nirvana's "smells like teen spirit" but played on my synth

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hey guys in this video i play the nirvana song. this video was a lot of work but very fun (at times) to make.

Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. SethEverman


    Månad sedan

    thank you so much for all the support on my videos again and again and again. it ALWAYS amazes me and i will forever be grateful. in this video i play the nirvana song. ok thanks for watching

    • Kela Oracion

      Kela Oracion

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      Do rickroll

    • Your local kid who is lesbian

      Your local kid who is lesbian

      4 dagar sedan

      I’m the bald guy

    • Ivan Deias

      Ivan Deias

      5 dagar sedan

      0:50 that's literally a mashup with "somebody that i used to know" & "Dernière Danse"

    • eden davidson

      eden davidson

      8 dagar sedan

      np man, you're pretty cool 🔥

    • yoᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ                       ᅠㅤ

      yoᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠㅤ

      9 dagar sedan

      Hi bald guy

  2. BlackWolve


    25 minuter sedan

    Jazz one is a Banger change my mind

  3. Pepef Lebrin

    Pepef Lebrin

    17 timmar sedan

    Only one comment: 😂

  4. Ender_E X1E

    Ender_E X1E

    17 timmar sedan

    Good morning

  5. Piano Music Ar My

    Piano Music Ar My

    22 timmar sedan


  6. TheLongestNameInTheCommentSection


    Dag sedan

    As a video game water level i can confirm the "video game water level" is accurate

  7. HyperRacer


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    lol he blurred his feet

  8. Bimmy Beutron

    Bimmy Beutron

    Dag sedan

    that genre was "somebody that i used to know" by gotye. great song

  9. Rimsiakas


    Dag sedan

    As a podophobe, I appreciate the blurred-out foot so much. Thank you.

  10. Titan Object Cosmos [CAO] [UOM]

    Titan Object Cosmos [CAO] [UOM]

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    i’m the bald guy

  11. Rey Ψ

    Rey Ψ

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    "Im the bald guy"

  12. NotBretmanBiatch


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    I'm the bald guy...

  13. UR_MAD_BRO 123

    UR_MAD_BRO 123

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    Can I see your feel pls

  14. Mohammed Abdullah

    Mohammed Abdullah

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    I am the bald guy



    2 dagar sedan

    Aya gya i am a bald guy wala banda😂

  16. TheChrisJa


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    Video Game = Super Mario 64

  17. Боро Първи след пикото

    Боро Първи след пикото

    2 dagar sedan

    i am bulgarian and this shit aint close

  18. tvbox303


    2 dagar sedan

    Have anyone ever told you, you look like the MVP Jokic?

  19. Spookyladyyy


    2 dagar sedan

    The World's Angriest Musician

  20. Perry the platypus

    Perry the platypus

    2 dagar sedan

    We miss you seth

  21. Devon


    2 dagar sedan

    I actually forgot what song this was half way through, and got really confused when I heard the solo on shitflute

  22. Johannes Ehmer

    Johannes Ehmer

    2 dagar sedan

    the fact that he censored his feet killed me

  23. Smiley01987


    2 dagar sedan

    LOL at the blurred foot

  24. Varsha P

    Varsha P

    2 dagar sedan

    Instrument: steel pan 😂

  25. Septiana Yoga

    Septiana Yoga

    3 dagar sedan

    F E E T.

  26. That Human Guy

    That Human Guy

    3 dagar sedan

    Kindergarten in a nutshell:

  27. Fauzan Ahmad

    Fauzan Ahmad

    3 dagar sedan

    Good job bro.. 😀

  28. Lomimimi Silva

    Lomimimi Silva

    3 dagar sedan


  29. Sound57


    3 dagar sedan

    Fuling where

  30. Applecake


    3 dagar sedan

    Some say he has 9 extra toes and can play all of Beethoven - Für Elise with his right foot That's why its blurred out

  31. Lamprey L

    Lamprey L

    3 dagar sedan

    What is the model of your synth?? I’m interested now

  32. Lamprey L

    Lamprey L

    3 dagar sedan

    I would love a full version of minimalist jazz

  33. Janko Aćimović

    Janko Aćimović

    3 dagar sedan

    You have to make one of these in Hitman suit.

    • Pïññëd by SethEverman

      Pïññëd by SethEverman

      2 dagar sedan

      Thanks ~~~

  34. szymiks 321

    szymiks 321

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  35. Chris Cagica

    Chris Cagica

    4 dagar sedan

    I love this

  36. Alessandro Panico

    Alessandro Panico

    4 dagar sedan

    the first synth sound reminds me a lot of the super Mario 64 theme of some painting I don't remember

  37. Kenizawa Kai

    Kenizawa Kai

    4 dagar sedan

    0:24 sounds exactly like Leszek Możdżer version xD

  38. Bernhard Sonn

    Bernhard Sonn

    4 dagar sedan

    Why do you destroy all you nice Instruments?😑😑

  39. Bernhard Sonn

    Bernhard Sonn

    4 dagar sedan

    Smeells like synth spirit

  40. Tung ChengYu

    Tung ChengYu

    4 dagar sedan

    Can you play giorno’s theme please

  41. MrLowbob


    4 dagar sedan

    thats nice! now i somehow remember the ancient latin bardcore version of this song though

  42. Rezco Hikusaak

    Rezco Hikusaak

    5 dagar sedan

    F instrument, you Can donate them for poor children if you didn't break it... sadly

  43. Cadnan Mr

    Cadnan Mr

    5 dagar sedan

    Look Victor in pubg mobile

  44. Snob Bob

    Snob Bob

    5 dagar sedan

    Warum ist sein fuß zensiert?!

  45. Лайкавичь


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  46. Naina


    5 dagar sedan

    Seth will never pin my comment

  47. Roundy


    6 dagar sedan

    gru's at it again

  48. Andre Rk

    Andre Rk

    6 dagar sedan

    You're a king man!!

  49. D A

    D A

    6 dagar sedan

    The destruction metal with the recorder was the best! I got kicked out of classing playing the recorder with my nose when I was 10 :(

  50. Nova's Night Funkin

    Nova's Night Funkin

    6 dagar sedan

    I would've loved that piano...

  51. Sinner's_Slumber.13


    6 dagar sedan

    this song makes me want to break my nose to punch someone for smelling their garbage axe body spray.

  52. ace penguin

    ace penguin

    6 dagar sedan

    agent 47

  53. Balazs Barabas

    Balazs Barabas

    6 dagar sedan

    Not the guitar!!! Aaahhhh...

  54. Quizitty


    6 dagar sedan

    The flute killed it

  55. Svetoslav Ivanov

    Svetoslav Ivanov

    6 dagar sedan

    The eye contact tho- ;x;

  56. Guilherme Vesaro

    Guilherme Vesaro

    6 dagar sedan

    1:13 Bruh

  57. CanalSemTerror


    6 dagar sedan

    Censurou o pé descalço

  58. ocular sinister

    ocular sinister

    6 dagar sedan

    Mario just ran nnnnnnn nnnnn

  59. B16 Tejedo, Justen T.

    B16 Tejedo, Justen T.

    6 dagar sedan

    why is your feet blurred?

  60. Paperinjerate


    7 dagar sedan

    Better smash that Yamaha too

  61. BonnyTick2


    7 dagar sedan

    This man lives rent free in my head

  62. Romanian Sollar

    Romanian Sollar

    7 dagar sedan

    А большенству не понравилось, это из-за того что инструменты ломаються, а я лайк поставил хотя мне тоже не понравилось это.

  63. cobain the dogge

    cobain the dogge

    7 dagar sedan

    polish mazurek not mazurka

  64. one one

    one one

    7 dagar sedan

    flute destruction metal is a genre i want more of :D

  65. Ryan Galligan

    Ryan Galligan

    7 dagar sedan

    For the first ten seconds he looks like Private Pyle right before he kills himself.



    7 dagar sedan


  67. AMJAD


    7 dagar sedan

    0:50 sounds kinda sussy

  68. Paolo V

    Paolo V

    8 dagar sedan

    dislike for destroyed instruments at the end.

  69. Sleepy Owl

    Sleepy Owl

    8 dagar sedan

    wow this does smells like teen spirit

  70. Artupaky hi

    Artupaky hi

    8 dagar sedan

    Блять, Маяковский



    8 dagar sedan

    we need the flute destruction metal

  72. Semih Salan Music

    Semih Salan Music

    8 dagar sedan

    what's name of the synth at 00:10 ?

  73. Takii da Beats

    Takii da Beats

    8 dagar sedan

    nice play

  74. Purp


    8 dagar sedan

    why did you cencor sneeaky background feet??

  75. Tigerkwan


    8 dagar sedan


  76. Saju John

    Saju John

    8 dagar sedan

    Im the bald guy. Hahahhahahahahahaha

  77. keebsnosu


    8 dagar sedan

    ah yes the blurred feet

  78. HISVEN


    8 dagar sedan

    "Smells like bald spirit"

  79. J


    9 dagar sedan

    latin with cat? don't you mean, catin?

  80. ZE34


    9 dagar sedan

    post something

  81. Food techic

    Food techic

    9 dagar sedan

    What is this bullsh*t

  82. juan jo

    juan jo

    9 dagar sedan

    In the concert "Live at the Paramount in Seattle" Krist Novoselic was without shoes so the video is a tribute to that, well done Seth you were accurate unintentionally

  83. kurt and evan

    kurt and evan

    9 dagar sedan

    who else is watching because most liked comment?

  84. Abdul samad

    Abdul samad

    9 dagar sedan

    1:04 I'll draw you like one of my french girls

  85. Karib Oz

    Karib Oz

    9 dagar sedan

    The guy in 1:21 can't be Seth bro

  86. Captain Emerald

    Captain Emerald

    9 dagar sedan

    Bulgarian Nightclub sounds like an 8 bit arcade menu screen

  87. Supepy


    9 dagar sedan

    Wonder if this video revenue cover the cost

  88. Shubiduan RL

    Shubiduan RL

    10 dagar sedan

    that foot censorship

  89. Ricardo Chiesa

    Ricardo Chiesa

    10 dagar sedan

    Marvels. Black Widow rendition of this song is dramatic for sure... but it doesnt have enough finesse to make me cry and feel disturbed at the same time as this one does.

  90. merde de chién

    merde de chién

    10 dagar sedan

    Why he blurred his legs? xD

  91. Oh_HorseFeathers


    10 dagar sedan

    more like synth everman amirite

  92. Rick Polar

    Rick Polar

    10 dagar sedan

    That would be Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know. Music video had them with the sorta stop motion body paint stuff

  93. Vicosmoïse


    10 dagar sedan


  94. Not Real

    Not Real

    10 dagar sedan

    Man, that's some of that child stank

  95. Ronald Luc

    Ronald Luc

    10 dagar sedan

    Do not destroy stuff if it works :( Not even for the joke.

  96. My Piano Music

    My Piano Music

    11 dagar sedan


  97. Bruh


    11 dagar sedan

    :'( those instrument.... i would like to adopt them, please dont abuse them

  98. FMC Fishing with Jacob Langley

    FMC Fishing with Jacob Langley

    11 dagar sedan

    Why do your foot be blurred?

  99. hbrck


    11 dagar sedan

    brah, you look alo like mayakovsky

  100. Ludvig af Klercker

    Ludvig af Klercker

    11 dagar sedan

    Thankfully he hid his erotic ankles. Propriety has taken such a nosedive since the ending of the Tang dynasty.