Woman takes rescue dog to work. Predictably, he starts yelling at the boss.

Woman takes rescue dog to work. Predictably, he starts yelling at the boss.

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  1. Mrtaco5445


    8 timmar sedan

    Who is geo and why do they beat animals??

  2. inosingenglish


    11 timmar sedan

    The boss is really nice though to let her bring her dog to work.

  3. HemiOcentric


    16 timmar sedan

    Gold doesn't always come from underground.

  4. angrybadger616


    Dag sedan

    Love sent to everybody who rescues animals and gives them the lives they deserve.

  5. Dale Boxsell

    Dale Boxsell

    Dag sedan

    Call the pound.

  6. FireChaser Sparkles

    FireChaser Sparkles

    Dag sedan

    He's just a sweet old man!

  7. Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Dag sedan

    He has a v Beutiful smile

  8. Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon

    Dag sedan

    He loves back rubs from the boss

  9. Lucas Mills

    Lucas Mills

    Dag sedan

    If I had a dog at my job it'd be the best job in the world. So lucky

  10. Michael Welch

    Michael Welch

    Dag sedan

    ROTFLMAO when he was yelling at the boss he's an awesome dog.

  11. Karen Isak

    Karen Isak

    Dag sedan

    Absolutely the BEST VIDEO of the day

  12. Jerry Bear

    Jerry Bear

    Dag sedan

    Good dog....

  13. Denise Vallee

    Denise Vallee

    2 dagar sedan

    What a sweet, precious puppers!! Live your best life Willie! Looks like you’re in a place that you can now..Thank goodness for your family!! 🥰🥰😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  14. T S

    T S

    2 dagar sedan

    Love that your husband carries the fog around in his back. I carry my cat around that way.

  15. Roger S

    Roger S

    2 dagar sedan

    I hope Willie lives to hundred!!

  16. DA H

    DA H

    2 dagar sedan

    Who would down vote this? There are enough problems and sadness in the world without being negative for no reason.... thanks for sharing a beautiful story of love conquering all...fighting dogs can be tricky to rehab and he is a TOTAL GEM! What a life he finally has...



    2 dagar sedan

    Pitbulls are the best dog's.

  18. Mishelle Karn

    Mishelle Karn

    2 dagar sedan

    Now this is an amazing story! Such a sweet boy!

  19. Drone Nuts

    Drone Nuts

    3 dagar sedan

    That bought a tear to my eye, glad he found a good home

  20. Dee_xx


    3 dagar sedan

    Cutest sound @2:49 !! wuhrrrrrr He is so communicative and funny.

  21. Captain Man

    Captain Man

    3 dagar sedan

    He's running it his way

  22. Inee Balagtas

    Inee Balagtas

    3 dagar sedan

    OMG the baby just wants attention! Baby that is not how you ask for loves but we'll give it to you anyway!

  23. Vigilence


    3 dagar sedan

    Poor thing got his balls cut off.

  24. Ash_ Kashmere

    Ash_ Kashmere

    3 dagar sedan

    Willie and his gf tho😍

  25. Demona Savant

    Demona Savant

    3 dagar sedan

    Just so everyone knows, that's in no way shape or form a pitbull, likely a bully or mix. He has the cutest lil face tho I'm happy he living the good life now, he deserves it ✌️

  26. Not Interested

    Not Interested

    4 dagar sedan

    Your boss is awesome.

  27. Itachi


    4 dagar sedan


  28. Bitch Titties

    Bitch Titties

    4 dagar sedan

    I like this channel. This is a good channel. 🙂❤️

  29. Locutus von Borg

    Locutus von Borg

    4 dagar sedan

    i can tell you whats going to happen. at some day he dies. it will be a very very sad day. but you wanna fill the hugh gap with a new animal, most likly from a shelter or so. and that is a very good thing, because willie had such a very very good life at the end. yes, its sad, but there is no reason to be sad, cause when he dies he will be very old and then its time to pass on. there will always be an animal out there who is in need of a loving family. they are no replacement, they are a new chapter of happiness and kindness and more over a new chapter for the animal to finally experience love.

  30. Jack Snootz

    Jack Snootz

    4 dagar sedan

    He can finally be a dog and be happy........how someone can mistreat a dog is beyond my comprehension! Dogs will be ur best friend if u show them love!

  31. undetermined mushroom

    undetermined mushroom

    4 dagar sedan

    God this dog seems like a menis. Yelling at people and demanding pets. What a heathen!😤

  32. Seventyseven Gems

    Seventyseven Gems

    4 dagar sedan

    I'm glad willie found a good safe home

  33. Jimmy James

    Jimmy James

    5 dagar sedan

    thanks to be great

  34. Matthew Lecompte

    Matthew Lecompte

    5 dagar sedan

    Awww this is why every small office should have a dog in it moral UP

  35. Ashley


    5 dagar sedan

    I have a dog just like him . Her name is daisy ,😅😂 the funniest sassiest dog I've ever meet and I bought her home secretly to my parents as a teen and has been with our family ever since. I love her so much& I wish everyone had a dog like them. ❤️

  36. Shelley Harris

    Shelley Harris

    5 dagar sedan

    Why is this allowed it is hard enough going to work

  37. ls


    5 dagar sedan

    I wish I was allowed to take my dog with me at work

  38. Pamela FlirtySkunk

    Pamela FlirtySkunk

    5 dagar sedan

    Funny because ALL my furry children snuggle with me and they CRAZY play with dad! I think they know mommy is the nurturer and daddy is the fun guy 😻😻😻 It works out great for us though

  39. Violet Rose

    Violet Rose

    5 dagar sedan

    He’s like my pit bull! 😁😃

  40. Raymond Anderson

    Raymond Anderson

    6 dagar sedan

    That's just wrong. Abusers deserve to get whipped.

  41. lilphil


    6 dagar sedan

    Not to be rude but Willie is way above Shortcakes league

  42. Lily_unicatxoxo


    6 dagar sedan

    All the people there must be like: “I can’t wait until willie visits us! “

  43. Linda Grammer

    Linda Grammer

    6 dagar sedan

    He has zoomies like a puppy. That's a wonderful thing to take him to work. 😄. He gets super spoiled, as he should be!

  44. RED Mercury

    RED Mercury

    6 dagar sedan

    I was delivering food and there was a STOUT French Bully....Bowser was his name...wearing a shirt, dressed for success. No barks or bites....just a formal Canine greeting and head scratch.

  45. Kat J

    Kat J

    7 dagar sedan

    what a cutie baby

  46. Elsy Ramirez

    Elsy Ramirez

    7 dagar sedan


  47. jesusoftheapes


    7 dagar sedan

    Do not dwell on the time you have left and just cherish every minute of it. WE have as much time with our furry friends as they are capable of giving and not a second more. Feed them real meat and fish with fresh veg and your time will extend. I used to worry about the time I have left with my buddies but that only make you feel bad about the dog you have right in front of you. Walks get slower. Meals get smaller and Dr visits are more frequent but we still have time and we need to relish every bit of that.

  48. Ken Livingston

    Ken Livingston

    7 dagar sedan

    Clickbait title

    • Ken Livingston

      Ken Livingston

      10 timmar sedan

      @Astrolites the title makes you think it's something bad. People click it to see the bad. There's nothing bad. Clickbait.

    • Astrolites


      11 timmar sedan


  49. Ghleehanna Leslie

    Ghleehanna Leslie

    7 dagar sedan

    Thank you...how did you know I needed a big virtual hug and laugh.

  50. Jack Bone

    Jack Bone

    7 dagar sedan

    i LOVE dogs but HATE when people think their dog is a human trapped in a dog body. Its a PET or even family member but its not a human. It cant help you if you are sick, cant go get your medication, cant work, cant talk, cant do 95% of human tasks. Again, love dogs, hate people that think dogs are human.

  51. Ken Riley

    Ken Riley

    7 dagar sedan

    That is so awesome!!! I love videos like this. I went to the dog pound a few years back and they had an old pitbull that nobody wanted. He had been there over two months. He was covered with scar's and the staff suspected that he was a bait dog. I took him home and that's when the challenge started. He was aggressive with me daily and attacked full blown cujo style once. Guess what. I am the alpha of my house. I gave him unconditional love which he had no idea what that was. It took time and patience but love won. I turned him into a big baby. Never give up!!!!

  52. blackvampirecat311


    7 dagar sedan

    We lost our pitbull in May and he looks just like her. He seems like such a sweet boy I’m glad he has people that love him

  53. Aaron Weatherson

    Aaron Weatherson

    7 dagar sedan

    "Pet me or I bust up the furniture with my tail..."

  54. Roland Schlösser

    Roland Schlösser

    7 dagar sedan

    Rescue dogs are the most thankful and best dogs ever.

  55. Jax VOX

    Jax VOX

    7 dagar sedan

    Love Willie. When it's his time to cross the "rainbow bridge". Hope you remember that you gave him such a good life. Thank you for caring for an older pet ( we do the same thing).

  56. Popular Loner

    Popular Loner

    7 dagar sedan


  57. Elizabeth Henton

    Elizabeth Henton

    7 dagar sedan

    I'm the boss I need s rub down

  58. Nick Miranda

    Nick Miranda

    7 dagar sedan

    Wait I came here to see geo beats animals, but instead now fell in love with this dog

    • GeoBeats Animals

      GeoBeats Animals

      7 dagar sedan

      Best pun on our name. Thanks for the laugh.

  59. kain7513


    7 dagar sedan

    Does anyone else abhor the fact that wonderful companions like cats and dogs always pass before us and our time with them never seems like enough?

  60. Rick N.

    Rick N.

    7 dagar sedan

    its awesome a dog that old still gets as my daughter calls them the "zoomies" her pit is a year old and that brat always grabs my footwear and runs like hell!...🤣🤣🤣

  61. H Law

    H Law

    8 dagar sedan

    >woman is irresponsible

  62. Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s

    Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s

    8 dagar sedan

    Awww they gave him a home and found him a girl friend thats amazing and he still loves humans after being a fighting dog.. even more amazing.. those dogs usually dont make it they can’t be around humans…

  63. vorpalalice82


    8 dagar sedan

    At his age it's even more important he is kept at a healthy weight.

  64. Qin Des

    Qin Des

    8 dagar sedan

    They say it’s how they are raised, apparently not even that matters. In their heart of hearts they are good boys

  65. Vicky allen

    Vicky allen

    8 dagar sedan

    “Forever home”. Liberal dog lovers favorite dumb phrase. Almost as dumb as saying they are that dogs…”parents”. You aren’t a parent unless you have a human child. Trying to compare the two is ridiculous.

  66. Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard

    8 dagar sedan

    catering to the issue you caused lmao pathetic. Fix the problem not create and spoiled little child

  67. gamrage


    8 dagar sedan

    Dogs are super smart. They understand social hierarchies.

  68. Well ThisIsInteresting

    Well ThisIsInteresting

    8 dagar sedan

    Why am I cryingggggg

  69. BárbaraRAB


    8 dagar sedan

    employee of the month

  70. JCandRex Robloxian

    JCandRex Robloxian

    8 dagar sedan

    Looks like my dog

  71. VOICEof THEpeople

    VOICEof THEpeople

    8 dagar sedan

    This dog has an AMAZING TEMPERAMENT breed him asap.

  72. HYDRO


    8 dagar sedan

    This is actually genius to have an dog or animal at the office to keep staff morale up

  73. Garbage Human

    Garbage Human

    9 dagar sedan

    better man than me

  74. Christina F

    Christina F

    9 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised they didn't put him down because the shelter I used to work at would automatically put down any dogs that had been used in fighting due to aggression towards other animals. I'm glad they saved him♥️♥️♥️♥️

  75. hello girls

    hello girls

    9 dagar sedan

    I give up...

  76. ACStasis


    9 dagar sedan

    Aw look he's smiling!

  77. I'm The Aussie Strawberry

    I'm The Aussie Strawberry

    9 dagar sedan


  78. xwarped83


    9 dagar sedan

    He looks very similar to my old girl, she was also rescued from what was likely an abusive owner. I miss her everyday.

  79. schism


    9 dagar sedan

    tbh when a dog is so pretty. What I noticed is my dog always loves it when I do the things I like and relax, like when I game CoD or listen to some of my favourite bands like Delta Parole it feel like my dog is rocking out to the music together with me. Being a dog owner is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life, if you can give your dog the time he or she needs you will learn something new about your dog every day.

  80. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams

    9 dagar sedan

    This dog is from delaware isnt he

  81. Melissa Wall

    Melissa Wall

    9 dagar sedan

    Willie and his family, made me so happy on an otherwise shitty day. Thanks 😍

  82. Ruby Gee

    Ruby Gee

    10 dagar sedan

    I like Geobeats because they dont do exaggerated stories. They dont go overboard with personification etc. They're just genuine and respectable stories about wonderful things.

  83. j.c man

    j.c man

    10 dagar sedan

    I wish I had these type of people around me when I was younger. Growing up my family was poor and we lived in a bad neighborhood. The gangbangers there would sometimes send their large dogs on us just for laughs. I'm glad my parents moved out of there once they found a better and cheaper place. Still feel antzy around dogs even especially the aggressive ones and even the docile ones (yes i know they are harmless) guess those times as a kid messed me up.

  84. Britannia


    10 dagar sedan

    People: Pits and Staffies are vicious! Dog owners: You mean those cry babies that won't go to sleep unless we cover them in a blanket? 🤭 The dogs we need to run down stairs and protect from burglars? 😂 The dogs that hide when it's bath time? 🤣 The dogs that cry dramatically if we go outside without them for 2 minutes to chuck out the trash? 🤣🤣🤣

  85. BoyAlert


    10 dagar sedan

    Sad story warning: We had a dog named Bear. He was a service dog for about 10yrs. He was lazy and peaceful. But his favorite human was my stepmom Becki. He LOVED her. If she was away from him, he would howl and pace anxiously, when she came back, he would jump on her, wag his tail and just be super excited. He had hip problems from his diabetes and was on insulin. He was amazing with his meds, perfectly fine with needles, pills, etc. he died a while back from multiple severe infections stopping his heart. The one who saw him leave was Becki. To this day, we still cry, Becki the hardest. She said it was almost as if he was making the hardest decision she ever faced for her. To let him go. Right before he left, he gave a small lick to his mama. It was so painful for him and mentally painful for us. This just brought memories. Bear was beautiful and fun and patient. I miss him so much, so does Becki and everyone else does too.

  86. Ethan Scaramozzino

    Ethan Scaramozzino

    10 dagar sedan

    It’s not even funny or cute, train your fuckin dog or don’t have one

  87. shanty burton

    shanty burton

    10 dagar sedan

    Spoiled rotten……excellent job

  88. James S

    James S

    10 dagar sedan

    He's annoyed the boss never lets the dog's owner leave early.

  89. Emrora M

    Emrora M

    10 dagar sedan

    That's not yelling. It's calling, or speaking

  90. msmwkc


    10 dagar sedan

    No gods, no masters. Only Dog.

  91. Paul Stein

    Paul Stein

    10 dagar sedan

    My rescue Staffie lived to 17 yo. Best baby ever. Everyone loved him. He passed on Thanksgiving while watching the Westminister dog show. We watched it together every year since he was a baby.

  92. crystal mapes

    crystal mapes

    10 dagar sedan

    i love him i love all dogs. dogs make me cry because i love them so much

  93. Citlali Garrido

    Citlali Garrido

    10 dagar sedan

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

  94. Kiera Grayer

    Kiera Grayer

    10 dagar sedan

    o No

  95. Emerald sky

    Emerald sky

    10 dagar sedan

    Soooo sweet

  96. Cthulhu Cultist

    Cthulhu Cultist

    10 dagar sedan

    Scumbags fighting dogs and abusing them need to be chopped into pieces and fed to the dogs.

  97. Ann Miller

    Ann Miller

    10 dagar sedan

    It’s willie!! 🥰🥰



    11 dagar sedan

    Zoomies from an old dog. Priceless.

  99. writerchik44


    11 dagar sedan

    Why would she say he is yelling ?? He is trying to communicate with them. Simply speaking to them.

  100. Elizabeth Darsey

    Elizabeth Darsey

    11 dagar sedan

    There is nothing better to me than to see a dog who’s had a horrible past find a loving home where he’s finally able to have the zoomies! I love it!!