Reacting To FaZe JARVIS KO vs Michael Le..


  1. Shawn Wing

    Shawn Wing

    14 dagar sedan

    jarvis and le was my favorite. respect to both

  2. Crispybacon


    22 dagar sedan

    When are you hoppin back in the ring my guy

  3. shiron radiation

    shiron radiation

    27 dagar sedan

    Tbh i thought jarvis will win but i never thought he knock him out, jarvis shocked the world no cap,i would love to see Jarvis vs vinne hacker both shocked the world,i like both better man Will win 👍

  4. The Echoler

    The Echoler

    28 dagar sedan

    I wanna see you fight Jake

  5. jessica castro

    jessica castro

    Månad sedan


  6. vXGypsyRageXv


    Månad sedan

    Sensei I better see you back on these cards.

  7. Jay


    Månad sedan

    Are you in faze clans

  8. Russell Miller

    Russell Miller

    Månad sedan

    FaZe Sensei Vs FaZe Jarvis

  9. LuiGForeva


    Månad sedan

    Sensei needs to react to more fight videos

  10. Canelo is The best

    Canelo is The best

    Månad sedan

    Fight Jake and this lit twat gets out to sleep! Team Jake Paul, faze clan should stick to gaming before they are embarrassed in a mans sport

  11. Avery Donoho

    Avery Donoho

    Månad sedan

    faze sensei vs logan paul ? 🧐

  12. THE KING


    Månad sedan

    Faze sensi vs Austin Mcbroom

  13. cody eagan

    cody eagan

    Månad sedan

    Mannn next SE-one boxing match go fight Jake

  14. Haman 08_

    Haman 08_

    Månad sedan

    Jarvis was fighting le like he was the one that banned him

  15. Gaab23 18

    Gaab23 18

    Månad sedan

    Fight Jake Paul pleaseee sensei

  16. Nomad _Ghost952

    Nomad _Ghost952

    Månad sedan

    Fact Rug vs Aiden end of 2021

  17. BlockASpeed Gaming

    BlockASpeed Gaming

    Månad sedan

    faze vs faze?

  18. Speky


    Månad sedan

    jarvis is cracked

  19. ElGran Papi

    ElGran Papi

    Månad sedan

    Humble jake

  20. Zibster


    Månad sedan

    Would love to see u attend one of these

  21. Mazid On Switch

    Mazid On Switch

    Månad sedan

    Never knew this faze member exist

  22. mineRAWRFT


    Månad sedan

    I always forget Faze Sensi is a Faze

  23. Bluerollkill 2.0

    Bluerollkill 2.0

    Månad sedan

    U shuld train with Jarvis

  24. Bluerollkill 2.0

    Bluerollkill 2.0

    Månad sedan

    Rug and admin are fax

  25. lmaoqasim


    Månad sedan

    These refs are so soft they can’t even let a good combo in before they jump in to stop it.

    • Noah


      Månad sedan

      I’m willing to bet that if you put the same ref in a ring with higher level fighters, in the same situation, he’d have probably not done the standing counts. He just wants to make sure the amateurs can continue a good career lol

    • Noah


      Månad sedan

      You’re also simultaneously forgetting all the context. It’s true that the ref keeps jumping in, but this is both their first time in a ring, with no headgear or prior prizefighting experience, the ref is doing his job just like he’s supposed to. He identified that Michael was hurt, and having a hard time defending; These aren’t high level, pro boxers, they’re wayyyyyyy more prone to permanent damage, and the ref obviously wanted to give the kid a chance to come back. At any of those points he could’ve called a TKO, but instead he preserved the fight, called a few standing counts and let both continue their momentum without any genuine long term damage.

  26. Erikdaboss214


    Månad sedan


  27. Gabe Arzadon

    Gabe Arzadon

    Månad sedan

    He could fight Deen the great lol

  28. SOBiOS


    Månad sedan


  29. Blursnipes


    Månad sedan

    How are you in faze

  30. Yasuo_123


    Månad sedan

    mira 6:49 ((Le vs jarvis)) (( nate robinson vs Jake paul ))

  31. MichelleShow Ya Know

    MichelleShow Ya Know

    Månad sedan

    I will say kid has heart and showed good skills for the level he was boxing at 👍

  32. Stitch, The Poet

    Stitch, The Poet

    Månad sedan

    fight ddg

  33. Jonathan Lagneau

    Jonathan Lagneau

    Månad sedan

    Imgaine faze Jarvis vs Jake Paul

  34. raxgde


    Månad sedan

    Sensei can you record the games and react to them for us, I hella wanna see you playing football

  35. Dillan Mistry

    Dillan Mistry

    Månad sedan

    I feel kinda bad for Micheal Le because he doesn’t really have much boxing experience, but they both fought well and Jarvis for the Win, the GOAT

    • Dillan Mistry

      Dillan Mistry

      Månad sedan

      @EnemyStriker idk but he sure does look like it😂

    • EnemyStriker


      Månad sedan

      Doesn’t Jarvis have no boxing experience too?

  36. Thomas Do

    Thomas Do

    Månad sedan

    Train faze rug for his fight against Aidan Ross

  37. Warriors Clash

    Warriors Clash

    Månad sedan

    Faze sensei vs VIDDAL??????

  38. Matthew Lloyd

    Matthew Lloyd

    Månad sedan

    Vinnie Hacker vs Sensei

  39. Toasty


    Månad sedan

    Faze Jarvis vs RackaRacka Michael Philipou LETS GET IT!!

  40. Kota YT

    Kota YT

    Månad sedan

    Hey faze sensei I can you react to gib vs tayler holder

  41. Minecraft Gamer69

    Minecraft Gamer69

    Månad sedan

    we need sensei to help rug with adin ross

  42. Isaq Ali

    Isaq Ali

    Månad sedan

    Jarvis vs slim

  43. Dwinchester13


    Månad sedan

    Those are definitely not the correct punching stats, whoever took those stats needs some glasses quick!

  44. gulfcoast. jit

    gulfcoast. jit

    Månad sedan

    You need to get in on this youtube boxing or help Jarvis get better

  45. Jenaro Bravo

    Jenaro Bravo

    Månad sedan

    Hey faze sensei can you please train deji if he lets you idk why but I think you can shape him up

  46. Yoroza


    Månad sedan

    dude jarvis would fuck bryce up

  47. Reaching Full Potential

    Reaching Full Potential

    Månad sedan

    Great performance but let’s be honest, his opponent was the most fragile of them all.

  48. Mac


    Månad sedan

    Jarvis vs vinnie hacker

  49. HiRock블링크


    Månad sedan

    its either Jarvis has a chin...or that Michael Le punches light

  50. DailyAnimations


    Månad sedan

    The whole faze clan is uploading faze Jarvis vids cause that’s what’s getting them views and views=money and more fame they smart

  51. TheBanj0


    Månad sedan

    TIER LIST: S: Jake Paul A: KSI, Logan, FaZe Sensei B: Gib (could be A) C: Austin, Slim, Taylor (All of them could be B) D: Jarvis, Vinnie, Bryce E: Deji, Joe, Fousey

  52. Lil Chick

    Lil Chick

    Månad sedan

  53. Lil Chick

    Lil Chick

    Månad sedan

  54. R Hoop

    R Hoop

    Månad sedan


  55. Sushii


    Månad sedan

    Deji Next?

  56. Benjamin Guiney

    Benjamin Guiney

    Månad sedan

    It’s because lee was always showing his left side’ he kept looking right and opened that left side up to get smacked up

  57. Ezekiel


    Månad sedan

    Jarvis and Adam Saleh lowkey a good match

  58. Puniisher_13


    Månad sedan

    I like how nice sensei is calling people out so nicely 😂

  59. Danny Adams

    Danny Adams

    Månad sedan


  60. Danny Adams

    Danny Adams

    Månad sedan


  61. irvin llanos

    irvin llanos

    Månad sedan

    Jarvis vs Gibbs

  62. Emji


    Månad sedan

    Always loved jarvis and kay since the cod days. Nothing but respect after this fight tho. Manz wasnt clickbaiting, wasn’t joking, he put his mind to the grind and the effort payed off.

    • ツFGM


      17 dagar sedan

      I respect your opinion, but they 100% clickbait. That’s why they blew up to the extent they did lol

  63. james johnson

    james johnson

    Månad sedan

    Fighy jake Paul he's 4-0 so could be good

  64. james johnson

    james johnson

    Månad sedan

    And ngl his head movement just felt natural almost like an armature gypsy King with the bobs and in and out foot work in terms of aggressiveness always walking him down was a good fight to watch no cap

  65. james johnson

    james johnson

    Månad sedan

    Nah jarvis would ruin bryce the supposed fighter hall 😂



    Månad sedan

    the easiest opponents on the entire card were Michael Le, Vinnie Hacker, and tanner fox(if he fought). I think the average adult could beat all those 3 in one night easily. The next time they do a social media boxing match then they need to find more people who can at least semi fight. At least. Bryce did terrible but you can tell that he was tough. But the 3 I mentioned I personally think that they would get bullied in a middle school no joke.

  67. zhongyaoma 00

    zhongyaoma 00

    Månad sedan

    Is this guy even from faze?

  68. Smokey Vision

    Smokey Vision

    Månad sedan

    So basically he’s only interested in fights he knows he’s gonna win 😂 Got it

  69. Fortnite BOT

    Fortnite BOT

    Månad sedan

    Sidemen vs Faze Clan

  70. RedTheSlayer


    Månad sedan

    Spar with Jarvis

  71. Poopghost87 Lovepooper

    Poopghost87 Lovepooper

    Månad sedan

    I love how non bias sensei is

  72. ShawnG


    Månad sedan

    jarvis would slump bryce

  73. Laker Baker the Sana Simp

    Laker Baker the Sana Simp

    Månad sedan

    Jarvis is a damn beast 🔥

  74. GreenLight Sniper

    GreenLight Sniper

    Månad sedan

    React to deji

  75. problox56 pro

    problox56 pro

    Månad sedan

    I feel like ur such an underrated faze member

  76. Christian Tefft

    Christian Tefft

    Månad sedan

    Jarvis and you on the same card would be a awesome faze moment it should for sure happen

  77. michael gilmer

    michael gilmer

    Månad sedan

    Sensei needs to help train jarvis

  78. aemu


    Månad sedan

    I think a sparring sesh with sensei vs jarvis would be interesting

  79. Noah Land

    Noah Land

    Månad sedan

    Hi Jarvis I’m a big fan

  80. Thomas Johnson

    Thomas Johnson

    Månad sedan

    ate the punches cause hes fighting Michael lee😂😂🤦‍♂️

  81. Critical.


    Månad sedan

    lmao jev and sensei are the only faze members i watch now

  82. J K

    J K

    Månad sedan


  83. Lolo Lopez

    Lolo Lopez

    Månad sedan

    Let Jarvis fight Tyler holder

  84. Lolo Lopez

    Lolo Lopez

    Månad sedan

    Gurkha energy



    Månad sedan

    I want to see a boxing event between Faze. Optic. eUnited. Splyce. Envy. Enigma and others..

  86. Jaguar JO4

    Jaguar JO4

    Månad sedan

    I’d love to watch you fight more

  87. Aoda


    Månad sedan


  88. DarkSagan


    Månad sedan

    Hes actually pretty good. Props to his opponent too.

  89. Michael Sousa

    Michael Sousa

    Månad sedan

    ive been watching less because you pause way too much man

  90. Shaggy Sir

    Shaggy Sir

    Månad sedan

    Le didn’t do so bad though

  91. M3XI


    Månad sedan

    We need Jarvis vs Sensei spar

  92. Adrian


    Månad sedan

    Jarvis Vs Vinne Hacker



    Månad sedan

    how are you in faze with this bad of audio quality

  94. Brian Banda

    Brian Banda

    Månad sedan

    Byebye have a great weekend everyone byebye faze was crazy in that ring his tiktok fans probably unfollowed him after that loss anyways byebye have a great weekend everyone byebye 😋😋😋🥰🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋😋😋🥰🥰👌❤❤❤

  95. chaotichorizon


    Månad sedan

    Fight Jake Paul

  96. LoCaL


    Månad sedan

    You should fight austin for austin to prove himself ready for jake paul

  97. Grizzly Bear

    Grizzly Bear

    Månad sedan

    You could fight Joe Bartolozzi

  98. EdgarFedHer


    Månad sedan

    Gib got robbed for real though.

  99. Cwagers 11

    Cwagers 11

    Månad sedan


  100. B C

    B C

    Månad sedan

    But of a dirty ko