James Charles IS GOING TO JAIL! says my mom - Families # 5

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  1. Caterina Pollio

    Caterina Pollio

    5 minuter sedan

    I am soooooooooo happy Donna is helping the environment :) she is a Saint!

  2. Beautyby EB

    Beautyby EB

    6 minuter sedan

    I gotta say I’m about to become a therapist (just turned 24) that comment about the relationship. It’s completely unprofessional and unethical. He could lose his job. He has to wait at least 5 years of the client not seeing the therapist to even date him. Manipulation is strong enough because you’re sharing so much with the other person. A BIG NO!

  3. Genius Kojumbo

    Genius Kojumbo

    8 minuter sedan

    Swiss army knife, binoculars, radio, rigid discipline, posting his wife as a lookout. Is this description of a baseball game or a military raid.

  4. Christina


    28 minuter sedan

    Donna's hair looking BOMB

  5. Joaquin Isselt

    Joaquin Isselt

    29 minuter sedan


  6. shojimujo shojimujo

    shojimujo shojimujo

    31 minut sedan

    "How do I control my boyfriend without sounding like a controlling girlfriend?" "I'm not against it but I'm a b**** and don't like him doing it." She should do the guy a favor and break up with him. It's probably the best thing for him. Not because he's doing something bad but because of her.

  7. Foddey_


    31 minut sedan

    1:05 Freddie mercury

  8. Kyley •

    Kyley •

    32 minuter sedan

    Your mom annoys the sh*t out of me..

  9. AnimeloverBrisa


    32 minuter sedan

    I love all these fun ass story times we got “we were ready to throw hands at the theaters for starwars” to “Ethan you were always so alert as a child” LMAOAOAOAAO

  10. Lesly Carrizales

    Lesly Carrizales

    33 minuter sedan

    Moms a model

  11. Lesly Carrizales

    Lesly Carrizales

    37 minuter sedan


  12. LegoKitty


    38 minuter sedan

    absolutely love this podcast

  13. Ayeisha


    43 minuter sedan

    I’m actually so interested in saving the butterfly’s now, I’m going to start raising my own 💓 I want my future children to see the monarchs

  14. Ana多elle


    43 minuter sedan

    I fucking love Gary’s sense of humor 🤌🏼

  15. Lazarus Sss

    Lazarus Sss

    46 minuter sedan

    Can y’all do a smoke sesh ??? I would love to see an episode where everyone gets high and does the podcast just absolutely blasted 😂😂😂

  16. Angie Rumble

    Angie Rumble

    47 minuter sedan

    I can't get over how beautiful Donna is ❤

  17. Taylor G

    Taylor G

    49 minuter sedan

    I love how Donna's embarrassing story was just about her getting a little too upset about the over usage of straws and how there are still people unvaccinated against covid, and all of Gary's entails getting booed at for popping a beach ball at a baseball game and almost airborning his car in Mexico from speeding too much.

  18. becca bowen

    becca bowen

    51 minut sedan

    I need to know your birth chart...PLEASE

  19. Lesly Carrizales

    Lesly Carrizales

    59 minuter sedan

    And I hate the wave

  20. Kyserblade 43

    Kyserblade 43

    Timme sedan

    "People in the South are judgemental" proceeds to judge people in the South. And then the classic "They probably use smoke signals and other forms of primitive communication" but Southerners are judgemental. K

  21. Black Harvest

    Black Harvest

    Timme sedan

    People forget those of us with heart conditions shouldn't be vaccinated per doctor recommendations.. same with people with a history of cancer. My fiances boss lost his wife because she was vaccinated and her cancer came back and they couldn't do chemo or treatment because the vaccine so she just had to wait to die. Pretty f*credit up.

  22. Pixxie Kitten

    Pixxie Kitten

    Timme sedan

    I love this podcast so much. It genuinely makes me laugh out loud XD Donna and Gary are great

  23. Ben Moyes

    Ben Moyes

    Timme sedan

    It’s funny.. but Ethan chill on ur dad. Ur dads awesome

  24. Kyserblade 43

    Kyserblade 43

    Timme sedan

    Well I see that Ethan cannot take full credit for pulling Hila. It is clear to me after seeing those old photos that he is a second generation "Goof who managed to pull off way hotter women" Ethan's mom was frickin gorgeous.

  25. tdv wx

    tdv wx

    Timme sedan

    Families is so much more wholesome than Frenemie was (RIP). I love both, but please don't stop Families!

  26. Kathy Zelaya

    Kathy Zelaya

    Timme sedan

    1:08:19 CELO?!

  27. DeeCeeNYC


    Timme sedan

    Ethan dad is my fave! And he’s right, SHAWTY

  28. Witchy Willora

    Witchy Willora

    Timme sedan

    all of the topics y’all covered and edging was too much for ethan 😅

  29. nick schaffer

    nick schaffer

    Timme sedan

    Way better the Friendemies Trisha gave me anxiety, your mom(Donna) and Gary are knowledgeable and more relaxing and great

  30. Harpreet06


    2 timmar sedan

    I hate to say it but I bet that watch is pretty bad.

  31. James. T Russworm

    James. T Russworm

    2 timmar sedan

    Gary is a boss!!!

  32. Sincerely


    2 timmar sedan

    That’s crazy. I loved looking at those photos🥰 thanks for showing us even tho it pissed me off how Ethan kept fast scrolling through them😡🤬 Anyway so funny to think how the way Ethans personality is to current day compared to what he looked like as a teen. Does not match at all😂

  33. Skimdeer


    2 timmar sedan

    Families is so much better than frenemies

  34. BigZeldaFanForEver


    2 timmar sedan

    Omg, your mom is such a nice and wholesome person.

  35. Me!


    2 timmar sedan

    I love Gary's hatred of the wave

  36. Sincerely


    2 timmar sedan

    So what I got from here is the opposite of a Karen is a Gary? Sounds about right.. **Cudos** to Ethans dad to being the original Gary 👏🏻

  37. Morgan Faye

    Morgan Faye

    2 timmar sedan

    Your mum was and still is absolutely beautiful

  38. P


    3 timmar sedan

    Donna talking about the Internet drama is like my favorite segment 😂 why do I want to do this with my mom? 😂

  39. em


    3 timmar sedan

    I love how proud donna was of Ethan's response to the advice about the bf commenting on instagram models pages

  40. EDDO


    3 timmar sedan

    Geez did your mom have you as a teenager? Unreal.

  41. RubenDelight Animates!

    RubenDelight Animates!

    3 timmar sedan

    The therapist using the fact he could go to jail or lose his license but thinks theres a chance so he still talks to her is TEXTBOOK manipulation of her emotions. Its just like the pedos who say "I shouldnt talk to you youre 15 i could go to jail but i just like you so much youre worth it" it's disgusting and she should indeed RUN

  42. Pandorians7Boxes


    3 timmar sedan

    Ethan, I love your parents but the statements your parents made about Southerns were offensive to me and not 100% accurate. Funny as they maybe it's the same as Trisha making Jew jokes. I don't understand how it is okay. I have am a Californian with several Southern relatives.



      54 minuter sedan

      hes very disrespectful to southern americans.

  43. Scarlett Clark

    Scarlett Clark

    3 timmar sedan

    Idk why the weed even matters to the girl. In this day and age why does it matter if he wants to smoke occasionally? Like Donna said, it’s the same as having a beer or a glass of wine.

  44. R Alexandra

    R Alexandra

    3 timmar sedan

    It’s okay Gary, I don’t like the wave either...

  45. RubenDelight Animates!

    RubenDelight Animates!

    3 timmar sedan

    lmao loved that subtle bit Gary snuck in of leave Zach Braff and Florence Pugh out of this. shout out one time Gary thats whassup

  46. Alisha Mills

    Alisha Mills

    3 timmar sedan

    Please never end families 🥺 this is my comfort podcast

  47. Karl Marx jr

    Karl Marx jr

    3 timmar sedan

    I love how Gary clearly delves deep into these comments and takes the feedback. Hey Gary, our short king!

  48. Haley Sterling

    Haley Sterling

    4 timmar sedan

    Gary saying wakey bakey is not good as Im smoking a bowl at 6am 🥲 Also Waterville primary school use to raise a few thousand monarch butterflies every year! And had a little feild of milkweed near by. Hearing Donna talk about the butterflies really brought me back haha

  49. Maslin


    4 timmar sedan

    damn ethan i'm 2 seconds in but i just needa say that that rip n dip mug is not it - ceo is a wife beater

  50. grace


    4 timmar sedan

    54:28 "they come in peace" i can't believe it went over their heads 😭

  51. JessieCash742


    4 timmar sedan

    Donna is glowing love her hair 💕 She’s a beauty!

  52. Anu sha

    Anu sha

    4 timmar sedan

    Make Donna yellow because she’s a sunshine!

  53. Sarah Moore

    Sarah Moore

    4 timmar sedan

    Word of the day should be "brandish", as in "brandishing a gun". You gotta have a 'new, hip' word for Donna Mom to use and an 'old, wise' word for Ethan to use in a sentence! :D

  54. frog


    4 timmar sedan

    1:48:41 donna’s little “wait wait wait”

  55. mehdi


    4 timmar sedan

    I’m going to start milkweed garden in my backyard, I’m watching videos on how to do it! 🪴

  56. Dani Morgan

    Dani Morgan

    4 timmar sedan

    I just love families so much. Ethans mom definitely levels out his energy like Hila, and just watching how great the dynamic is with him and his parents is refreshing honestly. Healthy relationships ftw !!

  57. Eve M

    Eve M

    4 timmar sedan

    Poor butterflies

  58. Daniela Segura

    Daniela Segura

    5 timmar sedan

    Your mom should come to Dubai 😁 We show our vaccination card to enter restaurants and bars.

  59. Ashlynn Weber

    Ashlynn Weber

    5 timmar sedan

    Duh Gary of course we saw her haircut! Beautiful

  60. Belle Cast

    Belle Cast

    5 timmar sedan

    momma monarch

  61. Alecasaurus Rex

    Alecasaurus Rex

    5 timmar sedan

    The Team Skeet shirt is everything

  62. Chloe Rudel-Holland

    Chloe Rudel-Holland

    5 timmar sedan

    These podcasts get me through my week. H3H3 team always coming through with quality content 🙏🏻👌🏻

  63. salt lord

    salt lord

    5 timmar sedan

    WTF Ethan, now 'edging' was too much for you ? after all the other shit you've gotten them tainted with.

  64. Kay Resh

    Kay Resh

    5 timmar sedan

    Gary hell yeah 🦅

  65. MamaTthaOG


    5 timmar sedan

    Damn! It's pronounced SHAWTY. Or Shawdy.

  66. Nia Bagchi

    Nia Bagchi

    5 timmar sedan

    She looks like Jennifer Anniston 😍

  67. Slimier Snake

    Slimier Snake

    5 timmar sedan

    why is ethan so mean towards his dad? he sounds like a big jerk bullying his dad

  68. Lauren Chapman

    Lauren Chapman

    6 timmar sedan

    Why did they skip edging? That was the most tame one 😅

  69. Evadooker


    6 timmar sedan

    Ethans dad is a complete lunatic

  70. Samantha T

    Samantha T

    6 timmar sedan

    drop the care bear sweater

  71. BudgetLux


    6 timmar sedan

    Donna rocking that tank

  72. Ashna Nair

    Ashna Nair

    6 timmar sedan

    This is just so much better than frenemies! Frenemies was becoming so toxic because of Trisha, some of the things she said irritated me so much. But Families is so wholesome!! I love it!! Donna is my gal ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gary, you're a bit eccentric but i love it 😂❤️

  73. slow7reaper


    6 timmar sedan

    i cant believe people watch/listen to this show

  74. Nicole Albrecht

    Nicole Albrecht

    6 timmar sedan

    “There are stupid people, I mean 73 million people voted for Trump” cut to Joe Biden not being able to speak a sentence properly...ummm who’s stupid?

    • adele ah

      adele ah

      6 timmar sedan

      Ableism in its purest form 🤢

  75. Oathym


    6 timmar sedan

    Play creedence Clearwater and eat dominos pizza, test your karma

  76. FrenkHenk


    6 timmar sedan

    Sponsored by Coca Cola Max

  77. Jace Gordon

    Jace Gordon

    6 timmar sedan

    As an OG fan.. Its sad to see h3h3 become a critical commentary that has own father.

  78. Raheeza Majeed

    Raheeza Majeed

    6 timmar sedan

    God protect Donna and Gary at all costs 😂🙏🏾💕

  79. Emily Lu

    Emily Lu

    6 timmar sedan

    All three of you should seat behind the table, we need more Gary.

  80. alien child

    alien child

    7 timmar sedan

    Those family photos are beautiful I see what Dona means when she says the lady’s liked Ethan so much

  81. cherry


    7 timmar sedan

    just for anyone wanting to plant milkweed please be cautious as they are toxic to animals!!

  82. Jenny Jacques

    Jenny Jacques

    7 timmar sedan

    I’m getting my psych degree and we learned that the term according to Freud was transference (when a client falls for a therapist) and counter transference (when a therapist falls for a client)

  83. Vivian Goodwin

    Vivian Goodwin

    7 timmar sedan

    Get Donna her new table half and curtain in her own color!!! She deserves it! 😆 and “dad” a backdrop and table in his spot 🤪 LOL

  84. Aliss Kumaye

    Aliss Kumaye

    7 timmar sedan

    Tati, Trisha, Shane & Jeffree were all right about James Charles aka ILikeKids.

  85. Alina


    7 timmar sedan

    out of all things you skip edging?? that's the simplest/least gross out of them all i thought

  86. IG Ophicer

    IG Ophicer

    7 timmar sedan

    Love watching this podcast when I’m faded late at night

  87. CsGoat968


    7 timmar sedan

    The fact that Gary is wearing a Team Skeet shirt but not willing to say “Spooked Magooked” unless he gets $100 tells me he for sure got a lil side cash from Tram Skeet

  88. Madison Ford

    Madison Ford

    7 timmar sedan

    It was Gary singing In Da Club perfectly for me

  89. lee uh

    lee uh

    7 timmar sedan

    dads mega toxic

  90. Madison Ford

    Madison Ford

    7 timmar sedan

    It was Gary singing In Da Club perfectly for me

  91. Makayla Chastain

    Makayla Chastain

    7 timmar sedan

    My WHOLE car is care bear I collect them and I could cry I want the care bear hoodie so bad 😭

  92. Koko Braithwaite

    Koko Braithwaite

    7 timmar sedan

    WAIT gary does look kinda like Charles Manson

  93. Dreadpirate


    8 timmar sedan

    Loving the fact that Ethan's dad can't help but be lecherous as fuck lol. Our boi is literally wearing a Team Skeet shirt fucking LMAO. Also, Gary's denial game is top notch. Fucker's got an excuse for seriously everything. I die.

  94. Carolina


    8 timmar sedan

    Donna calling Minecraft Bedrock Bedroom is underrated

  95. Silly Boo

    Silly Boo

    8 timmar sedan

    I will be planting milk weeds in my back yard thank motha

  96. Silly Boo

    Silly Boo

    8 timmar sedan

    Your father is hilarious

  97. Silly Boo

    Silly Boo

    8 timmar sedan

    I love your mum

  98. FuckThePopulation 810

    FuckThePopulation 810

    8 timmar sedan

    Garry reciting the lyrics to In Da Club by 50 Cent gave me fuckin life. I needa kick it and smoke down with dude on jit

    • FuckThePopulation 810

      FuckThePopulation 810

      8 timmar sedan

      "Go Shawty it's ya birthday" btw Ethan "Shawdy" idk in not good at this I hope you know

  99. Avery Villegas

    Avery Villegas

    8 timmar sedan

    Save the butterflies merch!!!🙌🏻✨ I will buy!