I went back on FIFA18...


  1. JustKay


    3 dagar sedan


  2. Olluska


    5 dagar sedan

    Year when everyone played Fortnite :DDDD

  3. gvshnvsk


    6 dagar sedan

    I am positive that the fifa 17/18 (forgot which it was) the bailly - smalling - butland trio was the best defensive triangle to ever exist in fifa. Also gotta say begovic was insaaaaane

  4. Wxrsly


    13 dagar sedan

    Yo nick pope grown 3 inches since then

  5. ItsMeCodyw


    14 dagar sedan

    Can I have you Fifa 20 details lol

  6. Nasser Fun

    Nasser Fun

    19 dagar sedan

    Why i'm crying 😭

  7. Felix Lopez

    Felix Lopez

    26 dagar sedan

    I just thought about imagine these cards become similar to nfts😂😂😂

  8. EMIC


    29 dagar sedan

    Wow. Fifa 17 was the start of the benster

  9. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    Månad sedan

    On fifa 18 i packed him and sold him for 120k was that good?



    Månad sedan

    I miss the journey they need to do something similar for fifa 22

  11. Mohammed


    Månad sedan

    The good old days

  12. Human Adi Darmawan

    Human Adi Darmawan

    Månad sedan

    cant wait for 2025 and talk about joe gomez

  13. sentnerxs -

    sentnerxs -

    Månad sedan

    fifa 18 the goat

  14. Top Shot

    Top Shot

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    The large rayon singly sip because paint routinely command behind a merciful turnover. soft, damp bomber

  15. Cejiboy 1

    Cejiboy 1

    Månad sedan

    i do fifa on my channel guys

  16. Fundings GT

    Fundings GT

    Månad sedan

    I really miss this game, it’s so much better than 19/20/21

  17. Chuwmuma Mark

    Chuwmuma Mark

    Månad sedan

    Back when skill move was not everything

  18. Tina Manning

    Tina Manning

    Månad sedan

    Don’t say the Lords name in vain

  19. Aaron Vasey

    Aaron Vasey

    Månad sedan

    Drinking game. Take a shot every time Nick says ‘man’.

  20. Callums Corner

    Callums Corner

    Månad sedan

    he says "man" so much

  21. M10thegoat


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  22. l its newt l

    l its newt l

    Månad sedan

    The amount of times he said Man while talking about the Neymar was ridiculous

  23. Brian Cateez

    Brian Cateez

    Månad sedan

    Music of walkout of Bobby Moore ?

  24. Jacob Sun

    Jacob Sun

    Månad sedan

    I still play this game and I still use goretzka and kimmich

  25. David


    Månad sedan

    Can u dm me on instagram? @david.mergen Can i get ur cards

  26. Steady


    Månad sedan

    Nick Pope was 6’4?

  27. Nesto L

    Nesto L

    Månad sedan

    Started watching your vids during this Fifa. Bring me back to these days!

  28. John Lux

    John Lux

    Månad sedan

    does anyone still play world cup ultimate team????

  29. Scarlet Powell

    Scarlet Powell

    Månad sedan

    *"OH MY GOODNESS"* *"this is the thing u need" "**Fifa21.BuZz**"* *"There are no limits here, Am I right?”* *"完璧"*

  30. yelingcobra43


    Månad sedan

    how many times are you going to say man?

  31. David Harris

    David Harris

    Månad sedan

    Why tf is there so many mid rolls?

  32. Nigel Thomas

    Nigel Thomas

    Månad sedan

    Remember packing tots De Bruyne in my guaranteed pl pack

  33. El_yisu_on_keys


    Månad sedan

    Low low wr with 2 skills for pirlo, huh?

  34. Ph4ntm 209

    Ph4ntm 209

    Månad sedan

    I really wish fifa was similar to how they were. The game is going backwards and every year it gets worse

    • Kittitian Productions

      Kittitian Productions

      Månad sedan

      because they have too many cards nowadays

  35. Sam Huang

    Sam Huang

    Månad sedan

    Ahh back when META icons where actually attainable....

  36. Daniel Pereira

    Daniel Pereira

    Månad sedan

    This was the last good fifa. Such good memories from it

  37. Vivioux


    Månad sedan

    Idea for a game: Take a shot everytime Nick says "man", or "bro".

  38. hi F u

    hi F u

    Månad sedan

    September:I went back on fifa 98

  39. Maxlloyd


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  40. AlexDanger


    Månad sedan

    Is know one gonna talk about the fact that he says man every second

  41. Julian Mora

    Julian Mora

    Månad sedan

    ceo of "man"

  42. Salty Soul

    Salty Soul

    Månad sedan

    Worst fifa ever

  43. Jakob Engel

    Jakob Engel

    Månad sedan

    This Fifa was so good! I had like David Villa's best card ever, 99 CR7 and tots son in attack. Was the most fun team ever for me.

  44. Aflah Amin

    Aflah Amin

    Månad sedan

    FIFA17-FIFA19 is the best to play

  45. Sam Vartanyan

    Sam Vartanyan

    Månad sedan

    men man men man man man man gawd damn bruh how u gon only say that the entire video

  46. 70cc airsal

    70cc airsal

    Månad sedan

    Jesus navas with 28 defending lol

  47. dymd3z


    Månad sedan

    Speaking of rat, you overdid it with the ads on this video, holy fuck man

  48. Sid the Sloth

    Sid the Sloth

    Månad sedan

    There hasn’t been a better fifa than this one yet

  49. Dillon Postma

    Dillon Postma

    Månad sedan

    That Buffon was so shit I put him in the Juve portion of the Serie A SBC lmfao

  50. Aavaz Mohammed

    Aavaz Mohammed

    Månad sedan

    bro could u play one or two games on fifa 18 . Best fifa

  51. Boomtowndogs


    Månad sedan

    TOTY Harry Kane, op low driven, miss that

    • Aflah Amin

      Aflah Amin

      Månad sedan

      His all shooting type is good

  52. I Am A Porg51

    I Am A Porg51

    Månad sedan

    First ever ultimate team, Nostalgia 😭

  53. ItsHockeyTime420


    Månad sedan

    Don't miss fitness.

  54. Scott Huskie

    Scott Huskie

    Månad sedan

    I loved r9 and Guilit when I could afford to do them now what’s the point

  55. Phiinx 91

    Phiinx 91

    Månad sedan

    the start of the rat yall dont even know ben yedder has been good since he was at toulouse always had 5* 4* with a strong link to braithwait

  56. Oscar Atherton

    Oscar Atherton

    Månad sedan

    Reminds me of simpler times

  57. Sour Swift

    Sour Swift

    Månad sedan

    I still go on this fifa consistently, it’s actually kinda underrated but I feel like in FUT it was too easy to get good players

    • Sour Swift

      Sour Swift

      Månad sedan

      And by consistency I mean like once or twice a month

  58. Azim


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  59. MechaMan_


    Månad sedan

    That Cavani league SBC is forever GOATed for me bro

  60. zara khan

    zara khan

    Månad sedan

    RIP!! fifa gets worse each year. man good old days when random 98 and 99 cards would come out

  61. Guate


    2 månader sedan

    Only fifa I wasted dumb amounts of money on, had to have Prime R9 and Prime Dihno

  62. GorzKarmaWillCome90


    2 månader sedan

    Once a rat, you will always remain a rat nick Don't ever forget, karma will come soon after you . Keep promoting this rigged casino game to kids !

  63. Townsey ST

    Townsey ST

    2 månader sedan

    Bro, bring back some more of the market update videos please 🙏 keep up the hard work 👍

  64. E. Rey

    E. Rey

    2 månader sedan

    Damn more adds than content already 🍖🍕

  65. Warrior Angel

    Warrior Angel

    2 månader sedan

    Do FIFA 19 bro

  66. Brandon Allen

    Brandon Allen

    2 månader sedan

    who remembers the 89 kasper schmeichel inform with 80+ on every single stat from fifa 17

  67. ilyas B

    ilyas B

    2 månader sedan

    Lol I remember that literally everybody had tots ramos and tots azpilicueta as center backs

    • Danny Villamizar

      Danny Villamizar

      Månad sedan

      tots ramos and prime rio*

  68. Filip Duh

    Filip Duh

    2 månader sedan

    My second fav fifa

  69. Mato Plays

    Mato Plays

    2 månader sedan

    Man those end of an era hit different.

  70. Amr Atalla

    Amr Atalla

    2 månader sedan

    what the song at 10:00 guys?

  71. Ethan Jaworski

    Ethan Jaworski

    2 månader sedan

    Honestly this was my first fifa I played Ultimate team and I did not play much but all I remember was I had this Sterling card that I loved it might have been POTM I’m pretty sure I submitted my whole team for his sbc... Edit: wow I remember doing that eoae Carrick because I’m a United fan lol.

  72. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    2 månader sedan

    Genuinly was the last good fifa. Ea are a shit show

  73. Mitch Jackson

    Mitch Jackson

    2 månader sedan

    Can you do this as a weekly thing where you go on old versions of FUT?

  74. XJokermanX


    2 månader sedan

    Nick I never understand why you always leave so many coins on your accounts. Just open packs

  75. XJokermanX


    2 månader sedan

    Yes nick

  76. Harry G

    Harry G

    2 månader sedan

    Literally redownloaded this for the journey last night. Coincidence, I think not

  77. Simon Goodwin

    Simon Goodwin

    2 månader sedan

    FIFA really has gone backwards

  78. Florent Steijvers

    Florent Steijvers

    2 månader sedan

    Rui costa was insane this year!

  79. LM


    2 månader sedan

    Seeing Goretzka at Schalke hurts. Now we fucking relegated

    • Rio Harratt

      Rio Harratt

      Månad sedan


    • Tobi


      Månad sedan

      it hurts man, but Schalke come back stronger❣️

  80. Andreas Andersson Hansen

    Andreas Andersson Hansen

    2 månader sedan

    The fact that Buffon got a end of an era in FIFA 18 and are still played for Juventus this season

  81. SVW Typ

    SVW Typ

    2 månader sedan

    Pre patch 18 best FIFA ever.

  82. what ?

    what ?

    2 månader sedan

    My favorite fifa! Great memories

  83. Tim Beerens

    Tim Beerens

    2 månader sedan

    Tbh this one of my favorite fifa's. This was made for my playstyle, easy elite 3. Now I can only get gold 1, I get countered all the time.

    • Never Mind

      Never Mind

      2 månader sedan

      Same.. This dribbling and through ball meta is awful.. Its like a fifa street

  84. Jack Gibbs

    Jack Gibbs

    2 månader sedan

    Nick pope in this game was 6ft4, now he’s 6ft7....

    • Daniel Pereira

      Daniel Pereira

      Månad sedan

      Koulibally was 6"5 in this fifa I think and now he is 6"2 ahah

    • Abdessamad Boulahrouz

      Abdessamad Boulahrouz

      Månad sedan

      Its Ea ...

  85. Juhoshaa


    2 månader sedan

    Interesting how Pirlo had only 2 star skills on fifa 18 but 5 star as an icon

  86. Matt B

    Matt B

    2 månader sedan

    20.28 lol

  87. VA1892


    2 månader sedan

    Rip good league en icon sbc’s 😔

  88. J 2wavvy

    J 2wavvy

    2 månader sedan

    I had festival football ronaldo this game miss his days at Real Madrid

  89. Zeref


    2 månader sedan

    That futties Lozano card was disgusting, used him at ST on 4 chem and still felt too good

  90. Avish Chand

    Avish Chand

    2 månader sedan

    4 star sm Marcelo is a crime lmao.

  91. Daniel Shrem

    Daniel Shrem

    2 månader sedan

    This fifa was the last fifa that wasnt toxic and shitty gameplay, you could play with players with 60 balance and they were good

    • Never Mind

      Never Mind

      2 månader sedan

      It was toxic but the gameplay was definitely much more enjoyable.. The meta in 19-21 is just awful

  92. JW989


    2 månader sedan

    Nick Pope was 6ft 4 in FIFA 18. Errrm...He's 6ft 3 on Burnley's website, but 6 ft 7 on FIFA 21. He's said in interviews he bangs his head now and then on doors (they're 6 ft 6) so he's probably that height. How does he grow 3 inches on FIFA without getting sexually excited?

  93. officialr akin

    officialr akin

    2 månader sedan

    anyone noticed they made pope 6ft4 in fifa 18 lol

  94. BasketCase9483


    2 månader sedan

    "Retro". If he thinks this is retro, I wonder what he would call FIFA 98.

  95. Sith NSY

    Sith NSY

    2 månader sedan

    I never played 18 I stopped playing at fifa 14 and started again in 19 the game looks so odd

  96. Josh Leader

    Josh Leader

    2 månader sedan

    Since when did fifa 18 show in game stats on the card

  97. Graham C

    Graham C

    2 månader sedan

    18 was the last fifa that was even remotely fun. played with futties rashford, tots firmino, a bunch of french world cup cards; packed tots sane in a guaranteed pack... fastest player i've ever used on any fut.

    • Jacob Sun

      Jacob Sun

      Månad sedan

      @Graham C xbox or ps

    • Graham C

      Graham C

      Månad sedan

      @Jacob Sun yup

    • Jacob Sun

      Jacob Sun

      Månad sedan

      do you still have the game?

  98. Swaraj Sawant

    Swaraj Sawant

    2 månader sedan


  99. B9nDM11


    2 månader sedan

    Anyone else notice that Nick Pope has grown about 3 inches?

  100. sergiojrguerra


    2 månader sedan

    I packed TOTS Neymar twice this year I couldn’t believe it