1. laura cuervo

    laura cuervo

    52 minuter sedan

    when she started doing the foundation/contour I started screaming bc AINT NO WAYYYYY 😭

  2. Leviatiem


    Timme sedan

    Pfft. even the gangster girls back home in NM can do her makeup better. Neither eye is the same it's just gross. ( I can't remember what I hear others call some espanolans, I always thought their sense of fashion, make up and hair styles ( females) were pretty. Still know better than to mingle though, I look like a gringa xD

  3. Maria Monica Restrepo

    Maria Monica Restrepo

    2 timmar sedan

    Nada en contra de Los venezolanos pero si son full así, el servicio al cliente de ellos no es muy bueno.

  4. Rachael Day

    Rachael Day

    4 timmar sedan

    That woman should never be allowed near a make-up brush! Is she blind? The foundation doesn't even match! I would be demanding a refund.

  5. cortezyvonne


    4 timmar sedan

    Stop with the conspiracy theories people you sound dumb. These were disgusting people being perverted and gossiping at work. How dumb of them to allow themselves to be filmed while saying such things if they were doing something dont ya think? So that alone lets you know thats not whats happening cz they would have been looked into long ago. Would yall say the same if it was a bunch of white people in the US or you only saying that cz theyre in another country? Smh watch yourselves. Theyre a crappy salon nothing more nothing less.

  6. cortezyvonne


    4 timmar sedan

    I think this “salon” doesn’t actually do makeup. Ooooorrrr their actual makeup artist wasnt in that day but hey didnt want to lose that money so they took you in anyway knowing they werent the real makeup artists smh. That is definitely a scam. They do not value customer service and dont care to basically be stealing from people. Blast them on social media or something.

  7. Petite Jalapeño

    Petite Jalapeño

    7 timmar sedan

    you are too kind, i would have gotten up earlier and say something about their attitude and service...they should have their business closed



    10 timmar sedan

    As someone who has never touched makeup and somehow ended up watching this video, this looks painful.

  9. Shea LaRoux

    Shea LaRoux

    10 timmar sedan

    Just awful

  10. cheyanne


    11 timmar sedan

    i would’ve go off on thoses workers

  11. saydee saydee

    saydee saydee

    11 timmar sedan

    She did costum party makeup

  12. cmcintyre101


    12 timmar sedan

    Damn, that foundation is so bad

  13. Lauren Milam

    Lauren Milam

    12 timmar sedan

    There’s no way this is real 😳

  14. Dipsydoodle


    14 timmar sedan

    I'm speechless. 😥

  15. Bubbles _—

    Bubbles _—

    14 timmar sedan

    Bro she even got the foundation and bronzer wrong, now she looks like an orange-

  16. Kerry Mackey

    Kerry Mackey

    15 timmar sedan

    I WOULD have gotten my money back and I would definitely be a karen about it because f that. No one would get away with that lol

  17. Karina Hernandez

    Karina Hernandez

    16 timmar sedan

    This is disgusting

  18. Danielle


    16 timmar sedan

    Your eyes are two completely different colors and that foundation shade wowza.

  19. K-


    16 timmar sedan

    I guess if you want the groom to be to run... Go to that place. I cant believe thats what you entrusted in for your "wedding"

  20. Jocelyn Tapia

    Jocelyn Tapia

    17 timmar sedan

    Anybody got the link to this place smh

  21. Angela Jones

    Angela Jones

    18 timmar sedan

    Did she even do concealer?? Wth how is this real??? THE FOUNDATION HOW OMG

  22. Dressa


    18 timmar sedan

    Man this place it's not only bad but it's scary af, hard to believe they're even a salon at all

  23. Natasha Roberts

    Natasha Roberts

    19 timmar sedan

    Trying to figure out if this is fake

  24. Carole Smith

    Carole Smith

    19 timmar sedan

    Those disgusting nails would have been enough for me, she has no clue about beauty.

  25. Amber Skye

    Amber Skye

    20 timmar sedan

    This place is trash omg

  26. Jamie Mauer

    Jamie Mauer

    20 timmar sedan

    I could do better makeup with my damn eyes closed

  27. Liza Gates

    Liza Gates

    20 timmar sedan


  28. Anastasia May

    Anastasia May

    21 timme sedan

    and shes using super dirty disgusting brushes! its so important to sanitise brushes after every use when doing makeup on other people, regular cleaning so germs and bacteria dont get spread to other peoples skin and they get skin infection and acne :L

  29. Nastasia Solinas

    Nastasia Solinas

    21 timme sedan

    🤢🤢😯 😟 you look like an orange 🍊 horrible makeup

  30. Veilfire


    21 timme sedan

    This 'business' looks shady af

  31. Chef Amy

    Chef Amy

    23 timmar sedan

    You are a saint for lasting that long

  32. tasty sardine

    tasty sardine

    23 timmar sedan

    instincts and intuition are real, people!!!!

  33. Hijabi Girl

    Hijabi Girl

    23 timmar sedan

    Umm TAPE?????😳😳😳

  34. Miss Aaliyah VEVO

    Miss Aaliyah VEVO

    Dag sedan

    You’re such a pretty lady and you look fun to hangout with ❤️sending love from Suriname 🇸🇷

  35. GapYear


    Dag sedan

    It’s like she was trying to make you look bad...they seem to have contempt for their clients 🤔 Like the energy was ooofff. Plus they don’t have lipstick?!?

  36. Xiomara C

    Xiomara C

    Dag sedan

    Bruh I’m a makeup artist and this is a MESS FROM THE BEGINNING!!! Those brushes are dirty AF, she started brushing them in her palm?????? The brush she’s using for her brows is uneven looks like 1000 years old. They didn’t put any protection for her clothes, she’s not cleaning ANY product before or after aplication! It’s making me SO mad watching this video omgggggg She’s asking her friend to pass her stuff?????? Ugh I just can’t

  37. Justine Advincula

    Justine Advincula

    Dag sedan

    That's very annoying and inappropriate!

  38. Kaksha M

    Kaksha M

    Dag sedan

    You should reveal their name so other people don't even think of entering that place

  39. Tamahr Official

    Tamahr Official

    Dag sedan

    I'm pretty curious about how the MUA wears her makeup herself.

  40. IsabellaTolstov


    Dag sedan

    Man they really suck. They didn't even prepare your skin, didn't use foundation or concealer. Insane people honestly!

  41. Afefi Nicole

    Afefi Nicole

    Dag sedan


  42. Antonia


    Dag sedan

    I’d rather look like the tired rat I am on my wedding day than to have that make up look.

  43. Dragon Mouse

    Dragon Mouse

    Dag sedan

    Honestly your going into it KNOWING it's not a good place so technically you can't say they are taking your money when your WILLINGLY going into it XD but ya they did a shiiiiity job.

  44. Audi Martinez

    Audi Martinez

    Dag sedan

    You should call out the “business” it’s is a disgrace.

  45. ·.arishiii.·


    Dag sedan

    *BESTIE THESE SOUND EFFECTS ARE KILLING ME* yeah but fr, thats some CRAPPY service. The men talking in the back really ticked me off. AND THE FACT THEY ASKED U TO PAY FIRST AND DID A TOTAL SHIT JOB IN THE END IS JUST...disgusting..😀

  46. Robyn Justice A Real Patriot

    Robyn Justice A Real Patriot

    Dag sedan

    This really is ridiculous. Honestly thought this was going to be another video of an overreaction, but no way. I would have demanded my money back long before you finally walked out. So unbelievably unprofessional. You should've named the place.

  47. Vanessa Marquez

    Vanessa Marquez

    Dag sedan

    The sound effects!!!💀

  48. leann nelson

    leann nelson

    Dag sedan

    *lady talking about lipstick while going back to your eyes for the 50th time* *me screaming at 1:20am so loud my neighbors hear* "FIX THE FOUNDATION"

  49. Anyelis Eileen Prado

    Anyelis Eileen Prado

    Dag sedan

    Solo venezolanos en ese local? Que horrible todooooooo!! Y que irrespetuosos reirse como si estuviesen en un bar cuando estan clientes ahi TODO MAL se nota que la chica no era maquillista

  50. Josefina Etcheverry

    Josefina Etcheverry

    Dag sedan

    Hasta mi prima de 6 años lo hace mejor

  51. nelldek


    Dag sedan

    WOW!!!! They deserve to be shut down, the brushes were disgusting, do any of these people even have the qualifications required....I doubt it!!!

  52. Neeta J

    Neeta J

    Dag sedan

    I wouldn't paid first!! That would have been my que to Leave.

  53. Nurul Nuha

    Nurul Nuha

    Dag sedan

    what the hell

  54. Kiomi Cakes:Sew Perfect💕

    Kiomi Cakes:Sew Perfect💕

    Dag sedan

    15:16 Damnnn Rebal really put them in their place. Serves them right, you go Rebal! Judy leaving after was the cherry on top. Just so satisfying.

  55. AVoiceInTheWind


    Dag sedan

    Where is this place, what’s the Name.

  56. nursekinz


    Dag sedan

    I’ve only ever done my own makeup and i’ve never done this style and even i could do better. The foundation looks like a 5 year old put on spray tan!

  57. Meggy-Got -No-Fans

    Meggy-Got -No-Fans

    Dag sedan

    It’s funny how she said only lipstick left but she’s doing all this other stuff

  58. Ayneh


    Dag sedan

    This is wh you need to learn how to do your own makeup lmao

  59. Aolani Valencia

    Aolani Valencia

    Dag sedan

    expose them 🌿

  60. Smile Catherin

    Smile Catherin

    Dag sedan

    I am not good at makeup, but I've done better eyeshadow 😂

  61. EachSports


    Dag sedan

    I am a guy and have nothing to do with makeuo but this is shit🤣 even I can do a better job in that time

  62. Nameslizbeth


    Dag sedan

    What’s the place called???? Omg :(

  63. Alexis Geneve

    Alexis Geneve

    Dag sedan

    How much did you pay?

  64. Cupcake Blush

    Cupcake Blush

    Dag sedan

    Report them, You have too!

  65. Alexis Geneve

    Alexis Geneve

    Dag sedan

    After y’all waited that first 15 minutes, you should have said something about the time… not even 1.5 hours in

  66. Susan York

    Susan York

    Dag sedan

    Omg terrible..

  67. James B.

    James B.

    Dag sedan

    0:48 that reminded me of that wow vine

  68. Mars Kapp

    Mars Kapp

    Dag sedan

    They were so unprofessional and unprepared. They also put dark foundation on you. Sad. They should be reprimanded.

  69. Vicky De Luna

    Vicky De Luna

    Dag sedan

    She left ur fa0ce0 orange and so rude

  70. Mariah


    Dag sedan

    I tried to find the salon online but omg there’s so many where you live

  71. luckyflxg


    Dag sedan

    oh my good god the sound effects are *hilarious*! comedy aside, sweet god that place needs to get shut down.. what horrifically poor service

  72. HelenaCross


    Dag sedan

    Not finished with the video yet, but the eye makeup on the lids, that dark purpley hue, honestly looked like makeup for a film-to create bruising. Immediate first thought.

  73. Sharklover123100


    Dag sedan

    Aaaand this is why I did my own makeup on my wedding day.

  74. Deepika Singh

    Deepika Singh

    Dag sedan

    Everything seems like a setup n fake, grow up grl bring something true.. if makeup was so bad why didn't you mentioned the name of the saloon.

  75. RoM Ma

    RoM Ma

    Dag sedan

    This was so painful to watch…😭😭😭😭

  76. Harveydentface


    Dag sedan


  77. Noidea forname

    Noidea forname

    Dag sedan

    OMG I never ever had done this like you did, I don't have patience for dumb and unprofessional, incompetent people, I got my money back, say what they deserve to listen and gone! I am not good at make-up, but I can do better with my sunblock, your skin is white like mine, OMG they make you a umpalumpa from chocolate factory movie!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. alice kwok

    alice kwok

    Dag sedan

    What’s the name of this place, where is it at? This made my blood boils watching the makeup artist abuse your face. Customer’s rule of thumb, never pay for any service before the service happened. Especially you caught them watching you tube before she performs makeup on you. Overall, this video definitely bring the awareness of how some business have no shame on how bad they are. They only care about money. Especially the possibility of it being a front for human trafficking definitely needs this place gone!

  79. Deni A

    Deni A

    Dag sedan

    The shade of the foundation 🤣🤣🤣

  80. kya t

    kya t

    Dag sedan

    you shouldve said ‘hey can i see a make up wipe?’ and just take it off hahahaha

  81. Ninni


    Dag sedan

    They take money for THAT 😖 all the poor customers that have been tricked

  82. Shikha Kashyap

    Shikha Kashyap

    Dag sedan

    I love how rebal stood for her sis at last

  83. Erika Lemus

    Erika Lemus

    Dag sedan

    you should start calling the places out honestly, like link their info

  84. wendy Lederer

    wendy Lederer

    Dag sedan

    This video caught my attention because I can relate. I continually have disappointing experiences at salons. Particularly at nail salons. I don't know where these people went to school but there is no accountability it seems when it comes to sanitation or good customer service or quality of work. I recall one experience where my nails were being cut all to hell from the nail file. I was bleeding! I said can you clean that with alcohol. She ignored me and kept filing. She took the dusting brush and went over my bloody finger with it. 👀 She never cleaned my finger. That's only the half of it. The rest is too long but you get the point and forget trying to get your money back because that's not happening. I think you should have named the salon. I also think you should have asked for your money back! Why would you allow them to take your money and waste your time like that?? That would have been interesting to film! I think when you get them where it hurts in the pocket book their reputation they change their tune. I was disappointed that you didn't hold them accountable because they are continuing to scam people. By the way if you live in Thousand Oaks CA don't go to Paseo nail salon! crappy service and it's dirty!

  85. Laura Burdett

    Laura Burdett

    Dag sedan

    Wow. Just wow. And not in a good way.

  86. Barney Bear

    Barney Bear

    2 dagar sedan

    I think people need to know the name of this place. It shouldn't recieve any more support as long as the staff behave that way. Wouldnt want to unintentionally support racist people.

  87. njihggh


    2 dagar sedan

    Those workers in the background were making it seem like their clients were the laughing stocks, Now they’re the laughing stocks.

  88. Jean Cabanag

    Jean Cabanag

    2 dagar sedan

    This is the worst make-up video that I've ever seen. The make up artist is ruining the most important event.

  89. Little Str ange Squirrel

    Little Str ange Squirrel

    2 dagar sedan

    I would have left as soon as she takes out the adhesive tape 😂

  90. Summer Bean

    Summer Bean

    2 dagar sedan

    The eyeshadow is very patchy and uneven

  91. Summer Bean

    Summer Bean

    2 dagar sedan

    She is using the wrong brushes for EVERYTHING omg the pain

  92. Summer Bean

    Summer Bean

    2 dagar sedan

    It irritated me watching her do this to your face

  93. Wicked Apollyon

    Wicked Apollyon

    2 dagar sedan

    What in the f#ck skin color in that ?! Shade Oompa Loompa

  94. Kou_


    2 dagar sedan

    I feel I like 13 year old me would have done a better job :/ cause my friends would go to Animecon and I would help with their cosplay

  95. Jordan Bedrick

    Jordan Bedrick

    2 dagar sedan

    I've never felt so awkward and had such anxiety watching a makeup video but I've watched many of your videos and this had to be the worst I wanted to change it so many times with how rude they were and how she bossed your brother around I feel like I wanted to change it because really I wouldve wanted to leave and get away from that entire situation. I can't beileve how aweful this business is. Also I couldn't deal with how she did your contour and your foundation and the color of it..... Also wth is with the eyeshadow...... you poor thing.

  96. lisa doe

    lisa doe

    2 dagar sedan

    not them watching a youtube video on how to do makeup-

  97. Andrea Estefania Alvarez Coronado

    Andrea Estefania Alvarez Coronado

    2 dagar sedan

    As Venezuelan cuz I recognize the accent... We're not all like that. What a disrespectful and gross attitude.... So sorry

  98. Grace Fictions

    Grace Fictions

    2 dagar sedan

    The girl probably wanted your brother’s attention so she keeps asking him to pass her stuff LOL

  99. Kim Grace

    Kim Grace

    2 dagar sedan

    Omg this makes me so frustrated, I would have threatened them with legal action something wicked