A voice activated arm. wow! 😯 Tiktok : henrikcox

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  1. Ranz


    56 minuter sedan


  2. Just George

    Just George

    Timme sedan


  3. Just George

    Just George

    Timme sedan

    His arm is like one of those um virus 🦠 videos

  4. ピヨの富士


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    STAR WARS ルークスカイウォーカー

  5. Muhammad Agung

    Muhammad Agung

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    Dark jokes

  6. mark ronald pajarillo

    mark ronald pajarillo

    2 timmar sedan

    he's a cyborg

  7. rehamroseQuran


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    Even its not good

  8. rehamroseQuran


    3 timmar sedan

    ...I hate that

  9. Břetislav Prášil

    Břetislav Prášil

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    😱😱Your Hand😱😱

  10. exosus hurricane

    exosus hurricane

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    Terrorifico sin nesecidad de fantasmas ni nada paranormal muy interesante...y peligroso las maquinas revelandose

  11. Bing7557


    4 timmar sedan

    Rise of The Machines

  12. james wiseman

    james wiseman

    4 timmar sedan

    I’m sorry if this is rude but it kind of reminds me of like lego where you get a arm stuck on the other arm and the hand come off

  13. Misha


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  14. Terrapin Fritz

    Terrapin Fritz

    5 timmar sedan

    Voice activated arm with closed captioning ahead of what he even said.....

  15. me


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    I'm sorry for laughing but you made it too comical

  16. Tapp Kay

    Tapp Kay

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    Just like watching the ending of a movie. A Plot Twist

  17. NotBlazeX11


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    Ask your friend

  18. Adelkis ariel

    Adelkis ariel

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  19. Matthew Walker

    Matthew Walker

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    If it was voice activated I actually would like to see what songs would be bad to listen to

  20. PersonaRandomXD


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    sorry if I offend someone, When you get sick, do you go to the mechanic or to the doctor?



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    Tira com a outra mão

  22. Landesmond Sheckles

    Landesmond Sheckles

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    Tuff for u my guy

  23. karuv wynbll

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  24. Vash Jeremiah Milam

    Vash Jeremiah Milam

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    I thought his prosthetic arm would pull off his real arm

  25. g̷a̷m̷e̷r̷ ̷L̷U̷C̷I̷F̷E̷R̷

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    Just showing how it’s going to be AI robots

  28. Aroldo Ladislau

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    Close. Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down

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  31. Minh Triết Hoàng

    Minh Triết Hoàng

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    "open" " *my logic is undeniable.* "

  32. ice eee

    ice eee

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    Prosthetics are the coolest thing ever

  33. Hex Raphy

    Hex Raphy

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    Armament haki

  34. Javier Cruz

    Javier Cruz

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    that hand so scary bro😖

  35. An Italian Gentlemen

    An Italian Gentlemen

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    Made in china

  36. Maibobbie


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    The battery:*Dies* The prosthetic arm:My death will not be in vane i will take you down with me! Him:Well sh*

  37. Jotaro kujo

    Jotaro kujo

    19 timmar sedan

    Sre you the guy fro. Stranger things

  38. Zakayama2898


    Dag sedan

    That’s a good grip lol

  39. Yo! Is that Juicebox supreme?

    Yo! Is that Juicebox supreme?

    Dag sedan

    He’s hiding the hand cannon attachment, he uses it when too many “snakes” end up in the yard taking his “Red Eggs”

  40. rehan khan

    rehan khan

    Dag sedan

    This is called GOD GIFT we should thanks of GOD every time every second. What a ENGINEERING of GOD in our body then why should we paryers for others person except GOD think and act before die .

  41. Justice the Rott

    Justice the Rott

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    Do you guys remember the end of Empire strikes back?

  42. Itashi Utixa

    Itashi Utixa

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  43. Arif Aditya

    Arif Aditya

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    haha dumb 😂

  44. chris raharjo

    chris raharjo

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    Imagine when he was playing with his "snake" and the battery died 😂

    • ElJoe03


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  45. Jeffry Er

    Jeffry Er

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  46. Craig Battle

    Craig Battle

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    Glad he wasn't reading a playboy mag and tried that!!!! Lol....

  47. scotsman242424


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    Could be stuck somewhere worse😂😂

  48. DJ910


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    No hablo ingles

  49. ボックス !

    ボックス !

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    Wow loco que confianza tengo de usarlo

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    Access Denied

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    Jajajaja este we jajajaja

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    Tim Please close the door after you walked trough... Meanwhile from the toilet behind: -sound of screams and the sound of a eggs being smashed -

  57. Jeremias Rodriguez

    Jeremias Rodriguez

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  58. Jon Paul

    Jon Paul

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    *accidentally wont open when he grab the jonesson.

  59. Santino Riera

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    Oh hell no

  60. Time Lord

    Time Lord

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    Oh.. that's discusting... and sad...

  61. Kleber lucas gamers

    Kleber lucas gamers

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    devil my cry 5 nero robotic arm 👍

  62. IEmeraldM


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    Arm, strangle.

  63. Fizie Don

    Fizie Don

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    damm.. im laughing so loud .. my wife cut her fingers while cooking🤣

  64. J Jk

    J Jk

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    Why is he just Wilbur soot

  65. mc kool8

    mc kool8

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    Ano yan

  66. 司徒王朗


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  67. Jacky6698


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    se-one.info/cycle/o9yFqMekmamxZ5E/video Open door Open Door OPEN THE DOOR 🚪

  68. Jase Brockway

    Jase Brockway

    Dag sedan

    just to explain on his tiktok i saw that he said it is not voice activated he controls it on the inside somehow

  69. Dirga Fadillah

    Dirga Fadillah

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    I think he lost his another hand now

  70. Alvandra [Nice_Bike]

    Alvandra [Nice_Bike]

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    Dark jokes Is not funny bro

  71. Cracky Man

    Cracky Man

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    Just say: Hey siri Call 911

  72. gabriel Oliveira

    gabriel Oliveira

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    vc é burro

  73. MVP_KZ


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    Looks dangerous :)🤔🤔🤔

  74. Janet brown A

    Janet brown A

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    That’s the future ..

  75. MR 759

    MR 759

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    U r so positive man.. i like you.. lots of love bro

  76. Wellington Clementino

    Wellington Clementino

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  77. Mach


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    😂😂😂😂😂 I am sorry to laugh but it's funny 😅😅😅

  78. people flys and shit

    people flys and shit

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    🤔me being a true genxer be sure not to use that hand for other things 😜

  79. Our Planet

    Our Planet

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    Ok so this prosthetic arm is real right??



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  81. Dovah 216

    Dovah 216

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    Looks like he needs a hand….. I’ll see myself out

  82. Tio Clotildo

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    Thats is kinda how peter pettigrew died

  83. Diceavius Prime

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    Me to I hate it when my dies like that

  85. Tejas Raskar

    Tejas Raskar

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    I am glad he wasn't rubbing one out with that arm

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    Chinese made

  87. forza Napoli

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  88. Y McGhee

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    LOL. Skynet in control

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    This could be a scene from naked gun

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    Se rir já sabe neh :v

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    " arm, find: G SPOT"

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    Bad trip

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    what the fyck