Sandy checks out Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 9

Chris from DirtyTesla stops by and lets Sandy check out Tesla's FSD Beta 9.0.

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  1. Matt Chinander Music

    Matt Chinander Music

    5 timmar sedan

    Where does Sandy come up with these features he thinks are there?

  2. Ben Tupper

    Ben Tupper

    2 dagar sedan

    Please check lenses prior to starting a recording. Main cam view looks smeared with Vaseline. Ugh.

  3. Thomas Nimmo

    Thomas Nimmo

    2 dagar sedan

    Sandy, disappointed to hear you hang out in the passing lane. American highways would be much safer and much less stressful to drive on if we kept right except when passing.

  4. Max


    3 dagar sedan

    Lets be honest. This is extremely good and better than any other brand on the market hands down

  5. S Carter

    S Carter

    3 dagar sedan

    Wouldnt it be easier to drive yourself? geeez :)

  6. Amine Saib

    Amine Saib

    3 dagar sedan

    if a building is behind you I think FSD should recognize that and not show a car.

  7. Demetri Alexander Mamacos

    Demetri Alexander Mamacos

    3 dagar sedan

    we still waiting for waypoints

  8. Peter Jackson

    Peter Jackson

    3 dagar sedan

    I would find it more stressful to babysit a self driving car than simply driving myself.

  9. CncObsession


    4 dagar sedan

    ALWAYS default to the right lane! Why should we wait for you to “realize” you werent the faster traffic?

  10. Derek Coulahan

    Derek Coulahan

    5 dagar sedan

    That's the dirtiest Tesla I have ever seen

  11. Adobe Reviews

    Adobe Reviews

    5 dagar sedan

    The available relation peroperatively fence because peer-to-peer genomically subtract around a evasive radio. unknown, vague vacation

  12. Geass Sogeki

    Geass Sogeki

    5 dagar sedan

    Ok I'm in South America and I can say this is the most impressive stuff I have seen lately!!!

  13. Alanzo M

    Alanzo M

    6 dagar sedan

    Tesla made a Genius move, using their customers as test engineers. Other self-driving-car companies have to hire test engineers. This costs a lot of money, and therefore cannot be scaled. Because of this, Tesla has much more data (every correction that the human does while in self driving mode is recorded by Tesla and used to improve the system, therefore it is very valuable), and also they make money by selling the self-driving-car package. Literally the test engineers pay Tesla instead of the opposite.

  14. BEM684


    6 dagar sedan

    I totally thought he was speeding until I noticed the speedometer said 25. That's when I realized I'm watching on 1.5x speed.

  15. Dan E

    Dan E

    6 dagar sedan

    Can I retrofit self driving to my 85 bronco?🤣🤣

  16. Dan Zickus

    Dan Zickus

    6 dagar sedan

    This is boring. What’s the point if you have to help the car drive. Now instead of you making a mistake, you are making sure the car doesn’t make a mistake. This doesn’t blow my skirt up

    • Thomas Nimmo

      Thomas Nimmo

      2 dagar sedan

      It's incredibly useful in traffic. The existing system needs far less supervision at lower speeds, so you can let it handle that headache.

  17. Dan Zickus

    Dan Zickus

    6 dagar sedan

    Longer advertising during videos I see (SE-one)

  18. Thomas Schwartz

    Thomas Schwartz

    6 dagar sedan

    4:05 2 minutes at the traffic lights, puuuh

  19. Bimble


    6 dagar sedan

    6:05 A full 2 minutes standing at traffic lights! 😣 You guys really need to get some roundabouts. Can self driving cars negotiate roundabouts?

  20. Christian Urban

    Christian Urban

    6 dagar sedan

    Interesting! My Model 3 LR can't even read "electronic" road sings properly! Might be different with the European versions...

  21. Tysto


    7 dagar sedan

    Dude's had his car a couple of weeks & got FSD?? Meanwhile others paid their money YEARS ago. Nice customer relations, Elon, you 🤬.

  22. Kevin Holtkamp

    Kevin Holtkamp

    7 dagar sedan

    7:32 that is a good thing! I am really dissapointed to see sandy say such a stupid thing, its not a slow lane, the left lane is the passing lane. Always stay in the right lane and only use the left lane for passing

  23. Lil Elly

    Lil Elly

    7 dagar sedan

  24. Joseph Radoff

    Joseph Radoff

    7 dagar sedan

    So why do you continue to have to hold the steering wheel?

  25. FaultLine


    7 dagar sedan

    Governments could put a system in each intersection which rules out the cars, so the flow of traffic is consistent and doesn't need to worry about reaction time of drivers. With all of the cars being self driving, they could communicate with each other using this intersection's system to keep the flow of traffic going, I think it's possible to not ever stop at an intersection if this kind of technology is implemented. But oh well, that's years ahead of our time.

  26. Artur


    7 dagar sedan

    Cutting off Tesla's should be law aha. Seriously though, I think most men like driving cars.

  27. Xanthopteryx


    7 dagar sedan

    Why should gov. put up cameras?! Create cars that can drive like humans instead... And how could flir solve issues like... seeing a stationary car? Flir (actually, that is a brand...) can only see temperatures, so if an object is the same temperature as the surrounding, it... is 'invisible'.

  28. oceanfroggie


    8 dagar sedan

    True and reliable AFSD still seems 20-30 years away. Not that impressed, its more a driver aid than a full driver. It seems 30 years at least before AI and Lidar combined with cameras will facilitate you jumping in the back of a car and saying 'take to to xyz' safely, reliably and good progressive speed. This is primarily a marketing tool and a very effective one it is too.

  29. CRT Mojo

    CRT Mojo

    8 dagar sedan

    5:59 blind spots will also be handled when you have more cars communicating with each other. When starlink is fully active the Tesla system should be able to map out traffic patterns, speed, density, lane position etc.; the more cars communicating the better the system gets.

  30. Prince Steve

    Prince Steve

    8 dagar sedan

    FSD,Demonstration of Self-Driving Perception Using Distance Measurement Grid ,

  31. MrFelixify


    8 dagar sedan

    Sometimes Sandy just doesn't make any sense at all. What the hell is he talking about? Goverment cameras transmitting images to the cars? has he gone completely insane?

  32. Robert Loten

    Robert Loten

    8 dagar sedan

    moble eye has Tesla beaten. 40 minutes in New York no intervensions.

  33. Tonemeister 23

    Tonemeister 23

    9 dagar sedan

    Really good vid. Thanks

  34. Chris Edwards

    Chris Edwards

    9 dagar sedan

    Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Special Report by the Chief Justice and repost of Tesla Battery Drivetrain and Investor Day report of 33 pages and 420 sources. Bonus: All 3 batterry technologies that can reach 1M to 8M Miles posts that began December 26th 2019

  35. Arnaud MEURET

    Arnaud MEURET

    9 dagar sedan

    Given how much simpler driving is in the US, I’d say FSD is a long way from ready to roam around France.

  36. David egoscue channel Johnson

    David egoscue channel Johnson

    9 dagar sedan

    FSD...what's the big deal?? Not a must have...yet...

  37. Markus


    9 dagar sedan

    Are Americans totally without driving culture. You should only stay in the fast lane if you are overtaking.

  38. B Pace

    B Pace

    9 dagar sedan

    Who here read that as Sandy Cheaks ????

  39. Scott Breseke

    Scott Breseke

    9 dagar sedan

    They ought to call it "Amost Full Self Driving", because that gives clear indication that it's not all there yet. I subscribed to the Full Self Driving, but I'm disappointed. I was expecting to get the version 9, but instead got the version 8. Boring. I don't use it. I'm thinking of unsubscribing. My expectation was that I'd get the version 9.

  40. Gun welds

    Gun welds

    9 dagar sedan

    Car didn't stop 1st thing while rolling out of the parking lot. I know there wasn't a stop sign there but clearly you were supposed to stop for an unprotected right hand turn. Dead before trip started

  41. Friedemann Gädeke

    Friedemann Gädeke

    10 dagar sedan

    Seems to be very far already for the USA, but I doubt it would work like that in Germany/Europe.

  42. Keribi


    10 dagar sedan

    Do a video on how to survive and extinguish a battery fire in one of these death traps? A fire 2 weeks ago and no accident occurred, very scary stuff. Would think twice about parking one of those battery bombs in my garage.

  43. Kappa1000


    10 dagar sedan

    Allow me to disagree Sandy, slow lane is the lane to drive. Left lanes are for passing other vehicles.

  44. Adam C.

    Adam C.

    10 dagar sedan


  45. Daniel Roden

    Daniel Roden

    10 dagar sedan

    all those potholes hnngggg

  46. Peter Jacobsen

    Peter Jacobsen

    10 dagar sedan

    It basically drives like a young student driver, which may sound bad, but is actually pretty damn good!

  47. Walking D-day

    Walking D-day

    10 dagar sedan

    Aren’t you supposed to keep to the right unless overtaking?

  48. Paul Fitch

    Paul Fitch

    10 dagar sedan

    Great job team Tesla!

  49. the_dscham


    10 dagar sedan

    Has a hard time with down town areas: So basically all of Europe😅

  50. David Chan

    David Chan

    10 dagar sedan

    No way Tesla FSD will be done by the end of the year. Still a long way to go

    • Scott Breseke

      Scott Breseke

      9 dagar sedan

      It should be called "Almost Full Self Driving"

  51. Chris Kreidler

    Chris Kreidler

    10 dagar sedan

    The right lane isn't the slow lane, the left lane is the passing lane. Cool video though, thanks!

  52. blipblop92


    10 dagar sedan

    Dirty tesla guy is a tesla fan and does offer a heavily biased view

  53. The App Channel

    The App Channel

    10 dagar sedan

    I want one please

  54. andy.connor.e


    10 dagar sedan

    So is it basically confirmed that twitter followers and youtube subscribers get you the FSD beta? Second class citizen over here.

  55. Adam J

    Adam J

    10 dagar sedan

    I don't get it why are his hands on the wheel if it's self driving?

  56. Keribi


    10 dagar sedan

    There will NEVER be full self driving. If you think there is you are kidding yourself. The software will never be able to analyze all the variables that can occur while a vehicle is navigating. It should be called assisted driving, not autopilot. Test the system at night in a driving rainstorm, not in ideal conditions.

  57. Filip Nikolic

    Filip Nikolic

    10 dagar sedan

    Shouldn't the "fast lane" only be used for overtaking and the "slow lane" for normal driving? If you're in the fast lane on an empty road, you're just asking to be undertaken.

  58. Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD

    Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILD

    10 dagar sedan

    TESLA needs a Green light on top of the car when Full Self Driving is ON. This warns other drivers that AI is driving should the car be too tentative and warns others to be aware. Do you agree??? This is needed

    • PygKLB


      5 dagar sedan

      Maybe a “student auto driver” tag.

  59. Robert Kohut

    Robert Kohut

    11 dagar sedan

    Nice!! Amazing...:-)

  60. Robert Kohut

    Robert Kohut

    11 dagar sedan

    That wasn't a lane change without a signal. It was keeping to the right when the road turned into a two lane. @14:43

  61. Trevor Fisher

    Trevor Fisher

    11 dagar sedan

    The auto wipers are anything but handy, the detection is crap.

  62. ziggyo


    11 dagar sedan

    14:00 Autopilot apparently wanted to sniff some CITGO gas fumes😎. It didn't want to follow it's navigation path shown on the screen. Kind of AI split brain syndrome 😉

  63. ziggyo


    11 dagar sedan

    11:29 Sandy and Chris, "when you touch Navigate on the map, a list of Recent destinations appears and you can easily navigate to any recent destination by selecting it from the list." (Source: Model 3 Owner's Manual 😁)

  64. Alexis Irea

    Alexis Irea

    11 dagar sedan

    DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  65. R L

    R L

    11 dagar sedan

    Bought FSD because of its promise. Even the beta version is worth the money for me. 👍🏼👏🏻 I’m 79 years old and I find FSD helps me drive safely.

  66. GET2222


    11 dagar sedan

    On our Model X we have a brief history.

  67. jiliya jili

    jiliya jili

    11 dagar sedan

    The soft dash untypically cause because vise certainly answer down a violent pollution. tiny, false familiar famous reaction

  68. Svensken h

    Svensken h

    11 dagar sedan

    Why can’t Americans ever learn to drive in the right lane and only take over other cars in the left lane?!

  69. vic


    11 dagar sedan

    I just bought model y sample report... I'll understand it then move on to...i3...also fund Model s plaid...i thought i was late into this Engineering stuff...i just want to become a good i think i can...thanks munro...

  70. sanjuansteve


    11 dagar sedan

    7:22 Only dick drivers drive in the fast lane even when not passing anyone.

  71. Carlos Kleiber

    Carlos Kleiber

    11 dagar sedan

    Does ANYBODY really need selfdriving, except special cases, total loss of privacy

    • Michelangelo Buonarroti

      Michelangelo Buonarroti

      10 dagar sedan

      Yes. I look forward to being able to sleep. You can keep your road buzz.

  72. suffeks


    11 dagar sedan

    show me how it does uncontrolled intersection aka 4-way stop without the stop signs ;). old man munro plz never come to germany

  73. MrTree421


    11 dagar sedan

    "It want's to change to the slow lane" It want's to do that because that is a good idea. The idea of just taking any lane when all lanes are free is stupid. That's how a lot of congestion starts. The faster lane is to overtake if there is a slower car in the right lane in front of you. It just boggles my mind that that is not standard procedure in the US as it is in Europe.

    • Kaitlyn L

      Kaitlyn L

      4 dagar sedan

      Lots of Americans wrongly believe it’s the “cruising lane” instead of the passing lane, and they therefore believe the “slow lane” is just for trucks and like cars from the 50s that top out at 55 or 60mph. But they also tend to seem to think undertaking is fine as well. And when someone wants to change lanes it suddenly becomes a competition and some people refuse to let you in. It’s crazy all round.

  74. Just Driving 4K

    Just Driving 4K

    11 dagar sedan

    Thank you very much for sharing your work with us, cheers!!

    • Munro Live

      Munro Live

      11 dagar sedan

      Thank you! Cheers!

  75. Layth Mahdi Al-Atar

    Layth Mahdi Al-Atar

    11 dagar sedan

    Very glad you both did this video! I was so waiting for it!

  76. Paul Houghton

    Paul Houghton

    11 dagar sedan

    Hope they don't push it out too quick , all the Tesla crashes have untimately been because of wreckless Tesla owners not paying attention , they don't understand the previous version was only level three and this is a beta . These ctashes will make it harder for the legislation to be passed for self drive so they are harming the brand .

  77. david pearn

    david pearn

    11 dagar sedan

    Europe and the subcontinent are a big difference from North America; comparatively narrow and chaotic in comparison. Like Australia, many major challenges ahead .

  78. david pearn

    david pearn

    11 dagar sedan

    I will wait for the dual casting and 4680 one.

  79. micaiah middleton

    micaiah middleton

    11 dagar sedan

    10:30 is fycking crazy! It looked like they were on a carnival ride. On rails... They're on a residential street with a car pulling over in front as an ON COMING CAR IS PASSING ON THE LEFT AND THEY DIDN'T SLOW DOWN!!! A computer did that. A... COMPUTER...DID...THAT! scary

  80. GO EV

    GO EV

    11 dagar sedan

    Sandy buddy... The right lane is not the slow lane it's the default lane with the left lane being the overtaking lane. Thankfully FSD will show people how your supposed to drive. 😁

  81. Aung Zan Baw

    Aung Zan Baw

    11 dagar sedan

    10:40 detecting driveable area since April 2019 autonomy day, impressive.

  82. Helix


    11 dagar sedan

    We need a crossover episode with Louis Rossmann of Right to Repair fame. We really want to hear Sandy on the Tesla’s $16,000 nozzle.

  83. Dustin Young

    Dustin Young

    11 dagar sedan

    Where did you get that shirt?? So cool!

  84. Frédérick Pétrin

    Frédérick Pétrin

    11 dagar sedan

    5:42, i work as a concrete tester (civil technician) and i had never seen such a foward pouring concrete truck !!!

  85. Udi Shomer

    Udi Shomer

    11 dagar sedan

    That's not a very challenging environment (to be polite). Autonomous driving should work in cities with lots of traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, double parking and the rest of the everyday life of cities.

    • ziggyo


      11 dagar sedan

      Please check "Dirty Tesla"'s SE-one channel for more challenging FSD Beta videos👍😁

  86. Tom Tillman

    Tom Tillman

    11 dagar sedan

    how come your hands are on the wheel nearly all the time?

  87. GreatIrreligious


    11 dagar sedan

    Sandy, stop touching the glass when you open the door!

  88. Otto Von Longdog

    Otto Von Longdog

    11 dagar sedan

    Now that Tesla is mostly if not all camera based, is bad lane marking or no marking pose any more pronounced problem?

  89. ASpec818


    11 dagar sedan

    Interesting how he mentioned the Y was quieter. I heard from Y owners that it’s actually quite a bit louder because the rear hatch acts as a resonator.

  90. patjcoan


    11 dagar sedan

    My 3 is absolutely silent on the highway

  91. Bradley Gonzalez

    Bradley Gonzalez

    11 dagar sedan

    How did this asshole get the Beta after only 2 weeks of ownership?

  92. Justin Flint

    Justin Flint

    11 dagar sedan

    Need more high level beta testers to speed this process up.

  93. Tesla_Shorts


    11 dagar sedan

    Tesla Autopilot confuses sunset as traffic signal

  94. Skylar Kesselring

    Skylar Kesselring

    11 dagar sedan

    at 6:00 the light turns green exactly when sandy says "light"

  95. Frederic Marks

    Frederic Marks

    11 dagar sedan

    Hope you and Chris do more of these as FSD Beta's evolve. Enjoyed riding in the back seat... Lol

  96. jason booger

    jason booger

    11 dagar sedan

    dude, decent video but you basically have no idea what you're talking about

  97. Mark Formo

    Mark Formo

    11 dagar sedan

    11:07 So when it arrives at the destination you entered it stops in a traffic lane? At the very least it should move over to the curb. As I noted in another comment, changing lanes while passing through an intersection (as well as not signaling) like it did @ 14:46 is a terrible practice, if not against the law in every state.

  98. sid hartha

    sid hartha

    11 dagar sedan

    tesla thinks that people want the car to drive them? really? take a bus. aside from leaving your favorite bar loaded, of course. lol

  99. Evi Hofkens

    Evi Hofkens

    11 dagar sedan

    Chris, clean your new Y!

  100. Ken Whitman

    Ken Whitman

    11 dagar sedan

    Go blue!