Racist KARENS Falsely Accuses BLACK MEN, What Happens To Them Is Shocking PT 2 | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Lady Calls Cops On A Black Man
04:21 Single Mom Shamed By Soccer Mom
16:56 Innocent Black Man Sent to Jail
26:40 Gold Digger Shames Poor Guy At Bar
33:28 Recommended Video To Watch Next


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    • Andy Juarez

      Andy Juarez

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      But why 16:55

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      Efra Girmawi

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      Wyquall Carson

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      @Soft starz 💯

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      @Soft starz kdjdjd

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      @BadBruh I will sub

  2. Siamese Shadow

    Siamese Shadow

    11 timmar sedan

    I have a mom but mo dad and gusse I have the best mom ever she kept us safe and every thing

  3. Parker_HG.13


    12 timmar sedan

    Please tell me why he’s riding the bike that was stolen from the kid and not riding his own bike

  4. Jasmine


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  5. Lay's Life

    Lay's Life

    22 timmar sedan

    These actors highkey be having me tight like I swear if I was in their situation we would be fighting because like nobody finna disrespect me AND MY KID? I be mad at them irl bruh. LMAO

  6. Fesehatsion Kassahun

    Fesehatsion Kassahun

    Dag sedan

    2nd one mad me of going hfbfvv bbc bffofncffjcbhrcbrcjfcjbfbecause karen’s name isn’t karen

  7. Fancied Facts

    Fancied Facts

    Dag sedan

    So you see... This a very good channel with nice touch of humor.

  8. Mckenzie Amansure

    Mckenzie Amansure

    Dag sedan

    Karen: Hello my name is Karen Me: U are a Karen that name suits u

  9. Emma daly

    Emma daly

    Dag sedan

    Excuse me Karen you don’t own the block

  10. •Lazy_Dazyy yt•

    •Lazy_Dazyy yt•

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    When I was watching It had 666k views *666k*

  11. Adopt Me

    Adopt Me

    Dag sedan

    The second story it looks like a movie scene.



    Dag sedan

    According to one of the Karen’s I will be on the street no matter what

  13. wolfykittenXX


    Dag sedan

    Boy you calling me unsuccessful

  14. Benjamin Hernandez

    Benjamin Hernandez

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    You know my name Benjamin

  15. Landon gaming

    Landon gaming

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    In the third one you know there a good actor when you want to punch them into next week

  16. Ace


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  17. Collinw200 Walker

    Collinw200 Walker

    2 dagar sedan

    She doesn't even know what her own son's bikes look like

  18. jimmy kaine

    jimmy kaine

    2 dagar sedan

    Moral of this story is don't help white people just keep going. Nothing to see here.

  19. Regina Reid

    Regina Reid

    2 dagar sedan

    Its feels like she owns the neighborhood 😆 🤣

  20. FrozenPlayz13


    2 dagar sedan

    When Tina says that’s the silliest thing she heard, I would’ve said, well your the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

  21. Bethany Hulme

    Bethany Hulme

    2 dagar sedan

    I hope you have a good day dhar man my gravest youtuber

  22. PiX


    2 dagar sedan

    Dad: The answer to life

  23. Cadence Duvall

    Cadence Duvall

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  24. Nicole Harper

    Nicole Harper

    3 dagar sedan

    My mom was a single parent and I turned out just fine

  25. Krystal Beras

    Krystal Beras

    3 dagar sedan

    Where is part 1

  26. Tracey Newsome

    Tracey Newsome

    3 dagar sedan

    Notice how she couldn’t identify her own kids bike

  27. Sak?


    3 dagar sedan

    5:49 Me with only a father that does very much work and I still survive nicely: you good bestie?

  28. Jennifer Baker

    Jennifer Baker

    3 dagar sedan

    That’s good she has karen hair

  29. Raquel Flores

    Raquel Flores

    3 dagar sedan


  30. Dante Williams

    Dante Williams

    3 dagar sedan

    With every single one of these, the victim could have been white. But this video is going out their way to show that black people are so “oppressed” and “misunderstood”. But this whole thing is just a heaping pile of shit. It is all one sided and has a huge racial agenda. I’d like anyone to prove me wrong

  31. Damian Kilner

    Damian Kilner

    3 dagar sedan

    Women: my name is Karen Me: oh may god have mercy on your wretched soul

  32. Allie


    3 dagar sedan

    Karen didn't even know what her own kid's bike looked like-

  33. Kawaii Queen :3

    Kawaii Queen :3

    3 dagar sedan

    The first story, the man is nice

  34. Gav3rsLime


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  35. Brian Taylor

    Brian Taylor

    3 dagar sedan

    That is how Karens are

  36. croticzz


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    8:15 sheesh🐿

  37. Abdulsalam Al-azab

    Abdulsalam Al-azab

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  38. Eva Gomez

    Eva Gomez

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    My mom is Single and and my mom has 4 kids

  39. Ghusoun Miresh

    Ghusoun Miresh

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    See i was 3 denn my mom and my dad brokup and i had to live whit my mom and my gramma and im 8 in 2021 and is no problem whit no dad so you see it not dat hard to live whit no dad.

  40. Tobias Israel

    Tobias Israel

    4 dagar sedan

    You can tell a white person scripted all of these scenes...lol

  41. steven vox

    steven vox

    4 dagar sedan

    It's too bad George Zimmerman is still a hero, thanks to Shawn Hannity of Fox News. .

  42. Education #1

    Education #1

    4 dagar sedan

    It's actually fucking proven for a single mom/father to be completely fine

  43. Tony W.

    Tony W.

    4 dagar sedan


  44. Dread Boy

    Dread Boy

    4 dagar sedan

    in the first story I'm wondering how she didn't notice the bike the man was returning was her son's

  45. Ali Hernandez

    Ali Hernandez

    4 dagar sedan

    I do not like karens they are bossy!!

  46. Leon Johnson

    Leon Johnson

    4 dagar sedan

    I love these

  47. Unquiet


    4 dagar sedan

    bro at leasy hes doing it on his own with no help. You dont need anybody helping you when you figure out and learn stuff yourself

    • Unquiet


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  48. foesmite


    4 dagar sedan

    "U can tell just bye looking at him!" Look in a mirror karen.

  49. Infinite


    4 dagar sedan

    Oh shit

  50. Yan Ni Low

    Yan Ni Low

    4 dagar sedan

    16:22 I just noticed that Tina have two colour of eyes

  51. Nic Wood

    Nic Wood

    4 dagar sedan

    i'm white and i'm verey verey kind

  52. Jun Aranda

    Jun Aranda

    4 dagar sedan

    21:22 “Lose his job???” Do you, Mr. Graham, want to do time in prison and lose your law license? You just committed 2 _Brady Violations!_ you… do know that you’re suppose to turn over the credit card charges and that photo to the defense, not rip them up and make lame excuses!

    • Jun Aranda

      Jun Aranda

      4 dagar sedan

      22:29 make that THREE _BRADY VIOLATIONS!_

  53. Miguel Morales

    Miguel Morales

    4 dagar sedan

    the karen: "such a shame you're single" me: "and such a shame i'm calling child services"

    • Shanell Barrett

      Shanell Barrett

      3 dagar sedan


  54. Alyssa Zulkoski

    Alyssa Zulkoski

    4 dagar sedan

    I’m so glad they get what they deserve

  55. Tj schuster

    Tj schuster

    5 dagar sedan

    I wish I was in your crew

  56. Yeet kid

    Yeet kid

    5 dagar sedan

    Like how in the first one he’s returning the bike but Dylan came from opposite way

  57. Asha Mohamed

    Asha Mohamed

    5 dagar sedan

    Karen:hi my name os KaReN. And someone has stolen the bike Me:k-karen-.- she anit no kaewn in real life rude

  58. Leen Al Dehni

    Leen Al Dehni

    5 dagar sedan

    Zero and zero balance in zero zone

  59. GraphicDust Productions

    GraphicDust Productions

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  60. Mr. Ceiling fan Dude

    Mr. Ceiling fan Dude

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    My mom is single and I live with her!

  61. pudimxd


    5 dagar sedan

    hey you! your soul is beautiful, jesus loves you and he is waiting for your voice, you are so beautiful like the pictures of van gogh

  62. pudimxd


    5 dagar sedan

    hey you! your soul is beautiful, jesus loves you and he is waiting for your voice, you are so beautiful like the pictures of van gogh

  63. L Adams

    L Adams

    5 dagar sedan

    "yeah, my name is karen". karens named karen

  64. Gabriella Aho

    Gabriella Aho

    5 dagar sedan

    Ayy detta är så braa

  65. Society Gamer

    Society Gamer

    6 dagar sedan

    Le racism. Sigh

  66. Tonya Jackson

    Tonya Jackson

    6 dagar sedan

    Karen hair cut...

  67. PzPlayz


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  68. 13k_Dreamxz


    6 dagar sedan

    8:14 the fact tht she said "sheesh"

  69. ra bA

    ra bA

    6 dagar sedan

    this type of thing happens every day in hollywood. but a cop cant arrest someone if he cant prove the bike was stolen, they can only do that with a huge stack of cash.

  70. Sandwich


    6 dagar sedan

    Mu dads single and I've been successful and im 17 years old and i have a acura rdx so tjis story is one of the best that ive seen

  71. DENETH- 98

    DENETH- 98

    6 dagar sedan

    hellow my name is Karen

  72. BargelloCammello


    6 dagar sedan

    1:27 Officer:How do I now you didn't steal it The guy:HOW DID YOU KNOW SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH? Me:👁👄👁

  73. Ella Pentland

    Ella Pentland

    6 dagar sedan

    Hi.:like I said it isn't mine!

  74. ItsFantix


    6 dagar sedan

    Tina: hahahaha that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. me: your birth is the silliest thing I've ever heard

  75. ashley hylton

    ashley hylton

    6 dagar sedan

    The mom didn't"t even know that was her son's bike. XD

  76. Myst YT

    Myst YT

    7 dagar sedan

    Ever just wanna use violence against her ( JOKE )

  77. Regean Lee

    Regean Lee

    7 dagar sedan

    Ok I know this all acting but Tina is real bitchy (sorry for swearing) and I was sighing with frustration and anger when she laughs at samanthas sad story

  78. Łūmìñ


    7 dagar sedan

    I have a dad but I did not for 13 years I was doing good and still am

  79. ZZAlligator


    7 dagar sedan

    Beautiful message☺

  80. rishking


    7 dagar sedan

    The second one is a heckler

  81. CrybabyYt


    7 dagar sedan

    This happened to me and my stepdad whos black..

  82. DEMON


    7 dagar sedan

    Officer: how do I know that you didn't steal it Black man: how do you know that I steal it! Thug life 😎😎

    • shartticus the monke

      shartticus the monke

      4 dagar sedan


  83. Asterix Obelix

    Asterix Obelix

    7 dagar sedan

    God Trump (to his Evangelist base) wants to Make America White Again so this racist lawyer is just following his God"s will. However the young lawyer had conscious so he did the right thing.

  84. Daiyen Israel

    Daiyen Israel

    7 dagar sedan

    I watch every single video he made

  85. Wannabe Tryhard

    Wannabe Tryhard

    7 dagar sedan

    Wait she doesn’t remember her own son’s bike?

  86. Floyd Douglas

    Floyd Douglas

    7 dagar sedan

    Cry me a river

  87. Royal Gaming Squad

    Royal Gaming Squad

    7 dagar sedan

    If i were samantha i would not describe what i would do

  88. Royal Gaming Squad

    Royal Gaming Squad

    7 dagar sedan

    8:14 Sheeesh

  89. Dulce Cruz

    Dulce Cruz

    7 dagar sedan

    Your frend his mean

  90. Flora Masiya

    Flora Masiya

    7 dagar sedan

    can i get one of you shoutouts

  91. Nobody Important

    Nobody Important

    7 dagar sedan

    “Hope you have a nice time at the bar, with Broke Benjamin.” Bro did this lady just go back to primary/elementary school?

  92. Blu-x


    7 dagar sedan

    Title: Racist Karens *Falsely Accuse BLACK MEN* Me: Samantha is not a guy, and karen-lady didnt accuse her of anything, she was just being an annoying bitch.

  93. Sea Witch Slayer

    Sea Witch Slayer

    7 dagar sedan

    Request: Karen forces autistic child to go to military school, lives to regret her decision (The Karen teacher files a lawsuit to force an autistic child to go to a strict military school for misbehaving, while the mother claims that the child was scared of the Karen and she abused him by yelling at him and grabbing his arms to painfully restrain him. The judge, however, did not rule the court in favor of either side until evidence is provided. He said “The truth can be found not by word or appearance, but by eyesight and action.” The Karen created a fake gif, showing that the kid attacked the her, with the help from her racist lawyer. When both evidences have been shown to the judge, the Karen and lawyer immediately convinces him to believe them because they are professionals, and think that the autistic child and mother are liars because of the way the child is. Luckily, a special agent showed up and notified the judge that the gif Karen made was a fake. She and the lawyer were eventually arrested for not only child abuse, but for fraud. The child and mother finally lives in peace, thanks to their lawyer and the agent.) “The truth can be found not by word or appearance, but by eyesight and action”



    7 dagar sedan

    Lol “sheesh”

  95. trashtalk


    7 dagar sedan

    End of story one: honestly it's ok I get this a lot. NO ITS NOT OK SHE WAS TEACHING EVERYONE THAT RACISM IS ACCEPTEBLE

    • Hope Williams

      Hope Williams

      6 dagar sedan

      Exactly, it's not okay.

  96. Aspen Laplander

    Aspen Laplander

    7 dagar sedan

    Me over here with a single mother

  97. gabriel k.matos

    gabriel k.matos

    7 dagar sedan

    I agree she is just a bit high and this is known of her buisness

  98. kitty freeman

    kitty freeman

    7 dagar sedan

    near the end it made me cry of that family

  99. boss nation

    boss nation

    7 dagar sedan

    hey dhar mann can u just cheat on test videos

  100. BangtanFan


    7 dagar sedan

    the 2nd story was not like the tittle the karen wasn't racist she was just being a little mean and there were no man just the mom and kid