Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.


  1. be kind

    be kind

    41 minut sedan

    This is phenomenal.. holy shit

  2. Ashlee Levatino

    Ashlee Levatino

    44 minuter sedan

    Chaotic just like the internet... Well done 👏👏👏

  3. DesPaciTO_sPAjdER


    51 minut sedan

    tru, i forgor :skull:

  4. Capsirus


    51 minut sedan

    I got the Green Ranger My favorite

  5. s4ndue


    58 minuter sedan

    pure gold

  6. Jonathan Yoshimoto

    Jonathan Yoshimoto

    Timme sedan

    Schmorby looks different

  7. Cool Dudeman

    Cool Dudeman

    Timme sedan

    He should do voice acting. Imagine him as a villain, that would be so good!

    • crazy tornadoe

      crazy tornadoe

      28 minuter sedan


  8. DumbFuck


    Timme sedan

    My friend kept telling me about his netflix special, and after hearing this, I'm set on watching it. Probably gonna watch it tonight:)

    • Wilbur soot is better than you

      Wilbur soot is better than you

      16 minuter sedan

      Do it is flipping amazing

  9. Novva


    Timme sedan

    Man I freaking love this song. The laughter of knowing after talking is just bone chilling.

  10. Total drama Heather Burromuerto

    Total drama Heather Burromuerto

    Timme sedan

    Did no one notice how he looks like he has kids? like he used to look so young and pure- SHE SAYS WHILE HIS SONGS WERE THE MOST GEN Z

  11. Sad_Cat


    Timme sedan

    My favourite part of inside is the video game chapter

  12. R e v e n t i v e

    R e v e n t i v e

    Timme sedan

    *Bo Burnham never fails to impress.*

  13. Blackout Lol

    Blackout Lol

    Timme sedan

    Imagine someone who’s never used or seen the internet before watching this they’d be so confused 🤣

  14. Colby Cheese

    Colby Cheese

    Timme sedan

    Replace “Harry Potter” with “Sonic”, “My Hero Academia”, or “Pokémon”.

    • Cool Dudeman

      Cool Dudeman

      Timme sedan

      "Absolutely everything, all of the time."

  15. يعقوب حبيب ماما

    يعقوب حبيب ماما

    Timme sedan

    للاسف لا يوجد ترجمة

  16. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez

    Timme sedan

    But I heard this song when I was 9 and im still 9 he said I died bc a nine year old died

  17. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez

    Timme sedan

    Yes very good song this is my fav

  18. Lucian Adams

    Lucian Adams

    Timme sedan

    Because he's fully explaining his evil plan. Classic Villain.

  19. Lennify Shorts

    Lennify Shorts

    Timme sedan

    This good

  20. Conlaoch Theofilos

    Conlaoch Theofilos

    2 timmar sedan

    Heisenberg’s doing in his free time

  21. Karyme Ruiz

    Karyme Ruiz

    2 timmar sedan

    Its scarring me how accurate this song is about what the internet has become

  22. CUBE inc. the channel

    CUBE inc. the channel

    2 timmar sedan

    this should be a villian song from a movie

  23. mr devito man

    mr devito man

    2 timmar sedan

    can this song be the song you hear when you first get internet?

  24. Andy Semo

    Andy Semo

    2 timmar sedan

    The maniacal laugh at 3:53 is way too good.

  25. Nelly Rose

    Nelly Rose

    2 timmar sedan

    jeez, the accuracy of the whole thing. Especially the Harry Potter fan art...

  26. Whatareulookingat


    2 timmar sedan


  27. Pluto Is A Real Planet

    Pluto Is A Real Planet

    2 timmar sedan

    I just love how Bo writes songs, he writes them like a book rather than a song, and he conveys so much emotion and story.

  28. sxrvr


    2 timmar sedan

    its like a car salesman took a lesson from a circus ringmaster and then went insane

  29. Xolve


    2 timmar sedan


  30. Ayan Siddiqui

    Ayan Siddiqui

    3 timmar sedan

    "Have you watched sawcon?" "What genre it is?" "3:52"

  31. Gabriella Maroney

    Gabriella Maroney

    3 timmar sedan

    This is a perfect description of the internet.

  32. :Jo: sykes

    :Jo: sykes

    3 timmar sedan

    3:57 so weird without the glitch LMAO

  33. Shivangi Singh

    Shivangi Singh

    3 timmar sedan

    That one creepy laugh!!!!

  34. Troggie42


    3 timmar sedan

    this comment section is a lot nicer now that the Netflix comment is fuckin gone

  35. mooshroom avry

    mooshroom avry

    3 timmar sedan

    One of the best songs ive ever listened to

  36. Ryan Kearney

    Ryan Kearney

    3 timmar sedan

    Here's the awesome part.... wanna know the solution? It's this shit we had back in the day... it was called GO THE FUCK OUTSIDE!!! NO DEVICES... SWIM IN A LAKE OR SOME SHIT... RIDE A FUCKING BIKE.... see? Easy.

  37. FFA 09

    FFA 09

    3 timmar sedan

  38. Itay


    4 timmar sedan

    This song is awesome. and kinda like a "get out of boredom jail ticket" =]

  39. Junkabella


    4 timmar sedan

    I feel entertained and uncomfortable….. cool!

  40. Pjunnisaq Sulman

    Pjunnisaq Sulman

    4 timmar sedan

    this song makes me want to unplug for a month and just go off the grid...

  41. Mihail Grecu

    Mihail Grecu

    4 timmar sedan

    That like-dislike ratio tho...

  42. Juri Vjerdha

    Juri Vjerdha

    4 timmar sedan

    Sound like me going from ISIS videos to Dog videos to Instagram posts about cult theories to cat videos to pornhub to ...everywhere and everything all of the time.

  43. shimone


    4 timmar sedan

    Wooow fucking woooow. As if a modern day Shakespeare's fool

  44. syyy


    4 timmar sedan

    1:26 best part

  45. Sunvi Eight Master

    Sunvi Eight Master

    4 timmar sedan

    Dislikes are from peoples who can't beat this boss.

  46. Helga Kiiveri

    Helga Kiiveri

    5 timmar sedan

    It wasn’t always like this

  47. noha boucetta

    noha boucetta

    5 timmar sedan

    Tom Lehrer in the 21st century

  48. Sleepy_Joe69


    5 timmar sedan

    My foot shaking increased speed when it got slower or faster for some reason.

  49. HHYO


    5 timmar sedan

    Me in my mind: good song Also me: Ayo what was that

  50. MajehxKun


    6 timmar sedan

    *insert witty comment about this being Blizzards motto*

  51. noots


    6 timmar sedan

    Everytime i hear the laugh I expect the buffering one 😭

  52. sophia doesn't get it

    sophia doesn't get it

    6 timmar sedan

    "it's joe's favourite song" "who's joe?" 3:52

  53. Crust Crusader

    Crust Crusader

    6 timmar sedan

    Isnt the fact that people use his laugh on tiktok out of context I-R-O-N-I-C?

  54. wello


    6 timmar sedan

    bo burnham looks like zeke here...

  55. Katalyst Version Two

    Katalyst Version Two

    6 timmar sedan

    Hey, I have that projector 😊

  56. Agua Sal

    Agua Sal

    6 timmar sedan

    this song is just cool, the comments need to stop bitching about how this is so “deep and woke” because let’s be real, you didn’t actually drop your jaw in existentialism after hearing this, you just thought it sounded cool and had a quirky message to it because even then you’re not gonna do shit about it. stop trying to provoke attention by seeming like this spoke to you.

  57. Nikki R

    Nikki R

    6 timmar sedan

    Sounds like a Disney villain right off the bat haha was that what he was channeling?

  58. [Username Deleted]

    [Username Deleted]

    6 timmar sedan

    [Comment Deleted]

    • Yeah I’m a gamer

      Yeah I’m a gamer

      5 timmar sedan


  59. Allison Tapia-Sanchez

    Allison Tapia-Sanchez

    6 timmar sedan

    If I attempted to sing this I would keep stuttering through like the whole first part I swear

  60. Unicat of Science

    Unicat of Science

    7 timmar sedan

    I’ve interpreted this differently to everyone else: This is the internet, a nice girl who just wants to help but she’s slowly being corrupted by a virus. The slow segment is her realising she had the power to stop it but it’s too late now. When the laughter starts it’s too late and she’s fully corrupted, after the laughter is her becoming numb to the virus.

  61. Bubba Gurt

    Bubba Gurt

    7 timmar sedan

    Waiting for space incest.

  62. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    7 timmar sedan

    Probably just me but he'd be a dead ringer to play John Lennon in a biopic lol

  63. Jordan Little

    Jordan Little

    7 timmar sedan

    Its like watching a cryptid. Like, "don't let him keep singing; things will get bad if he does." Every time he does the little bum bum bum on the piano its more intense, and right after "don't act surprised you know you like it," its like.. its too late. You said Beetlejuice 3 times. We can't stop him. He almost doesn't take a breath afterwards.

  64. LaTaya Heroneme

    LaTaya Heroneme

    7 timmar sedan

    Boredom’s not a burden anyone should bear.

  65. Tyler Stanley

    Tyler Stanley

    7 timmar sedan

    Hes bo yo and hes the greatest rapper ever eva

  66. Archer143


    7 timmar sedan

    "Could I interest you in everything, all of the time. A little bit of everything, all of time." Damn I love this line so much.

  67. Splatcat


    7 timmar sedan

    Reminds me of bendy and the ink machine, and or a animation of a man taking about the internet, and pushes "you" around and makes you stay.

  68. Just Me

    Just Me

    7 timmar sedan

    Ironically … I thank the internet for this song.

  69. Teegeeack Queen

    Teegeeack Queen

    7 timmar sedan

    As a Scientologist, this really hits home. HA!

  70. David T

    David T

    7 timmar sedan

    I’m convinced this song is him auditioning to be in wreck it Ralph 3

  71. Jeneeta Eliza John

    Jeneeta Eliza John

    8 timmar sedan

    3:51 Bro is this where that tik tok is from

  72. haydon


    8 timmar sedan

    Why isn't Bo Burnham tapped to do an R-Rated Willy Wonka movie yet

  73. Yixing Li

    Yixing Li

    8 timmar sedan

    who else gets billie vibes from here

  74. S Tube

    S Tube

    8 timmar sedan

    Satan introducing internet Inside is freaking amazing

  75. Pineapples


    8 timmar sedan


  76. Mario C

    Mario C

    8 timmar sedan

    Got real Brendon Urie vibes from this.

  77. Penny Moonbeam

    Penny Moonbeam

    8 timmar sedan

    Truly terrifying...

  78. Dyed Zombie

    Dyed Zombie

    8 timmar sedan

    I'm going to need a bezos part 3 now that he's gone to space and I need that update in the song.

  79. obito Uchiha

    obito Uchiha

    8 timmar sedan

    fun fact you are here from tik tok

  80. patzha


    8 timmar sedan

    The fact that he doesn't take a breath from 1:15-1:27 is so impressive

  81. Aj Beltran

    Aj Beltran

    8 timmar sedan


  82. Panzer Ausf Productions

    Panzer Ausf Productions

    8 timmar sedan

    3:52 when the enemy player breaks from his cover and your MG is bipod out on the ground

  83. The Maori Mexican

    The Maori Mexican

    9 timmar sedan

    Damn Heisenberg has a beautiful voice.

  84. Mason Swift

    Mason Swift

    9 timmar sedan

    Ifunnys national anythem

  85. Jocelyn Adams

    Jocelyn Adams

    9 timmar sedan

    I just watched Bo’s special on Netflix. First off, it’s brilliant. Secondly, I really want to give him a big hug. He’s super talented and gifted, but that’s a huge burden to carry. I hope he can connect with people outside of digital media, especially now that COVID is better controlled. Best wishes and warmest regards :-)

  86. Aaron Paule

    Aaron Paule

    9 timmar sedan

    Man didn't put among us in the song. This isn't the internet

  87. BGz GamersVoid

    BGz GamersVoid

    9 timmar sedan

    What a masterpiece.

  88. InLoveWithThat Panda

    InLoveWithThat Panda

    9 timmar sedan

    Ya'll using his music without knowing him

  89. Heissel Nicholas Pramoedya

    Heissel Nicholas Pramoedya

    9 timmar sedan

    he kinda look like younger heissenberg fro resident evil vilage

  90. Grimboror


    9 timmar sedan

    im gay now

  91. The Casul

    The Casul

    9 timmar sedan

    I don't know if I should feel disgusted because I know aomost all of the thingd he talks about, or if I should be thankful cause the "You should kill your mom" didn't raise any bells.

  92. Joshua Drew

    Joshua Drew

    9 timmar sedan

    Why does this song have so many dislikes? What is to dislike a humorous version of the truth?

  93. DeanTheBean10


    9 timmar sedan

    Is that Keanu Reeves

  94. Rah Collier

    Rah Collier

    9 timmar sedan

    10/10: Scares me.

  95. ravioli_fagioli


    9 timmar sedan

    Who else can sing this entire song word for word-

  96. R2 - D2

    R2 - D2

    10 timmar sedan

    That sounds about right

  97. Zeppy


    10 timmar sedan

    This song keeps popping up in my suggestions, and I keep watching it every single time it pops up.

  98. Wolf Lawyer

    Wolf Lawyer

    10 timmar sedan

    To accurate Now Im officially scared