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How I stay productive all day.

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  1. Matt D'Avella

    Matt D'Avella

    Månad sedan

    Well this was a very different kind of video for me but I had so much fun making it! Might do similar vids like this in the future if you’re into it.

    • Robinson


      12 dagar sedan

      Loved it!

    • Neylú Graterol

      Neylú Graterol

      15 dagar sedan

      Super into it! Loved this video, Matt!

    • Davide Diosono

      Davide Diosono

      21 dag sedan

      @AxxL L

    • Davide Diosono

      Davide Diosono

      21 dag sedan


    • Salvador Olague & Gratitude

      Salvador Olague & Gratitude

      24 dagar sedan

      Hey dude, love your sincerity! What do you use in your mac to track your to dos or task. . .is that an app or a website?

  2. Jean-François Bec

    Jean-François Bec

    11 timmar sedan

    It's a refreshin video :) Thank you for this ! It is good to see your routine, your up and downs and your coffe grinder!

  3. Rahul S

    Rahul S

    12 timmar sedan

    19:23 when you microwave food, all nutrients are gone

  4. Citre -

    Citre -

    13 timmar sedan

    I have to learn 6 pages of psychologic theories for my exam tomorrow. Time to watch a video about how I can be productive instead of actually doing shit.

  5. David Aiad

    David Aiad

    Dag sedan

    I’m exhausted just watching this

  6. ST3MOS


    Dag sedan

    Makes coffee the hardest way then makes a video about productivity lol



    2 dagar sedan

    I like this channel



    2 dagar sedan

    The end was pretty👍

  9. jennajennajenna


    2 dagar sedan

    "This is what leads people to burnout -- you work your ass off all day and 'I didn't get near where I was supposed to be.'" SO TRUE.

  10. Reece Till

    Reece Till

    3 dagar sedan

    Please make more videos like this! It was really cool seeing all of this, it reminded me that nobody is perfect! Thanks dude!🙏

  11. ThatGuyKrishan


    3 dagar sedan

    0:17 Thank god, i am not alone.....😆

  12. Junie


    3 dagar sedan

    But what about saturday and sunday? You work on these days as well?

  13. Shaurya Rana

    Shaurya Rana

    3 dagar sedan

    Empty stomach and having coffee. Isn’t good right??

  14. Hugo van Duivenboden

    Hugo van Duivenboden

    5 dagar sedan

    get a commandante grinder, it wont dissapoint you

  15. Maria Eduarda Gomes

    Maria Eduarda Gomes

    5 dagar sedan

    bro... that's my life. I do a bunch of stuff and most of the days I reorganize stuff... at the end of the week is all done, and that's what matters!

  16. Adson Mettler

    Adson Mettler

    5 dagar sedan

    You need more emotion in your life Matt, you need kids!💪😆 I was thinking, I would love to have again that routine that I can schedule and follow it. But since I had my daughter, three years ago, things changed a lot. I got crazy many time, but now I used to it. As a filmmaker I decided today, after I wachted your video, to vlog. And the purpose is only for recording moments and life. But I thought, wow to vlog like Matt it would be just quite harder having a kid at home! kkkkkk. Great video, great ideas, great content, thanks a lot! From Brazil!👊

  17. Iris Gonzalez

    Iris Gonzalez

    5 dagar sedan

    The whimsical fish evidently x-ray because nail admittedly annoy by a unwritten piccolo. voracious, chilly lipstick

  18. A.J. Hernandez

    A.J. Hernandez

    6 dagar sedan

    How to not be productive.

  19. Mario Neacă

    Mario Neacă

    6 dagar sedan

    Love u guys. Awesome

  20. muckrubl1


    7 dagar sedan

    what is the brand of manual coffe machine ?

  21. royaleBlack


    8 dagar sedan

    How are you

  22. Анна Воробушек

    Анна Воробушек

    8 dagar sedan

    I just realised what kind of relationships I would love to have...

  23. Laura


    10 dagar sedan

    That moment when the Instagram feed shows the the picture Peter McKinnon edited in his last video 🔥

  24. Scribbler1382


    10 dagar sedan

    What program was on your macbook screen showing your course modules and such?

  25. Natajanae Redman

    Natajanae Redman

    10 dagar sedan

    I dont know why but your channel is a daily routine for me, plus u have changed my life alot and some others

  26. Lisa Lammertink

    Lisa Lammertink

    10 dagar sedan

    This video really helped me relax. I've been feeling this knot in my stomach for a few days, or like weeks (on and off). I constantly have the feeling that I'm not doing enough because I feel like I'm not making enough progress in my life and in my studies. But seeing that even you can't always finish everything that you want to finish in a day, puts my mind at ease. Thank you Matt and Natalie! Also thank you for all the tips! Gonna try them out for sure!

  27. Afonso Lamy

    Afonso Lamy

    11 dagar sedan

    step 1: blast wes watson every morning during breakfast

  28. Jason Evangelista

    Jason Evangelista

    11 dagar sedan

    "I'm not upset with you. I'm just disappointed in you." #classic

  29. manofglass _

    manofglass _

    12 dagar sedan

    This Video was so funny :D

  30. Ken Drew

    Ken Drew

    12 dagar sedan

    Matt - how do you take care of your neck and back while working on a laptop when your hunched over for hours. I work from a laptop too.

  31. Bautista Lugones

    Bautista Lugones

    12 dagar sedan

    by far my favourite video❤️ greetings from Argentina!

  32. Samuel Koshy

    Samuel Koshy

    13 dagar sedan

  33. Polina Galaktionova

    Polina Galaktionova

    13 dagar sedan

    Find to yourself someone who will be looking at you as Matt looks at Natalie

  34. Harshwardhan singh

    Harshwardhan singh

    14 dagar sedan

    Nice house, you're very smart.

  35. Ronnel M. Dichoso

    Ronnel M. Dichoso

    15 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite videos i watched from you!

  36. Matheus Felipe

    Matheus Felipe

    16 dagar sedan

    There's nothing too incredible in one day . We create long goals to achieve in around 2,3 years . That's how the great things happen .

  37. l m

    l m

    16 dagar sedan

    Pablo & Rusty's coffee is fine but if you're in Sydney you've gotta try the beans from Single O, Sample or The New Paradigm!

  38. Justin Konikow

    Justin Konikow

    16 dagar sedan

    So well put together. Showing UP and doing the important work is everything. Amazing video as always my man.

  39. Eric Piralla

    Eric Piralla

    17 dagar sedan

    I think resting is a huge part of the process.

  40. Jomir


    17 dagar sedan

    Interesting video!

  41. Ghigla


    17 dagar sedan

    You need an electric toothbrush.

  42. Matthew Neary

    Matthew Neary

    17 dagar sedan

    Matt, here I was thinking I was the only one struggling to get things done despite all the productivity know-how! That nugget of wisdom around burn out is how I feel WAY to often. Thanks for sharing this!

  43. Lwazi Sbu Live

    Lwazi Sbu Live

    17 dagar sedan

    7:08 My brain every time I say I'm gonna commit to my shcadule..

  44. Kaylynn Hunt

    Kaylynn Hunt

    18 dagar sedan

    This inspired me so very much ✨ Massive THANKYOU :)

  45. Tasneem Zeat

    Tasneem Zeat

    18 dagar sedan

    Anyone knows that website he's using for his to do list?

  46. TulioSamayoa


    18 dagar sedan

    Thank you

  47. Floor Polder

    Floor Polder

    18 dagar sedan

    thanks for showing such a realistic day.

  48. Geremy Grey

    Geremy Grey

    18 dagar sedan

    You just reminded me why I don't film in 4k , regardless, thanks for the insight on your day man. It's always nice to see how human your inspirations can be.

  49. Geremy Grey

    Geremy Grey

    18 dagar sedan

    8:45, hi Chris Hau

  50. eurodaiz


    18 dagar sedan

    Matt, don't waste your money on Vit C and Multis. check sites like for more targeted and proven supps

  51. Emil Cioran

    Emil Cioran

    19 dagar sedan

    I love watching people with perfect lives, house, clothes, wives, cars, interior, pc, shoes, cups. So Instagram so real :)

  52. Heather Rider Coaching

    Heather Rider Coaching

    19 dagar sedan

    What squarespace template did you use?

  53. Mehrdad Haghighi

    Mehrdad Haghighi

    19 dagar sedan

    You two are cute together

  54. Mizael Flores

    Mizael Flores

    19 dagar sedan

    Idk if I can trust a man who uses his index finger for the space bar..

  55. Alex Murray

    Alex Murray

    19 dagar sedan

    the alarm sound triggers my fight or flight I stg

  56. ArchiWorldRUS


    19 dagar sedan

    Приходит народ к американцу: -Слушай, а как ты остаёшься продуктивным целый день? Ну американец отвечает: -Ну это не расскажешь, это показывать надо

  57. First Last

    First Last

    19 dagar sedan

    Step 1: can’t be mentally ill

  58. Jonatha Assis

    Jonatha Assis

    19 dagar sedan

    Dude, I just wat watching this video and thinking: whats kind of world this guy lives? is there no pandemic in his country? So, i really wanna say that Australia its a lucky place. Here in Brazil we are living the worstier the moment of the pandemic. we need help, immediately...

  59. Alireza Shahmoradi

    Alireza Shahmoradi

    19 dagar sedan

    13:55 look at the clock on the wall; it doesn't look like 4!😂❤

  60. Marc James

    Marc James

    20 dagar sedan

    You overcook chicken, straight to jail! Undercook? Also, straight to jail.

  61. Misha Scovill

    Misha Scovill

    20 dagar sedan

    I really appreciated this video, especially showing the real aspects of not getting done as much as you had hoped.

  62. Cheryl Larsen

    Cheryl Larsen

    20 dagar sedan

    So fun! I came here from seeing you on my favorite vlogger’s channel, Peter McKinnon! You’re great!

  63. Alex Old

    Alex Old

    20 dagar sedan

    Thanks for all of your videos. I only recently stumbled onto your channel and I have really gotten a lot from it. You deliver your material/message in a really calm, concise and easy to follow way.

  64. XDFlow - Story

    XDFlow - Story

    20 dagar sedan

    I love your camera quality man

  65. Simon H.

    Simon H.

    20 dagar sedan

    Vitamin C supplement? Come on man... You don't need to waste your money on that, look it up.

  66. Shirshak Tiwari

    Shirshak Tiwari

    21 dag sedan

    "Just questioning life in general" I feel you bro😂

  67. KenyelxoTV


    21 dag sedan

    WHAT WAS IT?????

  68. Ario Pratomo

    Ario Pratomo

    21 dag sedan

    OMG, Australian Tim Tam!! The real ones!. (Sorry, the ones we have here in Indonesia sucks!) . Love the Video!

  69. Olivier Rhéaume

    Olivier Rhéaume

    21 dag sedan

    Do you give/sell/trade/borrow books?

  70. schwamf5


    21 dag sedan

    how did he turn off the candles with the lightswitch?!?!?

  71. Jozef Kazola

    Jozef Kazola

    21 dag sedan

    Flouride free toothpaste!! Lol

  72. Bella Poof

    Bella Poof

    21 dag sedan

    Chicken soup! It's the best with nutrients

    • Bella Poof

      Bella Poof

      21 dag sedan

      It's important to use the whole chicken and the back of the chicken has lots of the skin one... collagen :)

  73. Kristupas


    21 dag sedan

    Love everything what you doing!

  74. Giuliano Girelli

    Giuliano Girelli

    21 dag sedan

    great video Matt, never tried to use a moka to make coffee ? game changer :-)

  75. AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    21 dag sedan

    Pro tip: use a drill (if you have one lying around) to spin the grinder! (The chuck screws right where the handle connects) I used this trick for a long time before I invested in a bigger/fancier grinder... but then again, manual grinding might be your secret to those biceps 💪

  76. Pablo


    21 dag sedan

    Whenever the minimalism drives you to eat re-heated food just for being sooner on a computer, I completely disagree with your culture, cooking food, and eating fresh food and enjoying that moment with your can be the most amazing part of the day...I dont agree with that akward to be "functional with your time" but leave aside the fact of eating fresh cooked food

  77. Michał Brambor

    Michał Brambor

    22 dagar sedan

    realness of this video is beautiful

  78. Thierry


    22 dagar sedan

    Me: Nice! a video on productivity! The video: 20 minutes long... Me: Well here goes my day again instead of homework. XD

    • Thierry


      22 dagar sedan

      Well i watched the whole thing, didnt skip a second, it's been a long time ago that i enjoyed a video this much

  79. Kate Hồ

    Kate Hồ

    22 dagar sedan

    You make me feel more motivated in my bad times Thank you so much

  80. Anand Khatri

    Anand Khatri

    22 dagar sedan

    Starting day with pills.. That's not good

  81. Roby Diamond

    Roby Diamond

    22 dagar sedan

    The secret to big biceps is a manual coffee grinder

  82. Boris


    23 dagar sedan

    Cute couple.

  83. Joseph Vijay

    Joseph Vijay

    23 dagar sedan

    Matt after u moved to Australia your present home doesnt look minimalistic like your California home change it everything we expect only a great minimalism from you

  84. kmzxtool


    23 dagar sedan

    After buying so many coffee brewing methods, the Aeropress is my favorite method for workday use. Fantastic/simple device.

  85. juanca flores

    juanca flores

    23 dagar sedan

    Hey HOW do u compress your files for editing? Do you make proxys or something like that?

  86. Ivy Rojas

    Ivy Rojas

    23 dagar sedan

    Man that is a good life! Working from home drinking coffee

  87. Solomon George

    Solomon George

    23 dagar sedan

    How to Stay productive each day 1. Walk up early 🕒 2. Have a to-do list 3. Schedule item to the time 4. Get to work early 5. Don't eat early 6. Prepare your meal on the weekend 7. Avoid Social Media in the daytime 8. Be consistent and stay focus 9. Take a 20-minute break for every 2hours of work 10. Eat your first meal around 11 am 11. Check your to-do list to confirm if everything is okay 12. Sleep early (mental health is important) 13. Stop procrastinating

    • KimNga Thai

      KimNga Thai

      8 timmar sedan

      @Solomon George this is so strange, as in Asian countries we always get advises from the doctors that we should never miss breakfast as it is the most important meal in the day to give you energy for working. By the way, thanks for your summary

    • Solomon George

      Solomon George

      9 dagar sedan

      when you eat very early, your body will start relaxing. It's proven that your early 90 minutes in the morning can produce better results when put to work than your 180 minutes in the afternoon.

    • Ícaro Lima

      Ícaro Lima

      9 dagar sedan

      don't eat early? why?

    • Roger Perkins

      Roger Perkins

      12 dagar sedan

      Legit great advice

  88. Alexa Nieto

    Alexa Nieto

    24 dagar sedan

    How don't you hurt your neck and back while working all day long on your laptop? I'm a designer and that's a big no no on the posture 😅

  89. L F

    L F

    24 dagar sedan

    In Portuguese one can read your name as hazelnut Mat, Just thought you should be aware of that

  90. Envela Castel

    Envela Castel

    24 dagar sedan

    Great vid! How many days off do you give yourself? How is your week constructed? How do you deal with procrastination? (so many questions)

  91. Cassie Amber

    Cassie Amber

    24 dagar sedan

    Add greens to your lunch!

  92. Josie Carpenter-Lewis

    Josie Carpenter-Lewis

    24 dagar sedan

    If anyone can grind beans it’s Matt! Clearly the gyms been blessing him 💪

  93. Cornélia Eléanore

    Cornélia Eléanore

    25 dagar sedan

    This should be an Ali Abdaal title xD

  94. Yan Jay

    Yan Jay

    25 dagar sedan

    I just wanna're videos are so well shot!!! It is just so nice to look at even without context

  95. Ricky B.F

    Ricky B.F

    25 dagar sedan

    Coffee addiction loll

  96. Hax0r Bugan

    Hax0r Bugan

    25 dagar sedan

    How did you get so many subs? Thats crazy!

  97. John Future

    John Future

    25 dagar sedan

    Hello,, I'm from California 34 yrs old single gay,, you?????,,.

  98. Kei


    26 dagar sedan

    I was cracking up watching you grind your coffee because I have the same grinder to bring on trips. It's a freaking workout. Lol

  99. Maia G.V.

    Maia G.V.

    26 dagar sedan

    i truly loved how realistic this was. i consider myself to be very good at productivity but i recently realized that it's normal to need more time for certain tasks, or to have something get in the way

  100. Emelie Boss

    Emelie Boss

    26 dagar sedan

    Literally wasting my time not studying, and instead watching "How to stop procrastinating" and "How I stay productive all day". I am an idiot.