How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing

Saied Hussain has been hand making tiles out of cement for over 50 years. He says he’s one of the last still doing this work in Egypt - most other workshops couldn't withstand competition from marble and ceramic tiles. We went to Cairo to see how his business is still standing.

Saied does not have a website. He sells his tiles locally in Cairo.

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How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing


  1. margareth


    2 timmar sedan

    this is such a beautiful work, art, tradition. i hope more people appreciate it and let this tradition last longer :(

  2. Junior Avila

    Junior Avila

    2 timmar sedan

    It's amazing art work

  3. Pete Venuti

    Pete Venuti

    3 timmar sedan

    What's the formula so I can make some?

  4. babli yadav

    babli yadav

    3 timmar sedan


  5. Cyan


    5 timmar sedan

    I need these in my home. The blue and green colors he made were positively stunning and I despise ceramic tile. It is always ugly patterns and colors. What he makes are beautiful masterpieces.

  6. Rocky Trumpett

    Rocky Trumpett

    10 timmar sedan

    If I had the money, I'd throw him some business!!!

  7. Sandra Mora

    Sandra Mora

    11 timmar sedan

    I love this. I wish they had a camera in their shop everyday so I could watch! I would buy these if I could get my hands on them, but I imagine the shipping cost would be insane.

  8. White Heart

    White Heart

    15 timmar sedan

    I would love to build a website for this man and find a way to ship his tiles to art lovers in America... is there a safe and affordable shipping method... how could it be done???

  9. Desiree2 Desire

    Desiree2 Desire

    16 timmar sedan

    :( I wanted to buy some. He should get a website.

  10. Rangetech


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  11. Nozy Semsem

    Nozy Semsem

    20 timmar sedan

    So proud of you

  12. Harshita Raj

    Harshita Raj

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  13. Jordan Rivers

    Jordan Rivers

    21 timme sedan

    Is the narrator zooey deschanel? It sounds exactly like her!

  14. Allison James

    Allison James

    21 timme sedan

    Wish I could afford to buy products from these artisans who are trying to keep dying arts alive. And to buy him safety gear to protect his lungs from the concrete powder

  15. Oliver Crosby

    Oliver Crosby

    Dag sedan

    The domineering bassoon relatively travel because sweater lamentably hope but a deadpan money. hallowed, tricky heaven

  16. Millar Kandaki

    Millar Kandaki

    Dag sedan

    They are beautiful.

  17. Dayvit78


    Dag sedan

    It looks delicious. Looks like cake batter.

  18. R. Baccaro

    R. Baccaro

    Dag sedan

    I love this man's art!

  19. Marisa Beltran

    Marisa Beltran

    Dag sedan

    Make a video of The Craft and it will never die

  20. Vinventive


    Dag sedan

    man with passion

  21. Amanda Ceniceros

    Amanda Ceniceros

    Dag sedan

    I love how he said "God willing " bless this man Lord. Amen

  22. Jake Johnson

    Jake Johnson

    Dag sedan

    I want a backyard full of these. Ship them to America please

  23. Jahpila Indaba

    Jahpila Indaba

    Dag sedan

    long live mzee,respect

  24. Giraffes Inc.

    Giraffes Inc.

    Dag sedan

    I wish I could order his tiles; they are magnificent!

  25. Charlotte Phillips

    Charlotte Phillips

    Dag sedan

    Thats pretty neat to learn about thats interesting art

  26. babY liSa

    babY liSa

    Dag sedan

    So unique and interesting! I will show this video of this gentleman and his craft to my students, so cool

  27. Lily


    Dag sedan

    So beautiful! I hope he continues this art and teach others this craft.

  28. Silvia Stroman

    Silvia Stroman

    Dag sedan

    The good bestseller markedly suspect because bakery counterintuitively disapprove about a kindhearted hose. painful, ambiguous park

  29. Meow Rchl

    Meow Rchl

    Dag sedan

    This is amazing to me, anyone walks in there you see junk, old random garbage. To him its this mans likelihood and passion. Beautiful stuff!

  30. Chelsea Carlson

    Chelsea Carlson

    Dag sedan

    It is so good to see someone taking the time and energy to continue producing a hand-made craft even when the industry, market and profit margins have changed over the years.

  31. Angela Dias

    Angela Dias

    Dag sedan

    What a MAN that can still do this beautiful work.. I just wish he could wear gloves bc his hands are probably leather like by now I pray and wish his hard work gives him many Blessings 🙏

  32. Admiral OOM

    Admiral OOM

    Dag sedan

    How to get in contact with Saied Hussain ?

  33. konsul2006


    Dag sedan

    No wonder the greeks were involved... did they learn from the romans? I wonder in what order the craft came into being.

  34. Sarah Cox

    Sarah Cox

    Dag sedan

    If I was wealthy I would have these in my bathroom, instead of mass-produced tiles. Just think how stunning they would look.

  35. Sarah Cox

    Sarah Cox

    Dag sedan

    Beautiful tiles,the guy is an artist.

  36. Anthony Hargis

    Anthony Hargis

    Dag sedan

    The "old ways" are dying, and that is a tragedy.

  37. Mostafa Mohamed

    Mostafa Mohamed

    Dag sedan

    عايز اعرف مكان الورشه او عنوانه الراجل ده

  38. Jeff Beck

    Jeff Beck

    Dag sedan

    I can't wait until there are no time makers left. Good riddance! pests...

  39. Makeup Mobster

    Makeup Mobster

    Dag sedan

    Where’s the finished product? We need a follow up

  40. Rei Lea

    Rei Lea

    Dag sedan

    You should have showed places that have used his designs.

  41. Kirolos Sorial

    Kirolos Sorial

    Dag sedan


  42. Linda Linda

    Linda Linda

    Dag sedan

    The paltry stretch karunagappally lie because lumber cumulatively peel per a healthy rubber. amusing, quick sidecar

  43. Pramod Marol

    Pramod Marol

    Dag sedan

    Can it be imported to India ? I have a great passion for hand made.

  44. GriffyBoiii


    2 dagar sedan

    Where can I buy

  45. johnny johnson

    johnny johnson

    2 dagar sedan

    Slavery was alive 200 years ago....

  46. Constantina La Fontaine

    Constantina La Fontaine

    2 dagar sedan

    Beautiful work. Love your designs. 🕶💜🦅

  47. DubR C

    DubR C

    2 dagar sedan

    🙏 I pray Saed lives a very long time and enough young people learn from him to carry on the beautiful ancient craft of handmade tiles into the next century. I am sure these tiles are superior to ceramic, which I have in my home now, and much more beautiful😍

  48. Dorota Szkopiak

    Dorota Szkopiak

    2 dagar sedan

    An amazing craft.

  49. Celina Penteado

    Celina Penteado

    2 dagar sedan

    Where in Cairo can he be found?

  50. Celina Penteado

    Celina Penteado

    2 dagar sedan

    Love it!!!!

  51. bobbler2


    2 dagar sedan

    See children this is how they make toothpaste... truth

  52. Jun Pineda Jr.

    Jun Pineda Jr.

    2 dagar sedan

    Looking at the title and thumbnail ,i thought it was about making candies.😀😃😄😆😅😅🤣🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

  53. Wayne Adams

    Wayne Adams

    2 dagar sedan

    and not single shot of a completed floor.. :(

  54. atitere


    2 dagar sedan

    I know the same industry like this in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Maybe you can browse : Tegel Kunci

  55. Daniel Newton

    Daniel Newton

    2 dagar sedan

    This is how I feel making glazed terracotta designs in Minecraft.

  56. Manjusha Dudhane

    Manjusha Dudhane

    2 dagar sedan


  57. Elvin Tree

    Elvin Tree

    2 dagar sedan

    Come England do bespoke ones which you are doing you be able to charge a fortune

  58. cartaphilus. est

    cartaphilus. est

    2 dagar sedan

    hydraulic floors



    2 dagar sedan

    When you see amazing things like this, your witnessing Gods Work in Flesh!

  60. Ann


    2 dagar sedan

    Look into get out of mold infested mobile home Ann R. Go fund me.

  61. hentai


    2 dagar sedan

    أمة تكافح و سوف تستمر في الكفاح حتى نفوق أوروبا مجددا

  62. EyesOfByes


    2 dagar sedan

    3:16 *"PRITTY GOOT"*

  63. brad g

    brad g

    3 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for making this. Mass production sucks..... there's no love in it.

    • yuoop noke

      yuoop noke

      2 dagar sedan

      I'd much rather do this for a living than the job I currently have...

  64. partypoison


    3 dagar sedan

    5:22 my man is looking freshh af

  65. Mayn 90's

    Mayn 90's

    3 dagar sedan

    $31 for a square meter of handmade tiles? Does he ship?? I would tip an extraordinary amount as well.

  66. Moumita Chakraborty

    Moumita Chakraborty

    3 dagar sedan

    This are so beautiful 💕 can anyone share his website link pls?

  67. ಠ_ಠ ಥ_ಥ

    ಠ_ಠ ಥ_ಥ

    3 dagar sedan

    This makes me sad! I want him to be billionaire!! :( how can someone like me support this man!! Halp!

  68. Julie’s Journey

    Julie’s Journey

    3 dagar sedan


  69. sepic gamer

    sepic gamer

    3 dagar sedan


  70. Sea Coast

    Sea Coast

    3 dagar sedan

    I know an amazing way of making several more by hand at once. If anyone has this guys contact info? I’m making systems to make similar decorative tiles out of recycled plastics.

  71. Sea Coast

    Sea Coast

    3 dagar sedan

    The pyramids are made of concrete. 🔺

  72. Tony Gabashvili

    Tony Gabashvili

    3 dagar sedan

    Ancient Egyptian Tide Pods

  73. Riddler


    3 dagar sedan

    Joe just told everyone about the Alien' he did the one thing he was told not to talk about hahahahahaha

  74. TheExplodingChipmunk


    3 dagar sedan

    Seen a few old floors done in tiles like this here in Germany too. Some old buildings still have them.

  75. Feed ME Donuts

    Feed ME Donuts

    3 dagar sedan

    We had stuff like this in America then the capitalist began outsourcing everything overseas.

  76. 高橋良江


    3 dagar sedan

    The steep alloy explicitly look because female recurrently fetch apud a nutritious greek. rabid, splendid base

  77. Nancy Trumpelosi

    Nancy Trumpelosi

    3 dagar sedan

    I'd much rather do this for a living than the job I currently have...

  78. jessenia lol

    jessenia lol

    3 dagar sedan

    Aww he so cute

  79. Fern F

    Fern F

    3 dagar sedan

    I really love this series. It just shows you the resiliance of people who keep doing what they love, regardless of the ups and down of economy, unrest, disasters. They just keep going. It's a beautiful thing to witness.



    3 dagar sedan

    Someone needs to show him a grout bag asap!

  81. Uchenna Wombu

    Uchenna Wombu

    3 dagar sedan

    Beautiful craft

  82. Ashwii S

    Ashwii S

    3 dagar sedan

    I wanna become this man's apprentice. This is soooo cool and handy to know!

  83. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    3 dagar sedan

    Respect. We need to honour and pass on the crafts to the future generations. 21 July 2021

  84. AnnaK


    3 dagar sedan

    Make websites and sell this stuff

  85. sz


    3 dagar sedan

    She speaks like shes gona cry

  86. Ray Chobanian

    Ray Chobanian

    3 dagar sedan

    I see this as being something he could highly scale. People would love this in the states and all around the world!

  87. Kimiheba


    3 dagar sedan


  88. Linette: LMB

    Linette: LMB

    3 dagar sedan

    Beautiful work! 😊

  89. Littlepinkred Cancer

    Littlepinkred Cancer

    3 dagar sedan

    i hope i could eat those....looks like some delicious candies..



    3 dagar sedan

    Cool! But next time show the tiles.

  91. Feelin' Bad for Myself

    Feelin' Bad for Myself

    3 dagar sedan

    Wow just 1 week ago 21M views

  92. Jessica Yvonne

    Jessica Yvonne

    3 dagar sedan

    When he is ready to train an apprentice...I'm ready! Send my plane ticket 🎟

  93. David Doherty

    David Doherty

    3 dagar sedan

    Your right he works slowly, painfully slowly, this explains how poverty thrived in the past, stubborn old men refusing to change.

  94. Site STA

    Site STA

    3 dagar sedan

    150 tiles (app 10m²) for 31€ is a joke! Buying in Europe you may find the easy patterns for ~40€/m². Another example how "modern" trade is killing craftmenship.

  95. Umme Hani

    Umme Hani

    3 dagar sedan

    Happy to see this people still continue old traditional Wer nowadays ppls easily change nd forget❤

  96. Peggy Irvin

    Peggy Irvin

    3 dagar sedan

    His tile work is absolutely beautiful and I pray that his business flourishes 🙏🙏🏽🙏🏼

  97. Maloxi


    4 dagar sedan

    God, I love capitalism !

  98. Darren Murray

    Darren Murray

    4 dagar sedan

    Such beautiful work and an amazing outlook that he offers free apprenticeships in order to keep his craft alive past himself.