Revenge on ILLEGAL Parker Prank

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  1. 1 1

    1 1

    Minut sedan

    He needs “public shaming”, and more

  2. Jay Schofield

    Jay Schofield

    2 timmar sedan

    Yeah this is more than a bit pathetic. Able bodied people parking in handicapped spots, Annoying? yes but worth the effort? Not really. What's the male equivalent of a Karen?

  3. Russell Coleman

    Russell Coleman

    2 timmar sedan

    Whatever happened to people minding their own freaking business and letting law enforcement handle what they have to handle

  4. Cool Rick

    Cool Rick

    2 timmar sedan

    The tale of two idiots.

  5. EB


    2 timmar sedan

    Never try to be the police officer. If they're not killing or stealing, just ignore. You'll just end up the bad guy if you say something. Pick you fights. The guy filming is just an idiot.

  6. Juliesunshine 333

    Juliesunshine 333

    2 timmar sedan

    Don’t be the thing you hate. Bro.

  7. doodle daddle

    doodle daddle

    3 timmar sedan

    I thought he was wielding a knife at the start then realised they were keys. If it was London, it would be a knife.



    4 timmar sedan

    Dick and Karen not getting along

  9. Adventure with Craig

    Adventure with Craig

    4 timmar sedan

    You're just as gross wtf is this

  10. Mark Me

    Mark Me

    4 timmar sedan

    Being a dumb ass is kind of a handicap

  11. Anthony P

    Anthony P

    5 timmar sedan

    Worst acting award for the week

  12. A A Koch

    A A Koch

    8 timmar sedan


  13. Dave


    8 timmar sedan

    They both happen to look like people from the Indian subcontinent.

  14. A I

    A I

    8 timmar sedan

    Great well now we can expect this guy to be the protector of parking everywhere. 🤦‍♂️

  15. christopher pitterson

    christopher pitterson

    8 timmar sedan

    What people do for views

  16. Amazing Stuntman Bechler

    Amazing Stuntman Bechler

    8 timmar sedan

    I would of just ram the trash can into the car

  17. Matt snap

    Matt snap

    9 timmar sedan

    The parking lot was empty, no harm in a quick park to get stuff. Mr righteous needs parking on the floor.

  18. Raza Loro

    Raza Loro

    9 timmar sedan

    He got his inhaler in his hands ready

  19. Ross Vickers

    Ross Vickers

    9 timmar sedan

    Anything with Joey Salads in it you know it’s gonna be garbage!!

  20. RandomMatrix


    9 timmar sedan


  21. ricers are friends not food

    ricers are friends not food

    11 timmar sedan

    Yeah the guy parking was in the wrong but you should get your fucking ass beat for putting stuff on the actual vehicle

  22. Ben Howard

    Ben Howard

    12 timmar sedan

    Well if u are going to be a good Samaritan and block in a douche and throw trash on his car, then u had better have the balls to beat his ass down when he comes at u

  23. Mark S

    Mark S

    12 timmar sedan

    What do you expect?

  24. Troyphy


    12 timmar sedan

    The greatest mystery is how staged videos like this get so many likes.

  25. ahmed1234567877


    13 timmar sedan

    *Locks the car with the window down* class A jackass 😂

  26. Cody Zanini

    Cody Zanini

    14 timmar sedan

    The guy behind the camera is the bigger creep. Get a life.

  27. Al D

    Al D

    15 timmar sedan

    Who appointed him the handicap parking police? When are people going to learn to mind their own business if it doesn't concern you.

  28. Bryan Kerbow

    Bryan Kerbow

    17 timmar sedan

    Yes it's wrong of someone to park in a handicap parking place it doesn't have a handicap placard or doesn't need to be parked in one still doesn't make it okay for vigilante justice though. I'm one for someone getting what they deserve but there's right ways and wrong ways of doing it and by you vandalizing his car that's the wrong way you're no better than he is. He parked in handicap parking place so that doesn't make it any better

  29. Robert Edmondson

    Robert Edmondson

    17 timmar sedan

    Just call and have it towed

  30. Demario Jackson

    Demario Jackson

    18 timmar sedan

    Doing bs and cant even defend himself

  31. Gildis Nathen

    Gildis Nathen

    18 timmar sedan

    Let the authority knows for maximum damage

  32. Greg Siwek

    Greg Siwek

    18 timmar sedan

    Good for you I love have all the face wearing napkins heads think they hard G

  33. iBenoit P

    iBenoit P

    20 timmar sedan

    Mine is home business is not a cops or city guy

  34. James Lane

    James Lane

    20 timmar sedan

    They address this issue in an episode of highway to heaven.

  35. Porch Honky

    Porch Honky

    20 timmar sedan

    Shoot people like that next time.

  36. ronda scard

    ronda scard

    20 timmar sedan

    I don’t understand handicap parking it’s like vintage parking spots anyone can take and they both did something illegal

  37. Travis smith

    Travis smith

    20 timmar sedan

    Trash for trash I love it!

  38. J T

    J T

    20 timmar sedan

    For sure a coward. He’s wearing a mask 😷

  39. Ben


    21 timme sedan

    Mind your own business. I would have slapped you to

  40. William Biggers

    William Biggers

    21 timme sedan

    Dude use your words not your physical actions has any man nowadays could be packing white black Puerto Rican Chinese you don't know what he or she might have had 5 minutes of fame is not worth an eternity of death

  41. Justin Brennan

    Justin Brennan

    22 timmar sedan


  42. Hector Haro

    Hector Haro

    22 timmar sedan

    KO and leave

  43. David Oakes

    David Oakes

    23 timmar sedan

    You don't have the right to vandalize the car call the cops and let the fine do the talking

  44. Charles Peterson

    Charles Peterson

    Dag sedan

    I always put my shopping cart in a handicap parking spot

  45. Bernabe Garcia

    Bernabe Garcia

    Dag sedan

    Bruh your literally asking for an ass whopping.just mind your own.

  46. Edward Harrison

    Edward Harrison

    Dag sedan

    people are shot for a lot less

  47. Mike Oshrieh

    Mike Oshrieh

    Dag sedan

    If was real dude should've mind his OWN business.. that the problem with mfz these days.. so he parked in handicap spot.. YOU NOT THE POLICE!! If was real dude probaly got scraped up or worse for NOT MINDING HIS OWN DAMN BUSINESS 😒 Just saying

  48. Stop Motion Bros

    Stop Motion Bros

    Dag sedan

    Could’ve just towed it although that was hilarious

  49. Alan Maennche

    Alan Maennche

    Dag sedan

    I see so many people park there All the time after time no sign Of moving it u know .two lanes down there was a police and he did nothing at all

  50. Maikol Genovese

    Maikol Genovese

    Dag sedan

    I don’t know Rick!

  51. Enoc Cortez

    Enoc Cortez

    Dag sedan

    Should really be handy capped spots but ok

  52. Virgil Dawkins

    Virgil Dawkins

    Dag sedan

    This is staged AF

  53. Nathan Woods

    Nathan Woods

    Dag sedan

    Who gives a damn..its always someone who should be focusing on his own business ...meddling in someone else's. Dude is making it too personal..

  54. Christopher Gonzalez

    Christopher Gonzalez

    Dag sedan

    Gay af!

  55. C A

    C A

    Dag sedan

    This WHT male Karen went to far

  56. James C. Steenbergen II

    James C. Steenbergen II

    Dag sedan

    This is stage but sadly really happens every day wish they would’ve done a better job of filming this

  57. Viorel Rusu

    Viorel Rusu

    Dag sedan

    Fabricated and Homosexual!

  58. Salvador Castillo

    Salvador Castillo

    Dag sedan

    Why not just call a tow truck?

  59. Josh KroW

    Josh KroW

    Dag sedan

    Lol fuck yeah i would of trashed his car but this guy took a nicer approach haha. I hate when ppl do that shit, or ppl that have a handicap sticker and when tbey get out of the car they are not handicap. Shit pisses me off.

  60. Donny Herring

    Donny Herring

    Dag sedan

    More people should do the same thing, I'm cat veteran older person may have needed that spot

  61. Concerned Citizen

    Concerned Citizen

    Dag sedan

    Let the police ticket the guy.

  62. Troy Springer

    Troy Springer

    Dag sedan

    God tries to do his car and then gets upset when the guy wants to fight them what an idiot

  63. MJ Abedin

    MJ Abedin

    Dag sedan

    These self righteous pricks. Too many of those anyway, rarely used

  64. Joseph Izzo

    Joseph Izzo

    Dag sedan

    You’re illegally parked This has to be faked

  65. whoelseeverdiedforyou ?

    whoelseeverdiedforyou ?

    Dag sedan


  66. Momma Tried!!!

    Momma Tried!!!

    Dag sedan

    This guy values a handicap space more than his life!

  67. Gus & Jack Travel America

    Gus & Jack Travel America

    Dag sedan

    Male Karen. Sad.

  68. Keith Cook

    Keith Cook

    Dag sedan

    I would have filled this car up with garbage

  69. Rusty Henry

    Rusty Henry

    Dag sedan

    I wouldof smoked that idiot putting stuff on my car scuffing the clear coat

  70. Colspiracy


    Dag sedan

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!! Apart from every other one.

  71. Jon Crowe

    Jon Crowe

    Dag sedan

    Got your own car dirty? Congrats, you’re challenged

  72. Farewell_ To_Normalcy

    Farewell_ To_Normalcy

    Dag sedan

    ‘Don’t bro me if you don’t know me….. Bro’

  73. victor Rhone

    victor Rhone

    Dag sedan

    His fighting skills are sweet

  74. Lachlan Farah

    Lachlan Farah

    Dag sedan

    Well i see joey salads is still alive and kicking

  75. Study Hall - Learn English Birigui

    Study Hall - Learn English Birigui

    Dag sedan

    Looks legit

  76. Ann Sicinski

    Ann Sicinski

    Dag sedan

    Omg what’s the outcome????

  77. socialismISstealing


    Dag sedan

    Like the beginning of a joke ... a Karen and a douchebag fight over a parking space

  78. Ted Willkinson

    Ted Willkinson

    Dag sedan

    Holy shit I thought you died 😂

  79. Bret V

    Bret V

    Dag sedan

    Dude pulling the trash can is a douche bag. The things people do to get on SE-one.

  80. T Scott

    T Scott

    Dag sedan

    Had this been real, Bro would have put down the camera and kicked Dude’s ass.

    • gilbs


      Dag sedan

      Anyone that hold up camrea around the action aint about that life

  81. Zeke Gustafson

    Zeke Gustafson

    Dag sedan

    So taking trash out of a dumpster, and littering is the answer? Makes sense

    • David -

      David -

      18 timmar sedan

      "This is why you don't park in handicapped spots"

  82. FGF 1979

    FGF 1979

    Dag sedan

    If you're offended by someone parking in a handicap spot, call the police. Stop trying to be heroes. Gonna end badly one day.

  83. Invisible Man

    Invisible Man

    Dag sedan

    Looks like he's trying to tickle him that's no kind of punch at all 🤣🤣🤣

  84. Anthony Cole

    Anthony Cole

    2 dagar sedan

    How could you not think that's gonna end in a fight lol, people are fucking retarded. The guys a dick for parking there but if your gonna mess with someone's stuff expect to defend yourself even if your in the right teaching the dick a lesson.

  85. MorteWulfe


    2 dagar sedan

    You know what though, he had an HFA inhaler like I have to use. Asthma, the one disability/disease that nobody gives a flying F about....

  86. smart man

    smart man

    2 dagar sedan

    good job

  87. Khawar Aslam

    Khawar Aslam

    2 dagar sedan

    Lmao. Same guy different car 😂😂

  88. Wave Function

    Wave Function

    2 dagar sedan

    Nothing which comes across and LCD screen is real.