9

    26 dagar sedan

    Oh yeah.. Bruce Campbell and his superb one liners would have made WWL a much much better movie.. "hail to the king baby "

  70. TheVolitionSociety


    26 dagar sedan

    plus, the "Five Night at Freddy's" gameplay is similar to "Night Trap"

  71. Hayhoe Studios

    Hayhoe Studios

    27 dagar sedan

    Watched Willy's Wonderland last night. I could not disagree with you guys more. It is absolutely brilliant and pure popcorn fun. Cage is casted brilliantly. He's supposed to beat up the animatronics easily and walk away unfazed, he's the stoic man with no name, literally the point of his character. If you guys find this movie to be bad and uncreative, please by all means make one better! I am a big fan of you guys but I've tried watching your movies and they are the real atrocities. Willy's Wonderland is an instant cult classic. I'm sure you guys can and will make a great movie at some point, but sheez louise this is a movie about possessed Chuck E. Cheese characters, cut it some slack!!

  72. Drake


    27 dagar sedan

    An epic piss?

  73. Azure


    27 dagar sedan

    They could've done so much more with the Willy's Wonderland movie. Like ham it up by 300%, change a couple of things. Like the Fairy mascot could have just been a head, the quirk being it needs a new body by decapitating and stealing someone elses. The rest of the crew for the first act, easily taken care of, for the comedy part, then second act they comeback, having put themselves together like messed up jigsaw monsters, crawling on the ceiling, breaking through walls and so forth. Where they actually lean into the movies lore and they become more hellish and demon like as it proceeds to the third act and they blow the whole place up. Which then they could have cowboy and mechanic come in with the car repaired, hooting and hollering that the evils been defeated only to be killed off by the surviving nightmare that still exists on the site.

  74. Fightme111


    27 dagar sedan

    I believe it was written to be a crappy b-movie anyway so I’m not gonna be as hard on it

  75. Mephiston001


    27 dagar sedan

    Were almost there... the RedLetterMedia review of Ass

  76. Ivan Vojt

    Ivan Vojt

    28 dagar sedan

    Why were the flat tires inflated when the Camaro was on the flatbed?

  77. 666OrWhat


    28 dagar sedan

    The creepy animatronics premise has about as much weight behind it as something like Slenderman. Okay as a creepypasta or maybe a videogame but beyond that? i dunno man.

  78. 666OrWhat


    28 dagar sedan

    HEY! Jay has the same stainless steel mug I'm using.

  79. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan


  80. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan


  81. HoboCat


    28 dagar sedan

    watched this with some friends and i compared the movie to like hotline miami meets five nights at freddie because nick just seemed like the jacket character

  82. Jason Dismuke

    Jason Dismuke

    28 dagar sedan

    Had a showbiz pizza in Richmond, VA.

  83. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan

    14:55 14:56

  84. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan


  85. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan

    I can't Brevard 14:49

  86. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan

    The kid steal the key 13:24

  87. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan

    13:18 the man bump the birthday kid

  88. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    28 dagar sedan

    14:49 i can't breaved

  89. Akram Brahimi

    Akram Brahimi

    28 dagar sedan

    i haven't opened the Rotten Tomatoes site in almost 3 years, this site is beyond a joke at this point. i use IMDb and for the most part it's logical with reviews and rating that make sense.

  90. Alexei Navalny Is In Prison Because Putin Is Weak

    Alexei Navalny Is In Prison Because Putin Is Weak

    28 dagar sedan

    Dick might have been molested by that bear, and you guys just got him a t-shirt to remind him of it.

  91. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    29 dagar sedan


  92. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    29 dagar sedan


  93. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    29 dagar sedan

    14:49 i can't Brevard

  94. unicorn mermaid yay

    unicorn mermaid yay

    29 dagar sedan

    The hug is the scary movie

  95. William Mullen

    William Mullen

    29 dagar sedan

    People should watch the Sho Biz pizza training videos with Jerry Jiles. They’re a riot!

  96. electricbayonet2


    29 dagar sedan

    'Willy's Wonderland' cost five million dollars to make, so I'm going to give myself a challenge: I'll take five minutes to type out as much as I can of a quick, easy framework for a story that sticks to the main premise of Willy's Wonderland while actually having a plot and characters. And...go! Alright, so we cold-open with Nick Cage badly hurt and fleeing from WW. He's clearly gotten his ass kicked, and we get glimpses of the animatronics but nothing major yet. One of them taunts him with something like 'Hehehehehe! Our pact with Lord Evilface makes us eternal, and only one sacrifice has ever escaped!' Doesn't matter the exact wording, it's the taunt and the detail of the survivor. Still, he makes it out, and maybe we see another body or two still inside that are implied to have been his partners or whatever. Show some busted weapons, holy symbols, and other supernatural-y stuff, too, to make it look like they went in prepared and still got their asses kicked. Maybe we get to see one of the robots magically repair itself a la the Golden Army in 'Hellboy 2' after one of the partners sets off an explosive to try give Nick Cage a change to escape while taking one of them down with him, just to establish early that they really do have some supernatural protection. Fast forward to some time later, where we see the female lead, who is in juvie for attempted arson. However, she just turned 18, so she's getting transferred to a different facility. She still survived while her parents were killed, but she was young enough that she repressed the memories of what happened and believed the official 'it was a murder cult but they're dead now' story. Unfortunately, a well-meaning therapist helped her recover her memories, including what she saw of a ritual done with her parents' bodies, immediately after which she tried to burn the place down (which needless to say didn't work), and nobody believed her 'Evil robots killed my parents' story. As she's being transported to the new facility, Nick Cage busts her out, and after he follows up her vague request to be dropped by the town where WW is he says something like 'You're gonna try and burn the place with the evil robots, right?' that makes it clear he knows the truth and segues into the reason he helped her escape custody. He tells her about the failed attempt he and his partners made to destroy the place, and that he knows she's the only other person to escape. He also knows from the police report after her arrest that she saw the ritual, and it's the details of that ritual that can potentially give him/them the edge that she and his team lacked. Then- -aaaaaaand time. Huh. Not too shabby, I think. It's a place to start, at least. I think I drew a decent amount from 'Drive Angry,' but I never said that this rework would be particularly original. Just that, in five minutes, a stream of consciousness from a random hack on the internet gave this story more actual 'story' and the characters more actual 'character' than we got from a film that had five million dollars sunk into it.

  97. Buff Awesome

    Buff Awesome

    29 dagar sedan

    The Banana Splits movie reminds me of Killer Clowns from Outerspace.

  98. AnarchistBunny


    29 dagar sedan

    Willy Wonderland is better, than that dog shit movie Banana splits, Mike and Jay. no wonder it took you so long to put this review out.. you 2 are haters. you barely even say its bad, all you said that it was "bad" but we ALL know that you are WROOOOONNNNG. maybe you need to brush on your movies again boys. because you be sleeping while watching movies lately... give it a honest review instead of just sayin "its bad" LOL what a load of fookin trash you peeps are slackin haard

  99. Azwat Voltron

    Azwat Voltron

    29 dagar sedan

    The movie was made by producers who wants to be in Hollywood but have zero interest in storytelling and filmmaking

    • Azwat Voltron

      Azwat Voltron

      29 dagar sedan

      @Michael Kemel yet robert rodriguez made el mariachi for $7k

    • Michael Kemel

      Michael Kemel

      29 dagar sedan

      You just described all Hollywood producers.

  100. Neal McEneaney

    Neal McEneaney

    29 dagar sedan

    Maybe Cage's character is 'Rich' all growed up.