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The First iPhone vs The First Android!

Both iOS and the Android operating system are used by billions of people every day. But back at the beginning, which was best? iPhone vs Android.
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The original iPhone released in 2007 was hailed as revolutionary in a world where BlackBerry, Palm, and Microsoft Windows Phone reigned king. Google was working on a competitor to these platforms with the Android team they purchased in 2005. After the iPhone unveiling, Google changed course and the T-Mobile HTC Dream was launched in 2008. How did the two compare and which one was better? iPhone vs Android.


  1. Dino


    6 timmar sedan

    KIDS IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS: my first phone was an iPhone 11 pro, my iPhone XVI is on the way😊

  2. mooning tappy

    mooning tappy

    16 timmar sedan

    We've come a long long way together....

  3. JiWiK


    19 timmar sedan

    First iPhone itself was pretty bad phone with really cool looking touch technology. Because it was such a novelty it started an evolution and sadly lost it soon after. One bright moment was 3G, later 5 and maybe 6 but nothing groundbreaking or competitive ever since.

  4. NothingPosted905


    Dag sedan

    "it doesn't have a keyboard" Oh boy oh boy

  5. Shibby120


    Dag sedan

    Remember when you had to download a task manager

  6. Shibby120


    Dag sedan

    iPhone users still don’t even know they have a notification shade

  7. Steven Batty

    Steven Batty

    Dag sedan

    A great look back. Still have my Tmobile G1. Loved having a physical keyboard. Been an Android user since.

  8. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones

    Dag sedan

    Does this guy think contracts don't exist anymore?

  9. Carlton Jones

    Carlton Jones

    2 dagar sedan

    My First Smart Phone was a Motorola MPX200 then the MPX220 :-) Windows dropped the ball on smart devices. Stupid! - They were the first smart phones, running windows mobile OS

  10. Anthony Lipke

    Anthony Lipke

    4 dagar sedan

    Subsequently apple has added a keyboard to their extra large ipod touch. I dislike lock in. GPS on phone was a deciding feature for me back then. I had and ocean and a droid but voice to text is pretty good now. I was a little sad the web based apps didn't take off. Blackberry did good business for a while there. I really like the clicky screen concept because you could mouse around and we don't have that feature today though multi touch covers some of the function. I had similar functionality on a pocket pc long beforehand but they came late to phones. iphone touch keyboard was pretty good. I liked early swipe keyboards. Also I had picked up palms stylus strokes earlier and that was pretty fast. I'm also a fan of memory expansion. I wish webos had made it.

  11. Gift Dick Banda

    Gift Dick Banda

    4 dagar sedan

    Bro please iron your shirt next time. 🙏🏿

  12. Donald Chapman

    Donald Chapman

    5 dagar sedan

    I phone 📱 11 I

  13. David Bartol

    David Bartol

    6 dagar sedan


  14. Pierre-Jean De Villiers

    Pierre-Jean De Villiers

    6 dagar sedan

    Very good ,and well researched, we came a long way and people that comes from that era learned to appreciate both platforms. I am an android user,but admit apple's strengths, due to personal preferences android fits better in my world. I get really annoyed when an newborn apple user who comes from blackberry straight to apple want to tell me android is inferior, because they do not know what they are talking about I used android and Apple in the beginning and up to today after every apple update I still pick an iPhone and try out the new features for myself and appreciate the advantages of the new software and in my mind ai know it's not gonna be long then android has it and visa versa and that is good thing. I believe the competition between the two platforms brought us where we are today

  15. Alex Cain

    Alex Cain

    7 dagar sedan

    Thank you for the awesome look back ! Im currently using an android and an iPhone I have a Motorola Razr 5G and an iPhone 12 Pro

  16. Kendall Jenkins

    Kendall Jenkins

    7 dagar sedan

    Smartphone's were horrible until about 2012, both Apple and Android. Saying otherwise is just "Nostalgia Goggles". The original iphone was cool, but it was slow and touch was iffy at best. Anyone that thinks any of these phones were good, were obviously not using the phones for anything but playing games, because having to use the things for work was a nightmare. It's the reason so many people stuck with Blackberry so long, they were much better until Apple and Google worked all their kinks out. Steve Balmer was right when he said business people needed a keyboard at that time, and that's probably the last time he was right about anything.

  17. Krenotenze


    7 dagar sedan

    Palm Pre was a pretty neat setup. There are still elements of what they made in modern mobile OS implementations. My favorite interface is still Windows Phone but we know where that went LOL

  18. Vedraj r.m

    Vedraj r.m

    8 dagar sedan

    The Only thing that made iPhone what it is today is the earth adoption of the App Store. There’s no way the first gen iPhone is worth 500$ Balmer was in the right for his reaction. People judge his reaction with respect to the entire iPhone line up and not the first gen. The first gen iPhone sucks. It’s only after iPhone 4s it became a great phone

  19. zeldera


    8 dagar sedan

    I loved the original iphone keyboard layout. Way better than now

  20. cassiopeia Parker

    cassiopeia Parker

    9 dagar sedan

    My first: iPhone 2g. Currently: iphone 11. I’ve tried the HCT hero which I didn’t hate, but also didn’t love, and the Samsung galaxy s3, which I did fully hate, as well as every iPhone between where I started and where I am at.

  21. Rachael Ray

    Rachael Ray

    9 dagar sedan

    My first smart phone was an iPhone for us. My current smart phone is an iPhone XR. I’ve had androids in between, but the accessibility for the vision impaired on the iPhone is top-notch.

  22. Sarcastic36


    9 dagar sedan

    Apple is great at marketing, I still think their devices lack innovation. That being said...would never buy one 🤷

  23. Matt275


    9 dagar sedan

    I can’t imagine the phone market without the original iPhone. The original iPhone really changed up the whole phone market. I didn’t have the original iPhone but I had the iPhone 3G, they were amazing phones for the time.

  24. Duane Locsin

    Duane Locsin

    9 dagar sedan

    Curious, why isn't *visual* voicemail a thing? Isn't this the future where people are making vid calls and virtual reality conferencing wearing space suites? Well this was the 80s and 90s vision of the future.

  25. Lettuce


    9 dagar sedan

    my first smartphone was an lg k7 (rip lg smartphones) and my current is a samsung galaxy a10e

    • Anand Raj

      Anand Raj

      4 dagar sedan

      My first smartphone was the Galaxy 5 (not to be confused by Galaxy s5) and my current phone is Nokia x7.

  26. Chad Skeen

    Chad Skeen

    10 dagar sedan

    Copy and paste is embedded in Unix based OS. to not have that on iOS which is Unix based, means apple truly reinvented the wheel on their OS lmao

  27. Mathew Capaccio

    Mathew Capaccio

    10 dagar sedan

    The UK HTC Hero to me was the first proper android phone. My opinion.

  28. Dawid aka Grendel

    Dawid aka Grendel

    10 dagar sedan

    @1:12... Steve Balmer... The most reliable person in IT industry. You can trust him to be wrong 100% of times.

  29. Peter Lundholm

    Peter Lundholm

    10 dagar sedan

    Stereo bluetooth? :) iPhone didn't have it so I settled for a sony. Also no tethering.

  30. ComputerNerdInside


    11 dagar sedan

    Both operating systems are pretty stable nowadays, but I do remember the old days where iOS wasn't very customizable and basic, but with Android I was constantly seeing a barely stable device ([App] is not responding. [App] has stopped unexpectedly. Etc. Android 4 and before was just...) Around that period, the most stable "Android" device I've ever owned was the first generation Kindle Fire. I almost never saw an unresponsive message or crash message. For what it was, it was very well-behaved, very well debugged. Nowadays, they're both great. Although, I tend to stick with Apple, mainly in the used market, not just for the OS, but because they have a pretty seamless ecosystem.

  31. ElectricStar


    11 dagar sedan

    I remember playing that snake game on my uncle’s flip phone.

  32. Tony Ngomana

    Tony Ngomana

    11 dagar sedan

    Damn still think Nokia's meego and Microsoft Lumia range, now I'm stuck with iOS and android. kinda sucks

  33. Johnny Gibbs

    Johnny Gibbs

    11 dagar sedan


  34. Paul Buchanan

    Paul Buchanan

    11 dagar sedan

    I remember learning XHTML in college because in 2005 everyone thought that a text only mobile internet was the wave of the future. lol Gotta love that flip phone internet everyone still uses. We thought a 25kb mobile connection was soo cool! It would take 5 min to ftp a tiny 320x320 picture.

  35. M arrizon

    M arrizon

    12 dagar sedan

    Nothing really matters since the M1 chip has been released. Just like Snazzy said if it doesnt run M1 dont bother getting one. IOS 1.0 on M1 chip would be insane. Thanks for another phenomenal video

  36. sontodosnarcos


    12 dagar sedan

    12:00 why actually? It works like a charm.

  37. nikolai deianov

    nikolai deianov

    12 dagar sedan

    Samsung s4 Samsung s7 edge

  38. 45k4n


    13 dagar sedan

    You think... That Safari is the best mobile browser?

    • Anand Raj

      Anand Raj

      4 dagar sedan

      Chrome is the best browser.

    • Duane Locsin

      Duane Locsin

      8 dagar sedan

      @45k4n All you did was name other browsers two of them obscure, and the other for the dark web. You made no points at all as to why they are better than Safari.

    • 45k4n


      9 dagar sedan

      @Duane Locsin You know Firefox, Brave, Opera or Tor?

    • Duane Locsin

      Duane Locsin

      10 dagar sedan

      what's the better mobile browser? Google Chrome that hogs memory and loves to sell your private information. The beloved Microsoft Edge that not many use. ?

  39. Spicy Chicken

    Spicy Chicken

    13 dagar sedan

    10:24 - 10:26 did u just say 3g instead of 2g?

  40. Aerde Rran-issar

    Aerde Rran-issar

    13 dagar sedan

    First androids had resistive plastic screens, which can’t support multitouch. While on first iPhone there was glass capacitive screen, that was so much better to use. Difference between windows mobile, Symbian, android, other systems like Sony Ericsson and iOS was gigantic. Plus glass and aluminum on iPhone vs cheap plastic on other devices. First android phone I can remember to be somewhat on par with iPhone was HTC Desire, in 2010. And I know, cause I’ve been working at electronics store focused on phones at the time.

  41. All My Hobbies

    All My Hobbies

    14 dagar sedan

    Microsoft was really the one that missed the boat they could of had another windows on there hands instead its google. I wonder why google does not charge say a 20 dollar per device fee now that they have the world other then apple hooked on there os

    • Duane Locsin

      Duane Locsin

      10 dagar sedan

      Because they make money on the OS, they don't don't do so much on the hardware end. Also they sell your private information to advertisers. Reason why you don't pay so much upfront with many Google Android devices is the hardware manufacturers have to rely on getting that revenue/profit from software. Where as Apple actually makes profit from their hardware, that's why their hardware is typically the most apple tax because their Apple. The rest of the revenue comes from their ecosystem of App store, their own software and services.



    14 dagar sedan

    iphones changed the world

  43. Francisco Assumpção

    Francisco Assumpção

    15 dagar sedan

    I use Apple since 3GS ... I do love old tech ... i still use the 1st Apple airport at a new smart TV that has its Wi-Fi abilities disable for some reason ... sure apple’s quality is undeniable ... 21 years later and it still works!

    • Duane Locsin

      Duane Locsin

      10 dagar sedan

      What Smart tv? 1st Apple airport I don't think would support g/c/n wireless and maybe your tv's wifi is too new. Have you tried connecting via ethernet and see if a driver or firmware is needed to fix the disabled wifi?

    • Duane Locsin

      Duane Locsin

      10 dagar sedan

      Yep, I still have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 7 Plus and Airport 3TB and all still work...except for the iPhone 7 plus's smashed screen, but that's my fault. 2009 iMac lasted me until 2017 2015 MBP still going strong and don't see a need to upgrade until at least 2022/23. Depending on how much and how long you use Apple devices you get your money's worth out of them over the years.

  44. 28 Sarthak More

    28 Sarthak More

    15 dagar sedan

    When Vivo, mi, oppo entered the market they came up with the craze of cameras on a budget that everyone can afford and the scene changed again when Oneplus was changing the game with more storage and ram thing and that was the time when Samsung was making their flagship phones and the worst case that didn't have to happen,...Nokia was off the game as they weren't able to cope with the ongrowing tech. But sadly no one remembers the 40 mp windows mobile that was not that publicly famous.

  45. Al Mueller

    Al Mueller

    16 dagar sedan

    I've been a Android user all my life my first track phone was Android. And I'm currently using a Google Pixel for Excel

  46. [ PixelTV ]

    [ PixelTV ]

    16 dagar sedan

    0:18 VideoGameDunkey :v

  47. Mr Panda

    Mr Panda

    17 dagar sedan

    iPhone 4s was my first smartphone. For some reason my whole family called it an iPod even though it said iPhone in settings. Currently I use an iPhone 12 Pro.

  48. Charles Bonetti

    Charles Bonetti

    18 dagar sedan

    my first smart phone was the Palm Pre. Had more then what android and IOS did, inductive charging, app store, Google Maps and so much more. But Palm did not want to innovate hence their downfall.

  49. Dale Lapp

    Dale Lapp

    18 dagar sedan

    I had a Samsung flip phone from 2009 through 2013 (my parents Verizon plan and choice of phones). When I moved out I got my own service and my first smart phone was a Samsung Galaxy Centura which I really liked at the time. I got a Samsung S3 a couple years later. Two years after that I tried out an LG Escape 3 which I got as a promotional deal for $20 from my new service provider. Had it just over two years and was by far the worst smart phone I ever owned. In 2019 I bought a refurbished Moto G6 Play for $70. Awesome phone for such a great deal. I loved the Motorola so much that when I had to upgrade, I opted for the G8 Power which I actually just started using less than two days ago and I am absolutely loving it. Super awesome bang for your buck phone. I got it for $140.

  50. Nikolay Klimchuk

    Nikolay Klimchuk

    18 dagar sedan

    Just proves how dumb most CEOs are. Actually I bought first iPhone after Apple dropped price from $600 to $400 mostly as music player instead of dying Nano. Regarding same wallpaper... who cares? Who cares iPhone users mostly using same default ringtone?

  51. burrito rustler

    burrito rustler

    18 dagar sedan

    You might mention that the 2nd version of this phone, the T-mobile G2 (aka HTC Desire Z) basically blew away the iPhone for years as well as every other Android phone when it was released in 2010. 😮

  52. amir ice king

    amir ice king

    18 dagar sedan

    nice vid!

  53. Curly Whrly

    Curly Whrly

    19 dagar sedan

    I only like you since you watched Scott the woz

  54. troy lawrence

    troy lawrence

    20 dagar sedan

    He said hamburger menu

  55. Neophobic Nyctophile

    Neophobic Nyctophile

    20 dagar sedan

    What apps are iPhone users using over the default Mail app? I can't find anything that seems to work...

  56. Andrew Hanson

    Andrew Hanson

    21 dag sedan

    My first smart phone is the Hawei Ascend. Loved it but it couldn't play Angry Birds. I'm getting old :(

  57. James Wallace

    James Wallace

    21 dag sedan

    It’s amazing what has changed in just 2 decades.

  58. Jacob Dmyterko

    Jacob Dmyterko

    21 dag sedan

    *Opens Contacts* 'MKBHD - 867-5309' lmao

  59. BlairWare


    21 dag sedan

    First Smartphone? The one.. the only HTC HD2! 2009 dream come true. 4.3" giant display!

  60. Forrenzo A.R

    Forrenzo A.R

    22 dagar sedan

    I wanted the first Iphone 📱 when it barely came out. But had to settle on on the andoid G1 through T-mobile because it was cheaper.

  61. Adam Goodword

    Adam Goodword

    22 dagar sedan

    Voice dialling was also available on earlier phones. iPhone didnt get that until Siri evolved in 2014.

  62. mnd


    24 dagar sedan

    My first smartphone? Nokia 6600 running Symbian S60, got it in 2005. My current one is iPhone 8 Plus.

  63. IronicCreation_


    24 dagar sedan

    i think my first smartphone were samsung galaxy mini in green xd and today im using iphone 7 plus after giving up on android (bad time for good androids when i moved to iphone.

  64. Sudtography!


    25 dagar sedan

    My first smartphone was an HTC Legend and now I have a pixel 3xl

  65. Gideon Ley

    Gideon Ley

    25 dagar sedan

    Kind of ironic that android started out as a camera company but today almost every iphone user complains about the camera quality of an Android.

  66. Kyss


    25 dagar sedan

    i fucking hate apple but the iphone was revolutionary but it still sucks

  67. Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi

    Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi

    25 dagar sedan

    Default apps on iOS?just jailbreak😂

  68. xRIOTx


    25 dagar sedan

    I'm an Apple fan and love how people complain about ios not having things android has and when they do add them complain and say they copied them

  69. Kosi Esogwa

    Kosi Esogwa

    25 dagar sedan

    android and android

  70. Dj Pi

    Dj Pi

    25 dagar sedan

    Htc droid incredible, about to go pull that joker out and play with it

  71. CyberDesMKIV


    26 dagar sedan

    My first smart device was an iPad Touch 2nd Gen. My first smartphone was the LG Optimus M.

  72. alwaysxnever


    26 dagar sedan

    Interesting. Makes me still glad I never bothered with ios except for pinch to zoom. I respect that.

  73. XxEdens_Zero_FangirlxX


    26 dagar sedan

    Hey wait, I was born January 2007! Isn’t that shocking?

  74. Delight


    26 dagar sedan

    I miss keyboards on phones, I dont know why but for some reason I dont like phones that have no bezels

  75. ILDiEGO


    26 dagar sedan

    my first smartphone didn't run Android, didn't run iOS, didn't even run Windows Phone (that was my second one)... the first one run Samsung's Touchwiz OS

  76. Dylan Moody

    Dylan Moody

    26 dagar sedan

    First iPhone : iPhone 4 Now: iPhone 11

  77. Corbo


    27 dagar sedan

    this video is perfect , nuff said

  78. Erik Johansson

    Erik Johansson

    27 dagar sedan

    Synd att Nokia inte föll för Androiden, appel är stora ,, Men Samsung ligger tätt efter, Som surfplatta har jag Ipad med som mobil har jag Samsung, Vill lära mig av båda världarna,

  79. Grilled Lettuce

    Grilled Lettuce

    27 dagar sedan

    Bro hit the gym- ur gonna need it for the Civil war

  80. Genaro Shults

    Genaro Shults

    27 dagar sedan

    The neat forgery technologically cycle because package surprisingly complete into a busy hamburger. wanting, resolute sycamore

  81. Jesse Kowal

    Jesse Kowal

    27 dagar sedan

    I use a note 10 plus and iPhone XR daily

  82. J Scott Upton

    J Scott Upton

    28 dagar sedan

    One thing has not changed. You STILL get more for your money with Android.

  83. Cooke 125

    Cooke 125

    28 dagar sedan

    Contracts aren’t gone, I pay £70 a month for my iPhone XR I get a new phone every 2 years on contract

  84. Alex


    28 dagar sedan

    As you can clearly see, Apple still has to change anything in their design aside from corner shapes.

  85. Keanu Speeves

    Keanu Speeves

    28 dagar sedan

    The G1 was my first cell phone ever! I loved it at the time. I miss the keyboard typing, but that’s about it lol.



    28 dagar sedan

    I remember playing games on my moms old ipad

  87. dovydas bracas

    dovydas bracas

    28 dagar sedan

    am remeber playing snake on my first phone my first phone was nokia 1830 today is huavei honor 7s from 2017

  88. Rodrigo Jr

    Rodrigo Jr

    28 dagar sedan

    Oh, no! He's Mormon 🤐👀

  89. alex garcia

    alex garcia

    28 dagar sedan

    I have a note 20 ultra and I still can't type right in the screen keyboard. I had the Samsung phones that slid and had a physical keyboard till they stopped making them. I still wish they sold them. The first ones were horrible to type in as a guy with bigger hands I hated it. Now with the note 20 ultra is still a problem and that phone is huge!

  90. Alexander G Russo

    Alexander G Russo

    29 dagar sedan

    My sister got an iphone and in of my good buddies had the G1... I went straight for android after that and have been ever since.

  91. triobros 9824

    triobros 9824

    29 dagar sedan

    I used a I phone 6s and now I use a galixy S9+

  92. YouTube Account

    YouTube Account

    29 dagar sedan

    my first phone was a Moto e2 I have an iPhone 7 now

  93. lays.


    Månad sedan

    I am getting IPHONE hehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahehehehehehehehahahahahahahahhahahahahehehehehehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahahehehehe

  94. Wanted797


    Månad sedan

    I remember looking for a new smartphone in 2008, I tried the Blackberry storm and iPhone in a store. I knew the iPhone had got something so right immediately.

  95. Drishtant Rai

    Drishtant Rai

    Månad sedan

    I have to say onething about android and ios animations. While iOS animations feels smoother than on android they feel slow to me. Like why can't we tweak the animation speed on the iOS. Android lets you choose from 0.5 x to 10x which you will never use. Android animations are plenty smooth and way faster than iOS. Thats why if a midrange snapdragon phone didn't sttuter it feels faster than iphone 12 pro max as well to me. Every thing just opens up quickly like keyborad navigation, app switching , opening notifications and lot others. And on android flagships, they genuinely feels faster than any other iPhone and with new high refresh rate technology android is awesome to use.

  96. Pulkit Bhardwaj

    Pulkit Bhardwaj

    Månad sedan

    Who are apple haters??, many people do diss apple because of their prices but everyone will agree that apple started the smartphone trend

  97. Seiny 09

    Seiny 09

    Månad sedan

    I have an iPhone 6

    • tony


      28 dagar sedan

      Get a new phone bruh

  98. nout1972


    Månad sedan

    Call me crazy but I find this 1st gen iPhone the best looking smart phone ever. That shape, the small form factor and chrome edge trims look so timeless: modern and classic at the same time. Not to say steam punk, more like a sleek 50's/60's sport car, with chrome trims, but with modern technology. The iPhone 5 and 2016 SE come close. I really dislike the modern huge 'testosteroned' bezel-less smartphones. I hope Apple keeps the classic iPhone style somewhat alive with successors of the SE 2020.

  99. you CANNOT speak to me anyhow !

    you CANNOT speak to me anyhow !

    Månad sedan

    Chrome beats safari

  100. - n e b u l a -

    - n e b u l a -

    Månad sedan

    My first phone was a Samsung galaxy s3 and my current phone that I had just got Monday is a iPhone 8