Charles Leclerc ask for max verstappen - is he okey ? BritishGP 2021

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  1. rumplespliffskin


    10 dagar sedan

    A bit different to Hamilton's reaction of "I didn't do it. It was his fault"

  2. Ömer Çağlar MUTLU

    Ömer Çağlar MUTLU

    11 dagar sedan

    I don't understand why everyone sees "is he ok?" radio messages as a content. It's literally behaviour of a normal human being.



    11 dagar sedan

    hamilton tapped him on purpose to take him out and catch up, he needs 1 race ban. lewis struggling that much he has to do dirty tactics.

  4. Kiss Balázs és a vasút világa

    Kiss Balázs és a vasút világa

    12 dagar sedan

    At least he asked is Max okay? I don't care the opinion of Hamilton fans. I know he also asked, but if you saw how happy was him, after crash into his biggest rival.... that says everything

  5. 松田小乃実


    12 dagar sedan

    レッドブルホンダは、何か言ってるらしいですけど、フェルスタッペンは民間人を事故に巻き込んでいますから、 レッドブルホンダは、早くF1レースからいなくなってほしいです.「謝るのは、お前の方だよ、フェルスタッペン」と言いたいです.

  6. romain_nissa 06

    romain_nissa 06

    12 dagar sedan

    I know it’s bad but : Slow button on

  7. batuksri


    12 dagar sedan

    Max thought he’d win everytime playing chicken.

  8. 松田小乃実


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  9. F1 etc.

    F1 etc.

    12 dagar sedan

    Leclerc is bigger gentleman than Homolton🤡

  10. AndrewGames 11

    AndrewGames 11

    12 dagar sedan

    That was nice of him

  11. LunarTesting23 ROBLOX

    LunarTesting23 ROBLOX

    12 dagar sedan

    *MaFIA* is proudly sponsored by Mercedes.

  12. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez

    12 dagar sedan

    I was rooting for him to win to deny the English fans the win

  13. Leonardo Costa

    Leonardo Costa

    12 dagar sedan

    Well.. I cheer for Max but that was a result of both drivers personality. None of them has historic of giving up but lately Max is being more aggressive then ever and in that case he's jumped radically into the Hamilton's car end left no time for any reaction from Hamilton's part. It's impossible to judge that case from footage because the footage doesn't show all the involved forces over a racing car cornering side by side over 260 km/h. The massive "cut" performed by Max was unfortunately the biggest component that brought the final format and taste to the cake.

  14. Dingalinglang Mydangalonglinglong

    Dingalinglang Mydangalonglinglong

    12 dagar sedan

    Who cares!!!

  15. Fabio Catino

    Fabio Catino

    12 dagar sedan

    What a good guy! Glad thay you are in Ferrari big boy!!🥰

  16. Gjak Shqiptari

    Gjak Shqiptari

    12 dagar sedan

    No one like hamil💩

  17. capovilla simone

    capovilla simone

    12 dagar sedan

    E la sigla?

  18. TSA Gaming

    TSA Gaming

    12 dagar sedan

    Good he is okay

  19. Jelena


    12 dagar sedan

    Charles, Seb, Ricciardo, many good sports that streight up asked for Max, Daniel who stoped the interview to see how Max was, Checo and Charles saying that Max being ok is the biggest victory that day..👏👏 That is how you do it

  20. Laís Cecília

    Laís Cecília

    13 dagar sedan

    Give all u have Charles let's go.

  21. Tina Russo

    Tina Russo

    13 dagar sedan

    grandissimo charles sei stando fortissimo a tenere hamilton dietro. alla fine non potevi fare niente, continua cosi adesso si pensa all ungheria

  22. Christian Able Ceiling Fan Collections

    Christian Able Ceiling Fan Collections

    13 dagar sedan

    Love it

  23. Tim Annear

    Tim Annear

    13 dagar sedan

    Charles just became my favourite driver 👍



    13 dagar sedan

    This is the marking of a true athlete, one that is sportsman like. Unlike someone on top of the podium.

  25. Paul Rillo

    Paul Rillo

    13 dagar sedan

    and you think women drivers are bad??

  26. Lightening McQueen

    Lightening McQueen

    13 dagar sedan

    ...I honestly did not see that crash coming.

  27. Richard Lumley Smith

    Richard Lumley Smith

    13 dagar sedan

    HAMILTON betrayed Max and Max will never forgive him Merdceds rules Formula one let them win title- not worth a man's life

  28. Pranauv Gnanavel

    Pranauv Gnanavel

    13 dagar sedan

    Why did I read it as “Shoey ?” in the Thumbnail lol

  29. Antonio Ragazze

    Antonio Ragazze

    13 dagar sedan

    Wenn es Fair nicht geht, dann halt unfair. Bei einem Anfänger könnte man sagen, er hat eben einen Fehler gemacht, Aber bei einem 7 Fachen Weltmeister unterstelle ich Absicht. So dämlich nicht zu wissen das es so nicht geht ist auch ein Hamilton nicht. Er hat den Unfall billigend in Kauf genommen.

  30. Diablo Dek

    Diablo Dek

    13 dagar sedan

    Wolff and Hamilton deliberately carried out this tactic to make up many points at once on Verstappen. Now we already know that WOllf is a supporter of a certain period in history. But that Hamilton (who is so against racism) pulls this dirty and unsportsmanlike prank, most fans did not expect. Except for the British fans (but it is known that they are not really pure people. It's a good thing they didn't become European champions ... By the way, the UK is no longer part of Europe so get rid of it. But Charles tanks to be a Human and asking for Verstappens condition.

  31. Pesík


    13 dagar sedan

    Respect for Leclerc

  32. B P

    B P

    13 dagar sedan

    This is how Lewis should react.

  33. Joe D

    Joe D

    13 dagar sedan

    Lewis also asked if Max was ok shortly after the crash.

  34. Arnaud SARRADE

    Arnaud SARRADE

    13 dagar sedan

    A good boy this Charles ! Hamilton did shit on this crash seriously

  35. Aamer6 Pawar6666y6 my ye

    Aamer6 Pawar6666y6 my ye

    13 dagar sedan


  36. PowerEngine ks

    PowerEngine ks

    13 dagar sedan

    Bravo Charles super course, j'espérais que t'allais gagner mais non il y a Sur Lewis.

  37. Arsh Kamboj

    Arsh Kamboj

    13 dagar sedan

    A Very huge collision…. That’s definitely bad….

  38. Mattia Longhin

    Mattia Longhin

    13 dagar sedan

    This man deserved the win, not Lewis. He did his best race of the season

    • Stormtrooper Animations

      Stormtrooper Animations

      11 dagar sedan

      Lewis deserved the win but not the celebration

    • matic ticar

      matic ticar

      12 dagar sedan

      I know, i wanted charles to win aswell but if you think about, lewis was god damn quick at the end of the race after that penalty

  39. Street Custom RR

    Street Custom RR

    13 dagar sedan

    respect lec

  40. Predators Deejay

    Predators Deejay

    13 dagar sedan

    E aquando finisci di contare balle su dai crescu

  41. 1danny2k


    13 dagar sedan

    Charles the man. Been through lot of tragedy in his life. Concern for his friends and fellow participant. Salut! Guess who doesnt have friends??



    13 dagar sedan

    That crashe remenbe the crashe of rubert

  43. Roland Lee

    Roland Lee

    13 dagar sedan

    Meanwhile the guy who caused the crash spends 2 minutes making excuses and claims he was ahead.

  44. Sanjaya Wijenayake

    Sanjaya Wijenayake

    13 dagar sedan

    Die hard Ferrari fan here. So proud of our boy. So disappointed in the British fans who cheered when max crashed. Not even a little surprised by the behaviour of shamilton and the Mercedes team. Always knew he was a D. HEAD

  45. Brian Raymen

    Brian Raymen

    13 dagar sedan

    He not involved as such but still has the respect to ask if max is ok which by all accounts hamilton did not was only trying to say he was in front of him and max drove across from what iv heard, i could be wrong here but has he asked at all if he was ok !

  46. DUcE Dev!lsTear

    DUcE Dev!lsTear

    13 dagar sedan

    T o be fair, neither can I imagine Verstappen to ask the same, not only Hamilton.

  47. Jokerdog 333

    Jokerdog 333

    13 dagar sedan

    Charles has class, Hamilton has none...... Hammy is to busy saving the world to worry about a fellow driver he almost killed

  48. sardegna libera

    sardegna libera

    13 dagar sedan

    Benomale max ok.....grande charles grande max

  49. Faizal Khan

    Faizal Khan

    13 dagar sedan

    Lewis : Nothing it's just an inchident in race.

  50. Jack lee

    Jack lee

    13 dagar sedan

    Lewis didn't give an f about Max. Remember he tried to sue that watch maker for having the same name as him? I seriously think Lewis is a sociopath.

  51. malcolm wint

    malcolm wint

    13 dagar sedan


    • Henry Trucoit.

      Henry Trucoit.

      13 dagar sedan

      After he knocks them off the track.

    • Faizal Khan

      Faizal Khan

      13 dagar sedan


  52. CC


    13 dagar sedan

    Classy guy. Respect for him, even though I hadn't been a fan of LEC since his debut. Fact remains that he got the most out of the Ferrari, though it hadn't been one of the better cars in the top half of the field for couple of seasons now. Standout driver. Good sportsmanship.

  53. Hengky Dwi Cahyo

    Hengky Dwi Cahyo

    13 dagar sedan

    Not spectaculer... I hope more big incident... Race under 2005 more barbarian... 😆😆. Childish

  54. Erik Horn

    Erik Horn

    13 dagar sedan

    This is why Charles is my favorite driver.

  55. Peter Trexler

    Peter Trexler

    13 dagar sedan

    Love how driver ask that is true sportsmanship. 👍I'm glad Max walked away. Know he's in pain but he's gonna come after you Lewis next race.

  56. furiousninja


    13 dagar sedan

    Hamilton goon would have taken out Leclerc also if he didnt complied.

  57. MagFeed


    13 dagar sedan

    Notice how that the first thing LeClerc asked was to see if max was ok…Lewis however was not…✌️🙄

  58. Bones of Steel

    Bones of Steel

    13 dagar sedan

    Charles: is Max okay ? Lewis: Black lives matter

    • Bob


      13 dagar sedan

      Apparently Dutch lives don't matter in the opinion of some drivers...

  59. giannapple


    13 dagar sedan

    Well… after having heard Hamilton’s radio after the accident, his lies, his concerns about his car, and hearing Charles’ first comment… well..

  60. Something Intheway

    Something Intheway

    13 dagar sedan

    The most dangerous place to be on track is on the outside of Hamilton. Just expect to have your race ruined.

  61. LabGorilla


    13 dagar sedan

    Charles knew this was potentially very serious.

  62. Mr Bungle

    Mr Bungle

    13 dagar sedan

    Thats how you act like a human being Sir Lulu....Leclerc was class today,almost won , won in my book, since i dont count that guy that crashes everyone and self proclaims himself as a Sir

  63. Νικόλαος Θεοδωράκης

    Νικόλαος Θεοδωράκης

    13 dagar sedan

    You are so kind

  64. Neale Ware

    Neale Ware

    13 dagar sedan

    Hamilton could have given him moor room. Classic move, clip the back tire and spin them off the track. I do it on the sims racing and it gets done to me.

    • Neale Ware

      Neale Ware

      13 dagar sedan

      @danny ribeiro All I'm saying mate is that Hamilton would have known what was going to happen there as a matter of fact he was most likely tipping on it. I have seen him use it a few times in the past to get someone out of his road. Like is said. It is a classic move and I use it myself in sims racing.

  65. Adi Datsun71

    Adi Datsun71

    13 dagar sedan

    Pampered driver in history f1 ????s

  66. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel

    13 dagar sedan

    Today was the day I lost all respect for Ham ,Toto CONA wolf,and Mercedes.

    • Malte


      6 dagar sedan


  67. Zebo


    13 dagar sedan

    This man saw what happened, he didn't wanted to be the second to go to hospital.

  68. James San Pedro

    James San Pedro

    13 dagar sedan

    10 laps to go and you have 8 secs.ahead of lewis, then what happened.? Mr. enzo ferrari u ahould FIRE those fuckin race engineers and put an INDIAN engine on that car and maybe u can win atleast 1 grand prix...!!.

  69. คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律

    คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律

    13 dagar sedan

    Massive respect to Charles for this seeing that he already lost jules bianchi, Antoine Hubert, and nearly Romain grosjean to massive crashes I feel like Charles has extra sympathy for any driver that gets in a big crash

  70. Blake barone

    Blake barone

    13 dagar sedan

    Charles is a charming human being. He really is.

  71. J M

    J M

    13 dagar sedan

    Leclerc is the worthy rival to Verstappen. Hamilton is an arrogant & dangerous man with zero sportsmanship whatsoever.

  72. Nathanial Betley

    Nathanial Betley

    13 dagar sedan

    Charles asking if he is okay faster than the guy that sent him into the barrier. Smh

  73. Shahan Aljilani

    Shahan Aljilani

    13 dagar sedan

    The footage shows LH drifts wide with his left front into Maxs rear right wheel Lewis missed the apex and Max had given him even more room by straightening his steering,I am so glad Max is Ok,A 51G accident caused by a malicious, intentionally destructive,callous LH, shameful

  74. Daryl Valdez

    Daryl Valdez

    13 dagar sedan

    Hamilton didn’t even want to apologize in public when he knows what he just did

  75. Kyle Theune

    Kyle Theune

    13 dagar sedan

    Hamilton only cares about winning for himself. Once he doesn't win, he starts losing control

  76. Dr Chen

    Dr Chen

    13 dagar sedan

    Meanwhile Lewis: "Did I get him? Got em!"

  77. TheMiataBoy


    13 dagar sedan

    what lewis should've asked.

  78. Keno Koci

    Keno Koci

    13 dagar sedan

    Who would like to see hamilton pushed out next race same way as he did to max ?

  79. Andrew


    13 dagar sedan

    Leclerc: is he okay? Lewis: He turned into me...

    • Antoine Young

      Antoine Young

      13 dagar sedan

      @danny ribeiro he got a 10 sec time penalty for forcing max off though.

    • Andrew


      13 dagar sedan

      @danny ribeiro which race were you watching? I guess 1.5 car widths isn't enough for "the GOAT".

  80. Davide Moretti

    Davide Moretti

    13 dagar sedan

    Who's asking that he's ok? Hamilton that made the contact? Obviously not 🤡

  81. Tom Bystander

    Tom Bystander

    13 dagar sedan

    Always love hearing the drivers check on each other.

  82. Logan Skelton

    Logan Skelton

    13 dagar sedan

    Leclerc shouldve won

  83. Vince


    13 dagar sedan

    Charles fans you have my respect

  84. Barrie Reid

    Barrie Reid

    13 dagar sedan

    I am not a F1 fan, is a race....with fast driven cars. Accidents do happen and thankfully no-one was fatally injured. I am a Moto GP fan though and knew Steve Hislop...although his death was due to an air accident...all riders and drivers know the risks.

  85. mplewp


    13 dagar sedan

    Chad Leclerc Vs Loser virgin Hamilton xD

  86. Edgerton A Hightower

    Edgerton A Hightower

    13 dagar sedan

    Okey Dokey

  87. Pranjal Parashar

    Pranjal Parashar

    13 dagar sedan

    Even last year after the horrific grosjean crash, the first thing Leclerc asked his engineer was if Grosjean was okay. True sportsman. Respect+++

    • Miggy Byte

      Miggy Byte

      13 dagar sedan


  88. Ha Me

    Ha Me

    13 dagar sedan

    imagine if HAM did the same to LEC when he overtook him in the end

  89. F1 Enthusiast

    F1 Enthusiast

    13 dagar sedan

    If Rosberg is still around, Charles might have won. Because the Merc will fight amongst themselves.

  90. paulo rickli

    paulo rickli

    13 dagar sedan

    ferrari: he is fine, slow button on

  91. Pablo G

    Pablo G

    13 dagar sedan

    Leclerc: Is he okay? Ferrari: We are checking

  92. Guy Hud

    Guy Hud

    13 dagar sedan

    With the damage Verstappen's car took, considering the budget cap and the amount of upgrades already installed in that car before the crash, I don't see Red Bull giving him the exact same car he had today before the race. It is safe to say Mercedes has played a fast one and will now March on to retain the Driver's and constructors titles. A SAD DAY for F1

  93. Vincent Rutto

    Vincent Rutto

    13 dagar sedan

    Ferrari guys are always class.

  94. Julian Cherok

    Julian Cherok

    13 dagar sedan

    Didn’t know Ferrari’s pit wall was in a tunnel

  95. SyndiCate Gaming

    SyndiCate Gaming

    13 dagar sedan

    Hamilton fanboys are happy that he won. Real fans are happy max is okay

    • Arran Chace

      Arran Chace

      13 dagar sedan

      @danny ribeiro You are Clearly not a real fan, as you totally miss the point of the Comment. If the roles where reversed, i would be happy that Hamilton would be fine and Syndicate Gaming would said and feel the same. Thats the difference between F1 fans, and Hamilton or Verstappen Fans only, you sicko's are cheering when you see the rival takes a serious hit, normal fans right away want to be certain the crashed driver is ok. Especially when he feels weird afterwards and brought to a hospital. But you indead show what kind of fan you are. Not a F1 fan, thats for certain. And i never consider it a real win when a rival is taken out by its main contender, then i consider it a lost race, i rather see them both fight it out till the last corner, and then i dont care who wins. If Hamilton won the Race fair and square in a thrilling battle, i would cheer for Hamilton. Now he drove again into the sunset, like he does like always.. That looses every bit of accomplishment. I like to think of Hamilton as one of the greatest, yet he makes it very hard for me to see him like that, having hardly any competition with most of his wins, and when he does, he always seems to make small mistakes, and when really challenged he makes often crashes with his rival at some point. (Ask Rosberg) what is Hamiltons weakness. Only Rossberg once he fully exploited it, was done.. he coudnt bring it up anymore.. I think Verstappen is made of a different cloth, and we can expect some feisty competition from now on, kind Prost-Senna/Schumacher-Hill/Lauda-Hunter kinda racing. Bring it on!! No more grandma racing of the Hybrid Era.

  96. Jaap Ongeveer

    Jaap Ongeveer

    13 dagar sedan

    Good, I'll tell Lewis because it seems he doesn't give a shit!

  97. Armin Gleißner

    Armin Gleißner

    13 dagar sedan

    Charles >>> Sir Lewis

  98. Eric Augusto

    Eric Augusto

    13 dagar sedan

    That's sportsmanship right on point.

  99. pheon1300


    13 dagar sedan

    What Hamilton,asshole,did was a crime.Remained me what Schumacher,he was not penalized,did to Bariccelo.

  100. FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine

    FIA Random Penalty Generator Machine

    13 dagar sedan

    Leclerc so deserved to win today. Staggering effort to keep a Ferrari in the lead that long.