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RTX 3060 Overclocking is surprisingly good!

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  1. 18_FPS-Guy


    2 dagar sedan

    That card looks small in your hands Jay...

  2. yuki mizuno

    yuki mizuno

    4 dagar sedan

    i finaly got my one thos cards so gladdd cant wait to get it at home should come tomorow :D 1 x EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC GAMING € 679,00)

  3. SM A

    SM A

    4 dagar sedan

    nvidia power mod consume many wattage in idle. using X1 precision boost lock, one click fix max clock. Extreme comfortable and stable (X1 boost lock set P0 state). im using with msi afterburner. So, set power save mod NV control Panel, overclock using msi afterburner, use X1 you can just one click on off max clock or lowest clock (300~330mhz). This is extreme perfect. People need know.

  4. SM A

    SM A

    4 dagar sedan

    can voltage control set you want voltage increase max clock linear curve by msi afterburner. need manual change, max 1.093. ex, after 1.093V set all same clock. just 3~40mv. what a little Corn seed. this is suk. i recommand all shunt or stack R005 resistor include pci-e R005 (not try if you have pci-e fuse by card PCB. but may be fine). but i saw ampare can reach 1.1V. they increase add 0.007V one Planck length volt. what are you doing nvidia?

  5. SupremeMOR Tech

    SupremeMOR Tech

    4 dagar sedan

    You should really keep that card, my 3060 does only 2077on the core and 8250 MHz on the memory! I watched bit wit's video and he got the same results. It looks like you won the silicon lottery!

  6. BorealSine


    5 dagar sedan

    They all have samsung memory chips so +1000 is minimum on them

  7. Steven Larson

    Steven Larson

    5 dagar sedan

    You can't even download that older version of MSI afterburner any more where you can move those sliders around. It's really frustrating watching your videos knowing I can't get the same software.

  8. Manfred Kok

    Manfred Kok

    6 dagar sedan

    had to remove my 1050 ti because a hardware conflict pc beebs 5 time by removal of the 1050 ti problem was solved......... dammm gpu broken ?

  9. Nick


    7 dagar sedan

    3060 on average now are 1000-1200. I got a high end MSI x trio 3060 for 900. I bit the bullet and got it because I wanted the 30 series performance and it is a great card for every game i've played, some even take up 10-11g of the vram but I know everyone hates me for buying at that price. Just wanted to finish the build!

  10. Mathew Hex

    Mathew Hex

    8 dagar sedan

    I’ve got a 3060 and 1070 in the same computer , if we remove dlss from the equation which we will because it looks like poo it’s a yikes from me

  11. King Toad

    King Toad

    8 dagar sedan

    I got the metal backplate one, it must be better

  12. Karakoutis


    10 dagar sedan

    what the card's normal cost is: 300-350 bucks European retailers: 1200 euros is the best I can do

  13. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim Gaming

    Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim Gaming

    10 dagar sedan

    I didn't get a 3060 because I wanted a 3060, I got a 3060 because it was the first to get back to me on the EVGA wait list. I would have gotten a 3080 FE if prices and stock were normal but the 3060 should at lest hold me for a generation or two.

  14. Jonathan Kilby

    Jonathan Kilby

    11 dagar sedan

    VHS stop making me feel old

  15. lil CAPalot

    lil CAPalot

    13 dagar sedan

    Im just trying to figure out how to overclock my 3060

  16. Husueue Hejeueuej

    Husueue Hejeueuej

    13 dagar sedan

    him saying imagine a 3060 for 500$+ me: who just bought it for 1030$ in my country

    • Kamil K

      Kamil K

      13 dagar sedan

      same here in Poland.

  17. Neil Anderson

    Neil Anderson

    14 dagar sedan

    shut up about cards that do not exist boring

  18. Rickks


    16 dagar sedan

    Watching these people have these graphics card is making me sad have my built pc but can’t find any graphic cards in stock 🤦‍♂️

  19. Matthew P

    Matthew P

    18 dagar sedan

    It has 12g ram and 3060ti only has 8gb?? Can someone explain which is worth it

  20. Toaster Bath Challenge

    Toaster Bath Challenge

    18 dagar sedan

    Dude, the setting for texture quality is for DirectX9. That's why you don't see a difference.

  21. davemz999


    18 dagar sedan

    I feel like we're talking about astronomy. It's so cool to look at them and to know some interesting facts about the cards that exist, but we'll never actually see one. Not in our lifetime anyway.

  22. Jonathan Dionne

    Jonathan Dionne

    18 dagar sedan

    I can get this for $421, worth?

  23. JCEOO1


    18 dagar sedan

    "Imagine paying $500 on a 3060" Our country: pushes it to $800 Hi philippines 🇵🇭💖☺💕

  24. Z Cubed Music

    Z Cubed Music

    18 dagar sedan

    I'll come back and watch this in a year and a half when you can actually get one of these for

  25. Smokt Out

    Smokt Out

    21 dag sedan

    i got a whole pc build for $3500

    • Smokt Out

      Smokt Out

      21 dag sedan

      with a 3060 in there

  26. Kvision25th


    22 dagar sedan

    VHS TAPE is a GPU u use to put inside the VHS to watch videos right?

  27. BurgerLord


    22 dagar sedan

    I just payed 1100 for a 3060 oc. I will look at it with angry eyes forever

  28. Mike Murphy

    Mike Murphy

    23 dagar sedan

    does overclocking your gpu and max out fans shorten the life of the card?

  29. Thế Đăng Dương

    Thế Đăng Dương

    23 dagar sedan

    Mine kept crashing at +1000 memory clock. So I have to down to +900 memory clock.

  30. Dacialastun


    24 dagar sedan

    You shouldn't encourage people to buy overpriced crap with these videos.

  31. Anonymous Jabo

    Anonymous Jabo

    25 dagar sedan

    I just got the asus oc black 3060 for 500$. Upgrading from a 1060 3g. so.. im pumped asf

  32. MoT0R He4D

    MoT0R He4D

    25 dagar sedan

    Had to just bite the bullet and buy a pre-built to get my rtx 3000 series card. Be here this week. Wo0T

  33. MoT0R He4D

    MoT0R He4D

    25 dagar sedan

    Don't you just long for the days, when GPUs were the size of an 8 track? We know you had one in your first car Jay. My 68' Skylark didn't, just AM/FM for me lol 😂

  34. Paul


    25 dagar sedan

    when you see rx 550's on ebay for 250 bucks you know there's a big problem with zero availability

  35. Anne


    26 dagar sedan

    Got the 3060 vision, the blowtrough is right in front of noctua nh-d15 cpu cooler 😅

  36. Omar Ostorga

    Omar Ostorga

    26 dagar sedan

    I just got a 3060 outside the us for $575. It's not that we have a chance to choose between ti or non ti. Going to use it for gaming at 1080p anyway. More than enough.

  37. invisible


    26 dagar sedan

    Rtx 3060 in slovenija is 800€+ just f... up

  38. Millz Lane

    Millz Lane

    27 dagar sedan

    Oh cut it out Jay we all could probably get at least 2000mhz. I jus bought one. Waiting for it

  39. Naturally Bad Gamer

    Naturally Bad Gamer

    28 dagar sedan

    I can afford one of those 3080s at double price from a scalper. But not desperate enough to buy at any more than rrp.

  40. Eli O

    Eli O

    28 dagar sedan

    Him... Can you imagine a 3060 for 500 dollars?? Everyone today.. No I can imagine a 3060 for 1000 dollars though. SMH scalpers suck

  41. Chema


    29 dagar sedan

    Yes... Bots buy everything as soon as it comes out.. That's everything but a problem for Nvidia... They keep making money... So? Gamers can go screw themselves. We are the peasants now.

  42. Jason McComb

    Jason McComb

    29 dagar sedan

    sorry had to do it but what is a VHS tape lmfao I couldn't help myself!!!!!!!!!!

  43. valerio sassi

    valerio sassi

    Månad sedan

    could i use these same settings to OC my evga 3060?

  44. nunya


    Månad sedan

    Imagine spending more than $200 on a video card.... Suckers

  45. Jan Schapdick

    Jan Schapdick

    Månad sedan

    so its possible to overclock something i cant buy?

  46. cody travis

    cody travis

    Månad sedan

    seriously stop accepting and reviewing cards, whens the last time you had to fight for one?

  47. TheJohnDenim


    Månad sedan

    Stop promoting shit we can't BUY.

  48. c v

    c v

    Månad sedan

    not one fps test ???

  49. Booped Nose

    Booped Nose

    Månad sedan

    I still remember when my dad came home excited and breathing heavy because he just bought a BETA video machine. Lol. It will REVOLUTIONIZE the business he said! lmao

  50. mark santiago

    mark santiago

    Månad sedan

    Just got my hand on one of these in a pre-built, my first pc. Any tips when attempting overclocking.

    • Luis


      29 dagar sedan

      Nice dog

  51. Magma Amine

    Magma Amine

    Månad sedan

    2x overclocking suprinsigly out of stock please stop talking about materials that we can't buy we will heat you soon 😡

  52. Nitsen


    Månad sedan

    When I was a kid I used to watch Thomas in VHS Philips player while eating oatmeal, what a beautiful memory...

  53. Bman


    Månad sedan

    Human Eye can only see "Out of Stock"

  54. Hicham Gouchida

    Hicham Gouchida

    Månad sedan

    hello give me the old GTX1080TI Please ☻

  55. Corp Por

    Corp Por

    Månad sedan

    What is this rtx 3060 I've seen videos of?

  56. Remus Temperance-Vidal

    Remus Temperance-Vidal

    Månad sedan

    Imagine actually buying one of these cards! We all have dreams.

    • Millz Lane

      Millz Lane

      27 dagar sedan

      Buy a Prebuilt

  57. prophetDK


    Månad sedan

    jay - Reviews and test a Graphics card. Me in denmark with no store having any rtx or amd cards in stock 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  58. Apexer 657

    Apexer 657

    Månad sedan

    Its literally sold for 800$usd+ at my place nowadays. Fk me.

  59. LilMoe WitDaGimp

    LilMoe WitDaGimp

    Månad sedan

    What does he mean when he says the 3060 ti has a completely different core than the 3060?

  60. max841982


    Månad sedan

    Yeah, Jay! Explain to these kids what the VHS tape is :) I miss those times :/

  61. Jesper Madsen

    Jesper Madsen

    Månad sedan

    Great... another video about a graphiccard available to nobody. Is this the Disney channel ?

  62. youwuyou


    Månad sedan

    Pretty good... (2000 point behind a FE) I mma return my tuf 3060 12 go to Newegg.

  63. André Zunido

    André Zunido

    Månad sedan

    Still waiting to buy a 3080 with more vram whenever they become available. I'll milk my gtx 970 for as long as that takes... Could be awhile.

  64. 2 plus 2 Equals 4

    2 plus 2 Equals 4

    Månad sedan

    I got 200 on mine as well

    • 2 plus 2 Equals 4

      2 plus 2 Equals 4

      Månad sedan

      Zotac version

  65. Dirac Drynx

    Dirac Drynx

    Månad sedan

    Jay says 11% overclock on his 3060 and scales similarly so... about the same as a stock 2070 Super?

  66. ThatDaddyDoug


    Månad sedan

    Hey J, been watching you for a couple years and thought I contribute on this vid. Was lucky (questionable I know considering the price I paid, but times being what they are...) to purchase a ROG Strix RTX 3060 OC from NE through their Shuffle (for my son; told him I would get him the 3060ti, but yeah...stock issues). Just overclocked the Strix card and got +1200MHz on the memory clock & +210 on the core clock. Used Heaven as the benchmark and got an increase of 8-9 FPS, so about the same as you. Haven't messed with over voltage yet & not sure I will, as I probably won't be able to replace it if I damage it. Thanks for all the vids. Appreciate the work.

  67. Octavio Lozano

    Octavio Lozano

    Månad sedan

    Bro I’m don’t about this 30 series launch, try to buy from everywhere was at the last restock from bb and no luck, right now try to buy at ZOTAC at the time to place the order it was out of stock, so I’m crying like a child since this launch 😢 no luck

  68. Frozby


    Månad sedan

    Meanwhile in here this card sells for about 700€ while 3070 sells for 1k€ if youre so desperate for a card the 3070/3080 are actually closer to their real value than 3060/3060ti IF you can buy them from anywhere that is

  69. Machine Head

    Machine Head

    Månad sedan

    I am unsubscribing because you are insensitive to the mentally handicap your direct shots at the mentally handicap

  70. anuj verma

    anuj verma

    Månad sedan

    it would be very helpful if you mention the best overclock settings of the GPU in the description or or video or on this comment.

  71. Weird Molasses

    Weird Molasses

    Månad sedan

    Imagine paying $1300 for a 3060. I’d sooner use the money to fund my own funeral and bury myself alive

  72. Lance Harrisson

    Lance Harrisson

    Månad sedan

    I'd love to see a comparison of overclocking performance when using a stock cooler vs an aftermarket cooler such as the Raijintek Morpheus or Arctic Accelero.

  73. G G

    G G

    Månad sedan

    As long as mining is a thing, I think gpus are an irrelevant topic for pretty much everyone.

  74. Mikhael Khan

    Mikhael Khan

    Månad sedan

    I dont know how he got his hands on a 3060 that doesn't break the bank

  75. Legendefyr


    Månad sedan

    Do i sell My 1080ti for a 3060?

  76. Seth Henson

    Seth Henson

    Månad sedan

    That sigh after "someone just said what is a VHS tape" was hilarious LOL.

  77. Blitzkrieg


    Månad sedan

    im starting to believe 30 series cards dont even exist

  78. travis scott24

    travis scott24

    Månad sedan

    u know at this point we all don't care and will be happy to get either a ti or oc....

  79. Zancoran L

    Zancoran L

    Månad sedan

    But I have found out you got to be careful with overclocking cuz some games will crash at desktop on it

  80. Zancoran L

    Zancoran L

    Månad sedan

    Jay I've been trying to tell you I got an e Vega 1650 SC and I can hit 2310 on the megahertz on the core clock I got my ram vram on the card set at 499 I got a 2 on the percentage volt and I maxed out for the temperature and the power limit so and then I'll test it through the afterburner like overclocking thing it has and I get a 90%

  81. Juan Custodio

    Juan Custodio

    Månad sedan

    Ive seen the 3060 going for 1200 , seriously

  82. TR1PLE_6


    Månad sedan

    "Can you imagine $500 for a 3060?" I paid £224 for a 1070 back in 2017. Right now they're selling on eBay for £350+ ($484+)!!

  83. Wine House R.

    Wine House R.

    Månad sedan

    These videos are quite annoying. Here’s another product you can’t get…🤡

  84. Rob E.

    Rob E.

    Månad sedan

    Damn this dude is lucky to be able to find a video card lol. I do think it's funny though that Nvdia has their comments sections turned off on pretty much every video. I think Nvidia is irritated at the fact people are making fun of them for always being out of stock. This is what happens when retailers don't limit 1 item per customer. Either way.. I hope the people buying them all out with their bots will have fun with all of the extra video cards just like all of the idiots who bought out all of the toilet paper during the pandemic.

  85. Ernest Mecca

    Ernest Mecca

    Månad sedan

    glad to see you've got a crew back in the studio, and that i assume you're feeling better

  86. Grafzaaiers


    Månad sedan

    Is there anybody in the world who has a GTX 1070 laying around collecting dust and want to help a fellow gamer out? Lost my job due to Rona a half year back and now my 1070 broke a few days ago and i just don't have the money right now to buy another one. It was already hard with all the lockdowns and stuff and now it's even harder when i'm not able to connect with my friends anymore through gaming. I hope somebody sees this and can help a fellow gamer out.

  87. NotActuallyChris


    Månad sedan

    Why do you think we don’t know what vhs is? Every kid 10 and above knows what they are and if they are watching this then they are tech nerds meaning that they definitely know what it is.

  88. B Cannon

    B Cannon

    Månad sedan

    Cheapest 3060 12gb are over 1000$ in Israel and this is from Official importers. Calling out Plontter, Wellcom, KSP, and Ivory. Bring your prices back in line with the rest of the world.

  89. ZømbieMan


    Månad sedan

    got this 3060 from evga queue thanks god! great upgrade from 970 to 3060 cant wait to oc it :)

  90. Kyle Kennedy

    Kyle Kennedy

    Månad sedan

    @2:00 still had to look up the acronym. For some reason it never made sense to me.

  91. Aquilux R.

    Aquilux R.

    Månad sedan

    Quick question Jay, what did I do to get blocked by you on twitter?

  92. Rocky Horn

    Rocky Horn

    Månad sedan

    Do you think the 3060 would be bottlenecked by my old system. Fx6300 stock cooler asrock extreme 4 mobo. What would you recommend. Upgrade to ryzen?

  93. Lucky Rabbit

    Lucky Rabbit

    Månad sedan

    Looks like you survived covid ✊👊🤛

  94. The Mad Asshatter

    The Mad Asshatter

    Månad sedan

    PHIL 2024

  95. PC_GameWorld


    Månad sedan

    imma sell my 5600xt for $1000 just for shits and giggles

  96. Jaimini Norath

    Jaimini Norath

    Månad sedan

    I understand waht you're talking about... yes... much ram and clocks..

  97. Kolya Pupkin

    Kolya Pupkin

    Månad sedan

    like for VHS tape))

  98. Aleric c

    Aleric c

    Månad sedan

    Imagine if regular people could BUY THIS PRODUCT?? I guess we need to go to the CARTELS to get them to supply a product that is harder to get than METH.

  99. Aby


    Månad sedan

    i do not understand..i have two 3090 and the both clock at 2170 with the stock cooler with 1100 on the memory stable at 100% loads for hours in vray.... whats so special about this stamp like gpu if it can barely to 2150 instead of 2500 2700mhz?! as its supposed to because of it being so tiny and cool. is it possible that ecc memory actually allows gpus to run much faster?

  100. gertjan van der meij

    gertjan van der meij

    Månad sedan

    It's an CRAP GPU ! Just 12% faster then an 2060 ! Horrible !