Danny Duncan visits Europe!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  1. Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

    5 dagar sedan

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    • Peyton Woodard

      Peyton Woodard

      10 timmar sedan

      who’s coming to charlotte?????

    • Jasper Spoon

      Jasper Spoon

      11 timmar sedan


    • Coldhearted_kj


      18 timmar sedan

      you never come to atlanta

    • AGRO MFS

      AGRO MFS

      18 timmar sedan

      Love the vids dude ur the best always watch ur vids they get me so excited

    • Mark Merrill

      Mark Merrill

      Dag sedan

      Could I get 3 VIP tickets for Pontiac. My brother will get an old man haircut

  2. TYMEZ


    2 timmar sedan

    Mexico the best

  3. Andreas Hvilhøj

    Andreas Hvilhøj

    2 timmar sedan

    3:45!!! DJ Scheme!!

  4. Karton


    2 timmar sedan

    That is a beautiful bike!

  5. Kyle Copestick

    Kyle Copestick

    3 timmar sedan

    The intro 😄

  6. Xavier Ortega

    Xavier Ortega

    5 timmar sedan

    You should play ready to die by B.I.G In you next video

  7. xo


    5 timmar sedan

    ron swanson lite

  8. Isaiah X9X

    Isaiah X9X

    5 timmar sedan

    3:46 damn I ain't know Danny knew DJ scheme

  9. oscar hyslop

    oscar hyslop

    5 timmar sedan

    when u going to nz ?

  10. MachoTheGoon


    6 timmar sedan

    You got vaccine? Only way to fly to Europe

  11. RainyZues


    6 timmar sedan

    The ppl are so nice there😂😂

  12. gvc gbbjj

    gvc gbbjj

    7 timmar sedan

    you gotta come to the boot

  13. EIon Musk ꪜ

    EIon Musk ꪜ

    7 timmar sedan

    When I went to Europe girls worshiped me like I was a celeb 😂 🇺🇸

  14. Creston Schlicker

    Creston Schlicker

    8 timmar sedan

    I wish Danny Duncan was the second borat

  15. Spectre TV

    Spectre TV

    8 timmar sedan

    I thought the Connor he was with was Connor mc Gregor

  16. qualified dank

    qualified dank

    9 timmar sedan

    Where's aaron

  17. Christian Jarmon

    Christian Jarmon

    9 timmar sedan

    Bro I actually watched Connor before I watched Danny

  18. Jag


    10 timmar sedan

    I got a sweater 😀

  19. Kaiden Anderson

    Kaiden Anderson

    10 timmar sedan

    Put a Honda Fit body kit on you’re rzr

  20. luna thelegand

    luna thelegand

    11 timmar sedan

    He doesn't come see me 3 times a week Ronnie's sees me onces a month

  21. luna thelegand

    luna thelegand

    11 timmar sedan

    Danny ME, KAYLA

  22. Jayden Johnson

    Jayden Johnson

    11 timmar sedan

    YOOOO come to DC

  23. Alejandro Plancarte

    Alejandro Plancarte

    12 timmar sedan

    Why you ain't coming to Utah danny? I got excited for nothing pinche gringo

  24. ZEN


    12 timmar sedan

    Why does danny look like the young Simon Cowell??

  25. Gold HeartMJ

    Gold HeartMJ

    12 timmar sedan

    He’s going to Minneapolis but not Vegas? Why?

  26. Slim Escobar

    Slim Escobar

    13 timmar sedan

    When will Mystery Boxes be restocked??? 👀😈😈😈

  27. Andrew Robles

    Andrew Robles

    13 timmar sedan

    Nice choice of song 😂👌

  28. Robbie Marks

    Robbie Marks

    13 timmar sedan

    Ireland next

  29. Doctor Arden

    Doctor Arden

    13 timmar sedan

    lol im sure Danny really killed that whole "Americans are loud and annoying" stereotype

  30. Mariah Ofarrill

    Mariah Ofarrill

    14 timmar sedan

    is wisconsin not good enough for you??😩😭😭😭

  31. Yvng Pipe

    Yvng Pipe

    15 timmar sedan

    Bro when DJ scheme had the bearded dragon on him , he was like “ nah my g “

  32. PRO_POLO


    16 timmar sedan


  33. driving_mail2 Cole

    driving_mail2 Cole

    16 timmar sedan

    i fawking love u a jac off to u everynight jk jk enless

  34. Adsense TV

    Adsense TV

    16 timmar sedan


  35. Tj Dunlap

    Tj Dunlap

    17 timmar sedan

    fly to cameron

  36. Dynamic One

    Dynamic One

    17 timmar sedan

    Danny looks like the freaking dude from the In the Summertime song he had playing at the 2 minute mark 🤣🤣🤣.... BTW I'm a brand new sub and just discovered you about 15 minutes ago

  37. NMason120


    17 timmar sedan

    jergels in Pittsburgh is the place to be

  38. Anthony Flynn

    Anthony Flynn

    18 timmar sedan

    WE NEED ON IN CT!!!!!

    • Anthony Flynn

      Anthony Flynn

      18 timmar sedan


  39. Julian


    19 timmar sedan

    Half way through the video I felt like I was watching Gordon Ramsey

  40. Block Boy

    Block Boy

    19 timmar sedan

    Pink slips😂😭

  41. Carlos Silva

    Carlos Silva

    20 timmar sedan

    Who the ... cares!

  42. Phillip Hall

    Phillip Hall

    20 timmar sedan

    Danny I heard your coming to Ohio in October. What do I have to do for you to come to botkins Ohio about 2 hours away to hang out or just for me to meet you. Your my literal idol and it would make my whole year

  43. SuperHonkHonkHonk


    20 timmar sedan

    The day Danny come to Paris I'm in vacation :( Enjoy dude !

  44. Jelzyn R6

    Jelzyn R6

    21 timme sedan

    Come in New-Caledonia ma dude we got ya

  45. Mystic


    22 timmar sedan

    We did it boys. We finally know what the Las Santos airport looks like on the inside

  46. Soap_


    22 timmar sedan

    should of gone to uk

  47. Thalin Verdin

    Thalin Verdin

    22 timmar sedan

    come to louisiana we can go fishing

  48. Brody Tate

    Brody Tate

    22 timmar sedan

    July 3 is my birthday I did not even get nothing for my birthday or not no party

  49. Fighterr uzi

    Fighterr uzi

    22 timmar sedan

    "wasn't a bad life. just a bad day. you can do this"

  50. Austin Ellis

    Austin Ellis

    23 timmar sedan

    Will someone pls tell me what kind of motorcycle that is.

  51. cheese man

    cheese man

    23 timmar sedan

    So it was Danny, always has been..

  52. Dan W.

    Dan W.

    23 timmar sedan


  53. LukeDrinks


    23 timmar sedan

    No surprise that Danny can't get away with a tenth of the stuff he normally does in videos when he's in Europe

  54. carlos alvarez

    carlos alvarez

    23 timmar sedan

    Who was in Paris again?

  55. Panda tv

    Panda tv

    23 timmar sedan

    Can you go to Sweden

  56. The Asian Beast

    The Asian Beast

    Dag sedan


  57. Rj Smith

    Rj Smith

    Dag sedan


  58. GameboiJR


    Dag sedan

    Come to Aarhus - Denmark

  59. Ian Myers

    Ian Myers

    Dag sedan

    danny looks more like paris then paris does

  60. Wicked Gomez

    Wicked Gomez

    Dag sedan

    Lets gooooo Spokane babyyyyy

  61. JakobeMyers


    Dag sedan

    Need a Stevewilldoit collab

  62. Skyler Valenzuela

    Skyler Valenzuela

    Dag sedan

    3:46 dj scheme cameo

  63. usxr


    Dag sedan

    Danny I’m Paris

  64. Dylan Leach

    Dylan Leach

    Dag sedan

    Mungo jerry summertime if y’all wanna know the 60’s song 😎😎

  65. anish bemalkhedkar

    anish bemalkhedkar

    Dag sedan

    8:17 paul wesley

  66. Michael Owens

    Michael Owens

    Dag sedan

    Come to Cincinnati

  67. Max Bailey

    Max Bailey

    Dag sedan

    yo danny if you and your team need a place to crash between Lubbock and Ft. Worth I got you in Abilene

  68. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez

    Dag sedan

    10:46 Danny Duncan is Señor Vespa

  69. moshe


    Dag sedan

    who tf goes to lubbock texas but no houston or austin 😹😹

  70. Zax FN

    Zax FN

    Dag sedan

    I wonder if on camera Danny is off camera Danny 🤔

  71. stokeleyxoxo


    Dag sedan

    Who was in Paris..?

  72. felicitas lujan

    felicitas lujan

    Dag sedan

    Whyyyy don’t u come to Houston!?!?

  73. GB_Campus


    Dag sedan


  74. Bill Carpu

    Bill Carpu

    Dag sedan

    go visit Cameron:(

  75. DEKU


    Dag sedan

    8:10 can someone tell me what he said

  76. Dan Ville

    Dan Ville

    Dag sedan

    Danny Duncan is the Johnny Knoxville of SE-one.

    • Sub to me cos why not 🤷‍♂️

      Sub to me cos why not 🤷‍♂️

      Dag sedan

      Tgf bro

  77. victor dominguez

    victor dominguez

    Dag sedan

    Daniel I need more then 1 video a month G I love and I love you're videos I get you're rich and famous now but come on the community misses you.

  78. Josh Richmond

    Josh Richmond

    Dag sedan


  79. Wade Green

    Wade Green

    Dag sedan

    Just a quick question. Once you finish in Colorado springs and go to Kansas city then to Sioux falls would you like to make a detour to Creighton hour south of Kansas city. #dannyDuncanplease

  80. Hovics


    Dag sedan

    Oct 17 can’t wait brooo

  81. Ollie Austen-Brown

    Ollie Austen-Brown

    Dag sedan

    homie is going to poughkeppsie buffalo and albany but not the city

  82. I LIKE BEANS!!


    Dag sedan

    Jesus loves u all so much

  83. jose Carlos

    jose Carlos

    Dag sedan

    I’m from Sacramento

  84. Bobby Propper

    Bobby Propper

    Dag sedan

    Bro the pregnant lady is a real one

    • Kae Productions

      Kae Productions

      10 timmar sedan


  85. Brayan Guevara

    Brayan Guevara

    Dag sedan

    Danny what song was that at the end of the video

  86. Jack


    Dag sedan

    Hebrews 11 1. Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 2. This is what the ancients were commended for.

  87. Jack


    Dag sedan

    Don’t use God and the F bomb in the same sentence

  88. Meadow Rigney

    Meadow Rigney

    Dag sedan

    My friend said you and her are cousins her name is cailey she is 11 and she's telling everyone you and her are cousins is it true because no one believes her

  89. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded

    Dag sedan

    He's a quick boy he's a young boy

  90. ItzDayz


    Dag sedan

    10:08 is that the European hopsin?!

  91. Ivan Ramirez

    Ivan Ramirez

    Dag sedan

    no fireworks this year

  92. O3 Mxttz

    O3 Mxttz

    Dag sedan


  93. KFC_zebi


    Dag sedan

    When are you coming to Belgium?

  94. SiwyStudio2013


    Dag sedan

    w gliwicach byles?????????????

  95. Devon Johnsen

    Devon Johnsen

    Dag sedan

    You’ll go to Idaho but not Indiana? 🤦🏻

  96. ayden crawford

    ayden crawford

    Dag sedan

    big fan but feel like half of his videos are edits

  97. pipo 030

    pipo 030

    Dag sedan

    Putting netherlands on the map🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  98. Ricma


    Dag sedan

    big up Europe