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  1. onlyjayus


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    Hey go check out my most recent vlog :)

    • Vronz


      2 dagar sedan

      @uzarname name shes a normal wamen

    • Donranoc14


      3 dagar sedan

      Are you a girl or boy or tomboy

    • Deion jr. Mcqueen

      Deion jr. Mcqueen

      5 dagar sedan

      Are you a boy or girl

    • akira manuel perez

      akira manuel perez

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    • lynn rahbani

      lynn rahbani

      14 dagar sedan

      No a gurl

  2. Brandon Primero

    Brandon Primero

    43 minuter sedan

    Jayus: FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN *proceeds to spay fly*



    Timme sedan

    i cant stop laughing when she is fighting fly's

  4. Bxtterfly_Dream


    Timme sedan

    That is me when I see a fly I HATE them so much

  5. VInt.Sunsxt


    2 timmar sedan

    I use vinegar to stop ich from bug bite

  6. MarkEplier-kun


    2 timmar sedan

    I do the exact opposite of a hot spoon and just use fresh ice and put it on my bite for like 5 mins and get another one if it melts away.

  7. Szakusiek


    5 timmar sedan

    So you're saying that febreeze is like that shout from Skyrim that makes the dragon land except for flies?

  8. T B

    T B

    5 timmar sedan

    Why is this racist on my feed all the time

  9. Some_1


    6 timmar sedan

    Do you have a bug bite Solution: burn your nerves for a few seconds

  10. Abhijeet Kaushik

    Abhijeet Kaushik

    7 timmar sedan

    So good

  11. YAW


    7 timmar sedan

    Dont fuckin do the first one bruh its dangerous as hell

  12. Maniac


    9 timmar sedan

    What are Jayus' pronouns?

  13. Bruhhify


    10 timmar sedan

    If you have a bug bite just throw a spoon in the microwave for a minute then hold it against the bite and it will stop itching

  14. Sandy Cheeks Gamer Cheeks

    Sandy Cheeks Gamer Cheeks

    13 timmar sedan

    Me with the fly trick: Pathetic.. *Does Taijutsu*

  15. Hazmat Gaming_76

    Hazmat Gaming_76

    13 timmar sedan

    Ok I need to know something, What gender is Jayus? Cuz she has a girl face and hair but voice sounds deep and loud.

  16. Landon Smith

    Landon Smith

    13 timmar sedan

    The best way to kill a fly is a can of hairspray and a lighter. Can never be too sure.

  17. CapnCody1622


    14 timmar sedan

    Nobody gonna mention her shoestring belt?

  18. Mark Benvenuto

    Mark Benvenuto

    17 timmar sedan

    This and the cold shower one

  19. Miguel Angel Mazó Moye

    Miguel Angel Mazó Moye

    17 timmar sedan

    Yeah... It doesn't itch anymore because you just damaged the nerves by burning them

  20. Interstell_ Art

    Interstell_ Art

    22 timmar sedan

    Anyone else notice the "Loser" tattoo on their left leg?? Jayus, you a real one

  21. Logan's channel

    Logan's channel

    22 timmar sedan


  22. Kurikara99


    22 timmar sedan

    No STOP ✋!!!

  23. Noreen Scully

    Noreen Scully

    23 timmar sedan

    Another way to stop a bug bight from not itching is to put a band-aid over it then u won't be able 2 scratch it, and the less u scratch it, the quicker it will go away

  24. Shauna loves dogs

    Shauna loves dogs

    23 timmar sedan

    Onlyjayus if you have a bug bite like me Me: Yes I'm listening Onlyjayus pulls down pants Me: hmmmm ok 😶😶😶😶

  25. AiRsTrIkExXzZ


    23 timmar sedan

    Burns your skin off but at least it doesn’t itch your millimetre of skin

  26. MCShrek201


    Dag sedan

    Or... y'know... shorts... :p

  27. Brock Mead

    Brock Mead

    Dag sedan

    Was she heating the spoon on the burner?

  28. ogel


    Dag sedan

    Oh look its the raceist

  29. Detth


    Dag sedan

    "COME DOWN HERE AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN" Fly: *Detroit become human*

  30. ExoticGamer123


    Dag sedan

    Dude I’m not gonna trade the itchiness which I can deal with for most cases for a burn

  31. Diana UwU

    Diana UwU

    Dag sedan

    I know 100% that that was a bee sting and I know the hack you put the spoon in warm water not put the spoon on the stove you probably would have a blister by doing that

  32. It's Shreya

    It's Shreya

    Dag sedan

    Is she wearing boxers under her pants and is that a tattoo in her leg

  33. cathy zelev

    cathy zelev

    Dag sedan

    Hot spoon like in Constantine? That hurts

  34. A A

    A A

    Dag sedan

    Men of culture, here we meet again!

  35. Sebastian Lecroix

    Sebastian Lecroix

    Dag sedan

    Having your toe Hit on the door? Cut your Leg Off!

  36. Janrei Keven Niefes

    Janrei Keven Niefes

    Dag sedan

    Come here fly and fight me like a man The fly but im a girl

  37. Unreasonably Random

    Unreasonably Random

    Dag sedan

    I'd rather just wear the wrinkly clothes then waste water and electricity.

  38. Michael Flores

    Michael Flores

    Dag sedan

    The fly was once a man ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏

  39. MrJK


    Dag sedan

    Me watching onlyjayus : "Do you have a bugbite?"...Strips My parents watching it with me* Me : AYO NAH NAH....BRUHHH NAH MOM I CAN EXPLAIN

  40. Razors ComfyVibes

    Razors ComfyVibes

    Dag sedan

    How the heck did you get on my SE-one recommendations, I only followed you on twitch

  41. Arrjun Ramesh

    Arrjun Ramesh

    Dag sedan

    Me: *got outta the shower* she hella cute tho. Her: proceeds to strip. Me: ah shit, here we go again. Men of culture assemble.

  42. alisa parra

    alisa parra

    Dag sedan

    woah wtf

  43. Kaleb Fleet

    Kaleb Fleet

    Dag sedan

    My eyes have betrayed me...😳

  44. Jokty 12

    Jokty 12

    Dag sedan

    Yall are waaayy too excited about seeing a girl's legs

  45. Mittens Wichen

    Mittens Wichen

    Dag sedan


  46. ChocoIs Late

    ChocoIs Late

    Dag sedan

    Why is NO ONE talking about the knives on her leg???

  47. Lamyss Benzar

    Lamyss Benzar

    Dag sedan

    That was the fanciest pants drop ever. Dang.

  48. Crystal Jones

    Crystal Jones

    Dag sedan

    That's not a bug bite anymore

  49. Ethan Keen

    Ethan Keen

    Dag sedan

    PLEASE DO NOT DO THE FIRST ONE. It will cause your tissue so much unnecessary damage, just put up with the itching.

    • MarkEplier-kun


      2 timmar sedan

      Slap it really hard, or just use ice

  50. Demon Wolf9941

    Demon Wolf9941

    Dag sedan

    Jay: Fight ME LIKE A MAN Nothing as ever described how I feel about flys in my life

  51. Doom slayer

    Doom slayer

    Dag sedan

    Why just why

  52. Muhammad Ali Haider

    Muhammad Ali Haider

    Dag sedan

    Am I the only one who heard "into the thick of it" in the background

  53. Eddie likes ramen :D

    Eddie likes ramen :D

    2 dagar sedan

    The simps finna hunt her down

  54. Techliner


    2 dagar sedan

    You can also mqke the itch stop by imbedding an X on it with your nails with enough pressure. I do it all the time with mosquito bites and immidiately helps calm it down

  55. Naileah Moreira

    Naileah Moreira

    2 dagar sedan

    Come down here and fight me like a man!

  56. Korosh Eht

    Korosh Eht

    2 dagar sedan

    Oh so your leg is itchy just give it a 3 degree burn

  57. Octavius Phoenix

    Octavius Phoenix

    2 dagar sedan

    Oh i knew the febreze thing, as a kid i used to genocide flies that way

  58. Rohan Gisiawan

    Rohan Gisiawan

    2 dagar sedan

    Putting ice over an mosquito bite also helps

  59. Edo Morales

    Edo Morales

    2 dagar sedan

    Nah, I just use a rubber sling gun at those flies. Seeing their dead bodies on walls feels satisfying

  60. TheStereotypicalMoron


    2 dagar sedan

    Last one is actually a tip for destroying mini aircraft

  61. David Films

    David Films

    2 dagar sedan

    U have the most cringe comment section lmfao

  62. Pilot_Doggo


    2 dagar sedan

    The screaming was funny

  63. Laura Ferrari

    Laura Ferrari

    2 dagar sedan

    Fastest like in the west

  64. Lime Beans animation

    Lime Beans animation

    2 dagar sedan

    Bro the amount of enbyphobia here in the comments I'll be needing that burning spoon jayus.

  65. BHorst BHorsty

    BHorst BHorsty

    2 dagar sedan

    I do this dryer trick all the time. I don't iron my clothes. I take a wet sock and put things in the dryer

  66. nate Jay

    nate Jay

    2 dagar sedan

    my mum just walked in the room as she pulled down her pants. Slowly walked away. That's our relatioship

  67. Beyonce Avila

    Beyonce Avila

    2 dagar sedan

    I used to get lots of bug bites so then I figured out if you get a lemon and salt it would make the bug bite go away without no marks left

  68. John Bullard

    John Bullard

    3 dagar sedan

    Your a keeper !

  69. root beer pancake

    root beer pancake

    3 dagar sedan

    Wow, she puts too much trust in her fans becuz I swear there's gonna be some rule 34 stuff now

  70. Priti Soni

    Priti Soni

    3 dagar sedan

    Ummmmm what to do if you are cleaning your ear and stick the cotton buds to far in your ear????

  71. Singe Deguerre

    Singe Deguerre

    3 dagar sedan

    Guys do not put an hot spoon at a bug bite try to just use some ice it will make a much better job without hurting you

  72. Bobby Allison

    Bobby Allison

    3 dagar sedan

    ALL THE SIMPS RN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. straysthetic


    3 dagar sedan

    Now I know why Lee know used frebreeze instead of perfume

  74. Judey garner

    Judey garner

    3 dagar sedan

    Jayus: strips My parents walk In . . .

  75. Dinosquad


    3 dagar sedan

    Everyone just look at the tattoo nothing else okay

  76. Harrison Wells

    Harrison Wells

    3 dagar sedan

    Only perverts would have known what I was looking at during the bug bite clip :)

  77. Edwin Andino Castillo

    Edwin Andino Castillo

    3 dagar sedan

    The bug bite one is really helpful cause here in El Salvador the Mosquitos are so fuccccccking annoying and I put bug spray 🇸🇻❤️🫓

  78. Lofi ASMR

    Lofi ASMR

    3 dagar sedan

    I've always used the last one, at least I'm not alone

  79. Xander Harris

    Xander Harris

    3 dagar sedan

    I did number 3 and I am now known to the flies at the fly Slayer I used to breathe and I only hit them when they were on the floor

  80. Ins3curity


    3 dagar sedan

    Everyone is talking about how she took of her pants But know one is talking about how she has a knife on he leg

    • lil Cacti

      lil Cacti

      3 dagar sedan

      Hi , just a reminder that jayus uses they/them pronouns now

  81. ObscurityGC


    3 dagar sedan

    Is their belt a shoe lace?

  82. The Prince of Koppas

    The Prince of Koppas

    3 dagar sedan

    Come down here and fight me like a man That one female fly

  83. poppycars213


    3 dagar sedan

    If I have a bug bite I drive my finger nail into it and it stops itiching

  84. Ticobot


    3 dagar sedan

    Cool legs lady 😎👉👉

  85. Fluffy rip 🙁

    Fluffy rip 🙁

    3 dagar sedan

    Yeah why do u tell fake facts

  86. Juan Sebastian

    Juan Sebastian

    4 dagar sedan

    Trevor Lawrence is really giving good facts

  87. Litten Kitten Project

    Litten Kitten Project

    4 dagar sedan

    Bruh I saw this after I cleared my bug bites

  88. Kaylodon Undertale

    Kaylodon Undertale

    4 dagar sedan

    Dude jayus is hella cute.

  89. Danny Benhur

    Danny Benhur

    4 dagar sedan

    That was a mild heartache...

  90. JTBIA lmao

    JTBIA lmao

    4 dagar sedan

    Wait wha... Is jayus a boy or a girl im confused this is the first time i see em

    • lil Cacti

      lil Cacti

      3 dagar sedan

      Girl, but jayus is now non binary. Meaning they don’t classify as a male or female

  91. Fiona Anandita

    Fiona Anandita

    4 dagar sedan

    Ummm is she/he a boy or girl

    • lil Cacti

      lil Cacti

      3 dagar sedan

      Girl, but jayus is now non binary. Meaning they don’t classify as a male or female

  92. Chris*On*Acid


    4 dagar sedan

    I still can’t tell if it is a he or she…

    • lil Cacti

      lil Cacti

      3 dagar sedan

      Girl, but jayus is now non binary. Meaning they don’t classify as a male or female

  93. StapleGolf


    4 dagar sedan

    I thought this was posted on the wrong website for a second

  94. Zoombbq2


    4 dagar sedan


  95. Demon_ Hunted

    Demon_ Hunted

    4 dagar sedan

    You are literally the best person ever

  96. Darrell Shepherd

    Darrell Shepherd

    4 dagar sedan

    The febreze does work on spiders too, I used it to immobilize the spider then force it down the sink ran the water for 3 and a half minutes to make sure it's down in there and now I have a febreze smell good can next to the toilet now

  97. Violet Thompson

    Violet Thompson

    4 dagar sedan

    The background sounds ~CASTAWAYS ~ WE ARE CASTAWAYS

  98. Thomas Hammonds

    Thomas Hammonds

    4 dagar sedan

    Tried the hot spoon trick doesn't work

  99. it's the Lilly show

    it's the Lilly show

    4 dagar sedan

    I use a hot coin that has been sitting in a hot car in the sun 🌞

  100. jeffrey brust

    jeffrey brust

    4 dagar sedan

    @onlyjayus I had a bug bite from a mosquitoe and I took a hot shower and the itching went away for a while it works just like the hot spoon