What Happened When a Camera Was Put in Shark’s Mouth

It’s the 33rd year for Discovery’s Shark Week, and this time around, the celebration of the marine predator has a twist. Researchers tried something never done before: they placed cameras inside a shark’s mouth. The extraordinary footage gives an entirely new perspective on the ocean hunters, as well as a view of a shark’s razor-sharp teeth and throat that nobody should ever want to see in person. Shark Week begins on July 11.


  1. JaybayJay


    10 timmar sedan

    Guv'nor! There's no other way out? You don't understand. This is it! Have you looked? He didn't come up. Guv'nor, you bloody bastard. Answer me!

  2. Estevan Ledsinger

    Estevan Ledsinger

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    I bought a t-shirt with a shark on the shirt.

  3. James Smith

    James Smith

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    I love how they just casually reminded everyone that this dude’s father died. Completely irrelevant to the story.

  4. Tomas Baez

    Tomas Baez

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    😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 :0

  5. Noor Barbar

    Noor Barbar

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    Inside the shark so gross

  6. Rick Roll

    Rick Roll

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    “Aw that’s disgusting” *better than most creatures*

  7. RICARDO Medina

    RICARDO Medina

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    0:24 because of the GoPros

  8. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

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    Killer shark? He didn’t do nothin

  9. Friendship Braclelets

    Friendship Braclelets

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    This is so weird after watching jaws

  10. The BEST Youtuber

    The BEST Youtuber

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    ...Get me that shark...

  11. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

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    He lost an arm and a leg. Still a warrior

    • Sujina Ghale

      Sujina Ghale

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      @anisa desi syahfitri he lives here 🙂

    • anisa desi syahfitri

      anisa desi syahfitri

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      Bro u r everywhere..

  12. sexhaver_3000


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  13. steph :p

    steph :p

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    i thought it said shrek. i’m disappointed.

  14. Akira Kurusu⁷

    Akira Kurusu⁷

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    Man lost both his arm and leg but still have balls of steel what a legend

  15. maraiyajanei


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    Imagine just swimming in the ocean and a camera gets inside your mouth and humans exploit the inside of your mouth .

  16. PÜG


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    I thought it said what would happens if you put a camera into shreks mouth

  17. jayy


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    i’ve getting a lot of inside edition recommendations lately

  18. GaryisKing


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    When you’re 30% robot:



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    Wow he should drink a BO'O'O'WO'ER'

  20. Ells


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    i guess you could say, that shot cost him a arm and a leg....

    • Ells


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      @itz_diana y u spreading hate to a joke comment? and ur supposed to put the ... next to the word with out a space...

    • itz_diana


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      fake ells …

  21. Flight Reacts

    Flight Reacts

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    Why does every person who gets bit by a shark seem to want to work with sharks afterwords 😑

  22. Cuddy Bud

    Cuddy Bud

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    I could make good use of that shark throat 👀

  23. Cuddy Bud

    Cuddy Bud

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    Damn that shark throat looks.. interesting 👀

  24. Cuddy Bud

    Cuddy Bud

    16 dagar sedan

    Damn that shark throat looks.. interesting 👀

  25. Karina Gaisina

    Karina Gaisina

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    0:07 When your 98 year old grandma kisses you:

  26. MYZ


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    I mean he has 2 limbs left so why not ofc jump in again DUH

  27. Jojo Jovia

    Jojo Jovia

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    There is no way I will lose my hand and leg and still respect the trouble causer

  28. Care Soul

    Care Soul

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    Its literally a weird time to be alive.. 100 years ago if you were to see the inside of a live sharks mouth, you couldn't tell your friends about it.

  29. DuhDillPickle


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    I'd kill the ray for Steve



    16 dagar sedan

    Hold mans lost a leg and arm and he still doing this kinda shii

  31. Darren Family Review

    Darren Family Review

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    We can study the parts of a shark now.

  32. Shorts


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    Adventurous ... (Whoever his name is) has already lost an arm and a leg trying to fight a shark and he is still going on the water... Me: Wait. What???

  33. The Goblin Steed

    The Goblin Steed

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    This is terrifying.

  34. Sanaya Miller

    Sanaya Miller

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    Man: loses arm and leg to shark. Also him: I need to help save sharks

  35. 69 or 420

    69 or 420

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    Sir….. SIR!



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    Never thought their throat would look like a butthole

  37. devyn green

    devyn green

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    sharky sharky sharks

  38. Double Double

    Double Double

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    I hate going outside after getting bit by stuff. Man is built different

  39. Godihatethisplace


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    Wonder what this guy paid to get the footage?

  40. R H

    R H

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    Paul DeGelder is quite fine😍

  41. Abel Hickman

    Abel Hickman

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    Honestly HATE sensationalism that sharks in media "killer shark" like honestly that sharks did NOTHING.

  42. Sandwick420


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    0:09 *down bad guy starts pouring down sweat"

  43. kidindacardboardmask


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    Reporter: “He finds himself…next to a Giant Ray. You’ll recall his Dad was killed by a Stingray.” Me: 😱 Reporter: “Manta-rays…don’t have a poisonous tail stinger.” Me: 😅

  44. Amish Karim

    Amish Karim

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    David Dobrik posted check it out

  45. Skybe


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  46. Lindsy’s Life

    Lindsy’s Life

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    We need to come together and clean the oceans! Poor sea animals

  47. mia hazel

    mia hazel

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    If I haven’t learned my lesson was a person 😂😭 jokes he’s strong 💪🏽

  48. Heriberto Lopez Silvas

    Heriberto Lopez Silvas

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    Its now a Camerafish

  49. Emmanuel Olumide

    Emmanuel Olumide

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    The man lost his arms and legs to a shark but still says Sharks 🦈 needs to be respected 😳wtf

  50. Pighog


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  51. You are a sheep

    You are a sheep

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    If you have never seen SEASPIRSCY... He is in that... He is a pro ass legend.

  52. Berreondo


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    Someone get me that shark

  53. W Crayfish

    W Crayfish

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  54. Tulipdere


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    0:07 Why did I suddenly remembered my grandma

  55. ThinkOutsideTheBox


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    Newscaster: All joking aside. Sharknado: Excuse me sir, am I a joke to you?.

  56. Ricky Suniga

    Ricky Suniga

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    I miss Florida :(

  57. bradyn Anderson

    bradyn Anderson

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  58. Lord figo

    Lord figo

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    Jackass! Shark needs to eat you for you to learn!

  59. Lord figo

    Lord figo

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    He is a idiot Shark bite off his hand an leg an he back in the water!

  60. Richard Gray

    Richard Gray

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    0:07 got me acting up 😫

  61. Nathan Everard

    Nathan Everard

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    sharks aern't killers

  62. Kay


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    He obviously was sooooo terrified. Manta ray..swimming Angels. He knows that.

  63. CardBoard Robot

    CardBoard Robot

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    What a legend, he lost an arm and a leg due to a shark! Brave man!

  64. KissMyAsh


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    Whatttt he lost an arm & a leg already from a shark attack. Okay now he’s playing with his life

  65. ch3rr


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    i think it’s amazing that robert can get close to them regardless of what happened to his father he’s strong and brave i could NEVER

  66. jaymeez


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    I’d give a arm & a leg to see these sharks up close

  67. kung-fu hustle

    kung-fu hustle

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    When you loose an arm and a leg, Just to go that’s real passion.

  68. Mr J

    Mr J

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    It costed him an arm and a leg….literally

  69. ‏‏‎


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    Bro get me out

  70. Siri


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    i still cant believe this is the first time this happened



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    Guy: I'm an advocate who protects sharks and their environment. Shark: We didn't protect your arm and leg

  72. tato a

    tato a

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    Reminds me of jaws! A scene where the shark eats a scientist. The scene shows how he is being killed, from inside the sharks mouth.

  73. Avery Lee

    Avery Lee

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    Robert Irwin is literally so cute 😍

  74. Doe Buck

    Doe Buck

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    Media= killer sharks......yeah that's where it starts. Sharks just doing what it does naturally which is, EATING. I agree they need to be respected.

  75. Questions People

    Questions People

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  76. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoro

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    0:08 No one: Literally no one: That 1 dude from tiktok: "Sir...get me that shark. I said get ME.THAT. SHARK"

  77. Yufeng yan

    Yufeng yan

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  78. Random Shenanigans

    Random Shenanigans

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    Why would anyone put trash in a sharks mouth? That’s just wrong

  79. Ryzon v

    Ryzon v

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    Mr.Ballen enters the chat

  80. Joseph Payton

    Joseph Payton

    18 dagar sedan

    Now this guy is a warrior.

  81. JeffreyFromBrooklyn


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    What happens if he loses his other arm? How is he going to scratch the other knob?

  82. edwynn navarro

    edwynn navarro

    18 dagar sedan

    Ngl if Robert 😳 that was dangerous.

  83. Mad-Maxx


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  84. Alice Mann ?

    Alice Mann ?

    18 dagar sedan

    Hmm will admit that does look pretty cool I least thought the mouth was much bigger then 0:07 that's the throat muscle looks more like it's orifice as seen inna nother angle say how they get the camera back ? 🐟📹✋

  85. Brigadier General

    Brigadier General

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  86. Elisabeth Spoonfork

    Elisabeth Spoonfork

    18 dagar sedan

    Didn’t see really any footage from inside the shark’s mouth 😐

  87. Furgal Manson

    Furgal Manson

    18 dagar sedan

    Gets eaten probably

  88. Dinosaur


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    The amount of joy it bring me to see Robert so passionate and in love with animals, just like his dad. It's like Steve is still with us.

  89. Diamonds R4ever

    Diamonds R4ever

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    That bionic guy is 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Gauge


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    Ima need that shark for uh…..a school project

  91. Ch33tahYT


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    I guess diving can cost an arm and a leg

  92. Peter Ruf

    Peter Ruf

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    That guy lost an arm and a leg, literally.

  93. Ruutu


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    vore haha

  94. Lucia Caruso

    Lucia Caruso

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    They need to be extinct. Man has dominion not sharks. He nuts he was lunch god never said to forgive sharks. Jesus ate fish they suppose to be food not us.

    • Ferocious Gamer

      Ferocious Gamer

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      @Lucia Caruso Your the one who brung it up and fought for it so if anyone cares its you.

    • Ferocious Gamer

      Ferocious Gamer

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      @Lucia Caruso lmao so because you lost this argument you lash out? Get a life. Troll.

    • Lucia Caruso

      Lucia Caruso

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      @Ferocious Gamer go away troll who cares any way.

    • Ferocious Gamer

      Ferocious Gamer

      15 dagar sedan

      @Lucia Caruso So because you lost the first argument you go ahead and bring up another stupid claim. Why don't we stick with how your wrong on the first argument. You mentioned that all we need is Jesus and God, while that way be somewhat true. The bible clearly states that the earth is a sphere. How can you trust in Jesus and God, but not respect their teachings and fellow believers?

    • Lucia Caruso

      Lucia Caruso

      16 dagar sedan

      @Ferocious Gamer Just dumb so you also think your on a ball and spinning go to show read 200 proofs the earth is flat by Eric Dubay plus look him up on youtube and learn. No we do not need sharks. We only need God and his son Jesus Christ.

  95. NaiBoi #29

    NaiBoi #29

    18 dagar sedan

    He already lost an arm and a leg…now he’s back in the water to lose more limbs lol

  96. Anna Nguyen

    Anna Nguyen

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    If we put a camera inside a shark’s mouth. I guess we would see the inside of its mouth 🤨

  97. Chick-fil-A XD

    Chick-fil-A XD

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    If a shark bit me it’s hate for life

  98. Missy Blanchard

    Missy Blanchard

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    What an incredible man! Props to him! Also Steve would be so proud of his son today♥️

  99. Milk & Hunty

    Milk & Hunty

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    He must’ve been a shark in his past life

  100. Art gimmick

    Art gimmick

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    *Loses arm and leg to a shark and dad was killed by a sting ray* Him: LETS DIVE IN!!!

    • Frank 00

      Frank 00

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      I think your a little confused