I Started a FREE Pizza Restaurant Out Of My Tesla

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I CANNOT believe we pulled this off. We started a free pizza restaurant out of a Tesla. Let that sink in for just a moment. The oven was 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. We could've literally melted the car. But, somehow, it worked out and went rather smoothly. I did start smelling some melting at the beginning, but we fixed it. I want to give a huge shoutout to all the amazing people featured in this video. Thanks for stopping by and trying a quick slice. I LOVED meeting all of you. I think our overall pizza rating likely landed somewhere around the high 8's, which isn't too bad for pizza from a car. Let me know how you liked this video and whether we should do it again soon!


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  1. Nick DiGiovanni

    Nick DiGiovanni

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    SMACK that like button or I'll hunt you down. But seriously. If you won't do it for me, do it for Pesto.



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      Lol I just came here from your vid😂😂😂

    • sejfeb21


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      @Josh V shocking!

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    • Josh V

      Josh V

      2 dagar sedan

      Electric avenue.

    • Anthony Ruiz

      Anthony Ruiz

      2 dagar sedan

      causally saying I’ve been carrying around a propane tank so if I got into a accident that would be bad

  2. Bala S

    Bala S

    3 timmar sedan

    Every one is filling some kind of form bts...?

  3. Neon spicy on yt

    Neon spicy on yt

    3 timmar sedan

    The temperature should be 600

  4. Jurre bottema

    Jurre bottema

    7 timmar sedan

    I would kill to eat youre pizza

  5. Koneru Rooparishi

    Koneru Rooparishi

    9 timmar sedan

    a guy - giving the pizza 6.9😁 nick! looking like seriously dude 🥺😈😕 that guy again giving then 😅😬😳 9.6

  6. Sonne Odendaal

    Sonne Odendaal

    10 timmar sedan

    That one is so gay eww

  7. Oscelyn Rodrigues

    Oscelyn Rodrigues

    13 timmar sedan

    Don't just stick to PiZzA BrOUh do other stuff too and name it.... *Food Out of A Tesla*

  8. Sargent cheems

    Sargent cheems

    13 timmar sedan

    Guys did you know hitler only had 1 testicle? Plz don’t ban me SE-one

  9. Keenan Vasquez

    Keenan Vasquez

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  10. Keenan Vasquez

    Keenan Vasquez

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  11. Keenan Vasquez

    Keenan Vasquez

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    For the people who disliked, frick u for being mean to Pesto >:'(

  12. MLGB0Yz


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    Jesus is the greatest therapist of all time, all the others work for Satan

  13. Zunair Sharif

    Zunair Sharif

    21 timme sedan

    Funky Frunk Pizza

  14. VietVet


    22 timmar sedan

    Great idea amigos. We could call you pizza artisans.

  15. VietVet


    22 timmar sedan

    Red beet greens

  16. VietVet


    22 timmar sedan

    Yay Pesto.

  17. [NGC] Dozer

    [NGC] Dozer

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    Elon musk:💶💶💶💶💶💶💶📈📈📈📈

  18. Daily Dose

    Daily Dose

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    More videos like this please

  19. Darine Wael

    Darine Wael

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    Tesa pie the series

  20. Ramon Luna

    Ramon Luna

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    the way the camera man slapped the dough HAAHAAHHA

  21. Yaboo Poopoo

    Yaboo Poopoo

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    Series idea, pizza in the park?

  22. Kyler-Brawl stars

    Kyler-Brawl stars

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    nO mAsKs?!?!

  23. Sumit Bar

    Sumit Bar

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    Name it Pizza On Wheels

  24. MAD-Playz


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    he has a twin???

  25. Eddie Mangnusson grabler

    Eddie Mangnusson grabler

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    Wiwalla pesto

  26. Marcosisshort


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    impasta like imposter from among us funny laugh please

  27. Dxnielle B.

    Dxnielle B.

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    Call it tessie pie

  28. Louis Woolfrey

    Louis Woolfrey

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    Fun fact about Hawaiian pizza is that it actually isn’t Hawaiian it wasn’t thought of there in fact people in Hawaii despise it.

  29. Nikoohiko21


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    the boys in the comments. 69 hehe funny

  30. SHD tech

    SHD tech

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  31. Christopher Rosario

    Christopher Rosario

    Dag sedan

    You can rlly tell the type of person by the way they eat there pizza

  32. BHarlan


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    Love the Ooni Koda 16. The secret to the crispy crust is in the ultra-low zone. You get the crispy bottomed and the evenly cooked top. H/T to @Santabarbarabaker.

  33. GoJoeGo


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    *”Elon Musk”, wants your location.”*

  34. real saitama

    real saitama

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    I live in Massachusetts and there’s barley any light houses

  35. Hey there mamas

    Hey there mamas

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    Wow the pizza looks better than I make at home like it looks like a pizza that you actually buy at a store so keep it up make more pizzas maybe you can open a pizza shop that looks so good it’s better than the ones that we may close by the way I just androgen on the log but I think it will be very nice

  36. Hey there mamas

    Hey there mamas

    Dag sedan

    Hey I lived in busted for 3 years!

  37. Lord Shaggy

    Lord Shaggy

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    13:54 is that Kid Cannabis?

  38. Lazy Blazer

    Lazy Blazer

    Dag sedan

    I own a couple Ooni ovens and in my experience the best way to get that nice undercarriage is to crank the coals/gas on max high with the front door CLOSED. Give it about 20-25mins to let the stone get to temp. (700F+) Then cook pizza with front door OPEN, turning pizza every 15-30 seconds(depending on heat/flame intensity) until desired cook. If using coal/wood I would recommend using mostly coals, with some wood to get oven up to temp, then cook pizza with only coals until almost done, then add a few small pieces of wood to get a nice envelope of flame of the top for nice browning. Awesome vid, huge fan.

  39. Thamavrick Airsoft

    Thamavrick Airsoft

    2 dagar sedan

    Your mean I love I pineapple on pizza

    • Thamavrick Airsoft

      Thamavrick Airsoft

      2 dagar sedan

      Btw this is just a joke

  40. Dawn Ripper

    Dawn Ripper

    2 dagar sedan

    Too charred tbh

  41. Ninjaboy 12

    Ninjaboy 12

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    I think the whole reason Nick did this video was so he could get a car wash later 😆

  42. IceXLIV


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    Just casually tossing back broskis with the boy Bezos

  43. Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman

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    Nick do u often for real fire you're cameraman

  44. SavvygMatth3w XX

    SavvygMatth3w XX

    2 dagar sedan

    Pineapple is good on pizza

  45. Nermeen Zaidi

    Nermeen Zaidi

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    Tesla served pizza! Name for series

  46. Casey Leighton

    Casey Leighton

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    The electric slice name for this series

  47. OrbtialSand


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    elon: oh yeah its time to make a electric portable cooking oven

  48. Wyatt Semon

    Wyatt Semon

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    Pineapple does deserve to be on pizza!!

    • Wyatt Semon

      Wyatt Semon

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      @The Postal Dude Yes

    • The Postal Dude

      The Postal Dude

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  49. Shaunt


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    But Neapolitan always is a 6.8.....

  50. Hamahona Pirini

    Hamahona Pirini

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  51. Christy Caldwell

    Christy Caldwell

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    The hamster is probably the CEO of this business 😂

  52. Cheese United

    Cheese United

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    I really wish he got to see pesto get his pizza slice

  53. Nix


    2 dagar sedan

    Fun Fact: Hawaiian Pizza originated in Ontario, Canada

  54. A Normal person

    A Normal person

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    Poor mani

  55. jason vong

    jason vong

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    the name should be (port a pizza)

  56. Kahlil Page

    Kahlil Page

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    Poor many 😂

  57. Is-Ab Gaming

    Is-Ab Gaming

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    Why does he look like he is faking whenever he says i like that joke

  58. The white night

    The white night

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    Come to my house and do it

  59. FireBolt Gaming

    FireBolt Gaming

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    am i the only one who just noticed his eyes are 2 different colours

  60. Gaming Raichu

    Gaming Raichu

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    digiovanni's tesla pizzeria

  61. Addy Akins

    Addy Akins

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    the fuck was that intro "so please like the video and ill save a slice for pesto." LIKE BITCH YOU SAID "like the video or i wont feed pesto" IN A DIFFERENT WAY

  62. Gordon Blasphemy

    Gordon Blasphemy

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    Yes do it with a ford next time

  63. Faded Boltz

    Faded Boltz

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    I have an idea for the series name. The name is “Thunder pie”

  64. Wing Li

    Wing Li

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    Series name elite pie

  65. Jacob Riley

    Jacob Riley

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  66. Sun Flowers

    Sun Flowers

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    do it again or my hippo sad

  67. lil toenail

    lil toenail

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  68. Czar Arora

    Czar Arora

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    Why do u wear the same shirt in every video

  69. K.R Nathaniel

    K.R Nathaniel

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    Poor bannie

  70. Murtuza Ali Khan

    Murtuza Ali Khan

    3 dagar sedan

    Yes do that again pizza



    3 dagar sedan

    look at my iphone - Nick DiGiovanni

  72. Chibears326


    3 dagar sedan

    That was awesome dude . You gotta let the stone get hot for at least a Hour to 2 hrs . Make your own sauce it'll be a lot better . Use 2-3 different mozzarella too . Whole and low moisture mozzarella is perfect mix with some fresh mozzarella. But let the fresh mozzarella dry out a little bit . I'm half Sicilian and worked downtown Chicago at a family owned pizza place/fine dinning for 17 years . Love your honest opinion and no pineapple doesn't belong on pizza lol . But let the stone get hot for a minimum of a hour . You'll definitely have better results.

  73. LarryyLobsterr


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    Those girls wanted more than pizza 🥵🤣

  74. Gemma Gibbs

    Gemma Gibbs

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  75. Emily Brown

    Emily Brown

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    Most handsome guy I've ever seen honestly 😍

  76. Uchiha Kay

    Uchiha Kay

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    You need to do more of these, it's super good content 👌🏼

  77. cookiemonster


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    Ideas for series names: -ZaOnWheelz -ZipZa -Do you want a Pizza me? -Stop'n'Slice -Park&Pie (in a Tesla!) - the Traveling Telsa Pizza Pop-up -Nick D's pizza road trip (in a Tesla!) ((+please come to Toronto)) 🤓

  78. zack zapata

    zack zapata

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    I know she didn't say id rather have hot honey pizza rather than pineapples🤣🤌🏼

  79. Karasu


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  80. Simple Musings

    Simple Musings

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    What did a slice of pizza say to another slice of pizza... Piece

  81. Merc ML63 AMG

    Merc ML63 AMG

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    7:47 dog yelp

  82. payton bock

    payton bock

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    Nick must be STUPID RICH with the iphone and the tesla going up 1000 degrees

  83. Dark Fire Knight BG

    Dark Fire Knight BG

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    They're all in a parrarel universe where there is nothing called corona

    • TieDyeNinja


      3 dagar sedan

      lets face it. anyone who cares about getting corona is vaccinated at this point lol.

  84. Bug


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    This may be the 14th best channel i found in the shitty world of SE-one Shorts

  85. Mexican doge

    Mexican doge

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    This is true Tesla’s have a very big space senes it’s a electric car

  86. AbAti_ GhOuL

    AbAti_ GhOuL

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    I'm Italian

  87. Pablo


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    *orders Tesla and small oven/

  88. Knightlight


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    know I wanna chug a beer with jeff bezoz ☹️

  89. InsertNameHere


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    I’m so sad, I thought he was going to power the oven with the Tesla 😔

  90. Raiden


    4 dagar sedan

    Pineapple can be good if you counter the sweetness with something salty like dry ham or sum you should try it Apparently one of the people who rated it said that... I'm sad... I must consult with the elder gods

  91. Putra Manshah

    Putra Manshah

    4 dagar sedan

    I ate pineapple on pizza yesterday *Pls don't be mad at me but it was good*

  92. evolutionofwords


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    Dude that crust was burnt. People were just being nice because it’s Nick & they are on camera. Insane that he made a pizza out of a car though. That’s the impressive points.

  93. gamalina


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    What the hell man I love yo pizza but I wonder why your cooking it so long

  94. Dulcie Johnson

    Dulcie Johnson

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    0:24 excuse me?

  95. Panzerabwehrkanone PAK-40

    Panzerabwehrkanone PAK-40

    4 dagar sedan

    Fun fact for anyone who wants pizza next time Nick does it: Sharks kill 6 humans per year, while humans kill 11,407 sharks per hour..

  96. Alvi is a bot

    Alvi is a bot

    4 dagar sedan

    For a moment i thought his brother him

  97. cedrick tapawan

    cedrick tapawan

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    im so hungy an im watching this my tummy:GIMMEEEEEE!!!!!

  98. SimplyInnit


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    I subbed for pesto c;

  99. janitorial-engineer


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    Illegal to drive with a propane tank? How else do you get it home?

  100. Hussain Bosan

    Hussain Bosan

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    5:32 lol Ben askren x nick collab